Satellite L300D (PSLC0E) and WLAN slow speed

Hello everyone and happy new year to you all the...

I need to install Windows Vista Ultimate on my computer... is so fare...

Problem is now:

(1) can install Realtek 8187 B driver WLAN driver but cannot connect to my wireless LAN network.
The discoveries of the network card and referring to it and intellectual property is to give my machine by DHCP, DNS is ok, gateway is OK

Network speed from 54 Mbps but goes slowly to 1 Mbps.
No problem with the cable network report.

I tried to use different drivers, but nothing works.
I have the driver for the initial installation and also tried to use... no lock...

Someone who can help?

Thanks in advance



You have a low signal strength?

Disable all security features in the hidden firewall as SSID, MAC address filtering.
And try again.

Disable certain options that could affect the WLAN in energy saving feature.

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  • Satellite L300D-243 and WLAN - limited connectivity

    I just got a L300D-243 and it is especially beautiful, but... when I try to connect to our wireless internet, I get a notification "limited connectivity". I use pack system it is not the fault, known in the pack 2 system. It works fine when I use the cable from the internet, but which sort of defeated the purpose of having a computer that I can carry around.
    So, can someone suggest a remedy?



    Please click the link posted by Feliks. It seems that it could solve your problem with the WIFI connection.

    I recommend also to install the last driver Intel's WLAN. On my Satellite L300, I had some problems with the WIFI connection and a driver update could solve the problem! :)

    Good bye

  • Satellite L300D PSLC0E - unable to connect to the TV

    I have a problem with my laptop or TV. I have a model number Toshiba Satellite L300D - pslc0e-017017en.
    I try to use a cable VGA to a Samsung TV, but its does not work.

    I try FN + F5 and nothing is displayed. Is this a common problem, I 2 need to install something?
    Help, please.


    The question is what cable did you use and how connect you to the TV and if you chose the right channel of the TV!

    As far as I know this laptop supports the port ONLY VGA (RGB). Using this port, you can only transmit analog video signal.

    For example; You cannot connect VGA/DVI. This will not work!
    If you want to connect the external monitor will let you must use the VGA cable and connect the two devices with a VGA cable.

    By the way; It is very important that you would use the Toshiba certified graphics driver!

  • Satellite L300D-12I - No. WLAN and function after reinstalling webcam

    I have the following:

    Toshiba Satellite L300D-12I (model no - PSLC8E-01513EN)
    AMD Athlon X 2-QL-60
    ATI Radeon 3100 graphics card
    Windows Vista Edition Home Premium
    No ser. 68364516Q

    After major problems, I had to restore to the factory settings of the F key at startup. I now can't get the built in wireless and Web Cam system to work!

    Please tell us, in a few simple steps. How to restore these two functions.

    Thank you
    John Gaff


    I'm a little confused about your ad m... You wrote that you restore your laptop to factory settings, but now you can t get WLAN and webcam to work?
    Normally, if you restore settings factory using the Toshiba or HDDrecovery recovery disc, all the drivers and tools are installed and everything will work.

    You have yellow exclamation marks in Device Manager?

  • Satellite L300D-13s - why WLan appear and disappear

    I have wireless networks.
    I can connect to that appear sometimes and sometimes disappear. If I want to connect to it that I have to go somewhere else.
    Why wireless sometimes appear and disappear?


    The WLan can appear or disappear because of a weak wireless signal.
    My WLan disappear and lose connection if I move to the other room

    But this issue may be related to a BIOS and WLan driver so I recommend to first update the BIOS, then the driver WLan.

    Both parties are placed and published on the page of Toshiba Europe.

    Good luck

  • Satellite L300D touchpad and keyboard doesn't work at all


    This Satellite L300D laptop isn't even a year and it gives me a heck of a lot of questions.

    About 3 times a week just touchpad will stop working (after around the crazy stuff & clicking its own)
    When I plug in a mouse, it works.

    Today the keyboard gave upward, after a re-start, it will allow me to type in my password, but after that its dead.

    Help, please.


    The laptop is not one that s good year because security must still be valid
    For me, it sounds like a hardware problem (problem of keyboard).
    But he s strange you can still type a password, however, that he sees as a hardware problem and therefore, you should get in touch with ASP in your country

    If the warranty is valid, then everything should be done for free!

  • Re: Satellite PRO 4600 and WLAN driver

    My old Satellite Pro 4600 connects with networks wireless unsecured very well but has a problem with WEP - Gets an error message immediately to connect command, never reaches the authentication dialog.

    I would try to update the drivers of wifi card, but where can I find them? This site does not recognize not my serial number.

    Can someone please?

    Thank you.


    This along with the serial number reorganization probably works with new laptops only.
    Go directly to the download section Toshiba > and under archive try to find your model of laptop and WLAN driver.

  • Satellite L300D PSLC0E does not


    I have a model L300D PSLC0E-00900DEN number, it is fourteen months, executed without problems so far, the average use of 5 to 6 hours per day.

    Two nights ago was up all night playing poker online.
    In the morning, laptop turns off without warning twice, in reverse ok afterwards.
    Third time, he did, he didn't come back. "On" led lights up green, the fan works. Nothing else happens.

    I tried to let off all night, same thing happens when turn back. Don't cut once again, have to remove the battery to the power led turns off. Nothing appears on the screen at all. The wired adapter light is on if the adapter is plugged, also the battery light load. Nothing else turns on, except the indicator of the FN key if you press that. CAPS LOCK would not light for example. DVD drive does not open.

    After checking the forums have tried:
    -Remove the battery and just use power adapter: no change.
    -The power of the battery simply: no change
    -Press and hold the power button / stop with battery removed in order to unload the residual charge: no change
    -Remove the hard drive: no change
    -Remove one RAM cards at once: no change
    -Remove the RAM and HD: no change

    The CPU's? Or is it likely to be something else?
    Can I fix it? If Yes, where can I find how?

    Any help/advice welcome!

    Thank you

    Hi mate

    I'm afraid that this problem could be related to a serious m hardware problem
    I see in your ad that you tried all solution proposals that are known to me
    and unfortunately this changed nothing :(

    It looks like a main part as motherboard or CPU/GPU developed a fault it is really hard to say what could be wrong, so in my opinion a hardware check is required

    The technician of the laptop could do this the technician could control unique parts and could provide exactly the results you can decide after this type of material check what you want to do

    Cheers & good luck

  • Satellite L300D - SP5802 and overflow protection

    Hi, could someone confirm if L300D - SP5802 has overflow protection?

    I need to buy laptops for a surgery environment.

    Thank you very much


    Hello Luis

    As much I know protection overflow is offered with the laptops entered professional line as Tecra, Portege, but not for the Satellite L300D.
    To be honest, I really wonder how find you it. You have somewhere info on protection overflow on Satellite phones?

  • Need router WLan for the Satellite L300D PSLC0E

    l want to buy a wireless router for this model L300D PSC0E OS Vista
    have Virgin broadband with a modem webstar.

    l want to do things first and don't want to go back and forwords to the shop like l'm in a wheelchair.

    Thanks much for any help.
    Regads to all. Bryan


    Most of the laptops card wireless network supports the B/G WLan 802.11 standards.
    In my opinion, you should buy a router WLan which is compatible with standards and would support the 802. 11 B and G

    I think that you could take your laptop to the dealer and could test the WLan functionality also.
    It was most often a WLan router that supports 802. 11 B/G should be ok.

    Welcome them

  • Re: Satellite L500-19th and WLan Mini PCI adapt

    Hello and thanks for your replies!

    I won't buy a new WLan Mini PCI Adapter for my Satellite L500-19th to use 300 Mbps with my new FritzBox 7390.

    The next card with my L500 works?

    TP-Link TL-WN861N N Mini-PCI-adapter WLAN
    Intel Centrino Advanced - N 6200 wireless card MiniPCIe 2.4 / 5 GHz
    Intel Centrino Advanced - N 6230 Wi - Fi and Bluetooth-adapter with dual stream (2 x 2), double band (2.4 / 5 GHz)

    Thanks for any help


    According to specification for laptop, your laptop computer has Realtek RTL8191SE minimap 802.11bgn and using the n standard, you should be able to achieve data transfer very good speed and I don t think that replacing a WLAN card is necessary.

    Have you checked all the WLAN settings and tested the WLAN functionality with your new FritzBox 7390?

  • Satellite Pro L10 and WLAN connection

    One of my clients claims that the wireless connection is not displayed in fact at all and he now believes that there is no wireless connection.

    The L10 was problems with does not appear before wireless connection?

    And if so is it possible to fix it.

    Hi Graham

    It will be interesting to know what model of Satellite has your customer (L10 - xxx). It is possible that the device has no wireless network card onboard. Please check the underside of the laptop. Usually, there must be a small label WLAN.

    If the device has a wireless network card which should also be listed in the device under network adapters Manager.

    Good bye

  • C870-1F3 satellite - cannot use and WLan connection


    My father had this laptop with windows 8 during about 6 to 8 weeks, everything was ok, but today it can not connect wireless at all, if I plug in the modem the internet works fine.

    I tried loo t to the net - and tried FN and F12 but no joy, I don't know what Dad has done,

    I know the macafee's exhausted recently will this affect anything.
    Told me one day a wireless switch might not be on, but I do not see a switch anywhere.

    can someone help?

    There is no other option to activate the Wlan with the exception of the pressing F12 (Fn + F12)
    But we must start with the basics:

    You must go to the Device Manager and check if the wireless network adapter is recognized in the list of available devices.
    If its recognized, this means that WLan driver is installed and working properly.
    If it is NOT recognized, you need to install the correct driver Wlan (located on the Toshiba UE driver page).

    After that, go to Control Panel - Network Sharing Center
    On the left you will see the option called manage wireless networks.
    Until it clicks. New window will open. Here you can see that all configured Wlan networks.
    In the event that your Wlan isn t listed, click Add and configure the right help WiFi network SSID, encryption, and password encryption. Even if the WiFi network is recognized, you can remove the Wlan and could run through the Setup again.

  • Satellite C55D-C-15J wifi slow speed.

    My laptop has a speed slow wifi, about half, on the same condition of wifi. If I click on properties of links, it shows 54 Mbps instead of 72.
    I checked the power management, is the max performance, but no result.
    When was new, with no updates of widows, the speed was of 72 Mbps, about 50 M dowload, 40 M download the Speedtest site.
    Is the windows problem or an adapter?

    Posted by valmar1967
    My laptop has a speed slow wifi, about half, on the same condition of wifi. If I click on properties of links, it shows 54 Mbps instead of 72.
    I checked the power management, is the max performance, but no result.
    When was new, with no updates of widows, the speed was of 72 Mbps, about 50 M dowload, 40 M download the Speedtest site.
    Is the windows problem or an adapter?

    You can close this thread, because I will return this product to the seller.
    I thank the of for good management, TOSHIBA!

  • Satellite M70: pauses and is slow when connecting power and sleep mode

    My M70 with win xp is often slow logon, logoff, switch to sleep mode and stop donw. It seems to be a 'pause' for 20 sec or so doing nothing and then suddenly in advance.

    I noticed the same thing on my M70, but there is nothing unusual. By record/stop several processes must be started or stopped, and it takes time. By Eve that last used applications and content of the last transactions must be recorded in the memory live and by flipping down several ongoing process must be stopped. In my opinion in this 20 seconds OS trying to stop running of processes and services.

    As much I know it can't happen in a second or two and it takes a little time. Last week I preinstalled Vista. It runs a little faster but I have no pre-installed apps.

Maybe you are looking for