Question about resolution movie downloads

If I buy a movie at a certain resolution (780p for example), but I want more later re - download at a higher or lower resolution (SD or 1080 p), can I do so and how?

Same question perhaps for music. Some of my songs have been bought before the latest Apple codecs.

Any help is appreciated!



Once you have made a purchase on the iTunes store, you will see your purchased items in the menu under accounts bar > bought. You can simply select the item purchased and re-upload.

With regard to the resolution of the film for films that are offered, and you select the resolution, you can download it again and select a different resolution. For movies that are available as separate download to SD, 780, or 1080 points, you would be limited to the original resolution you selected.

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  • Questions about InDesign CS6 download for WIN

    I'm trying to help an employee get Adobe InDesign CS 6 installed on your Windows computer.

    We wonder what are the difference between these three options, when you are on the program Download Page:

    1. Adobe InDesign CS6 Installer for Windows (English and Japanese)
    2. Adobe InDesign CS6 Installation Package for Windows (English and Japanese)
    3. or installer of Adobe InDesign and InCopy CS6 for Windows (multi-language) content?

    ALL of these programs are needed so he could download? He worries about the size of some of these files, and if he himself is duplication by downloading all three download options.

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    Hi Momadog007,

    1. Adobe InDesign CS6 Installer for Windows (English & Japanese)

    Adobe installation contains the extractor (.exe) that is used to extract the .7z (compress) files. The size is about 1 MB.

    Adobe InDesign CS6 Installation Package for Windows (English & Japanese

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    Adobe InDesign and InCopy CS6 Content Installer for Windows (multi-language)

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    Application Manager Ent Edition: you can use Adobe Application Manager Enterprise Edition (JOHN) 3.1 to create installation packagesas

    as well as the update of packages for Adobe® Creative Suite® 6, Adobe® Technical communication Suite 4.0 and

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    I hope this helps.

    Kind regards

    Romit Sinha

  • PCI 5153 - Question about resolution / full scale

    Hello and I hope it's the right subforum.

    I am currently looking for data that we recorded using a digitizer NI PCI-5153. I noticed one thing, it is that there is a difference between claimed resolution / full scale range and in fact, what has been recorded.

    We run to 0.2 V pk - pk and in this configuration, I see that each step of the digitizer is actually 0.8593 mV instead of the expected 0, 2V / 256 = 0,78125 mV.

    Right now I have all the available data that extends beyond - 0.1V or + 0.1V, so I can't study if the full scale is actually closer to 0.22V pk - pk or if there are only 233 ~ steps available to the digitizer. This isn't a deal breaker, but it would be good to know what is happening. Can anyone help? Or did I just miss something in the manual?

    And the beach to the other parameters of the full scale would also be longer than 10%?

    Thank you very much!



    After some research, I found that our measurable range is usually larger than the nominal range of 4 to 5 percent. I recalculated the size of bearing with this in mind and I got results that are close to what see you. So I think you see behavior expected on your device.

  • A few questions about the theme download Appworld

    First of all, sorry for my English. I can't use it so well.

    Can I add a product of theme that support the BB OS 5 and OS6?

    Now what I do, it's just separate them into two products (eg. 'A THEME for OS 5.0' only and ' a THEME for OS 6.0 ".»

    But I see a few themes in appworld say that he supports the two BONES?

    Now I think of solutions that

    1. when I download a file just release download them separately as

    First file bundle--> device 9300 for OS 5.0

    Second file bundle--> device 9300 for OS 6.0

    Is that this way will cause the problem?

    2. apply two version in a zip file and upload it and it check for OS 5.0

    Are these two solution is right? Or there is another way to do it.

    No problem!

    It is no more a problem. Just to add a new version with version 2.0 and upgrade of min for the same price as the version of OS5 to price and select min OS OS6. For example, you have a theme called "theme1. You add a version of this theme and send it to approval (OS5 version), because your OS66 theme version is not yet ready. When the OS6 theme is ready, add a new version (2.0) and the value of the minutes OS 6 and change the price of upgrade min.

    Hope that helps and good luck with your theme.

    Kind regards


  • Questions about the movement of 1 of 3 ESXi4.1-ESXi5 host domain controllers.

    Is this environment that I have 3 2008 R2 domain controllers.

    1 physical

    2 virtual

    I want to turn off a virtual domain controller and move first host (ESXi 4.1) on second host (ESXi 5).

    My concern is that if the NETWORK card in the guest OS is going to get dirty with or it will remain as it is.

    If I remember not the mac address will indeed change (unless I hard coded it in the configuration file), but that shouldn't be a problem.

    I don't know, what if a new NETWORK card will appear in OS making old useless NIC originally invited me to change the network settings.  Something I don't want to have to do.  I know I've seen a similar problem with a VM linux before, but don't remember seen happen in a virtual Windows machine.  Just want to be sure before that I have to try.

    Thanks in advance for your comments.


    VM migration between hosts will make any changes to the NIC or MAC address. You must ensure that the required networking is presented with two hosts if you want to move between them seamlessly. If the network tag is not the same between the hosts, then you will need to change the settings of the virtual machine and use the drop down to select the appropriate network before turning on the new host. But this should be easy and quick and without surprise.

    See you soon,.


  • Question about the move on CS5 tool

    Used CS5 for over a year.  Now, unexpectedly, the move does not work.  In fact, it will move the layer, but will not re-size.  Can someone tell me what could have happened?   Thank you!!

    Perhaps you view controls to turn uncontrolled tool move?

  • I have a question about the time machine. I recently updated my Quicken 2015 and there was something wrong with the update. Can I go back in just the Quicken file and restore it until I downloaded the update do I have to restore the entire

    I have a question about the time machine. I recently updated my Quicken 2015 and there was something wrong with the update. Can I come back in all the Quicken file and restore from time Machine before I downloaded the update to do, I need to restore the entire computer?

    Yes, you can just restore this file or application. Use Time Machine to back up or restore your Mac - Apple Support

  • Question about who can I download my application / magazine...


    I want to offer a digital magazine (app) my client using digital publishing suite.  However, I want to only leave about 150 people download (customer sales force) because some information is confidential.

    Is this possible?  How can I limit who can download the application?

    Thank you!

    / R

    Two choices.

    The first is a company with Adobe and Apple account which will cost you a lot of money. The second, is to just use the Adobe Content Viewer and share the folio in this way.

  • Many questions about the HP 50 g

    I just ordered a HP 50 g graphic calculator! I have a few questions about this so hang on tight! What is the USB connector on the calculator? Mini-USB, micro USB, or is it a connector owner, "custom". Then, it would be possible to connect a keyboard to the HP 50 g by using the USB Port? Is there a program that would make this possible? (I doubt it would work if you plug it..) I have a Mini-USB to female USB 2.0 connector. So I could just plug the keyboard right, provided that the port on the calculator is a Mini-USB Port. If this is not so that I could use my female to female USB adaptor to connect the keyboard.

    Thanks for your help,


    Hi!, zekelegge:

    Welcome to Forum!

    The only printer I use, 50G calculators, 48GII, 39GS and 17BII +, as well as many former models, such as the 48 s/SX/G/G + / GX, 38 G, 39 G, 42, 41 C/CV/CX and 28 C/S, is the infrared printer HP 82240 b. If you can use the emulator HP50G, on the PC, the simulator of the printer, you can download, since...

    The printer... HP 82240 B

    The cable series...

    The description...

    The original cable...

  • Questions about nb200

    I recently bought a mini nb200 with windows 7 and I have a few questions about it. How can you set up your email, I was willing to put up with Outlook Express, but I don't know if I can. Also, is there a way to get a paper copy of the user manual?

    You can download and install a new e-mail program when you download Windows Live via Microsoft Update. You can select the components of Windows Live, you want to include by checking a box for each you want. I installed all the. Or you can use Outlook, if you have Microsoft Office and you want to install it.

  • A few questions about the upgrade on Satellite A300-144

    Sorry for the typos, English is not my mother tongue.
    I want to ask some questions about the upgrade of a300-144.

    * Some info first.*

    CPU: T2370 ([]).
    Chipset: GM965 ([]).

    * Questions.*

    1. my frequency of laptop memory at 533 MHz, supports 667 MHz memory controller, memory modules can work at 667 MHz. Is - this because CPU FSB 533 MHz frequency and new processor at 667/800 MHz FSB will fix it or it is hardcoded in the BIOS?

    2 Intel said that the size of max memory for my chipset is 4 GB (2 x 2 GB), but Toshiba says that only 2 GB (2 x 1 GB), who is right?

    3 I know, taken of my CPU is μFCPGA-478 aka socket P, max FSB 800 MHz, max 35 W TDP, so T9500 ([]) is a compatible processor or there are some limitations in the BIOS?

    > 1. My frequency of laptop memory at 533 MHz, supports 667 MHz memory controller, memory modules can work at 667 MHz. Is - this because CPU FSB 533 MHz frequency and new processor at 667/800 MHz FSB will fix it or it is hardcoded in the BIOS?

    The speed of the memory is related on the material. This means that the FSB is responsible for the limitation.
    If the FSB would allow support 667 MHz then the memory would also at this speed.

    > 2. Intel says that the size of max memory for my chipset is 4 GB (2 x 2 GB), but Toshiba says that only 2 GB (2 x 1 GB), who is right?
    The memory depends on the chipset. So if the chipset supports 4 GB of RAM, you should be capable of this move to 4 GB of RAM

    > 3. I know, my CPU is? FC-PGA-478 aka socket P, max FSB 800 MHz, max 35 W TDP, so T9500 ( will be a compatible processor or there are some limitations in the BIOS?

    It might be possible that the new processor would be fully supported by the BIOS, but in most cases it should not be a problem if the chipset would support the new processor.
    But as far as I know the upgrade of the CPU is not supported by Toshiba or any other manufacturers of portable and its your own risk to run laptop with the new processor.

  • where to post a question about iTunes on the iPhone?

    I have a question about a problem with iTunes on the iPhone (iOS), but I do not see a 'Community' with this title (or anything close;  I have no idea what "iTunes U" means).

    For lack of a better idea, I just posted to the community "iTunes for Mac", but I don't think that's true.

    Please let me know where I should post to an iTunes on iPhone issue.  Thank you.

    It should probably be posted in the community Using iPhone Apple Support communities. I'll ask a host spend your question in iTunes for Mac, if it has not already been moved.

    EDIT: Just read your message, and I think it's probably better where it is (because you need help syncing your songs via iTunes on your Mac). He should be fine here, but if the moderators believe that he should be somewhere else, they will move for you.

  • Questions about Stor.e TV +.

    Does anyone have a contact point to raise a complaint about the lack of service from Toshiba? I spent £160 on a TV + Stor.e and did have some problems with it, as you can see from the few posts that I raised. After spending £160 on a point I don't understand why if the forum is the only option to support what he is no Toshiba engineers on this issue, who are able to answer my questions. I do not expect a 24 / 7 hotline for £160 I spent, but it would be good to know that a Toshiba engineer could answer my questions about their products. Especially since it's the second one I had which suffers from a cosmetic defect, I had to stick to feet about it as the Unit came with 4 pads ride around the box. I also have my doubts about the HDMI because it seems to be very sensitive to any movement in the area, causing the connection to remove.

    I got a Western Digital box media for more than five years and had no problem with this, the only reason why I changed, it was to make use of the connection to the local network, the HDMI connection and the fact it supported more than file formats. FSR this device was abit of a disappointment for me. So if someone could point me in the right direction, I would be very grateful.


    I can understand that you are not happy with the current situation and usually if you buy a product it should properly expect and do no problem.

    As you probably already seen here it s a user to only user forum. This means that you can speak with normal people like you and me and there is no official support from Toshiba.

    In your case, it would be best if you contact an authorized service provider or call the Toshiba UK. The phone number, you can find on the site of Toshiba UK Web:

    Just give the guy a call and explain your situation. I'm sure they can give you a detailed answer and if your TV Stor.e + must be repaired or not. When warranty hardware repair is free.

    I hope I could help you a little bit :)

  • A few questions about the Satellite A100 PSAANE

    Hi friends,

    I have a Toshiba Satellite A 100 - PSAANE with Vista Home Basic preinstalled in it.
    Now, I have a few questions... I mention below: -.

    (1) if I want to format my laptop, I need a CD to install for Vista Home basic... then I don't have this Toshiba CD when I bought the laptop. So how do? question: How can I format it?

    (2) can I change my Vista Home Basic to windows XP? I think it's much faster than this one. is it advisable?

    (3) I have a GB of RAM in the laptop. Increase the RAM? I think that my laptop has become to slow down. is it advisable?

    (4) and on my screen, everytime I try to change my profile screen to windows Classic view, my screen begins to blink. and after a while, the screen turns off. So I can't change that. I put the color scheme of windows vista only. What to do about that?

    Please help me friends. Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards


    Here, a few questions about the number:

    (1) usually, you should get the Vista Toshiba Recovery DVD. If you didn t receive this DVD then you can order it here or you could install the disc of Microsoft Vista.

    (2) of course, you can do this. I think that Win XP drivers can be downloaded from the Toshiba driver page.

    (3) Yes, you can upgrade the RAM. For more information, see your manual or search on this forum for similar topics

    (4) maybe it s associated with the graphics driver. Check if you can update. I would recommend additional check if you are using the latest version of the BIOS

    Welcome them

  • Re: Several questions about the recovery of the Satellite L750 features

    I have several questions about the recovery of Satellite L750 features available to it. Any help and answers would be useful.

    (1) when I started the laptop first, he asked me to create a recovery CD incase I need to reinstall the operating system. But he also said that he built in the recovery partition, so therefore, I have to make a recovery cd or not?

    (2) will be the recovery CD is exactly the same as the recovery on the system partition?

    (3) is the partion of CD or recovery includes all the integrated software pre-installed with the laptop?

    (4) also in the device manage management it shows watch partion recovery but it is empty, is it true?

    (5) in the second partition (drive D) system, he has a record with what looks like the recovery of files and folders. Is it safe to move/remove it?


    I'll try to provide answers:
    1 - to ensure that everything works perfectly you don t need these discs, but if something goes wrong with the HARD drive you will not be able to do anything. When you have the recovery DVDs, you will still be able to install the recovery image and once again the factory settings. So my advice to you is: create these discs as soon as possible. Use only on DVD-R media and buy products of high quality (TDK or Verbatim).
    2 - Yes.
    3 - Yes.
    4 - No. Don t be confused with this.
    5. in a first time create restore DVD, and later you can do what you want. I put t know which files mean you but don t touch anything before that of the recovery disks to be created.

    In the past, many people have been experimenting with the structure of HARD drive and partitions and later was surprised when installing disk recovery HARD has been damaged. Don t make the same mistake.

    If you have any other questions you are welcome.

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