Question about BIOS V1.50 for Satellite M70

Does someone has a patch list in this version of the 1.50 bios upgrade (08/07/07)

I agree with marina4000 there is no details on changes to the BIOS.
If you really need to know what was a change then try to contact the ASP.
Maybe the guys learn more on this subject.

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  • What has changed in the Bios 1.50 for Satellite M70 (PSM71)

    If possible, I need some info on the new bios 1.50 for Satellite M70 (PSM71).
    What is the "change log"?

    Thank you very much!


    Toshiba does not have any s official information on the updates to the BIOS on European laptops.
    I found some info on the Toshiba site us but nothing about the designed BIOS for laptops European.

  • A few questions about Toshiab reocvery disk for Satellite P300-133

    Hello guys,.
    I had a few questions about unpleasant surprises of recovery:

    (* 1) * I just make recovery DVD using Toshiba Recovery Disk Creator and he asked initially for 2 DVDs - but when one has been done it does not require a second blank DVD. Is it possible all the Windows Vista system files to write on 1 DVD?

    (* 2) * if I could reinstall Windows Vista using recovery of HARD drive option (by pressing F8) without using the recovery DVD?

    (* 3) * HARD drive partitions that will be formatted (just system C: or C: and E :) using HARD drive recovery?

    (* 4) * what is DVD - Image of the hard drives or the installation of Vista recovery files?

    Its pretty bad idea to not include BONES on DVD when I paid for it.
    Thanks for all the Toshiba problems :(

    1. I think the recovery disk creator means 2 CDs. I also have a Portege M700 with Windows Vista and a DVD. I got it and after that, I have a clean install of Vista with all the drivers and tools of Toshiba. Nothing is missing.

    2. Yes, you can reinstall Vista using recovery of HARD drive option when you press F8 at startup. You don't need the recovery DVDs, but you should create a when your HARD drive get some errors or something else. If you need a new recovery DVDs, you paid for one.

    3 HARD drive and complete partitions will be formatted, so backup your data first on a DVD disk external DRIVE, USB stick or something else.
    After the reinstallation, you have factory settings.

    4. the recovery DVDs is an image of the HARD disk on the factory settings. If you perform a recovery, there are all the drivers and tools are already installed. Of course, on the disk are files of installations of Vista, but you can use this DVD on your Satellite P300. The disc cannot be used on another Satellite or on a PC.

    If you have any other questions, take a look in the user manual. There are a number in the formations of the recovery. It s in Chapter 3.

  • Question about software from Toshiba for Satellite C850

    I'm a bit confused with the "software support" that came with my new laptop. It is not clear what programs are for.

    For example, I opened TEMPRO and he said an update of the bios which I duly installed.
    Then I looked at the SERVICE STATION, which also seems to be updated.
    Are there duplicates in all this?

    Can anyone recommend which of these programs must be active?
    Is there a brief explanation of what they are doing and if there is no "overhead" in their performance?

    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

    I imagine that you are a bit confused about this.
    Two of them are nice especially Tempro applications. More info on Tempro Tempro service and you can read about

    To be honest, I don't use any of them and both are removed from my system. In general when you get the new notebook you will have perfectly configured OS and everything will work stable for some updates so important steps will not necessary at all. Both applications running in the background and just slow down the system.

    If you have time check the other assignments on these applications. You will find many of them here on this forum.

  • Question about upgrading the CPU for Satellite 1110-Z14


    My satellite 1110-z14 has a processor intel mobile celeron @ 1.5 ghz. The processor is based on architecture p4 - it should be a northwood-256.
    Is it possible to upgrade the processor?

    1110-z20 is powered by the mobile celeron @ 2.0 ghz - all other technical specifications except the hard drive are the same... (ati radeon m6 with 16 MB, usb 1.1 mob and so on...).

    What do you think, can I upgrade the processor?
    Can what cpu I use?

    Thanks for your replies!


    AFAIK the 1110 series computer is equipped with an Intel 845MZ system controller.
    I found some details about Intel 845MZ chipset on the Intel page. It must be able to manage the Mobile Intel Pentium 4 - M with 400 MHz FSB Processor
    On the Intel page, you can find the entire family of the CPU.

    But generally the replacement of CPU and the upgrade is not recommended and no one can say whether the OS will run stable after these updates, so be careful.

  • Question about Windows 8 drivers for Satellite L850 - 16 d

    Hello world

    I just know if the drivers available for the Satellite L850 - 16 d under the title "upgrade of windows 8" are also good for a new total installation of 64-bit windows 8, or if they are only good for an upgrade to Windows 7 64 bit.

    Thank you


    Win 8 Upgrade Wizard connects to a Server driver and download the Win 8 drivers for the laptop.
    It should also work with the new installation of Win 8.

    But don t forget to create a Toshiba drive recover before moving on to Win 8.
    The restore disc to return to Win 7 If you do not use the Windows 7 in the future...

  • Question about XP and drivers for Satellite A210 - 11 p

    Just bought this laptop and I am very happy with it except one thing, yes the dreaded word of Vista again.
    I was wondering if Toshiba offers all the required XP drivers and if someone has installed XP on this laptop and not had any problems.
    Thanks in advance for any help or suggestion.


    To my knowledge, the Satellite A210 - 11 p belongs to the PSAEL series.
    I found only some common XP drivers on the Europe of Toshiba page.
    For example Wireless Lan driver, display or Bluetooth Stack driver.
    Other drivers are not available and it seems it won't be freed in the future

    But I discovered that some devices are the same that on the A200 PSAEL try the drivers in this series and maybe they will work, but this is only a suggestion and I have really not 100% sure the drivers are compatible.
    Just try everything

  • Re: Question about the display driver for Satellite L850

    So, I bought a Satellite L850 as twe weeks and I am yet to know which driver do I need.
    I mean, it's better is one that comes with Windows Update or do I need to download it myself? I can watch videos and play games pretty decently while I don't mind so far.

    > I mean, it's better is one that comes with Windows Update or do I need to download it myself?

    The Toshiba driver page driver is usually the right one. Updated the and designed for the use of the laptop.
    But if don t have problems even while playing the game, don t change. You know: never change a system running ;)

  • Question about CD/DVD recovery for Satellite A105-s4014

    Hi, I need know how to restore or create for this model of toshiba recovery cd/dvd.

    Thank you.

    HM, can you just explain if you already had a recovery CD? If not shipped with your computer then you can create one with the Toshiba Recovery creator which is located in the Startmenu under 'Toshiba '.

    If you have a recovery disk and lost then you must either contact an authorized partner and buy a new or use an original windows CD, install on your computer and download the drivers from the Drivers Toshiba download page.

    Welcome them

  • Question about Vista driver pack for Satellite A100


    The Vista operating system has already released all over the world, such as Turkey, but still, I could not find drivers for Vista for my A100-192 in the download section.
    How can I find the drivers? If it is possible, I prefer a package driver for my laptop rather than searching for each driver by one of.

    Thanks in advance


    Hi Selcuk

    First good news-> you re has not only
    And now the bad news-> now I have found no Vista for 100 A driver package.

    On the Toshiba site we released some Vista drivers. Maybe you could use some unique drivers

  • Question about recovery "disk 2" for Satellite P200

    Just brought a Satellite P200 there vista home premum, a recovery disc1 but no disc2 recovery, how can I get disc2 or should it have been supplied by Toshiba?


    so why do you need recovery disc2. Are you sure that a disc 2 has been delivered with this machine? Have you ever tried to retrieve this machine with the error message this disc 2 has been inserted to?

    If you buy a new machine and there is the General you have then I think it will be any just sense the cd are delivered with the machine.

    Welcome them

  • Need an old Bios for Satellite M70 151

    Hello everyone is able to share the old 1.30 bios for satellite m70 151

    Thanks Matthias


    Can you please tell us why you want to have the old version of the BIOS again? You have problems with your Satellite M70?

    Only the newer BIOS versions are usually available on the Toshiba page.
    If you want to install an older version of the BIOS of your laptop, you can try to contact the ASP in your country for assistance.

  • Need driver ATI MOBILITY X 700 for Satellite M70

    Heyya here :)

    So I want just to renew my old driver ATI MOBILITY x 700, it is now v6.14 and when I checked the site driver ATI, they have the latest one, v7.12. But the driver did not work on my laptop Satellite M70. It runs first validation to check if they can install the entire driver in my system, and it just says: "thank you for your interest in CATALYST, unfortunately, this software update can not be installed on your system, please contact the manufacturer of your laptop for the driver updates.

    Then I managed to get in this site, and I can't find what I need here: (.) So, my question is, does anyone know where I can download a good driver for ATI MOBILITY x 700 driver on my M70 laptop?

    Any help is appreciated and I will give you the cookies with icing on top for that :)

    The graphics driver ATI Toshiba for Satellite M70 can be found only here on the European driver Toshiba page.
    Unfortunately, the newer versions are not available. :(

    You know the * * site? There are a few 3rd party ATI drivers. But note; This driver can be installed only at your own risk, because no one can guarantee that these non-Toshiba drivers would correctly on Toshiba laptops.

    Best regards

  • Can not find the drivers for Satellite M70 354

    Where can I download drivers for Satellite M70 354?
    I can't find the recovery cd!

    I agree with Liam
    The M70 Sat is an oldie, so it seems that the drivers for the old machines are in the area of the Archive page of the driver.

  • Battery pack high capacity for Satellite M70-193

    where can I find these high-capacity battery for Satellite M70-193?


    You can use these batteries:
    PA3465U-1BAS (6 cells).
    PA3465U-1BRS (6 cells).
    PA3457U-1BAS (8cell),
    PA3457U-1BRS (8cell)

    The battery 8 cells should be battery high capacity.
    Hope this helps a little.

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