Satellite Pro A10 stops on specific opportunities


I am owner of a satellite Pro A10 (PSA15E). It's hard drive stop working, the pc could not find. So I bought a new, a samsung with 160 GB, IDE, of course.

Now when I was installing windows, in the part file copy, it just stopped. When I boot it says initialization file fails, then I guess it stops when it was to transfer this important part.

If I run the cd again, it does not format or reinstall/repair request, it loads only some files and try to start windows and then stops.

Now, this is where the tricky part comes in: the power led in turn, then again very fast when it stops. I do not use the battery (it is already dead too), and I use an universal AC, a give, 70W adapter. I tried formatting via a LiveCD Ubuntu, with no luck, because when I choose "Try Ubuntu" or "Install Ubuntu" it stops a little as he thought, and then when he is about to leave the menu and do something, it stops in place.

My only guess, is that this laptop doesn't want me more :(

I could really use some help, I just spent some 50 on a HARD drive for him and he is the only laptop that I have. I don't think that it is a question of temperature because it stops just at specific times, on some specific choices. If I just let it hang there in the menu (the Ubuntu live CD one) it is not closed. Only when I want him to go further.

Any help/response is greatly appreciated, and if I take a little too much time to respond is because I don't have access to internet at work now.

Thank you very much
Ricardo Rebelo


Theoretically, this could be an overheating problem as Akuma wrote. Therefore, you must clean your laptop using a jet of compressed air. This could blow the dust from the cooling fans and can improve the cooling of the laptop.

In addition, it would be interesting to know what happens if you run Toshiba Recovery disk recovery facility this work?

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  • Satellite Pro A10 stops during the installation of Windows

    I have a satellite Pro A10, which stops during the installation of Windows. The installation gets to the part where I need to select the HARD drive to install, then the system off just. I can restart it immediately, and the sdame happens.

    If I enter the BIOS, everything is detected OK, and I've updated to the latest version (V1.4). Also when in the BIOS, the system will remain under tension for ever and a day! and no downtime. I have a couple of diagnostic CD, then run the tests is the same thing, but I ran the seagate diagnostic tool and the HDD OK passes, as does the main map, but cannot perform detailed testing that the system shuts down during the tests.

    I suspect an overheating issue but would like advice.

    Hmmm it s very strange. I thought that the HARD drive could malfunctions but it of very impossible if the HARD drive has passed the Seagate diagnostic test.

    However, it would be very interesting to know if the installation of the OS would end with another HARD drive.
    You know, it of always difficult to provide an exact solution without any diagnostic tests.

    For me, it really looks like a hardware malfunction. So perhaps it would be advisable to contact the authorized Toshiba maintainer for a control of the laptop.
    Guys could run tests and would situate the fault quickly.

  • Satellite Pro A10 stops after 15 minutes of internet games

    When I play games on the internet such as zuma, scherwoods my laptop sat pro A10 stops after 15 min of game
    When I start my laptop it read disk
    What can do what
    [email protected]


    I think overheating is the problem. First of all, you can try is to clean the machine properly. I guess the CPU and graphics card works very intensive and produce a lot of heat. If the equipment cannot be cooled properly the laptop stops suddenly.

    Clean it up.

  • What are the specifications of the Satellite Pro A10

    OK this question isn't quite as noob as it sounds, well not quite...
    The question is, I look at a Satellite Pro A10 for a friend, and he seems to have no Modem connection or wireless, despite the modem plug and the switch at the front for the wireless connection. The machine is second hand, and we see that there was only a software modem of Toshiba used but it seems to have disappeared. None of the devices appear in Device Manager or anywhere else.

    Before starting the assumption that they are faulty is there anywhere on the Web from Toshiba site where I can put the serial number and look at the specifications of the machine when it was purchased (as you can with a Dell :)). It is an old machine and If the wireless has been upgraded optional and it did not buy so it won't of course work but I need to know.


    Try under

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro A10: DVD rom sd c2612 stopped reading discs completely

    OK, I have a Satellite Pro A10, recently it is just stopped reading discs completely! Ive got no idea what wrong with and do not know if you need to replace? I prefer not too.

    If anyone has any advice on repairing it I would appreciate it. If not if anyone knows if there any compatible DVD readers writing? also the best place to buy?

    Help, please!


    This does not sound well :( I think it could be a hardware problem maybe something wrong with the lens of the drive
    Anyway, usually it of not possible to fix these issues or it s not worth repairing, because the costs are too high
    Thus, it seems that you need to replace. But be careful. Not all readers are compatible because different master/slave/c-salt settings.
    I would recommend so contact the ASP in your country to get a compatible drive.

    But please try this proposal;
    Sometimes, the Player cannot read the Middle due to the incorrect registry key.
    Remove the upper and lower filter filter in this key:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Class\ {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

    and restart the laptop. Maybe it helps

    Good luck

  • Satellite Pro A10, cutting

    My satellite pro a10 guard stop instantly and I cannot find a reason why...
    I have service pack installed two


    It starts after installation of SP2 or an earlier version? Is if the processor works under full power?

    Here in the user forum, you can find a lot of discussion on this topic. If you want you can check by using the advanced search.

  • Replacement battery for Satellite Pro A10

    I'm trying to find a replacement battery for Satellite Pro A10, PA3284U-1BRS, 10.8 v original battery, 3600 MAH. A couple of merchants said that it is no longer available and has been replaced by PA3285U-1BRS, the amperage is a little higher at 4400 MAH, but declared voltage is now 11.1 VOLTS. Is this normal, or are they trying to just me to pawn off the coast with something that is really not compatible with the specifications of the original part. I can't find the part for the moment available on the Toshiba site, seems to have been the only way to get a true replacement who would be sure to adapt. Battery wizards there know what would actually?

    Thank you.


    As far as I know, that you can also use this battery.
    Battery (Li - ion, 6 cell, 4400mAh) part number: PA3285U-2BRS

    Good bye

  • Spare on Satellite Pro A10 (30 GB)


    I am after some advice on what replacement drive to buy this laptop Toshiba Satellite Pro A10, model PSA15E-03U7V-EN. It still has the original disc of 30 GB in it, but he has demonstrated errors when checking the disc with Windows XP utility (it is still usable if). I did a full backup on an external drive.

    Thanks in advance
    Jessica Tsikas

    Next exit HWinfo32:

    General information
    Drive: E - IDE (ATA-5)
    Drive channel: Primary master
    Drive model: TOSHIBA MK3021GAS
    The review: GA124A
    Drive serial number: 73J94628T
    Disk capacity: 28 615 MB (30 GB)

    Geometry of the disk
    Number of cylinders: 16383
    Number of Heads: 16
    Sectors per track: 63
    Bytes per sector: unknown
    Bytes per track: unknown
    Number of ECC bytes: 46
    Number of sectors: 16514064
    Total of 32-bit LBA sectors: 58605120
    Size of the buffer cache: n/a
    Controller type: not specified

    Transfer modes
    Sectors per interrupt: Total: Active, 16:16
    Maximum PIO transfer Mode: 4
    Multiword DMA mode: Total: 2, active: -.
    Singleword DMA Mode: Total: 2, active: -.
    Ultra-DMA Mode: Total: 5 (ATA-100), Active: 5 (ATA-100)
    Max. multiword DMA transfer rate: 16.7 MB/s
    Maximum PIO with IORDY transfer rate: 16.7 MB/s
    Maximum PIO w/o IORDY transfer rate: 16.7 MB/s
    Transfer width: 16 bits
    Native Command Queuing: Unsupported
    The TRIM command: not supported

    Flags of the device
    Fixed Drive: Present
    Removable drive: Absent
    Magnetic storage: present
    LBA Mode: Supported
    DMA Mode: Supported
    IORDY: Supported
    IORDY Disableable: supported

    Write cache: present, Active
    S.M.A.R.T. feature: Present, Active
    Security feature: present, inactive
    Removable media feature: not Present, disabled
    Power management: present, Active
    Advanced Power Management: Present, Active
    Interface package: not Present, disabled
    Come to buffer: present, Active
    Host protected area: Present, enabled
    Power-Up In Standby: not supported, inactive
    Automatic acoustic management: not supported, inactive
    48-bit LBA: not supported, inactive

    Self-monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology
    Raw read error rate: 100/50, worst: 100
    Throughput performance: 100/50, worst: 100
    Spin Up Time: 1/100, worst: 100 (data = 942)
    Start/Stop Count: 100/always OK, worst: 100 (data = 5072)
    Reallocated sector Count: 100/50, worst: 100 (data = 52)
    Seek error rate: 100/50, worst: 100
    Look for punctuality: 100/50, worst: 100
    Turn on the hours/Cycle Count: 69/always OK, worst: 69 (data = 12677)
    Spin Retry Count: 201/30, worst: 100
    Number of power Cycle: 100/always OK, worst: 100 (data = 4823)
    Power - off retract Count: 100/always OK, worst: 100 (data = 126)
    Load/Unload Cycle Count: 18/always OK, worst: 18 (data = 824818)
    Temperature 100/always OK, worst: 100 (data = 43.0 ° C)
    Number of events of reallocation: 100/always OK, worst: 100 (data = 46)
    Current pending sector count: 100/always OK, worst: 100 (data = 233)
    County of sector incorrigible off-line: 100/always OK, worst: 100
    Error CRC Ultra DMA/SATA rate: 200/always OK, worst: 200
    Change disc: 100/always OK, worst: 100 (data = 118)
    Hours of loads: 82/always OK, worst: 82 (data = 7578)
    Number of attempts at loading/unloading: 100/always OK, worst: 100
    Friction of load: 100/always OK, worst: 100
    Assembly time: 100/always OK, worst: 100 (data = 389)
    Head flying hours: 100/1, worst: 100

    In my opinion, you can use each up to 100 GB HARD drive. HARD drive interface is important and, as far as I know, in this old Satellite notebook HARD drive was IDE (ATA-5) connector.

  • On Satellite Pro A10 HARD drive replacement

    Hi all

    Ive currently got my moms Satellite Pro A10 sitting in front of me. Wouldn't load XP at all so I downloaded Knoppix and ran the liveCD on the laptop. After some tests, it seems that the HARD drive has failed.

    The vehicle currently has a 30GB HDD (MK3021GAS HDD2182 B ZE01 T) with a rated output DC + 5V 0. 7A.

    Told me that any HARD drive would work so I ordered a replacement of 100 GB of Fuji, except its a little too long to drive HARD case and it seems to be the cause of my power light flashes orange. Rated power on it is + 5V 0.55 a.

    Im stuck, what do I do?


    > told me that any HARD drive would work as well
    It is not quite correct! There are material limitations.

    I discovered that the phone supports 20 GB; 30 GB; 40 GB and possibly a 60 GB HARD drive.
    I m not 100% sure of more HARD drive sizes due to the limitation of the BIOS.
    You should know that not all HARD drive sizes are recognized by the BIOS.

    Further, you should take a look at the supported interface.
    The laptop supports an Enhanced IDE (ATA-5) interface and that's why you should buy a HARD drive that require this kind of hardware specification.

  • Satellite Pro A10 PSA15E: NO sound after installing Win XP

    Hello world

    I had to reinstall Win XP Home - which went well, however - now there is no sound and it says no audio device is installed. I tried to install the audio drivers on the Toshiba CD but they go as far as unpacking but then say "not installed" and Setup stops.

    I went to www. support. and follow the menu to identify which drivers to download? but there are several possibilities for the
    Model A - 10 and I am not sure I have listed below models have.
    A10-S100, A10-S1001, A10-S127, A10-S128, A10-S129, A10-S1291, A10-S167, A10-S169, A10-S1691, A10 S177, A10-S178.

    I would be grateful for your advice.

    Thank you



    > I went to www. support. and followed the menu in order to identify which drivers to download, but there are several possibilities for model A-10

    What you mean? On the European driver Toshiba page, you will find only one series Satellite Pro A10.
    Once again; Do you have a computer or a Sat Pro A10 laptop satellite A10?

    There is a driver of sound for a portable Pro A10. This is a version of audio driver Analog Devices
    If you are using XP SP2 please check the information provided on the page of the driver Tosh

  • Need to know the model of display driver for Satellite Pro A10

    Hello! I'll try to find the exact display on my satellite pro A10 chipset model. The driver on the toshiba site is not updated, and I can't use the correct resolution (19 "Wide or 1440 x 900) on my external display.
    At the same time before I was able to update the driver correctly, just the search for generic driver "Intel 82852/82855 GM/GME" and software "extreme graphics" at the Intel Web site.
    But now, on the Intel site that they ask the exact model, which means that, if she is 82852 or 82855, and if it is GM or GME...
    Can U give the specific model please?
    My computer is a celeron 2500 MHz with 1 GB RAM and 30 GB HARD drive (standard)

    Thanks in advance...

    I found some details on this device and it seems that the laptop was equipped with the internal graphics controller Intel 852GM; code name: Montara GML

  • Satellite Pro A10 CD Burning: after having burned the CD is empty


    I have a Satellite Pro A10 and my CD burner stopped burning. Someone at - it? I also had a problem earlier where he would burn only 1 disc immediately after startup. It says it burns and goes through all the motions, but in the end the drive has nothing about it. I use Maxell discs and have had no problem before using these. If the CD burner is broken it is possible to get a replacement and they are also easy to assemble.

    Thank you


    It is really possible that the drive is defective. Before Exchange you it the only thing, you can try is to check if there is some success if you use different empty media (producers) and burn it using a few different burning applications. I recommend you to use NERO software of engraving.

    Also be sure that the engraving option is enabled and not only option called simulation.

    Replacement should not be problematic. If I remember correctly from the drive is fixed with a screw and you can find it in the bottom corner near the drive itself.

  • Satellite Pro A10 just turned off with warning message


    I have a Satellite Pro A10 I've had for about 2 years now. During the 2 ~ 3 days I started to have a problem very serious and boring, and you're doing something to run MS word thro to play to a very high technical game (this game can be played on an old 486 no probs) the laptop after about 20 minutes (may vary) usage turns off just with warning message it immediately restarts without any problems and then after different durations down again and again :, (. everything got a clue what the hell happens, please help. :))

    Colin B

    Hello Colin

    Portable described behavior is specific to the overheating of the material. If the laptop is not properly cooled the temperature of the material at the level critical and just turns off without warning.

    Solution is cleaning. The device must be cleaned and dust should be removed. After doing this unit can take a new breath and you won't have this problem again. You will see that run cooling fan will also soften than before.

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro A10 - overheating


    I'm new to the forum so apologies if this has already been brought to the top and thanks in advance for any help,

    I recently bought a Satellite Pro A10 of second hand and it works fine most of the time, but sometimes it's extremely hot and it just swiktches turns off without warning.
    I understand that it is probly a safety device and I guess that's a good thing. This seems to only happen when im playing football manager 2009 but sometimes happens when im on the internet.

    I'm going to blow fans etc to try to get rid of excess dust. The laptop seems to meet the system requirements for this game, so I don't see why it overheats when I play this game even if the laptop looks like its working overtime.

    Is there anyway that I can prevent computer laptop overheating so I can enjoy this game and others?

    Thank you


    I think that, in this case, you need to clean the laptop to solve the overheating problem. Therefore, you can use jet of compressed air to blow the dust from the cooling fans. It is very easy because you don't have to disassemble the laptop.
    Check it!

    As you say it is a safety feature, because otherwise the equipment could be destroyed due to a higher internal temperature and therefore the laptop stops himself.

    Also, make sure also that you use a display on the site of Toshiba driver.

    Good bye

  • How to install the adapter wireless network in Satellite Pro A10

    I'm trying to set up a wireless connection with my Satellite Pro A10. I thought it was active wireless, but when I switch the wireless switch, no light comes on and there is no card listed under network adapters wireless (so I guess not).

    Is it easy to install a wireless adapter (i.e. can I do it myself or I must be done by a professional)? Can anyone recommend what card I should by (or any other that I should avoid)?

    Thank you.


    According to the specification of the specifications your A10 Pro Satellite is WLAN ready. In notebook specification it has listed two compatible WIFI cards:
    PA3212U-4MPC (Agere 802. 11b) and PA3273U-2MPC (802. 11a / b).

    I don't really know if you can use some faster wireless network cards with the g standard. You may be lucky and someone will post here results update WLAN card.

    I'm not sure 100% where the WLAN slot is placed but check it please under the lid placed close to the battery.

Maybe you are looking for

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