Satellite P200-1IE: battery goes down even if connected power outlet

Hope someone can give me some good advice here as an urgent decision to make about my P200-2 - week old 1IE, under Vista Home Premium, I bought the Portugal where I live. I was told that I have 15 days to return the machine to the store if I am not satisfied, then I must act quickly.

Background info: I have not yet downloaded SP1 updates or drivers or bios on the Toshiba site. That once the machine has been run on battery (accidentally when the power was off) - he ran down, beep and a time that I realized and turned on the power, is it charged normally. The machine works very well, and then last night a strange problem occurred.

The machine was left unattended and ends by closes. When it has been restarted the battery alert was a sound signal. My husband na? A´t realize that it was, and close again the machine. When I got to watch it I noticed that even though the power light was there was no light to the battery, or orange or blue, nothing.

I turned on and checked the battery which was about 20%, but that the power supply has been connected to the taskbar icon energy showed that the battery was not charging in fact it unloaded quickly at a minimum. I stop the machine, then the battery light orange came for about 5 minutes, then went out again. Play with this problem, try to troubleshoot gave strange and unpredictable results i.e.

-unplugged and re plugged the power supply at the end of the machine and then no lights came, not even the power sector led.
-is turned off and turned back on the power at the end of the plug and the sector and battery (orange) lights came on.
-battery charge indicator is out after 10 minutes.
-unplugged and reconnected the power to the machine again and this time the sector and battery lights came on - even once, they came out after about 10 minutes.
-power the computer on. The power icon showed about 25% power. Not powered down the new machine - no lights at all.
-entretienavec and re-connected turns on power to the machine again and this time and battery charging sector came and stayed on.
-After about 2 hours, the battery light showed charged (turns blue) and so I unplugged the power socket and left for this morning.

As I suspected, this morning the battery power was 100%. Everything seems normal (except the battery light is released briefly on starting the machine, which is maybe normal and I just never paid attention to the front). I unplugged the power supply and let it run on the battery for about 10 minutes (this is plan is Equilibrado which I believe is balanced). I then reconnected power and loaded back up to 100% as you can imagine.

Sorry for the long description, but even if all is well, now strange problems yesterday let me feel that there is a potentially serious problem within the machine. Has anyone encountered anything like this before and what do you think I should please?


It s a long and very strange history.

My first idea was a battery issue but to be honest it is really not easy to say why this problem occurred, it would also be possible that this would cause to loses connection

I think you should visit you laptop dealer and eventually you could substitute other P200.

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    It of a perfectly normal behavior that the battery is run down while the laptop is turned off. For example, I lose 3-4% battery all night.

    10% during the night is a bit too high, so you have to disable in the BIOS options posted by Akuma. I did the same thing on my laptop and it improves the fully charged battery. :)

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    What is for you sink quickly? An hour or maybe two?
    I have the Satellite P200D and if I use the laptop for writing and the Internet I can work for about 1 hour and 40 minutes. For me it's OK for this portable big with 17 inch screen.

    I don't know what you're doing with your laptop, but running on battery power, you can use standby power option but brightness set to the next level. The original is too low.

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    Best regards, Frank.

    Yes, check the Power Options in the control panel.

    I guess you have Vista.


    Control Panel
    Power options
    Change Plan settings
    Change advanced power settings
    Choose "Battery" from the list
    Here, you can tell Windows to enter hibernation mode when the battery is critical.

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    Now my problem is that the Satellite txt is not lit, and nothing indicated on my screen.
    It's the mouth vent, black, on the bottom of the laptop, spin for a couple of times, and they stop

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    Sounds like a serious problem of material.
    Please don t understand me wrong. This is only my personal opinion... If you want to know exactly what's wrong and then the laptop must be controlled by an ASP.

    But try this first before you contact the ASP.
    Remove the battery and unplug the AC adapter
    Wait about 30 minutes and then reconnect the two parts.

    Try turning on the laptop computer.
    If that does not help, ASP is your next step

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    I do a full stop when I'm done with laptop; It seems that the laptop is somehow attract to the bottom of the stack when it is off... .any suggestions?


    If some options such as wake on LAN or other wake-up options are enabled in the BIOS settings, the battery could discharge slowly even if the device is OFF.
    That's why I recommend you disable these options in the BIOS to avoid discharging the battery

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    Have you tried resetting the tablet to the factory settings?
    If this is not the case, try because the problems in the system that may affect the battery working time.

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    I need advice to fix the problem.

    Thank you...

    Hi, manual

    Believe me, according to your explanation, that it is not easy to say exactly what is happening. In my opinion, just an intensive audit can train with a few explanations.

    Is that your permanent unit connect to the AC adapter when this happens?
    Is the monitor off feature enabled in the power manager?

    On this path, it is not easy to tell what's happening.

  • Satellite P100-160 resolution goes down when the 2nd screen is connected

    Hi all

    I have a P100-160 equipped with Intel 945 express chipsets for graphics. Whenever I connect to my laptop to an external display, it reduces the resolutions available for the external monitor and laptop to 800 x 600 and 1024 x 768. There are no other options. I KNOW that the graphic card can support a higher resolution for an external monitor that.

    I tried all the sense of starting and restarting with the monitor plugged in and out, I updated to the latest drivers and and I flashed the BIOS with the latest version of the BIOS without result. There is not even in the BIOS to change display settings.

    Someone has encountered this problem before?


    The favorite of the external resolution can be chosen IF the graphics card chip and graphics driver support this resolution.

    In your user manual, you can find information about what external resolutions are available and taken in charge on this laptop.

    Did you check that?
    If this is not the case, do it!

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    This is my first post here, I hope that someone can help me!
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    So, basically, I managed to break the end of the original charger (the part that plugs into the laptop) and stupidly tried a charger of similar connection to another device that has a yield lower than the Toshiba

    However when I plugged it it killed inside the laptop as well as the adapter battery (it was an old anyway). I have a new battery and a new charger adapter, but the battery won't charge.

    When I put the battery it worked fine for the laptop itself is not broken, the laptop says it's connected and charge but it loses all power until the battery is flat.

    The new charger adapter doesn't seem to work despite the fact that he tells me that it is with a pile of work. The specifications for the new card are the same as the original (I got a cheapish of ebay).

    Is there a fuse inside the laptop to be replaced when I foolishly used the adapter that I should not have? I have read many possible solutions on it but none seems to be specific to my problem. Perhaps the new adapter is not good enough?

    As I said, the new battery worked fine until it ran out of power, so the charger or something on the cell load.
    Any help would be appreciated!

    See you soon,.
    Chris D.

    > Is there a fuse inside the laptop to be replaced when I foolishly used the adapter that I should not have?

    The use of false and not compatible adapter may damage the laptop's hardware (motherboard could be affected)
    Very important is the fact that the original AC adapter supports the 19V (v) output voltage and
    Output current 3. 42 a (Ampere).

    Use of the power adapter with different output voltage (not 19V) would affect the material.
    The use of the AC adapter with 19V voltage output, but different ampere value should not affect the material.

    (Value) of lower intensity< 3a)="" might="" not="" be="" good="" enough="" for="" battery="">
    But where the power adapter is compatible, I would test battery certainly another, new, fully compatible.

  • Satellite P10 replace battery when the AC is connected

    I have a problem with my laptop P10.
    When the laptop is turned on and AC power is on as well, it changes the battery so that I can only for work on 1.5 hours. However, the main power supply is open!
    When the laptop is turned off the red indicator light starts to work and the battery may charge himself again, but is not that that when the laptop is on.

    Anyone know what that could be the problem and what I need to do?

    Thank you in advance!

    > When the laptop is turned off the red indicator light starts to work and the battery may charge himself again, but is not that that when the laptop is on.
    I m not 100% sure and I can provide only a few suggestions, but for me, it looks like an electronic malfunction of power.
    It is part of the motherboard and to my knowledge, the whole motherboard must be replaced to solve this problem

    However, you should definitely contact a mobile technician who could check it out exactly.

    Best regards and good luck

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    Hi guys this seems to be the place to ask this question,
    My laptop is Satellite A300

    When I connect the adapter it restarts all of a sudden, if I stay on the battery, it is fine if I am running Windows and plug power will be locked up and restart. It starts so that plugged either, unless it is in safe mode. With the power of the battery (with power adapter) machine works without any problem.

    The problem (reboot) occurs when I connect to the AC adapter. I have change the power supply and tested. Remove the battery and tested. In addition, reformat and reinstall Vista and BIOS update.

    But the problem is still there, please can someone help me?

    Thank you!

    Hi icebunny,.

    Do you use an original Toshiba AC/DC adapter or a 3rd party one? This would explain why the computer restarts. Probably he doesn't use the correct specifications for voltage or intensity thus restarting the laptop.
    Did you check the characteristics of the AC/DC adapter? The lower side of your laptop, you can check which adapter AC/DC (e.g. 19V 4, 3 a) is necessary.

    Can you charge the battery when the laptop is turned off?

    At the moment I think that it s mainboard malfunction and that would mean that he must replace :(

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    I just bought a L755 Satellite and the battery goes down when it is turned off. Does this make sense?
    I charge for a few hours and it seems that the battery still lasts, but in a few days, the load comes down to 83%.

    Thanks for supporting.


    As stated in this thread: some features should be disabled in the BIOS and the system.
    I mean some features already mentioned options:
    Wake On LAN (in the BIOS and in device-> Lan Card Properties Manager)
    Wake on keyboard
    USB sleep & fees

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    I have a problem with my Satellite P200-1 to 4.
    When I connect the battery to the power adapter, the laptop does nothing (no lights, no sounds)

    When I dosconnect the battery and leave the AC in place, the system starts normally.

    I tried another battery of a friends P200-1 has 4 (that works), but in my laptop, nothing is left.

    It seems therefore that I can use the laptop on the sector now.
    One of you had a simular problem or have a solution for me?

    Thank you very much!

    What happens when you start Notepad with ca only, but when loading the battery operating system is placed in the laptop again? Battery is correctly recognized?

Maybe you are looking for

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