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my computer has always shown removable media drive: F-G-H-I and J.  my beloved grandson has used a USB to transfer information from my computer to her computer. now my computer does not show more a removable J. I tried to use "System Restore" recover my J drive, but a message has revealed: "made to drive J: after this point cannot be reversed, because the drive was to be excluded from monitoring the system restore or has been disabled or deleted." When I put the USB in my computer it shows as J, but when I eject it properly and then remove the Flash drive, removable drive J disappeared again. How can I recover my J drive? I would be very grateful for any advice.   Bernard


I have the same problem with removable K disk.  Now with mine, I am still able to use the port.  He used to appear as removable K disk, but now appears as removable disk L as well as the Walter beside her as when a USB is pluged in there, so now I have the removable disk ports 2%. * ls.  They also work well, but do not show up to what one they are activated.  They just are only availble ports when you talk about the computer.  Myy thought, rather than use the material removal to remove the USB key I could use eject safely.  Ports still work fine, and I agree it makes you think that something is missing, but apparently not.

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