Problem when running of several blocks of entire function


I'm building a great system/function using LabVIEW. Therefore, to practice and make look it tidy, I create a VI of blocks to separate and combine certain functions. But, my problem is when I did, the simulation seems to work really slow and the results are different compared to when I had the whole function/system in a single block.

For your information, every VI blocks that I created has a loop control and simulation. When I have all interconnected, I put them all in another loop control and simulation, because some functions that I use to connect them together could not be used without the loop.

Wondering if having a loop control and simulation in every block contributes effectively to this problems as each loop will run depends on the number of time that I put in the loop.

If it doesn't matter which method to avoid this problem happen? My system/function looks terribly messy and it will be difficult for me to present no later than at the end of my project.

Thank you.


I think what you are trying to achieve is to use simulation subsystem functionality. This allows the functions to execute outside a loop of simulation so that you can create a Subvi. After selecting the functions in your simulation loop you would like to be in a Subvi, select Edit» create Simulation subsystem. Let me know if that helps!

Also, here is some information for this:


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  • Problem when running server SOA

    Hi, I'm looking for from the SOA server. I started successfully to Server Admin, but I'm having problems when starting Server SOA. When I'm doing that I get many errors, follow three last lines in the console:

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    Edited by: 948093 2012-07-23 06:07


    It seems that when you call after a command.

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    Kind regards

  • Faced with problems when running CPC and CPA Imort commands

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    Hi Kunal,

    Its a typing mistake, please try

    Of $ORACLE_HOME/ip/tutorial and run below command
    Java oracle.tip.adapter.b2b.utility.EBMSUtility


  • Y560 - problems when running games

    Hello world

    I bought the Y560 about a year and half ago and I was a proud owner since.

    A few days ago I formatted drives, then reinstalled Windows and since I have problems executing Battlefield 3.

    The problem is this: after a few minutes of play, the screen freezes and I can't hear a sound of "grrrrrrrrrrr" on the speakers. I can not give any command keyboard and can only force - turn off the laptop.

    I had no problems to run the game before you reinstall Windows, so I guess that the problem lies in a driver conflict, but how do I know which drivers are the cause?

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    Problem solved! It turned out that the problem was with the game.

    Thanks to you all.

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    I also tried running it in a virtual machine under Windows XP on the same computer and works very well there.

    I have an i7 920, 16 GB of RAM, NVidia GTX470, Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.

    I'd appreciate any help to solve the problem or idea on what exactly is causing this problem.


    I'm offering please contact the manufacturer of the software on this problem.

    There might be some particular software chance is not compatible with Windows 7.

  • Problem when running Quickstart FunctionExectution


    I am able to run the quickstartFunctionExecution successfully using two different machines virtual Java but I don't understand two things:

    1. we started not locators, but also the cacheserver from the command prompt, is Don t it is mandatory to do?

    2 example says "* this is the peer FunctionExecutionPeer2 connects to the execution of the function."

    * This peer performs the function execution request and returns the results to

    * the applicant counterpart.

    But I do not understand where we put values to work and OR return the result, what I see is a simple recording function that's all. Only in the peer2 put us the values of the region as well as the execution and get the result using ResultCollector. Please clarify?

    Due to which I changed the code a little and try to run the same but facing problems, and they are:

    Approach We open the same project in two eclipses and modified the, as below and kept the XML as it is: in the quick start example

    When I run the FEPeer1 into an eclipse, it gives me results (while the data for the region), but when I see an another eclipse, it gives the error:


    It gives NPE because the size of the rc's 2 (despite the addition of 20 records int FEPeer1)? Second thing, it is the list is seen size 2, but the data is null, why so?

    Please help me as soon as POSSIBLE, because it will be easy to buy according to my POC

    Thank you



    (1) it is filtering the results to data from sentinel/marker that represents the end of the result set. You need something like that if the function has hasResult() set to true for the function and peers may not return any data. You must mark the end of the result set with a call to lastResult() which should return something (in this case dummy data which can be removed during the treatment). If you always know that the data will be returned, then this can be managed differently, especially in cases where you use a filter where the function will be carried out to operate on members with known keys. There are two Boolean values returned in a normal use without filter, as there are two servers and each server are collected in a single outcome, before being finally available for the consumer.

    (2) this is an open discussion forum and you do not need to close a question and so you should just start a new thread or question. It is useful to other people who have read the message board if you find an answer or a useful discussion to add this so that it is easier for others to find useful information between questions.

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    I am running ColdFusion 9 with IIS 7 on Windows Server 2008.

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    The problem is when you are so defective models keep an indefinitely open active query.

    Is it a permission setting, I may be missing to resolve this problem?

    Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

    Charlie, thank you very much for your answer.

    We had only to read/write permissions for the account on the coldfusion9 directory. After changing to full control, the problem has been resolved.  Charlie, thank you very much for your answer.

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    The thing is, this problem does not occur when you test the movie in Flash, or happens when the player.swf is run on a server. This happens when the player.swf plays locally in an html page.

    Can someone give me a clue as to what is happening? My best guess is that it has something to do with Flash Player Security, because it happens that locally in a browser, but I do not understand what is happening.

    It turns out that it was a Flash Player security issue and I had to put the security settings to "always trust" for my local directory.

  • Problem when running iterative morphology

    Hi all

    I'm writing a VI that takes an input image and uses the morphological operations until the stop condition is met (the condition is linked with the resulting image). I want to retain the images obtained at each iteration. I tried to do with records to offset and creting a table of the image. Unfortunately, none of these reviews has worked... For some reason, the morphological operation affect my input image, so that all the images stored in the table show the result of the latest iteration. I tried to create a copy of the image in each iteration without success. I created a simplified example to illustrate the problem. I use a loop for whiich makes expansion n to an image of input text. I expect a result different dilated images stored in the output array. Anyone know what could be the reason for my problem?

    Thanks in advance.

    PS: I know I could specify the number of iterations that runs from the morphology of VI, but I do not know this number in advance. I need to apply morphological operations until meeting a condition evaluated in the loop. The idea is to transmit the resulting image in a registry to offset and evaluate each dilated image until a given condition is met.

    Make sure that you create a new image with a unique name for each step you want to memorize.  Use the new image that the destination image.

    If you use an image with the same name, it is the same image and is crushed.


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    Show this message to check if this is the same problem.

  • SSL problem when running Apache httpclient Jrun and not standalone Java

    We use the Apache httpclient 4.1.2 to post on an external server, using SSL. The position works well when it runs since Java JRE, but when the code is running in a JRUN/Colfusion instance that uses the same Java JRE, the error message returned is: peer not authenticated


    at org.apache.http.conn.ssl.AbstractVerifier.verify(


    When you debug the connect using the -Djavax .net .debug = all , the illustrated internal error message is:

    java.lang.RuntimeException: could not generate secret

    Is there some settings strange ColdFUsion, to undo to do this job? We installed the cert of the other server in the/rje/lib/sercurity/cacerts file, but has not made a difference. Why the work of independent java and not Jrun?

    The JDK version is 1.6.0_24 - b07

    ColdFusion: 9,0,1,274733

    OK, the solution was simple, to disable jsafe the right way by adding the property of java command line:

    -Dcoldfusion.disablejsafe = true

    Hope that jsafe is not used for something vital...

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    the error log-

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    2009-10-21 16:00:01, 399 DEBUG http://OIMCP.ADCS com.thortech.xl.integration.ActiveDirectory.tcADUtilLDAPController: Disconnect: STARTED
    2009-10-21 16:00:01, 414 DEBUG http://OIMCP.ADCS com.thortech.xl.integration.ActiveDirectory.tcADUtilLDAPController: Disconnect: FINISHED
    2009-10-21 16:00:01, ERROR 430 STDERR Exception in thread "DefaultQuartzScheduler_Worker-7".
    2009-10-21 16:00:01, 461 STDERR ERROR java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/Sun/jndi/ldap/ctl/PagedResultsControl
    2009-10-21 16:00:01, 461 ERROR STDERR-at com.thortech.xl.integration.ActiveDirectory.tcADUtilLDAPController.searchResultPageEnum (Unknown Source)
    2009-10-21 16:00:01, 461 ERROR STDERR-at com.thortech.xl.schedule.tasks.ADLookupReconTask.performReconciliation (Unknown Source)

    Can someone help me please?

    Thank you


    Have placed the ldapbp.jar in the third folded directory of the OIM_Home?
    If not just add and add also in the class path and try it.


  • Need help with problems when running mount on Ubuntu

    I see fuse errors when I'm putting the remote disk using vmware-mount utility. I know I'm missing something here (probably related to the fuse or lib path) but does not know what it is. Would appreciate any help.


    Ubuntu 8.10 x 86

    VDDK installed

    Fuse is installed (also confirmed as suggested in FAQ questions), here is the result of modprobe:

    fuse of $ modprobe-l

    lib/modules/2.6.27-7-generic/kernel/FS/fuse/fuse. Ko

    Mount command

    $ sudo mount-vmware - v MyDC/vm/VM-TEST-WXP - h u MyDomain\Administrator passwordfile/home/userid/mntpoint f ' [nfs datastore] VM-TEST-WXP/VM-TEST - WXP.vmdk.


    Can't open the drive: unknown error (1)

    Fuse of initialization failed.

    On Ubuntu, it may be still do better: sudo apt - get install libxml2

    from a command line. Then Ubuntu will notify you when there are updates for the package, and the version of the installed package will be supported by Canonical.

Maybe you are looking for