Satellite L20 modem does not work in some cases


a friend bought a Satellite L20 last summer. In January, she started working on the Internet on an irregular basis, but has known trouble. So I looked after the laptop last week:

When you try to connect to the Internet connect to the provider sometimes fails. If she finally gets the connection, it often occurs the message that the page could not be found, and only after clicking on the button "Refresh" the page several times finally appears. But oddly enough, every time I unplugged the power supply connection become noticeable better.

(Win XP; pilot/diagnosis: no problem arose; provider works very well on different computers)

Unfortunately, he had no chance to check the connection here with a different material. I can't say if the latest driver is installed, but think that Yes, because of the date of purchase. So, my guess is that the power cable is not adequately protected. But if so how? Or what else could be the reason for the unexpected behavior of the modem?

Thanks for your suggestions!



I heard a similar problem with another model of Satellite. Solution was to install the Satellite A110 modem driver. Please don t ask me why, but test it.

The modem driver, you can find HERE

Good luck!

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  • Satellite L20: Modem does not get dial tone


    My L20 specifications is not a tone whem I'm composing upward. On another pc, the connection works well, so I don't know that the line has a dial tone and the other computer is "listening".

    I also tried to uncheck the option "wait before the tone", tried to remove it from the Manager of devices, but after this all the modem still does not work. The current driver that is installed is version, because I can not install the latest version ( (installation program does not end well, no specific error is given).

    Someone knows what to do?

    Open the system control panel, and then choose the phone and modem options.
    He check on the Modems tab. The modem should be placed in the list.
    If this isn't the case, then you must install the modem driver.
    Check the Modem function by pressing the 'button interrogate Modem.
    If the information window about the Modem contains a list of COMMANDS (including ATI2, ATI3, ATI4 etc.), then the modem is installed correctly. The ATI5 command ends with the number for the parameters selected regional (for example Germany = 06).

    To change the regional setting please use the Toshiba Internal Modem region Select utility.

  • Satellite L20 - battery does not work

    Hello! Today, I tried to turn on my laptop only with the battery and does not work. When I connect charger green light lights up but when I disconect charger all disappeared... .not workink... Whats happened? :(


    Sounds like a dead battery.
    How old is your laptop and how long have you used the battery?

    As I remember, the duration of battery life decreases after about 1.5 to 2 years.
    It is approximately 500 loading and unloading procedures.
    For me it s not unusual that the performance of the battery goes down because the similar symptom happens for example with a cell phone battery.
    I think you should ask the Toshiba service partner in your country for the new battery.


  • Satellite A30, Win XP Pro SP3 - modem does not work

    Another problem with this laptop Satellite A30
    The built-in modem does not work.

    * Explanation: *.
    The driver is correct and downloaded from the Toshiba support site.
    The modem is identified as "Toshiba software modem amr" and is installed on com3 port.

    When I click on "diagnosis" and "ask modem" (right labels can be different, since my is an Italian win xp, I just translated the Italian labels), a window pops up saying: it is impossible to open the door (port), the modem is connected to.

    I tried to change the com port of the modem to different numbers, but the problem is the same.
    I don't know if the modem is a real map connected somehow to the main Board or is built right on the main map. It would be the first case, I may change see ad. BTW, the mini slot pci is already occupied by the gigabyte of Wi - Fi, so the modem must be elsewhere.

    This is strange, since I've done at least 2 other win xp pro on this machine facilities, always download and install the appropriate drivers, and the modem has never worked.
    Thank you


    Have you installed the SP3 Windows XP Home edition, then the drivers or SP1 and later updated to level to the SP3 version?
    > It's strange, because I did it at least 2 other facilities on this machine pro win xp
    What other facilities?

  • Satellite A200 - 1 GB: my modem does not work - remote computer is not responding

    My A200 - 1 GB modem does not work correctly. It tries to connect, but at last he said computer remote does not respond. As I noticed it has a modem 56kpbs of "I agree."
    It is shown as Toshiba Software Modem.

    I tried so many times it does not work properly.
    I tried changing the COM ports assigned to several other ports like COM1, COM10 COM, COM 4 ext... same thing happens.

    When I diagnose the modem via the properties of the modem without issues considered.
    Even when I'm component via the modem to a telephone line (I mean as a call) it works fine.
    I mean that he can call on a mobile phone or phone of the Earth.

    A few times he suddnely connects but connected sppedis 24kpbs.

    But the same phone line works correctly with my modem office both as the same as another modem from the laptop.

    It seems that there is a fault on my modem 56 k.
    I tried even uninstall and reinstall, but the issue still exists.

    Can someone help me in this case?


    I don t think that the modem would be malfunctions.
    Fact is that if you use the wrong modem configuration, the line may be busy and the modem would not answer.

    I recommend you configure the modem again.
    In programs-> Toshiba-> Networking, you would find the Modem region Select utility that must be configured for the same country.
    Delete the existing profile and create a new!

    Best regards and good luck

  • Integrated on my Satellite T130 webcam does not work

    Hi all

    the built-in on my Satellite T130 webcam does not work.

    I use Windows 7 Home Premium and already reinstalled the drivers of webcam 64-bit through this Web site. However, when I click on the webcam application, simply, nothing happens - program doesn't open at all or turn off instantly. Skype is not also acknowledge a cam. In addition, there is no webcam in Device Manager (a not detected USB device however) and no symbol of cam in the Ribbon of Toshiba quicklaunch, which is like the camera is started according to the "manual".

    Someone has an idea what is the problem? Looks like a common problem according to Google, but no suggestions other than to reinstall the drivers. Perhaps another application blocking the camera? Firewall settings?

    I'd appreciate any help, thank you.

    Best regards Florian

    > a USB not detected if

    Maybe it's the webcam from the webcam is connected to the internal USB controller on the motherboard.

    It looks like a webcam driver is not installed correctly.
    Try the webcam driver released for the satellite t230 or other series of satellites.
    Versions are newer

    Also recommend that you check the BIOS settings.
    In some cases, the BIOS contains a webcam option where the webcam can be turned on and off.

  • The product key on my Satellite Pro P300 does not work

    The product key on my Satellite Pro P300 does not work.
    I entered the key from the sticker on the back of the computer. What I am doing wrong?


    Why use this product key?

    Firstly the Toshiba recovery image is already enabled and you don t need this key more activations.

    Second, it's an OEM key and it will not work with other versions of Vista!

    Cheers mate

  • Satellite A350 - Touchpad does not work, but an external mouse works

    Satellite A350 Touchpad does not work ok (unstable system and left button not loaded).

    I tried to make the driver but nothing. No problem drivers (conf system). I have the driver for the touchpad stroped and with an external mouse everything is working properly.

    What should I do? Don't you think it's hard or soft the problem. * The touchpad is NEVER worked.*

    Thank you, and sorry for my bad English. :-(


    The touchpad does appear in Device Manager or you have here yellow exclamation points?

    Like Akuma says you can enable or disable the touchpad with FN + F9 key combination.
    Did you check that?

    In the worst cases, you must go to an ASP. It seems to be a hardware malfunction, and this must be checked by a technician of the laptop. Here, you can search the nearest ASP: decision-making supported downloads & => find an authorized service provider

    Good bye

  • The function in my Satellite C660 key does not work

    The function in my Toshiba Satellite C660 key does not work except volume.
    This problem appeared after I changed something in startup and programs uninstall that I can remember pvat and no support of the button appears in my programs startup :(

    Please visit Toshiba on download page and download the latest package added Toshiba economical for your laptop model.

    Remove the preinstalled version, restart your computer and install the latest version.
    After doing this it works again.

  • Tecra M1 - Modem does not work (could not open a port)

    I have a problem: after you have reinstalled Windows XP and on my Tecra M1 drivers, modem does not work. It can not diagnose himself - he always comes a warning: "cannot open a port (COM). It can be used by another device or application. I installed the latest Toshiba drivers for the modem, but nothing changes. How can I solve this problem? Looking forward for your advice!
    Best regards.


    Have you installed the drivers in the correct order? Not? So do it!
    Have you installed the software or additional devices which could have a bad influence on the modem?
    Check the status of the modem in Device Manager. You don't see any yellow exclamation?

    Try to start the test on the modem within the operating system.
    Check the operation of the Modem under
    Start-> Control Panel-> phone and Modem Options-> Modems tab-> properties-> Diagnostics
    by pressing the 'button interrogate Modem.

    If the information window about the Modem contains a list of COMMANDS (including ATI2, ATI3, ATI4 etc.), then the modem is installed correctly. The ATI5 command ends with the number for the parameters selected regional (for example Germany = 06).
    To change the regional setting please use the Toshiba Internal Modem region Select utility.

  • Satellite L300D - 12L does not work

    Hi, my Satellite L300D - 12L does not work.

    I was on windows and it came with a blue screen with white writing on it. I didn't see what he said.
    It turned off my laptop. Then it restarted. He got to the screen saying: start the system restart and start windows normally.

    I did the repair of launch option. He said windows loads the files then pulls up to the Microsoft loading bar then the screen turns white for centuries, just with the arrow cursor. I tried to leave two repair a normal but get the same.

    What can I do? Any ideas?

    Looks like Windows is damaged. I would run Recovery by pressing zero during power on. Backup your data first, because the rags for HARD drive recovery.

    Also check the RAM. is a bootable CD or a FD

  • HP Elitebook 8560p: Windows 10: Elitebook 8560p; WiFi button is not working, Wifi - and internal 3G modem does not work

    Mobile: HP Elitebook 8560p
    Bios: 68SCF worm. F.6.1
    Modem: AGERA Systems HDA Modem
    HP hs2340 HSPA + Mobile
    Network: Intel (R) (R) Centrino Advanced - N 6205
    Intel (R) 82579LM Gigabit Network Connection

    OS: Windows 10.0 (build 10240)

    I've updated HP Elitebook 8560p of Windows7 (64-bit) for Windows 10. The upgrade process was successful. Later, I noticed, Wifi and 3 G-internal modem does not work. Sametime, I noticed, that old HP Connection Manager has been uninstalled (or lost?).

    The problem is basically this: Wifi - and connections 3G internal modem does not work. I noticed, that wifi-button has "orange" color and the button does not work? I can't change the Wifi status parameters at the level of the OS of Off to On. That's why assume that the wifi module is on "off"-"State. I found the driver SP7107 (driver Wifi for Windows 10 button) package and I tried to install it. The installion failed because InstallDriver_64, location failed. (In Finnish language. Toiminto InstallDriver_64, may c:\...\WirelessbuttonDriver.inf' / installdrv/force). Is there an instruction manual to install the driver?

    I'm very confused and I don't know really, what is the first cause of the wifi - 3 g-modem internal questions and. I guess, this wifi button is not about root work.

    Can someone clarify why there are not more HP Connection Manager on Windows 10 and I tried to install, but install cancelled due to bad BONES. How can I manage wifi - and States of modem 3g without it?

    If anyone can help?

    A big thank you!


    Uninstall the access key and button wireless driver


    Open Device Manager, run the dirver update

    shouldn't this go

    Download Connection Manager


    Install the program in Compatibility Mode in Windows 7

  • Add/Remove Programs does not work with some programs in XP

    Why add and remove program does NOT work on some programs. These are programs on a computer that was created using a process of the image. Like ghost?

    If you have a third party app that will not uninstall, I think I might check the support page for this application and see what they have to say about it.

    Some AV products have obtained quite complicated that add/remove programs is not the recommended way to remove them, so some companies have developed their own removal procedures and some have special programs to manage their affairs.

    Norton/Symantec has a special page for you:

    I see that just goes through Add/Remove programs too, but there is an option "what happens if it does not work" too (or post in the forums).

  • HP Pavilion a6838f: modem does not work

    original title: hp Pavilion a6838f

    I have windows vista 64 bit hp pavillion desktop

    This is the modem does not work, however, I have to be online to download updates of my software that I use in this regard.  Anyone know if it is possible to connect this with another desktop computer and download the software to the one with the modem and install it on the hp?  My manual says nothing about this.

    You need to set up a network with Internet connection sharing.

    Here's how to connect the computers using a crossover cable (which is the cheapest solution):

    Your computer without connection will actually have a connection to the other computer, then you can do what you need to do.

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!

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  • 1670 CDS satellite - modem does not work on Windows 2000


    I removed the Toshiba W98SE and installed Win 2000 (new installation). I managed to put it on the audio driver using downloads on your website (and it works).

    I do a test on the dial installation upward and that you have installed the modem also since your website (Conexant Soft K56 Data, Fax PCI Modem). This is intended for W98SE but microsoft message is

    The port looks ok. Please advise - is it the right driver?

    Thank you.

    A Windows 98 driver does not work on Windows 2000. Therefore, you need a new driver for Windows 2000.

    I have checked the Toshiba site but your model no available Windows 2000 driver exists.
    I think you have to search the site of the factory of the modem. Maybe you can find a driver or another portable model that has the same modem.

    Good luck!

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