Satellite A10 S203: sound does not work - just enough


To my satellite A10 S203 sound does not work, I updated my sound card and the bios but nodifferents. Nothing in the system that says that I have something wrong whith my sound is just enough. I tried speakers headphones and challenging systemsounds, mp3, Auidi direct works cd... nothing.

Any tip?
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First check the status of the sound card in Device Manager.
If there is a yellow climbing brand then you should try to reinstall the driver. (first remove it and after reboot, install a new)

Have you checked the volume setting and the site of laptop? Eventually he s a very simple idea, but believe me, I read many comments here in the forum and a lot of guys forget this option simply.

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  • Satellite L30: The sound does not work on XP Sp2

    Hi, sorry but I cannot well English.

    I have a problem. I do not have CD with drivers, but I download from the toshiba site.

    Yesterday, I reinstal windows, then I install all the drivers and I have a problem with the audio drivers.
    In Device Manager is all good, his system is activated, drivers of instalation, I have no problem. But sound does not work.

    You have any ideas?


    If the sound does not appear on your laptop, you must first check the volume control on the side of the laptop. Turn it up to the max level.
    Then check the sound devices and audio in the control panel if any controller is disabled or turned to the lower floor.

    Additional connect headphones and check if you can hear something.

    By the way: have you installed the correct drivers? On the Toshiba page, you will find two different sets of portable Satellite L30

  • Satellite L50 - B - sound does not work unless I plugged headphones


    I'm having trouble with the sound on my satellite L50-B-1NM, I have nothing on the speakers, but it works fine if I plug in headphones, can anyone help? I tried following the advice of ladies of support and tried to uninstall, but it does not :-(all help would be much appreciated



    Go to control panel of-> sound-> the Read tab

    Here, you set speakers as the default device.

    Your comments would be appreciated

  • Satellite A10-131: keyboard does not work


    I have satellite A10-131, my keyboard are not working because I wash by fomclean .so I think maybe a mistake in the ship keyboard or laptop.
    What possible at the keyboard or laptop?
    If keyboard error, I want to buy a new keyboard, where can I get a cheap?

    Thanks in advance


    As Michael must contact the ASP for replacement or it can give you the right part number. But unfortunately you pay for this part of the keyboard.
    If you have the part number, if you are looking for the best price in a web Form or ebay.

    Good bye

  • Satellite 2400 - 103: sound does not work after installing SP2

    I had to install Windows XP Service Pack 2 to keep my Windows Update. Unfortunately, my audio device does no more work because XP is considered a potential threat.
    When first, I installed SP2 last year and saw that I had no sound on my PC, I just uninstalled it because I didn't know what to do for my sound card.
    Now that I have to install it, I must do something for this sound card (as a music lover, I am not not to be able to listen to it).

    Could you please tell me if Toshiba has created a code for this problem? The devices dialog box tell a Code 48. I'll contact Yamaha?
    Thanks a lot ofr your answers.
    Good bye


    Have you checked the page of the Toshiba driver to update the audio driver?
    If this isn't the case, then do it!
    I visited this site and find a sound driver of Yamaha. The update is on 14/01/05 and all other drivers are since 2002. So I guess that the audio driver has been updated on the page.

    So download the driver and install it on your laptop!

    Good luck

  • Satellite L30: audio sound does not work - WinXP SP2


    I just bought a new laptop (Satellite L30 PSL33E-02S01LBT). He had installed Windows Vista, but it was horribly slow.

    I installed Windows XP SP2 on it's updates. I installed all the drivers from toshiba site I could find for my model.
    Everything works fine except the sound. I tried to install the drivers found on the toshiba Web site, but it fails with this error:
    'No pilot only is supported in the suite of drivers' (AKA FRENCH: 'no driver no is supported in this suite of drivers').

    In my list of equipment I have this with a "?":
    (?) Audio device on High Definition Bus Audio

    I tried to install the Realtek drivers with version.
    Found the driver here:
    This driver has been installed successfully, but the sound still doesn't work.

    So, I removed this driver and found my "Audio on Bus High Definition Audio device"...

    What could I do? Is this computer model toshiba laptop has problems with XP and the sound?

    Thanks for the help...


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    Thanks for the solution Abe! :)

  • Satellite U200 - sound does not work after the installation of Win8.1

    Hello guys,.

    I have some old Satellite U200-165. I installed windows 8.1 Enterprise assessment successfully after that I changed the hard drive SSD, but the sound does not work. Windows showing that his work perfectly, but it does not come out.

    An advise please.

    Satellite U200 is a pretty old and not supported for Win8 or Win8.1 machine. I think that we have no report on this forum how this old piece of equipment works with Win8.

    If the sound card is properly installed, have you checked all the sound settings?
    I presume that the same problem is with a headset, right?

  • Satellite L655 - sound does not work on the new install of Windows 7 Pro x 64

    Howdy all,

    I bought a Newegg L655-S5111, which was on sale, put an SSD, and then installed a legitimate copy of Windows 7 Professional 64 - bit, I got from my current employer (I'm a computer scientist). I've updated to the latest revision of the BIOS (1.70), and I have all the updates installed Windows, all drivers installed, including the correct drivers Conexant HD Audio and ATI HDMI Audio. Unfortunately, the sound does not work. Sound works briefly during my first install of Windows 7, then I cut it up until I could get it set up with a helmet. When I disabled it, she had stopped working.

    This laptop is less than 3 weeks at this point, old and I get no audio on headphones or speakers, even if Windows displays clearly no problems with the drivers, they have the latest version on a new installation, and I can see the audio mixer game. The laptop built-in microphone captures sound as well. I think that's probably not a matter of the physical interconnection, but more likely a software problem, I just have trouble identifying where it is.

    I have also no related error message than any where in the case of newspapers.

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    Can you please do a test and install original recovery image Toshiba, that you got with your laptop on this new SSD, just to see if it will work with the original image.

    Recovery image contains all the necessary drivers and OS is perfectly configured so each piece of hardware in your laptop should work correctly.

  • Sometimes sound does not work on Satellite A65

    I got my pc for years and never had this problem until recently.
    Most of the time the sound does not work, but sometimes when I restart (and sometimes when I'm warming up stand-by) the sound will return.

    When it works it lasts as long as the PC is on, but it the PC itself will be down due to overheating sometimes, and even if it does not, I do not leave all the time.

    When the sound does not work I can not play with the exception of windows media videos.
    Any youtube or videos of the similar site will only play for about two seconds and then pause, no noise at all.
    Same thing for my iTunes.

    When the sound does not work I can play iTunes all night, but when it isn't the songs does not play again. The cursor remains just at 0:00.

    Is there something I can do?


    As a first step, the fact is that this laptop is pretty old. I think around 4 years. Am I right about that? There may be a lot of dust on the inside and as a result you have it sometimes overheat issue. May be time to clean the laptop.

    If is also possible through these overheating problems is something faulty now. It may be that some contacts (associated sounds) are not much more and the contact is it sporadically. To be honest, to me that sounds like hardware related issue. I really don't think you can do much alone. Maybe try to make clean OS install and see what happens. If the problem persists or you have to get an external solution or takes it to the authorized service provider.

  • Sound does not work on my Satellite A200

    Hi guys,.

    Wondering that if you can offer me any advice, the sound does not work on my laptop. I tried to update the driver, but not luck. I did all the simple things like volume control, basic etc etc settings and I tried to do a system restore, but only restore point is yesterday, (which I think can be another problem, but anyway) it is after the problem began, is not good.

    Thanks for your help,



    Can you please tell us what A200 you exactly (A200-xxx)?
    What operating system do you use?
    Are you using the original recovery Toshiba (Toshiba pre-installed Windows) image?

    Have you checked the Device Manager? Sound card not shown here?
    Open sound please properties > playback devices and do not forget that speakers of the option is enabled.

    Can you hear anything when you use headphones or headset?

  • Computer laptop Toshiba Satellite A200, Vista, microphone does not work! Any help please!

    Computer laptop Toshiba Satellite A200, Vista, microphone does not work! Any help please!


    Check with Toshiba support, online documentation and drivers (update or reinstall), and
    ask in their forums.

    Toshiba - Forums

    Toshiba - Contacts

    Toshiba - drivers - access your model

    Toshiba - Support


    How to activate Audio devices hidden in Vista and Windows 7

    Connect one microphone, music player or other audio device to your computer (you want to be sure
    the mic input is enabled)


    Pilots may also need to be updated:

    Control Panel - device - SOUNDS - look for HD Audio Manager - Mine said RealTek high definition
    Audio (this is an example and you can have an other name/maker).

    Make sure you write down the description and model double click top - tab drivers - write version. Now
    Click on update drivers who cannot do anything like MS is far behind the certification of drivers. Then RIGHT
    CLICK above and UNINSTALL - REBOOT - this will rebuild the driver stack.

    If your driver shows 06 you have the default windows and part of the question.

    Go to the system manufacturer's website and get the latest Audio/Sound drivers - download - SAVE - go to the place where you
    Put them - right click on Reboot - RUN AS ADMIN -.

    Check the Version tab of the driver in the Device Manager as the restoration of the sound card drivers often
    and then install the latest version. Restart and check after each test, not
    rare to have to run the pilot of 1 to 4 times or more. Just the version make sure you
    installed shows upward on the tab of the driver.

    Then navigate to the site of the manufacturer of the device and search for the drivers more recent and repeat the installation procedure.

    Look at the sites of the manufacturer for drivers - and the manufacturer of the device manually.

    How to install a device driver in Vista Device Manager


    After the updated driver.

    Click with the right button on the speaker near clock - recorders - right click in the box - check see the
    Disconnected devices and show disabled devices - check your micro - highlight
    then on lower right properties. Make sure that the appropriate injector is selected and check
    other parameters - levels tab make sure that MUTE is disabled and APPLY / OK to change

    Also in the search for some Audio Manager Panel (perhaps named after the manufacturer of the sound driver). Mine
    is the RealTek Audio Manager, yours can be quite different name if you have one.

    How to activate Audio devices hidden in Vista

    Connect one microphone, music player or other audio device to your computer

    Problems with sound and audio or no sound - a Mr Fixit

    I hope this helps.

  • Satellite L755-1ED - sound is not working properly


    I am currently the owner of a Toshiba Satellite L755 1ED and the sound does not work as it should for a few weeks. When I try to play an audio file or a video, its offline or online, works well for the first few minutes, and then suddenly disappears. I use Windows 7, and when that happens, his is still known for the system as you can see in the volume control, but any noise is coming from the speakers. However:
    -If I pause the video and then repeat it in like 30 seconds, sound usually comes back. Also if I go to Sound Settings in + material and Sound + in the + control panel + and then try to check if it works, it's usually after the first or second attempt.
    -If I use headphones always works perfectly.

    I have already installed the latest updates of my sound card and I don't know where the problem is maybe. Some help would be welcome.
    Thank you very much and sorry for my English (is not my native language).

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    > If I use headphones always works perfectly.
    Very interesting article. Speakers a little internal switch port that helps mobile to recognise that the earphones are connected and when you connect headphones, internal speakers will be disabled and the sound comes through the speakers only.

    On some machines, it is possible to manually switch between external and internal contacts

    When you open Control Panel is Realter HD audio manager available or maybe Smart audio?

  • Satego P100-10F: Windows XP Lan, usb slots and the sound does not work


    I have problems with windows vista, so I checked the forum to get information on the windows xp installation.

    I downloaded the drivers windows xp since the P100 Satellite (pspa6e), my only problem is that the LAN, usb slots and my sound does not work.

    I hope someone has a good idea for drivers or to install another driver I have sound and LAN on windows xp.

    Ty and Greetz

    See European driver of Toshiba.
    Here, you can try to install several drivers of different portable Satellite P100.
    Try all series.
    Fact is that some units of the Satellite P100 and Satego P100 series were delivered with the same features.
    Therefore, it should be possible to use the unique drivers of these series.
    Check all.

  • All my sounds work very well on my iPhone more 6s except the 'duck' sound does not work

    MY iPhone, 3 week old 6 s more, 64 GB using iOS 9.2...

    for my "Mail" alert sound stopped working during the night.  The phone always vibrates when I get an email but th 'Duck' sound is no longer working.

    When I change to use any sound, new sound works fine. ONLY THE DUCK SOUND does not work.

    Any ideas on how to fix my sound 'duck '?

    In fact, my Duck sound won't work for any alert. It cannot be tested as a sound signal.  It's like my Duck sound flew. And I'm not kidding.

    its just gone!

  • HP pavilion dv9925nr sound does not work help please

    Hi I have a hp pavilion dv9925nr laptop and I spent in Windows XP pro and now the sound does not work and iv tried everything iv downloaded all the drivers on the internet and everyone simply goes on to say: no driver no has been supported in this package and its driving me crazy please can someone help before I just use it to target paratactic


    Then I recommend that you follow the instructions in the guide to the link I posted above.

    After you install the MS UAA driver, you may need to install the audio driver updated the posted on this link:

    Conexant High Definition SmartAudio 221 drivers (ModelC700, Vx5xx series and dvx5xx and ABOVE )

    Pilot modded by silver here

    Unzip it to a folder... Use the device, right click "Audio Device on HD" Manager, choose Update driver,
    Not to connect, install from a list or specific location,
    Select don't search, I will choose the driver to install.
    For the hardware Type select 'show all devices '.
    Remove control "Show compatible hardware" and click on 'disk '.
    Next... Navigate to the unzipped folder and choose the "WiSVHe5.inf".
    Ignore XP when he complains, Reboot.

    If none of this works, try to reinstall XP and start from scratch. If you do not see your appliance an audio controller if you reinstall XP, then more than likely it is a hardware failure of the audio chip.


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