Re install the sd card reader

Hi, I've updated to windows 8, I got my sd card reader works properly until very recently, when I refresh my pc... How to re install sd card reader?  kindly help...

If the reader is built into your computer, go to the site of the manufacturer of your computer to download, then install the drivers for Windows 8 for the reader (assuming they exist).

If it's a type USB key drive, then they must normally be plug-and-play.

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  • I have a Sony Vaio. After that I installed Windows 7, the computer does nor recognize the SD card reader.

    I have a Sony Vaio. After that I installed Windows 7, the computer does nor recognize the SD card reader. Someone know whey and how to fix it? Thank you

    Run Windows Update - it may install drivers that does not get installed on Windows 7 home.

    If this does not help, look for Windows 7 drivers for this device on the Sony web site.

  • Satellite M70-375: where to find the SD card reader driver?

    Where can I find the drivers for the SD card reader? It is not in the list of all the drivers of the M70 series.

    I checked the s information about this device and it seems that the Satellite M70-375 has a number PSM70E-xxx.
    First you must choose the category good pilot because there are two sets of Satellite M70.
    In addition there is no own available SD card driver. You must install the driver cardbus.
    This driver is also responsible for the use of the SD card.

  • Satellite L750 - stuck on the Realtek card reader


    I just got a Toshiba Satellite L750 / 00K and I turned it on for the first time. He asked about the recovery and I chose 64-bit, and then on the settings in the box. It restarted once then I left it to charge. I came back and he was stuck on the Realtek card reader. It has been like this for maybe 2 hours, I can move the mouse but nothing has changed. He said that commissioning could take some time but I don't know if something is wrong. Help, please!

    Thank you

    Hey Buddy,

    Installation of recovery can take a very long time. In your case I'd wait a bit more.

    If it helps doesn t you should try to start installing recovery again. You can do this if you access Windows Advanced Boot menu and select Repair my computer.

  • TouchSmart 520: update driver for the sd card reader is not available

    Recently updated for Windows 10 and since then had to install several new drivers.  Last attempt is for the sd card reader driver.  Same error comes back constantly, "HP is experiencing difficulties, please try again later".  Day 3 same error.  I talked to my son-in-law who is a COMPUTER expert and he warns of the use of other than original manufacturers drivers, so I'm stuck, zusammenklappbar to transfer my photos from sd card on my computer.   When I called HP support, I am told that they can help for a one time fee $50, something I'm not willing to do, I'll buy another computer before going this route


    It is not not a 3rd party driver.

    There is no driver W10 from HP for your PC.

    The reader of card on your PC was manufactured by Realtek, so that they provide the drivers for HP.

    It is a universal driver that works on all card readers.

    If you're skeptical, then see if this W10 card reader driver HP works.  It can not, because it can be for different model Realtek card readers that your PC has.

  • Error 0X0000007E Stop after installing the new card mother and CPU.

    Original title: Stop error after installing the new card mother and CPU.

    After I installed a new motherboard and CPU I got a stop error 0X0000007E (0XC0000005, 0XB77EA756, 0XB84C742C, 0xB84C7128) and it restarted immediately. It always starts in safe mode, but I can't understand what is wrong. The old processor is a pentium 4 3 ghz, not sure what the motherboard was, new processor is AMD Athlon 64 X 2 Dual core 4200 + and I only know that the motherboard is an ASUS socket AM2. Device Manager does not recognize the CPU correctly, it shows just two entries called processor. As far as I can tell, it's almost certainly a driver issue, but I don't know how to diagnose or fix this. I am running windows XP home, I removed my video card, running 2 hard drives at 120 g (M) and 200 g (S), a DVD drive (M) and a reader of CD (S), and a stick of RAM to 1 GB.

    If you have made the change without having to reinstall XP, you will be taking and Pray H@ll. the best thing to do would be to reinstall XP and make sure you have the drivers available for your motherboard available so that you can update the installed chipset. In addition, be aware that if you have an OEM of Windows version, the license is dead when you changed the mother/CPU card.

    I hope this helps.

  • Try to install the video card. Integrated graphics card does not! (PE T110 II)


    I tried to install a video card in the x 16 slot PCIE (ASUS Radeon 5450 Silent). I read on the Board that this video card has worked for others with the T110 II.

    I turned off the computer and unplug the power cord.

    I installed the video card in the x 16 pcie slot.

    The VGA cable is connected to the integrated VGA.

    When I turn on the computer, my monitor receives no signal. I tried to access the bios to change the settings of the embedded video controller of standard to distributed. Unfortunately, I am unable to see anything on my monitor, it gets no signal. If I try to connect the vga graphics card it shows a screen black nothing else.

    The integrated graphics card works again once I remove the location PCIe video card. The integrated graphics card does not work while the video card is connected.

    I 2.8.0 bios version.

    I can hear the computer starts, but I don't see what is on the screen, I'm not sure if the bios is starting.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you

    Use the embedded video.

  • Pavilion HPE H9-1130: install the firewire card correctly into the slot of the motherboard correctly

    Hello, for my HP Pavilion HPE H9 1130, how to install the correct firewire in the motherboard slot card OK in OS Windows 10 x 64 / x 64 processor? And what video software system can I download to recognize my Panasonic 100a camera AX?

    Thank you. Followed your instructions. And it worked perfectly. Thank you. Even if I have Adobe Prem Pro, I downloaded MS Director and put 9 drivers after installing the PCIe card. Then it worked perfectly to capture video from a FireWire camera. Thank you once again!

  • How to configure HP ENVY 700 - 210xt to install the graphics card EVGA 650 TI boost.

    Can someone tell me how to install the graphics card EVGA 650 TI boost in the

    HP ENVY 700-210xt

    Product number: E9G99AV

    I replaced the power supply with Corsair RM 650 watt power supply that works very well. Now, I want to go to the graphics card EVGA 650 TI boost. Except, I can't get the driver to load with period of installed equipment. When I put the card into the PCI 16 x slot the computer starts with a blank screen. I pass the DVI video port old computer and the new port card white screen of same at startup. If I turn the PCIe port disabled in BIOS, it starts with the embedded video, but same thing impossible to load drivers that are not able to locate the new video card hardware. Makes me crazy! I don't know that I don't know how to configure the Bios correctly or something. Can anyone help?


    Please see my response to your other post on the link below.

  • My Satellite A100 does not support SDHC cards with the internal card reader


    My Satellite A100 can't stand my sandisk 4 GB SDHC.
    'normal' SD cards are not a problem with the internal card reader, and there is no problem with the 4 GB sandisk SDHC card using an external card reader.

    is there a software solution?


    I don't have the time to read the manuals for your model of laptop users, but can be registered to all supported cards. I guess SDHC not registered and not supported.

    I don't know what you mean with the software solution, but as far as I know, update for multimedia card reader is not available.

  • 6000 pro SFF: installing the video card on 6000 Pro SFF with BIOS 2.03

    I am in train to install a video card in my 6000 Pro SFF and find that when the new video card is inserted, neither she, nor my tip on video card working.

    Assuming that their must be a way to get the card to operate in the BIOS (2 786 v2.03), I'm going to the "Advanced" tab and find "PCI devices. Underside of the mentioned deviced is 'Controller VGA Intel'. Choice for this controller are the IRQ = 5, 10, 11, or disabled. Apparently, the default value is 5 because that's how it is now set.

    A little scared that if I put "Disabled", which will be not only the new video card does not work, but the video card on the motherboard won't work, too.

    Y at - it anyone out there that can tell me if you change the VGA Intel controller to disabled is the right way to install the new card, and that I only put my computer in a heavy paperweight by.

    You are welcome.  Thank you for the additional information.

    I don't think you have to do anything in the BIOS.  At least, I wouldn't do anything, until you have improved the PSU to see what is happening.

    Please click on the button + Thumbs up if I helped you and click on accept as Solution If your problem is resolved.

  • Error when installing the data card Internet of 1158

    While installing data card Internet provided by BSNL in India (3G version) on my laptop (Vista Home Premium - 32-bit), I get the error code 1158 and nothing else is displayed in the dialog of error except an OK button.  While trying to install it on my desktop (Vista Home Premium - 32-bit), it worked fine.  So the problem is with my laptop.  Could someone help, please?

    Try installing the data card to the clean boot and check.
    Put your boot system helps determine if third-party applications or startup items are causing the problem.
    Try the procedure described in step 1 in the section below to put your computer in clean boot mode.

    Thanks and greetings
    Umesh P - Microsoft technical support.

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  • 8460p: keep the smart card reader attached, even if the card is removed

    HP EliteBook 8460p

    Win 7 Pro 64-bit

    When a smart card is inserted, you are able to see your smart card reader in Device Manager. When you remove your card chip, the chip card reader disappears in Device Manager. Is it possible to always keep the smart card reader attached?

    According to the BIOS version (F.22) will there is a fix where you can set the power state of the smart card reader:

    '- Fixes an issue where the setup of BIOS (F10) does not display the power of smart card Options once the system is restarted. -Fixes an issue where rebooting the system (reboot) is slow after the modem is turned off in the configuration of the BIOS (F10). »

    But this isn't the case to find.

    Any suggestions?


    F27 BIOS and the new card reader is needed to solve this problem.

    old player = v1.20

    new player = v1.21


  • long beeps after installing the video card


    I recently bought a HP 500-223w.

    I wanted to install a power supply a video card.

    Here's the problem: everything works fine without the installed video card.

    If I install the video card then at startup it gives me a series of long beeps.

    I turned it off after the long fourth beep assuming they would UST go on and on.

    The power supply is more than enough to power the video card.

    The video card should not be bad, because I just moved it from another system. (system currently does not, bad mobo)

    I was wondering what the infinite long beep on startup?

    Thanks and regards, TJames.


    Product for your PC specifications indicate that it comes with Windows 8.1.

    To install a video card no HP on PC shipped with Windows 8 or 8.1, you must change both settings of the BIOS before installing the card.

    Please see this document for the BIOS to change settings...

  • Memory card not seen by Windows XP computer using the USB card reader portable

    I use XP SP2 and have recently had a problem where my laptop does not recognize a card of memory a camera when the USB card reader is connected. It automatically launch an Adobe image management application, but I think that the operating system would still see the USB card reader.

    Hello BSW58,

    Thank you for your message.  We will try to take a look at your AutoPlay settings.

    Plug your camera card.
    Conclusion Adobe once it opened.
    Click 'Start' > click 'my computer '.
    Right click on your card > select ' Autoplay > Adobe is listed as default application?  If so, you can change it here.

    Please let us know if it did or did not help to solve your problem.

    Soon Jason Microsoft Support Engineer answers visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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