rrack mounting brackets for Cisco switch SF300 - 48P?

Does anyone know how to get grid mounting brackets for switch Cisco SF300 - 48P?


You might be able to get them through the support of Cisco.  Check this thread: https://supportforums.cisco.com/discussion/11201291/sf-300-series-rack-m...

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    I need the launch date for the following products:

    Cisco SB SG200

    Cisco SG300 SB

    Can anyone provide this information?

    Thank you


    Wrong forum, post in "small business switches. You can move your ad with the Actions Panel on the right.
  • ESXi - Trunking for Cisco switch

    Hi, I'm having a little trouble to create a trunk to a crowd of v4.1 ESXi.

    My config on the switch

    interface GigabitEthernet3/29
    switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
    switchport trunk allowed vlan 100 300
    switchport mode trunk
    switchport nonegotiate
    spanning tree portfast trunk

    ESXi side VLAN ID has been set to all (4095) - side switch and host configurations is passed to the host of vCentre.

    Defining the interface of switching on an access on VLAN100 port, the host will stand fine. Problem is that I need another network to be consulted (VLAN300)

    interface GigabitEthernet3/29
    switchport access vlan 100
    switchport mode access
    spanning tree portfast

    I am able to allow a second card on the host computer and the whole upward like a trunk as above, seems to work fine, even if I don't have a virtual machine upwards on it yet to test


    My query is, how can we allow multiple VLANs to an ESXi host on a single card? What I'm missing here...

    Thanks in adavance.


    For me, looks like the vmkernel interface used for the management network is not be marked, as the host responds when you define the physical switch as an access port port in the VLAN 100. So either mark the vmkernel with VLAN ID 100 port or VLAN 100 native VLAN on the switchport physical... (switchport trunk vlan 100 native)

    / Rubeck

  • Bracket for Qosmio DX730-104


    I'm looking for a wall mount bracket for my Qosmio DX730-104. Do you know if it is possible to unscrew the back?
    Or do you know what kind of system I can use?

    Thank you.




    I put t know what you want to do with the DX730 screen but I n t think you could mount it on the wall.
    According to the few photos that I could find on the net, there is no support that allows you to mount the monitor on the wall.

  • HP ENVY Phoenix 860-008na: removal of the bracket for graphics card?

    system specifications are,

    Intel Core i7 6700 Skylake @3. 4 Ghz to 4 Ghz

    16 GB DDR4 RAM

    2 TB HDD & 128 GB SSD storage


    Windows 10

    just wondering if its ok to remove the mounting bracket that is attached to the graphics card to get the best air circulation

    is it right in place for shipping?

    Thank you

    Hi there @junior19805,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support!  I understand that you ask a withdrawal of the graphics card of mounting brackets for better circulation of air.  I'm happy to help you with this.

    There are a few problems with this. First support firmly maintains the card in place in its decision to maintain a good connection and prevent the flow of the socket. Second, although it may seem intuitive abduction, counter to the back plate of the computer can actually hinder the cooling system, as the positioning of various fans and admission of eaves, are often designed to channel air flow, so it travels on the components that most need cooling.

    All that being said, you can always try it and see if there is an improvement in your case, but the possibility of a graphic intermittent connection is going to be a matter of concern

    Please let me know if it works for you and if it does not solve your problem, please mark this message as a solution. Bravo would be appreciated as well.

  • Qosmio G10-100: install second HDD & get the mounting bracket

    I would like to install a second hard drive. Instructions or general advice on how to do this would be greatly appreciated.

    I am looking to buy a HITACHI T7K500 Desktar 2.5 "- 320 GB Interface: SATA 3.0 GB/s serial & parallel Ultra ATA 133." Is it compatible?

    I need help to obtain a mounting bracket for this upgrade or even compatible media information?

    THX in advance,

    Hi Chris

    Sorry, but I think that 320 GB is a bit too much. You n t think so? I really put t think the HARD drive will be recognized by the BIOS correctly.

  • 10G Cisco switch

    I would like to know if the compatibility for the storage matrix Dell is updated regularly, especially for cisco switches.
    We seek to deploy a few PS6210 with 10G connectiivity and here for use with switches Cisco 4500 X series. However these are not included in the doc. There are a few cisco switches that are the end of life (4948 and some nexus switches).


    Yes the guide is updated regularly, usually monthly or updates are available.

    Since the x 4500 is not a Nexus series switch, you looking for correct DCB support?

    In this case these Dell 'Level 3' offers better support for resonable effort.   I'll make sure that use you the latest firmware IOS and EQL.  There are other switches catalyst IOS in the guide.  Configure it in this sense would be a great place to start.   Ideally, the switch dedicated for iSCSI use, not VLANd with other types of traffic.

    If you can first test before production, then support can see table diagnosis and SANHQ archive for any signs of network related issues.   (retransmit rate and types for example)

    Kind regards

  • There is a maximum amount of hosts for Cisco SF300?

    Hello world

    I m using a Cisco (SRW224G4P) SF300 in my network and I m using Vlan´s.

    I m a lot of loss of packet´s in the network and the users are facing in the absence of performance.

    There are altogether seven switch´s in the network, 6 SF200 Cisco as 'access' switch´s and 1 Cisco SF300 as the 'core' switch.

    It has almost 170 devices connected to the network, mainly IP cameras, other devices are the DVR´s and the NVR´s, a server a certain stand-alone.

    Thing is I m, including the loss of packet´s, and I found this alarm in the SF300:

    2147480831 2012-Jul-06 13:14:45 % of IPFFT-W-SFFTREDYELLOW warning: IP SFFT Table Overflow, aggregated (1)

    2147480831 2012-Jul-06 13:14:45 % IPFFT-W-SFFTREDYELLOW WARNING: IP SFFT Table Overflow

    Some people say this switch (SF300) support´s only 100 guests and that s why I m get this alarm and lose packets.

    But I can't find the limit of host´s in the specification of the switch in any document from Cisco.

    Think you on this?

    There is a limit of 100 guests for this switch?

    Thanks in advance!


    Hi Calavalle, the module layer 3 can only the hardware switch 100 until it starts to change software. The switch can support up to 510 IP addresses but anything over 100 have wait performance degradation.

    Please evaluate the useful messages

  • Plug-and-Play for Cisco Small Business 300 Series managed switch

    Nice day

    What are the automatic installation options available for the Managed Switch series of Cisco Small Business 300?

    It seems there are not, the operating system is not the standard IOS I used to.

    I would use with ability to bridge the Infrastructure first Cisco PnP.



    First Infrastructure use and assume an agent CNS (Cisco Network Services) on the other side, when you enable the 'plug & play '. Series 300/500 do not run IOS and does not include the CNS agent, but there is a way to activate the automatic configuration. Switches supported by the automatic DHCP configuration (using DHCP options 66, 67, etc.) in which case they automatically download their config to a TFTP server at boot time. This allows an administrator to put the configs for all switches on a TFTP server and simply start a default switch factory in order to obtain config.

    Seal a document shows how this is done.

    Hope that the information would be useful.

  • Required for NAC firewall ports manager manage/add the Cisco switch


    I am trying to add switches cisco for the NAM, but I am not able to add the switch I get the error "unable to control switch" I tried opening ports 161-162 on the firwall; If I were to allow all traffic between the NAM and the switch, cisco NAM is able to add/manage the switch.

    Do not know what are the other ports may be required for cisco NAM for managing the switch?

    Thank you.


    As far as I KNOW, only UDP 161 and 162 for SNMP communication ports must be open.

    Please make sure that you have configured the correct port on the switch:

    (config)# snmp-server host traps version 2c cam_v2 udp-port 162 mac-notification snmp 

    If still does not, I would check the logs on the firewall for any traffic blocked between the cam and the switch.




    If this helps you or answers to your question if it you please mark it as 'responded' or write it down, if other users can easily find it.

  • Compatibility matrix for Cisco Catalyst 3012 Switch Module


    I'm checking the compatibility of the VMware vSphere 5.5U1 Guide and an IBM switch module Part Number: 43W4401 product name: Cisco Catalyst Switch Module 3012. The search of the matrix returns Cisco 1GigE I350 LOM who seems to identify the drivers of Cisco.

    Can anyone help clarify and check if this IBM re-branded chassis switch module is supported and to a specific firmware for the switch code? Thank you all.

    L2/L3 switches are off-limit of drivers for vSphere hypervisor, so you don't find on the HCL...

    Here's IBM BladeCenter matrix interop for VMware:

    IBM ServerProven compatibility

    and here is the interoperability of the switch Cisco Catalyst 3012 with IBM BladeCenter chassis:

    IBM BladeCenter Interoperability Test program

    I hope this helps...

  • SF 300 Series rack mounting brackets

    I have lost the mounting brackets rack for a SF 300 - 24 p switch. I have searched online to try to find replacements. Someone at - he a clue as to were I could find some?

    Materials are not sold separately. Send me a private message giving me our email address and I should be able to get a set.

  • Wall bracket for AIR-ANT5160V-R

    Hi all

    I'm looking for a reference to mount wall, for these 2 models of antennas:



    Something like that:

    I wasn't able to find a reference in the list of cisco products. Does anyone have an idea?

    Thank you

    No it isn't part of the list here... I though you already has these mounts.  I'd just buy from another supplier of antenna manufacturing... it will be cheaper :)


  • Why I can't command show running on cisco switch

    On a single switch, I found that some commands because they show execution or copy running-config tftp: on cisco switch WS-C2960X-24TS-L does not work it see more below. How I can use the command then show generally. Thank you.

    Building1_FAA_6F_SW3 #sh run
    Building configuration...

    Current configuration: 100 bytes
    ! No change since the last restart configuration


    Building1_FAA_6F_SW3 #copy running-config tftp:
    Invalid entry % detected at ' ^' marker.

    OK, so the information you provided in your latest messages confirm that the privilege level you get via telnet/vty is different from the one you get via the console. This is due to the configuration of AAA which applies to the vty ports but not on the console port.

    So if you want the same rules apply to the console port, then you must configure the port console for AAA as well.

    If you don't want these rules then you need to remove the AAA configurations. The best way to remove these is by typing 'no new aaa - model' However, careful not to lock you out of the unit. Make sure you have local accounts with the privilege level 15 and you also know the active password/secret.

    I hope this helps!

    Thank you for evaluating useful messages!

  • To the main unit Infrastructure Cisco switch port


    I had a doubt as to the Port of the Switch in my Cisco Switch for a camera of the first Infrastructure.

    This port must be a Switchport to access or a Switchport Trunk?

    What is your recommendation on this subject? What is best practice?

    Thank you very much.

    Access port should work fine. You do not configure a VLAN on the device itself, just the IP address / subnet and default gateway.

    Thank you


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