Question about the Equium series adapter in another country

I have a series of satellite and in the summer, will move to the United States. I want to take my laptop with me - me will get a new transformer unit or can I use a plug adapter? If I need a new transformer where can I get one and how much it will cost.


Hi Matt,

Most (all?) Computers laptop Toshiba are now supplied with a universal power adapter that can detect the supply voltage and adjust accordingly. Check it Panel side on your card and if she says voltage 100-240 v, then you will be quite OK to use it in the USA with a suitable adapter.

Also, best wishes to you moves to States.

Kind regards

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  • Question about the universal power adapter car for Satellite U500

    There are different types of adapter car 12 volt on the market with different powers - that's good, but some "automatically select the output voltage.
    These units have a reputation of reliability or security for the laptop or are they to be avoided?


    The problem is that in most cases these s universal adapter takes care of different intensity values
    You can change only the value of the Volt, but not the ampere ampere would change automatically and depends on the selected Volt.

    I would not recommend these universal adapters because the laptop needs some value ampere
    I recommend buying an adapter that is designed for this laptop to avoid some hardware problems

    Get in touch with the local ASP to get such part

  • Question about the USB wireless adapter for Windows XP

    I'm trying to set up a wireless connection for my desktop pc with Windows XP. I don't see any options for a wireless connection. A USB adapter would do the trick? Looks like the easiest option.

    For a desktop computer with Windows XP, there was probably no built-in wireless card. Some systems Windows XP later had these as optional.

    You must meet your Dell model.

    A USB dongle should work, but make sure there is a Windows XP driver on the suppliers Web site before you buy. Windows XP has reached its end of life and is no longer supported by Dell or, more importantly, Microsoft. Be careful with the continued use of Windows XP, especially if the connection to the internet.

    You can install the unofficial service pack 4 before you connect to the internet which will help a little:

  • The question about the interconnections of fabric UCS 6300 Series


    I have a question about UCS 6300 Series fabric interconnects. Is this fabric UCS interconnections 6300 series integrated into the extension of tissue function?  The reason why I asked this question was, when there is 6300 series fabric has been plugged UCS 5100 chassis, there is no more space to plug in extension of UCS 2200 series fabric. My understanding on the topology of the UCS, tissue extender is the connection between the blade and the fabric of the interconnections.

    Thank you


    Hi Bob

    Yes, that's correct!

    The chassis so called FI - IOM (see attachment p52); THE IOM = FEX.

    I/O of the blade adapter to connect inside basket chassis, which connects to the built-in IOM.

    IOM is then connected to the built-in FI.

  • A few questions about the difference between the Satellite P70, L70, S70

    Hello, I have a lot of questions about the P70, L70, S70 series that come with a 1920 x 1080 panel.

    (1) what are the differences between the L70 and S70 series? With the exception of the RAM and HARD drive capacity, books seem pretty identical.

    (2) P70, L70, S70 doesn't support a 2nd HARD drive or it's just the P70 series that support?

    (3) all the three (P70, L70, S70 series) come with the same TFT panels?

    (4) of the above series, which supports mSata?

    (5) all the model of each series are delivered with support from mSata? For example, it could be that L70 - a - 13 m supports mSata is not the case of the L70-a-146?

    (6) all the foregoing, are delivered with a S - ATA II or III S - ATA interface?

    (7) who is the best of these series listed? I'm trying to understand what makes the big difference of S70 to P70 except for the envelope for example.

    Thank you in advance.

    > (1) what are the differences between the series L70 and S70? With the exception of the RAM and HARD drive capacity, books seem pretty identical.

    What models Sat L70 and S70 do you mean exactly? There are different L70-xxx-xxx and S70 models on the market that supports different hardware specifications.

    (> S70 2) P70, L70, support a 2nd drive HARD or is - it just the series P70 that support?
    As you can see in this [Sam P70 HDD replacement document, |] the P70 series supports the 2nd drive Bay HARD, BUT even if there is a 2nd HARD drive Bay, this does not mean that you can use the 2nd HARD drive. In the case where the 2nd HARD drive Bay are equipped with HARD drive connector, you can use the 2nd HARD drive

    I also found the [Sam L70/S70 HDD replacement |] the document on the Toshiba page and there I see this 2nd HARD drive Bay is not available

    (> 3) all three (P70, L70, S70 series) come with the same TFT panels?
    See point 1). Different P70, L70, S70 models were equipped with different material parts.

    (> 4) of the series above, which takes in charge mSata?
    As far as I know that some P70 models are equipped with an mSATA SSD of 256 GB.

    (> 5) do all the model of each series are delivered with support mSata? For example, it could be that L70 - a - 13 m supports mSata is not the case of the L70-a-146?
    See point 4) not all models supports the same hardware specifications

    (> 6) all of the above, come with a S - ATA II or III S - ATA interface?
    I don t think that SATA III is supported. I guess it would be SATA II

    (> 7) which is the best of these series listed? I'm trying to understand what makes the big difference of S70 to P70 except for the envelope for example.
    Not easy to answer because there are too many models released in Europea.
    And not all models are available in each country. So I guess you will have to look for the models that have been released in your country.

  • Question about the differences in commands

    Hey guys -.

    I just had a few questions about the differences between orders that seem to perform the same function.  Can you let me know if an order is more preferable to the other and what the difference is.  I would really appreciate it as it I currently practice some INE laboratories and I see that orders change from lab to lab.  Thanks advance!

    1. When you write a static NAT for specific host 1 - is - this important if I understand the 32 subnet?

    EX: static (inside, outside), VS static (inside, outside) netmask

    2. when I'm setting up a router as a CA server and it is necessary to "export" the key, whatever my method of exporting the key?  If so, in which method call for which solution?

    EX: key export cryptographic rsa ciscox pem URL nvram: cisco VS. exporting key 3des cryptographic ciscox pem 3des rsa terminal cisco

    3. If I have to mark a packet with a DSCP of X value, matter if I use the 'set dscp' VS 'set ip dscp?  If so, what is the difference?


    Policy-map X

    class X

    the dscp X value


    Policy-map X

    class X

    X ip dscp value

    I guess pertaining to 2, if i was speaking in terms of from a cisco router to another cisco router - would terminal be acceptable?

    Yes, the "Import cryptographic key" command can take a url and also from the terminal entrance. In this terminal case wil is much easier.

    Don't stop once you have upgraded your network! Improve the world by lending money to low-income workers:

  • Questions about the implementation of clusters of storage and DTS on active cluster

    I have a few questions about the implementation of clusters of data store and SRS storage in VSphere 5.1.

    We have a data center with about 15 HP blades and a few servers non-lame.  The hosts are all either VSphere 5.0 or 5.1.  Our back-end storage is an EMC VNX 5700 with about 20 stores of data.  All the VMWare is managed by VCenter 5.1 running on a dedicated physical machine.

    Currently, each data store is used individually; No piles of data store are put in place.  When a new virtual machine is created, the administrator usually chooses the data with the most space store.  Periodically, we will go back and manually storage vMotion machines to balance the load.

    Recently, we have expanded the VNX storage, so we now have LUNS in different pools, with different levels of performance.

    What I would do is set up for the data store clusters, so that us when a virtual machine is created, the administrator must not know what data store is in which pool.  Also take advantage of the DRS storage so that the burden of storage will be "refine" himself a little.

    I know the setting up of a cluster of storage in a 'clean' environment is quite simple, but my concern is creation/conversion data warehouses existing in active production in the cluster, while they are used.

    If I access the screen "data warehouses and store data from clusters ', right-click on the data center and create a cluster, and then move the various data stores in the new cluster, will there be an interruption in the production running systems?

    I also wonder about activation of storage i/o control.  It is not currently enabled on data warehouses.  I know it's useful for the StorageDRS, but will be allowing any negative impact on the system?  If I turn on the warehouses of data, is there anything else I should do or set in addition to all that allows him?

    Finally, we are in the process of Site Recovery Manager configuration.  SRS has an impact on the configuration of the data clusters and DTS store?

    Thanks in advance for your comments.

    Mike O.

    Gregg Robertson wrote:


    Clusters of data and using DTS store doesn't impact RS even if you create a cluster of data store for storage of replicated data and another for everyone else, this way you machines virtual you want to replicate are not moved on warehouses of data that are not replicated , but will still have the ability to move if there is a conflict.


    With all due respect but SRM and DTS don't go together. SRM does not at all support the use of DTS. So if you are configuring SRM forget DTS for now.

    Reason for this is that SRM knows no DTS and VMs can be in flight when a failover should occur, and bad things can happen. Also, the protection breaks when a virtual computer is moved between data warehouses in a cluster data store.

    In short: don't go there.

  • Question about the balloon pilot


    I have a question about the balloon pilot in ESX/ESXi 4.x. When the pilot is "inflated" the reason is to reveal to the ESX host memory of comments in fact is not used and that memory could be recovered by the host. However, the driver must be loaded all the time for this memory to be used by the host, as in giving him another VM?

    Or is it just inflate and deflate so and there is no need to stay charged?

    Once that memory has been retrieved the pilot deflates on its own.

  • A few Questions about the creative cloud

    I read that the Creator Cloud connection will be released in the coming weeks, which is great. I have a few questions about the download file and the creative connection program of cloud.

    I have a file which I will download. The contents of this file will be updated periodically locally. I want to do the files in this folder to stay updated between my desktop and laptop. The Creative Cloud connection program will be able to do?

    If a file is changed, which is already in the cloud program will recognize the change and stay the cloud?

    I guess just a little more information on exactly what will be the program Creative Connection cloud would be nice.

    On the topic of storage I will be able to upgrade the standard 20 GB of storage that is available when / if needed? And how much will that be?

    Another question:

    When Lightroom 4 will be available via CC and why is it not available when it was released?

    Creative Cloud connection will keep files between your desktop and the Web site synchronized. You will be able to add, edit and delete files from each end and that the changes are reflected in both.

    To see the connection creative cloud in action, you can watch this video of evangelist Paul Trani Adobe - cloud - tour-/.

    There will be a way to get more than 20 GB of storage. Adobe Creative Cloud FAQ has a question and an answer about it down:

    Buy extra creative Cloud storage?

    Additional storage will be available for purchase later in 2012. If you have reached your storage limit, contact Adobe Customer Service.

    Lightroom 4 will be available in a few weeks. Jeff Veen also tweeted this! / veen/status/200810541550288896. Other Articles of Jeff on what comes to the Adobe Creative cloud here in his blog of Adobe

  • A few questions about the limits of neighbors of netGroup

    I'm playing with the type Messenger client p2p where I capture neighbors when the netgroup.neighbor.connect event is triggered, and then using add neighbor by adding their peerID (not the neighborID, I don't know really how/why that would be used) then I objects of message send instantly on the neighbor.connect.success to update the other table of "users online".

    So far it works really well and I feel as if it were a very efficient system. But, I just wanted to ask how well it will evolve and if it should continue to develop or not because how would that work if there was between 100-1000 + people. What is the maximum amount of neighbors? The object I send when a neighbor connects to them will cause a problem when it happens to be a bunch of clients sending each other their user name sign in info about the next event?

    Another question would be if when 2 cleints decide to connect and tell video/text chat, I had them make a Direct connect vi peerIDs connection and closing their netgroup connection also the logout event can remove the object with their peerID/username in this. Should I be left connected as neighbours and use neighborids somehow? or does do something where I have a publication and continuous flow game anytime, but have them take just generated a similar play/publish channel and the neigborsend that to each other? I just though that if I have neighbors constantly disconnect and make direct links could help prevent the neighboring overload incase there is a limit.

    Would be great if someone could help share some of their knowledge on these issues, thanks!

    There is no technical limit number of neighbors you have.  However, you cannot force a customer to always be connected to a specific peer.  using "NetGroup.addNeighbor ()" for a counterpart who currently is a neighbor (that is why you just got a NetGroup.Neighbor.Connect event) does nothing.  and if you add a new neighbor, the topology of the Group Manager can automatically choose to disconnect later if this neighbor is not strictly necessary to maintain the desired topology.

    each Member of a group will naturally be on O (log N) directly connected neighbours in a group of N peers.  the actual number is about 2 * log2 N + 13.  groups to have full transitive connectivity but are not necessarily fully mesh (where each Member has a direct neighbour to all Member connection).  groups will be generally of course entirely linked below about 17 members.

    as you assumed it, a full mesh is not extensible to 100-1000 + members, and there is no reliable way to maintain a full mesh with the existing ActionScript APIs in any case (you can not set a neighbor "permanent" in the ActionScript API).  Note that in a group operating normally, if an average Member had 100 neighbors in steady state, the size of the Group expect about 2 ^ 43 = ~ 9,000,000,000,000 (9 trillion) members.  that large groups are unlikely.

    If you want to send a text message to all members of the group, use ().  broadcasting a message via a group effectively to each Member, but not instantly.  Scalable distributed in a very large group presence is a complex problem.  Unfortunately, a naïve approach is not scalable or efficient.  I encourage you to look for "news" and other topics "graph broadcast" in the context of P2P to get a flavor for how approach you this problem for very large groups (of like 1000 +).

    for small groups (of up to like 100ish) you can probably get by having each Member periodically post an announcement of the presence of the group, and each Member, followed by the age of each ad that he hears, expiring after a reasonable period of time.

    personally, I would not let the 'everybody' group to make a 1:1 chat.

  • Questions about the accordion component

    I have a few questions about the use of the accordion component:

    1. when my accordion is created it shows the first container child, this child is created at this time and if you go to another child it is also created (but only until it is first accesed). The thing in the first child, I need to access the properties and components located in other children, so it marks an exception to NULL, because I am trying to access the properties or the components that have not yet been created, but I really need to access and transmit values to other children containers at the moment (without their first navigation) , then it is possible to create all the children while creating the accordion although I would'nt need to navigate through its children to create them?

    2. is it possible to disable the functions of click of an accordion, so the only way to change bewteen her children is programmatically? I mean, you can click the buttons on the accordion to navigate through his children, but you can also do this programmatically by using the selectedIndex property, so I'll try to disable accordion buttons so the only way to navigate is programmatically.

    All the ideas of these two questions?

    You can use creationPolicy = "all" on the accordion and it will create all children, not only the first condition. The downside of this is that your application will have a little more time to start. Consider this:

    Child 2:

    If you try to set child2.input = 'something', a better solution would be to use data binding:

    Child 2:
    [Bindable] public var inputValue:String;

    Now you can do: child2.inputValue = 'something '; If the user interface of child2 have not been created, the inputValue parameter has without adverse consequences; as soon as the 2 child controls are created, data binding will assign the value. If child 2 has already been created, the data binding will also affect the value.

    You can disable the click event to the accordion by intercept and stop its spread, but you must do this in ActionScript, you can't do this in MXML.

    myAccordion.addEventListener ('change', accHandler, true); true means to use the capture phase

    private void accHandler ( void
    If ( is mx.containers.accordionClasses.AccordionHeader) {}

    The idea is that intercept you the click event, as it moves down through the components (capture phase). If the target of the event is an AccordionHeader, prevent you the event to go further - it is to reach the AccordionHeader itself.

    You can put this handler on accordion or its parent up to the Application.

  • A few questions about the upgrade on Satellite A300-144

    Sorry for the typos, English is not my mother tongue.
    I want to ask some questions about the upgrade of a300-144.

    * Some info first.*

    CPU: T2370 ([]).
    Chipset: GM965 ([]).

    * Questions.*

    1. my frequency of laptop memory at 533 MHz, supports 667 MHz memory controller, memory modules can work at 667 MHz. Is - this because CPU FSB 533 MHz frequency and new processor at 667/800 MHz FSB will fix it or it is hardcoded in the BIOS?

    2 Intel said that the size of max memory for my chipset is 4 GB (2 x 2 GB), but Toshiba says that only 2 GB (2 x 1 GB), who is right?

    3 I know, taken of my CPU is μFCPGA-478 aka socket P, max FSB 800 MHz, max 35 W TDP, so T9500 ([]) is a compatible processor or there are some limitations in the BIOS?

    > 1. My frequency of laptop memory at 533 MHz, supports 667 MHz memory controller, memory modules can work at 667 MHz. Is - this because CPU FSB 533 MHz frequency and new processor at 667/800 MHz FSB will fix it or it is hardcoded in the BIOS?

    The speed of the memory is related on the material. This means that the FSB is responsible for the limitation.
    If the FSB would allow support 667 MHz then the memory would also at this speed.

    > 2. Intel says that the size of max memory for my chipset is 4 GB (2 x 2 GB), but Toshiba says that only 2 GB (2 x 1 GB), who is right?
    The memory depends on the chipset. So if the chipset supports 4 GB of RAM, you should be capable of this move to 4 GB of RAM

    > 3. I know, my CPU is? FC-PGA-478 aka socket P, max FSB 800 MHz, max 35 W TDP, so T9500 ( will be a compatible processor or there are some limitations in the BIOS?

    It might be possible that the new processor would be fully supported by the BIOS, but in most cases it should not be a problem if the chipset would support the new processor.
    But as far as I know the upgrade of the CPU is not supported by Toshiba or any other manufacturers of portable and its your own risk to run laptop with the new processor.

  • Question about the recovery partition


    I have a question about the recovery of HARD drive partition.

    If I do the operation to clear the hard disk option in the wizard it will remove * all * or it will keep my partition recovery in this way I can come back later. I want to know because I would like to put on a different OS.

    I know he said he would, but caution in the PDF, I found it says that on a normal recovery too (that he would remove each partition) and I'm a little confused about how the recovery actually worked.

    Thank you.

    Hey Buddy,

    To be honest I n don't know what you mean exactly with this option to erase.

    In General, Toshiba Recovery disk will wipe your entire HDD to restore factory settings correctly. This means that if you start from that disk and follow the instructions on the screen, everything will be removed.

    In addition, the recovery disk doesn t create a recovery partition. It is not available. Disk copy just the files on the second partition in folder HDDrecovery to start an installation of HARD drive recovery.

  • A few questions about the Satellite A100 PSAANE

    Hi friends,

    I have a Toshiba Satellite A 100 - PSAANE with Vista Home Basic preinstalled in it.
    Now, I have a few questions... I mention below: -.

    (1) if I want to format my laptop, I need a CD to install for Vista Home basic... then I don't have this Toshiba CD when I bought the laptop. So how do? question: How can I format it?

    (2) can I change my Vista Home Basic to windows XP? I think it's much faster than this one. is it advisable?

    (3) I have a GB of RAM in the laptop. Increase the RAM? I think that my laptop has become to slow down. is it advisable?

    (4) and on my screen, everytime I try to change my profile screen to windows Classic view, my screen begins to blink. and after a while, the screen turns off. So I can't change that. I put the color scheme of windows vista only. What to do about that?

    Please help me friends. Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards


    Here, a few questions about the number:

    (1) usually, you should get the Vista Toshiba Recovery DVD. If you didn t receive this DVD then you can order it here or you could install the disc of Microsoft Vista.

    (2) of course, you can do this. I think that Win XP drivers can be downloaded from the Toshiba driver page.

    (3) Yes, you can upgrade the RAM. For more information, see your manual or search on this forum for similar topics

    (4) maybe it s associated with the graphics driver. Check if you can update. I would recommend additional check if you are using the latest version of the BIOS

    Welcome them

  • Re: Several questions about the recovery of the Satellite L750 features

    I have several questions about the recovery of Satellite L750 features available to it. Any help and answers would be useful.

    (1) when I started the laptop first, he asked me to create a recovery CD incase I need to reinstall the operating system. But he also said that he built in the recovery partition, so therefore, I have to make a recovery cd or not?

    (2) will be the recovery CD is exactly the same as the recovery on the system partition?

    (3) is the partion of CD or recovery includes all the integrated software pre-installed with the laptop?

    (4) also in the device manage management it shows watch partion recovery but it is empty, is it true?

    (5) in the second partition (drive D) system, he has a record with what looks like the recovery of files and folders. Is it safe to move/remove it?


    I'll try to provide answers:
    1 - to ensure that everything works perfectly you don t need these discs, but if something goes wrong with the HARD drive you will not be able to do anything. When you have the recovery DVDs, you will still be able to install the recovery image and once again the factory settings. So my advice to you is: create these discs as soon as possible. Use only on DVD-R media and buy products of high quality (TDK or Verbatim).
    2 - Yes.
    3 - Yes.
    4 - No. Don t be confused with this.
    5. in a first time create restore DVD, and later you can do what you want. I put t know which files mean you but don t touch anything before that of the recovery disks to be created.

    In the past, many people have been experimenting with the structure of HARD drive and partitions and later was surprised when installing disk recovery HARD has been damaged. Don t make the same mistake.

    If you have any other questions you are welcome.

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    Hello, I did a disk eraser and reinstalled everything (to clean computers), then when I had to reinstall firefox I had a problem. I play a game called Fallensword. He has a script called Fallenswordhelper. So I installed GreaseMonkey, then when I tri

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    My Toshiba Satellite C850 cannot load windows when you install Windows 7 on it.It freezes when the logo is about to appear. So, how can I solve this problem?

  • Impossible to play songs ripped from CDs and DVDs

    original title: we have windowsXP.all DVD was ripped to the computer but all of a sudden, none of them will play. All tracks are marked with a red asterisk. Help, please. We have windows xp. all our cds/dvds were torn on computer. recently they won't

  • createImage not able to find the .png file

    I try to load an image .png (or .jpg) in my java application with a call to the javax.microedition.lcdui.Image.createImage method. I use Eclipse v3.4.1, with the plugin v1.0.0.50 BlackBerryJDE BlackBerry component package v4.5.0 and running on a Blac