Satellite P200 - 144 Memory Stick not recognized


I have a problem with the memory card reader. Whenever I put a Memory Stick (MS Pro) is not picking it up. Happens to format the disk and when I try to format, it says disk cannot be found. If I push it just 3/4 km that it works.

So I would like to know what is the problem?

Have you also tried using other compatible cards?

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  • Card SD & Memory Stick not recognized


    I have a Pavillion m9517c with the Athlon Phenom Quad-Core processor.  Initially, it came with Vista and when I got Windows 7 software, I installed it on a separate partition so that I can dual boot until I feel comfortable with Windows 7.

    Unfortunately, my cards Secure Digital or my Memory Sticks are recognized.  Is there a driver I can install will fix this?

    Thank you.


    Try to uninstall and reinstall the drivers for the card in any case reader.

    Right click on the drives in the Device Manager, select uninstall, and then click OK.

    Once you have removed them both, get off at Bus USB controllers and remove any entries USB Mass Storage Device by using the same process.

    Once it is finished, right-click on any list in Device Manager and select "Scan for hardware changes".  It will redetect and reinstall the drivers for those devices.

  • No audio, cd/dvd devices does not work, can not update via Microsoft Update, usb memory sticks not recognized and much more

    The initial problem was no audio sound on CD.  The computer had other system sounds.  I uninstalled the Realtek drivers and downloaded from the website computer and reinstalled.  Still the same problem. I tried to adjust the volume control and clicked the speaker at the bottom on the right bar.  I got a message saying there is no mixer device and the small speaker disappeared and reappeared even after several reboots.  There is also an error "no audio device".

    After reboot, the computer gives this error message: "Generic Host process for Win32 Services has encountered a problem and needs to close." We are sorry for the inconvenience. »

    While trying to find a solution on the web, I discovered that the computer does not recognize the usb key,
    It won't restore to an earlier time,
    the CD/DVD drive will not run the data disks

    and Windows Update will not update.  The error message said: "the site has encountered a problem and cannot display the page you are trying to show."  There is an error number: 0x800706BE I tried to find this error message on the MS knowledge base, but it is not listed.

    The last Windows Update was on April 16, 2009 so I tried to restore to April 15, but it says 'system restore is not able to protect your computer.  Restart your computer and restart System Restore. "    After the reboot, the same thing happens.

    Any help is appreciated.

    The data is not "hostage." Pull the disk and put it in a box disc or it slave to a working computer and retrieve the data. If you don't have an additional computer you will need to borrow a friend or with the machine at a tech. You can also try the o with a Linux Live CD boot. I like Knoppix, but there are others. This has two advantages: 1) if the system works, you can back up all the data that missed your last backup; and (2) with the machine running Linux allows to determine whether the problems are caused by software or hardware. If the machine is unbearably slow and/or Linux cannot run correctly, you know that the hardware is at fault. If the machine behaves perfectly under Linux, you know that the software (Windows) is at fault.

    Whatever you do, do not install Windows without test material. If the hardware is at fault, software solutions like reinstalling Windows will be unnecessary. MS - MVP - Elephant Boy computers - don't panic!

  • Satellite P200-144: Touchpad works does not after Microsoft Windows Update


    I have a Satellite P200-144 and since I installed a new Synaptics driver provided for me through Windows Update the touchpad did not work.

    I tried to roll back the driver, re - install a new installation of a driver Alps (as suggested by a messsage on board), but this has no effect. I tried to revert to a previous state of the system, but this fails to happen.

    I am running Windows Vista Home Premium that came with the noteboos when I bought a few months ago. I also went in the settings in the control panel and none of the settings work - help!

    Someone has it has happen to them, or does anyone know of a fix for this?

    Kind regards



    a quick and efficient solution would be to backup your data on an external (DVD, USB - HDD, etc.) to recover your machine and then to AVOID such Windows updates, as this driver IS not native drivers from the manufacturer. Just install the drivers supplied by toshiba, since they act on your machine.

    Unfortunately I have Don t have another solution for you, then it would be best to try this method and give a quick answer if it worked.

    Welcome them

  • Why Age of Empires 2 does not work on my Satellite P200-144?

    I have a Satellite p200-144.
    I can't get to run, aoe2 something about directly?

    Hi mate,

    After things to do 2 AOE will continue to operate:

    -go to the microsoft website and download the latest version of directx. Download and install it.
    -go to the toshiba driver download site and download the latest graphics driver (if available). Download and install it.
    -go to the microsoft Web site and search for some updates for the game. Download and install it.

    Should help and make the working set...

    Welcome them

  • Installation of Satellite P200-144 recovery disk problem

    Model Satellite P200-144 PSPBGE

    Hi all

    Today I received a 2nd recovery disk mail via UPS directly at Arvato distribution GmbH

    Yet once there not in the exact same place as the 1st disk that I received but returned and they replaced.

    My original recovery disk was lost around the House 3 months back, which I am now myself kicking on.
    Reason for restoring factory default settings was that I wanted my pc to be clean like a cell phone factory default as it was full of registry errors.

    In any case on the problem, after that 67% of image recovery happens with the corrupted file, here is the installation proc.

    Try to rename all the letters of potential left to HDD0
    Try to rename all the letters of potential left on HDD1

    Microsoft DiskPart version 6.0.6000

    Copyright (C) 1997-2007 Microsoft Corporation.

    On computer: MINWINPC

    Disk 0 is now the selected disk

    DiskPart succeeded in erasing the disc

    DiskPart succeeded in creating the specified partition

    Partition 1 is now the selected partition

    DiskPart successfully assigned the letter of the drive on the mountpoint.

    100 percent complete

    DiskPart successfully formatted ther volume

    DiskPart succeeded in creating the specified partition

    Partition 2 is now the selected partition

    DiskPart successfully assigned the drive letter or mount point

    100 percent complete

    DiskPart successfully formatted ther volume

    DiskPart marked the current partition as active.

    Define RECO-info-guid = 4D2AE583-8FD5-4D7D-AE07-B098C1CBA1B5
    RECO-info-imagecount value = 2
    define the RECO-info-partnumber = 1
    RECO-info-numsplit value = 5
    RECO-info-bootindex value = 0

    L ' ImageX for Windows tool

    Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp. 1981-2005 all rights reserved.

    Progress: 67% 06:44 minutes

    [WARNING] C:\ProgramData\Symantec\Definitions\VirusDefs\BinH ub\virscan5.dat. [United Nations
    [compress files: (seq.90)-> file corrupted block at offset 012E3CF9]

    [RETRY] Restore C:\ProgramData\Symantec\Definitions\VirusDefs\BinH ub\virscan5.dat.

    [WARNING] C:\ProgramData\Symantec\Definitions\VirusDefs\BinH ub\virscan5.dat. [United Nations
    [compress files: (seq.90)-> file corrupted block at offset 012E3CF9]

    [RETRY] Restore C:\ProgramData\Symantec\Definitions\VirusDefs\BinH ub\virscan5.dat.

    [WARNING] C:\ProgramData\Symantec\Definitions\VirusDefs\BinH ub\virscan5.dat. [United Nations
    [compress files: (seq.90)-> file corrupted block at offset 012E3CF9]

    [RETRY] Restore C:\ProgramData\Symantec\Definitions\VirusDefs\BinH ub\virscan5.dat.

    [WARNING] C:\ProgramData\Symantec\Definitions\VirusDefs\BinH ub\virscan5.dat. [United Nations
    [compress files: (seq.90)-> file corrupted block at offset 012E3CF9]

    [RETRY] Restore C:\ProgramData\Symantec\Definitions\VirusDefs\BinH ub\virscan5.dat.

    [WARNING] C:\ProgramData\Symantec\Definitions\VirusDefs\BinH ub\virscan5.dat. [United Nations
    [compress files: (seq.90)-> file corrupted block at offset 012E3CF9]

    [RETRY] Restore C:\ProgramData\Symantec\Definitions\VirusDefs\BinH ub\virscan5.dat.

    [WARNING] C:\ProgramData\Symantec\Definitions\VirusDefs\BinH ub\virscan5.dat. [United Nations
    [compress files: (seq.90)-> file corrupted block at offset 012E3CF9]

    [ERROR: 1392] C:\ProgramData\Symantec\Definitions\VirusDefs\BinH ub\virscan5.dat.

    ResourceExtractToFileByStruct: (seq. 50)-> Uncompress or WimCopyFileEx failed

    [ERROR: 1392] C:\ProgramData\Symantec\Definitions\VirusDefs\BinH ub\virscan5.dat.

    Error image restoration.

    The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.

    Error: ImageX could not apply E:\05021XSP.swm Index 2 Weird Vista in C:!

    Is there a reverse this problem?
    My thoughs is that the image is corrupt.

    The error that you declare, is a fault with the Vista disk image cannot be applied to the hard drive.

    Which you used 2 recovery discs of different product, which would indicate that there is not support for product recovery but a defective hard drive, possibly bad sectors on the hard disk.

    If the laptop is in it duration of warranty, then give Toshiba a call for the book on deposit for a repair of the equipment.

    0844 847 8944

  • Satellite P200-144 - lost profile user & Running very, very slowly

    Hi, please excuse my explaniation below, but I'm not very technical interest and need help?

    I have a Satellite P200-144 curries in Sep 07 was bought for my college courses. I listened to a CD of night via windows media player. CD proceeded to freeze and then I got an error message something in the sense of "windows media player database corrupted", then the machine stops. When it restarts itself, my user profile and associated parameters have disappeared (as well as my documents, music, photsos etc.). Once the machine booted, I log in under my usual profile, but he told me that my profile would not load correctly and I've been signed by using a temporary profile? In addition, the machine seems to have trouble doing anything at any great speed; each individual operation is taking an absolute age... to open the internet browser is as slow as dial-up almopst and I am supposed to have high-speed broadband! The machine makes a quiet rattling noise that was not previously; someone suggested maybe it's my hard drive?

    On the advice of the internet and others, I tried the following:
    Creating a new user and copy my user data-error message back sying this did not succeed.
    Twp machine restoring previous dates separated - "error unidentified" who did not do so.

    Please help... anyone?

    > The machine makes a quiet rattling noise that was not previously. someone suggested maybe it's my hard drive?
    Hmm, HARD drive failure is possible... maybe some bad sectors in the partition or HARD drive, however, this is only speculation and a new installation of operating system from the recovery CD would be necessary and advisable to ensure that this is not a HARD drive problem.

    Of course you should backup you files and important data because this procedure would format the HARD drive.

    I know it's a radical procedure, but it is necessary to make sure if the problem is hardware or software associates.

    Good luck and best regards

  • Satellite P200 - 144 FN keys do not work


    I have a dual-boot configuration, and I came across a problem. I have XP and Vista installed, and the FN keys do not work under XP. I had a look at the manual and it said something about Fn-Esse. Can someone help me solve this problem?

    Thank you

    If I m not mistaken the P200-144 belongs to the series PSPBGE and European Toshiba driver page doesn t provided no details on the FN-Esse driver or something like that

    As far as I know the Hotkey Utility driver must be installed to control and use the FN keys.
    Also note that the driver installation procedure is very important.
    If you install drivers or utilities in the wrong order and then some features could not work as should.

    On the European driver page, you should find a txt file called installation instructions.
    Follow this order, and install as mentioned it.

  • Some keyboard keys do not work correctly on the Satellite P200-144


    I have a problem with my P200-144, when I type very fast missing keystorkes, this does'nt be as other keyoards.
    Also, my arrow is very steep.

    For me this is nothing strange. I have older Tecra M1 and the buttons are flabby. The new A200 (similar keyboard like the P200) it is not the case. The pressure must be stronger than on Tecra and if I type very quickly some keys are missing.

    Maybe you must type a little more slowly.

  • S-video feature is not available on Satellite P200-144

    Have a laptop P200-144. A clean installed Vista home premium to vista ultimate.
    When you press FN + F5, & I have no option available for external use.

    Any help appreciated. Installed the latest nvidia driver today.


    > By pressing FN + F5 & I have no option available for external use.
    First of all, the TV must be connected to the laptop in the right way, then you should be able to switch to the external display device (TV).

    On the different s TV s-video option must be enabled before you switch the TV display

  • Satellite P200 P3PB3E: Network adapter not working after installing XP

    I have a Satellite P200-p3pb3e running xp - sp2 inder. I downloaded the drivers on the Toshiba site and everything is working fine except for one element: the Ethernet controller is marked yellow in the Device Manager.
    I don't know where I can get the driver.

    A strange point that may or may not have an impact: Atheros network card is displayed as AR5006X with EVEREST, while Device Manager displays AR5007EG.

    I used the driver from the Web from Toshiba site.


    Satellite p200-1dy seems to be equipped with chip Realtek 10/100 Base-TX Ethernet.
    Therefore, it would be desirable to search for on the site Web of Realtek Lan XP compatible driver.

    :) See you soon

  • Satellite Click Mini L9W - keyboard not recognized B


    I have a problem with my Tablet PC Satellite click Mini L9W - B. The keyboard is not recognized on this subject.

    I tried to clean the connector, restart the Tablet several times, tried to load with or whitout the keyboard, but nothing works!
    I do not think that the problem is with the battery, as I've seen on other topics as the tablet doesn't detect even the keyboard when I plug. The Tablet does not detect the keyboard battery.

    So, if you can give me advice or assistance to solve my problem, I would appreciate :-)

    He has no communication with the keyboard at all? (No battery detected, the touch pad and the keyboard does not?) There must be a link related question, I guess. If it was a driver related issue, then the battery would at least get detected)

    If you want to void your warranty, you can open the Tablet and keyboard dock and check that the Ribbon connectors or / and remove and replace the Ribbon connectors connectors in

  • Two questions with Satellite P200-144

    I have a portable Satellite P200 4 months old. I have the following problems:

    The Realtek speakers do not work. In Device Manager all working correctly but the icon at the bottom of the taskbar indicates that no audio output device is installed.

    I also have a sticky space

    The computer guard deciding I want to 'drop' a program running in the taskbar, is frequent games (it goes again the space bar)

    Hello Andrew

    Before starting the discussion on these two issues, it will be interesting to know if your laptop is preinstalled with image of recovery provided by Toshiba. It is very important because image is put to the test and everything should work fine.

  • Satellite Pro A300 PSAJ1E: Touchpad not recognized using Win XP SP2

    Hi all

    I just got a Satellite Pro A300 PSAJ1E, which is preloaded with Vista. It is also comes with a 'product' XP SP2 recovery CD I had to use because of some software work with Vista compatibility issues.

    Unfortunately, everything works well except the Touchpad, which is not recognized by XP at all (without entries, error or not, in the Device Manager).
    The "Recovery" of XP CD installed the drivers of the Alps and the Toshiba Touchpad utility (for turning on and outside), so it seems that it is supposed to work.

    It is activated in the BIOS (which I have also flashed to the latest version, just in case) and is enabled in the software. I also rebuilt the laptop using the "Recovery" CD (the touchpad is not also recognized by starting on the CD "Recovery" which I guess uses WinPE).

    It does not work on Vista, so it shouldn't be a hardware problem.

    Someone at - it ideas?

    Thanks in advance.


    Hey Buddy

    Well in your case I would recommend going to the Device Manager and remove the touchpad in the list of devices.

    Then visit the European driver Toshiba page, choose your model of laptop, Win XP OS and download the driver for the Alps Electric and Synaptics touchpad.

    Install both drivers, reboot the laptop and check if your touchpad will work correctly.

    Good luck

  • Satellite M40X - DVD drive is not recognized

    I bought a new satellite pro m40x yesterday and today everything worked fine but today the dvd and cd rom is not recognized more. I don't know about cell phones, what can I do? I don't want to return it to Toshiba and wait 4 weeks to get it back.
    My son needs the notebook the week next to the school.

    Hi Christine,

    Please check in the Device Manager to see if there's anything showing against your CD-ROM drive. If your CD-ROM is always displayed, you should be able to run the process of troubleshooting against it to check for possible errors.

    If your CD-ROM is more listed and then launch the 'Scan for hardware changes' option to see if it detects your CD-ROM.


Maybe you are looking for

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  • Sat Pro P750 - 6 GB of RAM by default, but only 5, usable 16 GB

    Hello! I just buyed a brand new Toshiba Satellite P750 for college and I really like it! It's a very good computer. But he seems to have a little problem. By default, the computer comes with 6 GB of ram installed, but in the control panel of the syst

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  • My menu START and the desktop icons are not there!

    OK, when I log on my computer, xp starts and I see my desktop. the only thing I see is my background. No toolbar down or anything. no icons. No start menu. not even hitting the windows on my keyboard briings button towards the top of the start menu.