Replacement H200A PERC - inactive volumes RAID - controller okay to activate?

Hi all, quick question which I * think * I know the answer, but it's a new one on me and all juggling RAID settings in a live environment make me sweat.
Situation, is that I have a PowerEdge T410 with a PERC H200A controller and two RAID 1 volumes, 600 GB, and 1 TB.  Was a message of "Fatal error 4 Bus Slot" in OpenManage and diagnosis, which points to the H200A, and as a result, the server is not feeding properly in ESXi and one of the volumes is showing that the East in vCenter.  It will not mount.

Fortunately, I have a spare H200A controller, so I put it in the server and, as expected, is to show the RAID volumes as being inactive.  I'm * assuming that * I can activate just them and they will come to life, but I just wanted to check if somebody do it before and I can confirm that is going to work.

Thank you


Yes, you must activate the VD/table. Real PERC, the controller would see a configuration on the discs and you could import the foreign configuration... the terminology on this controller is that he sees a configuration on the disks and you must activate it.

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    Hello Randy,

    Yes, you can add an a PERC6 / i of your T7400 as the PERC card was optional addon for the machine. Please see the link below & see the tech specs where the cottage on PERC 6 / I as optional.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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    Hi team - I have a Dell R710 (physical host) PE server that uses the Dell PERC RAID controller 6/1.  Windows Server 2008 x 64 is the host operating system.  VMW Server 2.02 installs and works very well, and I need to install W2K8 x 32 (guest) server configuration, but windows can't see the virtual disk with the same error "Setup cannot find not all hard disks", you get the installation on Windows XP Home edition- but the documentation does not say it's controller RAID is not taken in charge should be... any ideas?

    This is not a problem of the underlying RAID/hardware controller.

    Virtual MACHINE on VMware Server just to see the virtual hardware that you have configured when creating the virtual machine, or through the settings.

    Be sure to select the correct target OS when you create a virtual machine. This configures the disk controller HARD virtual appropriate, which should be supported on the OS installation media.

    If you have selected the right OS and still have problems, please post the vmx file.


  • Initialization of the options in the system dell poweredge r610 with perc 6 / i raid controller

    Hello Sir,

    I have a new question on dell power edge, actually I wanted to know this server works on a raid configuration only and for the purpose of the security of the data, we are able to use a flash drive to object is initialized (os ex: esxi, linux, windows) server as well as data will be SAS and OS record store will be separated into a flash drive?

    Please clear my doubt... Thank you

    Thanks for the reply.

    Yes we do, the real problem is I want to start my server with flash drive, I don't want to use the hard drive for OS, HARD drive for storage and the flash drive for OS.

  • replaced RAID controller - new signature or use existing assignment request


    Recently, I replaced a problematic to find RAID controller that the virtual drives are not mounted automatically by VMWare after a reboot.  I guess it's because when I add data warehouses, I wonder to use the existing disk signature or to assign a new signature.  At the beginning, I chose to use the existing one.  If I chose to create a new signature, this will solve my problem of mounting disks does not automatically?  If so, my BONES existing comments will be tactful or they might have problems?

    Resignaturing a data store should not harm the data on this subject. However, after resignaturing you can see all the VMS in the inventory as inaccessible and need to remove the inventory and add their .vmx files in the data store Navigator right click. What you can try is to manually mount persistently store data from the command line to see if that solves the problem without resignaturing (see


  • PowerEdge 860 - PERC RAID controller compatibility

    I would like to add RAID 1 functionality on a PowerEdge 860 server we have at the office.  I was unable to determine what is the Dell Reference number for the RAID controller for that server.

    Is there a Dell RAID controller with BBU Cache memory which can support the PE860?   Would the PERC 5 / i raid controller work?  If so, what model number of Dell is compatible.  As the PE860 has long been considered his retirement there is nothing from the Dell Web site.  Searching the Web I found not less of 6 different numbers of parts Dell for a PERC 5 / i controller.

    Thanks in advance if anyone can be useful.


    Hello Paolo

    Is there a Dell RAID controller with BBU Cache memory which can support the PE860?

    No, the only supported the internal RAID controller is the SAS 5/IR. The SAS 5/iR has no cache. The PERC 5 / I is not supported on the 860. The only controllers that contain cache are external controllers as the PERC 5/e.

    You might be able to get a PERC 5 / i for work on the server, but we have not posted it to the 860. There is not many versions of the PERC 5 / i, which have been released, so I'm pretty confident that most or all of the part numbers you have found work. Whenever we change something on a part given a new part number. For example, if we decide to start using another antistatic bag to ship the PERC 5 / i in then we would give him a new part number.

    You can see here the valid controllers. The 860 is displayed on the inheritance tab:

    Thank you

  • RAID controller with using SED (Self-encrypting drives)


    Only the H700 and H800 controllers have management of security keys in the BIOS Configuration utility?

    I have PERC Perc 5i SAS RAID controller and I want to use SED, what can I do? It is a software solution for key management?


    With the Perc 5 controller / i you can't use sed, the first controller that supported was the H700. It is not a software solution that I know. Depending on the server you have, you can consider the upgrade to the H700. If you let me know the model then I might let you know compatibility and the part number.

    Let me know.

  • Problem with RAID array after replacing defective RAID controller - Volume is currently in INACTIVE/GRADIENT condition

    We have a Dell PowerEdge 840, who had the RAID controller out yesterday - the system has come from a "ERROR!" Faulty card message.

    We replaced the controller with one we had shipped from one day to the next. System has been turned off, we made sure the installed updated Earth, etc etc. As soon as the system voltage, the following message came on the screen:


    Exception of RAID integrated detected:

    Volume (00:130) is currently in INACTIVE/GRADIENT condition

    Enter the SAS Configuration utility to study!


    0 free SAS1067-IR NV 25:0 D

    Dell Inc. MPT ROM boot, no device supported found!


    No available boot device.


    What should I do to rebuild the table and see the data? Apparently, the server crashed some time after the office closed last Friday, but before that backups ran, so that we have not backed up the data on Friday.

    Thank you


    Start the BIOS of the controller (CTRL-C)

    Select the controller

    This will bring you to the adapter properties window.

    Use the arrow keys to highlight and select Properties RAID, press on enter.

    This brings you to the window again select array Type, there is now an option to view existing matrix. Using the arrow keys, select view existing array,

    Select the Inactive matrix. Select manage the Array.

    The only options available is to activate the table or delete the table. In order to get this controller to accept the disk configuration, select Activate array by using the arrow keys to highlight, and then press ENTER.

    Confirm Activation.

    Return to the main menu and select SAS topology and check that the two tables are active.

    Let me know how it goes.

  • PERC 5i RAID Controller battery replacement Question

    Part number
    Assembly, Card (Circuit), Serial Attached SCSI PERC5I, 1950, 2950

    Hi all

    I have a general question, I need help answering: Server is a Dell PowerEdge 1950

    I have an E1211 ROMB BATT on LCD screen and replace the battery. With the above specifications showing that our part number based Service tag, the following link below would be ok to order from?, or.r_cp.r_qf & bvm = bv.63808443, d.cWc, pv.xjs.s.en_US.9CjFb4DKbRI.O & biw = 1301 & bih = 678 & tch = 1 & ech = 1 & psi = uLs5U_SHCNXLsASN7IKYBg.1396292536397.11 & ei = 1745U8PVI4XIsAT8voCwAQ & ved = 0CJMEEKYrMAM

    Is there best kinds of batteries that this RAID controller could use compared to the one we intend to order?

    Please notify.

    Thank you


    You might consider updating the controller firmware (after are updated BIOS, ESM and the controller driver), which controls the State of the battery.  Otherwise, the battery that you accessed should be good... it is not really other "types" of batteries that will work.

  • RAID controller perc 5 / i Raid 5 rebuid of security


    need help.

    I have the raid 5 6-disc version. 136GB x 2 drives and 4 x 2 TB. (why? don't ask some black.)

    RAID controller perc 5 / i

    so a question is: can I discs remove 2 136 GB safety (without data loss) and rebuild the raid to work only with 4 drives of 2 TB and volume take all the space?

    You cannot delete records from the table - the number of disks must remain the same (or you can add to it). You need backup/restore to make a smaller VD.

  • H200A PERC. SAS and SATA. Simple 2 extra HARD drives raid. Possible?

    Research in the server rack dell R210 II.
    Added records 2 x 300 GB SAS with a PERC H200A raid controller.
    The other two empty drive bays im looking to transfer courses two SATA 2.5 "HARD disk drives. Ive read you can mix SATA and SAS drives, is this true?
    I have two options to the raid configuration:
    the raid controller would be able to support two raid 1 RAID. 1 for the SAS drives and the other for the two SATA drives?   Operating system can see two disks.
    He would support a raid 1 for hard 1 & 2 discs.  Then with disk HARD 3 & 4 show the HARD drive directly on the server.  OS sees thre readers.  The drive in question and two others.
    I tried the dell chat, but could not get anywhere, as the helpdesk agent does not seem to know that you can google some caddy and buy the caddy to adapt to discs with no carts.

    [murmur] I'm wrong :), but I think the H200 supported not RAID, so if left unconfigured, the disks will be seen by the operating system as the person/no RAID disks.  Also, if I am wrong not :), the H200 supports a maximum of 2 virtual drives, so would not work two 1-disk RAID 0 and a RAID 1 (in fact, it probably won't allow you to create a single drive RAID 0 in all). [/whisper] ' s%20Guide_en-us.pdf

    Sorry... I love you pc :)

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    I recently noticed that 1 2 RAID on a HP MSA2312sa G2 Modular Smart Array controllers didn't.  Everything changed the controller, one which is still in good health, so everything is still in place and running.

    However, my question is to know if I can exchange hot failed by a new RAID controller or if I should close the appliance and all attached hosts down to make the replacement of material.

    Any help is appreciated because it's a device I don't have much experience with.

    Thank you


    Hi, Justin:

    You can also ask your question on the Forum of HP Business - section SAN Support.

  • PowerEdge 2900 Perc 6 / i internal Raid Controller

    OK, so I use a server Dell PowerEdge 2900 with a PERC 6 / i integrated RAID controller

    I have configured the RAID array very well, installed Windows 2008 R2 and works fine and dandy

    The only problem I encounter is that, when starting the server (Post), I get a message on the cable SAS B are not connected or misconfigured.  The bottom of the basket on my server, which goes to the internal drives, has only a port where I can plug a cable between the Perc 6 / i.  Where is the 2nd wire supposed to go?  I can't find the second port.

    Thank you


    I get a message on the cable SAS B are not connected or misconfigured.  The bottom of the basket on my server, which goes to the internal drives, has only a port where I can plug a cable between the Perc 6 / i.  Where is the 2nd wire supposed to go?  I can't find the second port.

    PERC connector 0 goes to the bottom of basket. Connector on the PERC 1 connects to the modular Bay. If you don't have the module Bay optional then you ensure that you use the 0 on the PERC and not the connector 1.

    Thank you

  • Help needed with two new HHD to RAID 1 PERC 6 / i integrated controller

    We have a client that has an out of warranty PowerEdge T610. On the Dell OpenManage Server Admin, I can see that he can see my 1 RAID PERC 6 / i integrated controller. On one of the controllers, we have a RAID 5 that has 4 discs dedicated to a data store (drive D), we two discs devoted to the Windows SBS 2008 (drive C) operating system on RAID 1.

    When we look at the server, I have physical disks located in:

    Our drive D data store:

    • 0:0:0
    • 0:0:1
    • 0:0:2
    • 0:0:3

    Our reader C found in:

    • 1:0:4
    • 1:0:5

    We just added two new hard drives for RAID 1 based on the conversation we had with Dell, they recommended that we can try from C data to the new larger disks. When to Dell Open Manage looking at the physical disks on the PERC 6 controller / i integrated, I can see that it has detected two new 500 GB SATA drives that the client installed. However the tasks available do not allow me nor their format to use as they appear in the management of the computer as a disk that is available for use. Is there something that we are completely absent here?

    Regarding the new disks located here:

    • 1:0:6
    • 1:0:7

    My options for available tasks are the following:

    • Blink
    • Unblink
    • Assign Global relief
    • Claire...

    I already have them deleted once as I didn't know if they should be formatted to be recognized, but in the computer management disk management they don't even appear at all. I thought that I had a task of 'on-line' that I could assign to the readers so maybe they appear to start to use the new storage HHD.

    With regard to the current firmware for the controller.

    • Firmware version: 6.2.0 - 0013
    • Driver version:
    • The Storport driver version: 6.0.6002.18005

    I have attached a PDF file to this post to view details on the disks. Sorry for the fine print, but it's a PDF so you should be able to zoom. Any assistance about why readers as not detected in disk management would be absolutely awesome. :)


    PERC does not support non RAID... you can just throw the discs and use them. You'll need to set up and initialize a new RAID array with the readers. It is not a task of "physical disk", therefore in OMSA, go to the page of the virtual disks and click the new link Wizard of VD at the top of the page to create a new VD of the BONE.

Maybe you are looking for