Satellite R630-146 does support disk HARD SATA II (SATA-300)


I intend to change my current HITACHI 5K 320 320 HARD drive (HTS543232L9SA00), which is SATA I (* SATA-150 *) on the new HARD drive, but I can't find all the information my Toshiba Satellite R630-146 will support the new SATA II (* SATA-300 *) HARD drive.

Maybe someone has any ideas where I could find this information?

Thank you


I m sure that SATA II hard disks are supported.
The fact is that the laptop supports the SATA controller and SATA II is down-compatible with SATA I. So it shouldn't be a big problem with the SATA II HARD drive, even if the controller would be SATA I

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  • Re: My Satellite L500-19Z does support DDR3 memory?

    My Satellite L500-19Z does support DDR3 memory?

    In my view, it has 4 GB (2x2gb 200 pin 1.8 v DDR2 SoDimm PC2-6400) memory standard (800 MHz I think). I want to move to 8 GB and I saw the following offer: -.

    8 GB (2x4gb) 1333 Mhz PC3-10600 memory Kit.

    My laptop will support it?

    I hope someone can help.


    > My Satellite L500-19Z does support DDR3 memory?
    Say the user manual?
    Did you check that?

    The support of memory depends on the chipset.
    If the chipset does not support DDR3 so you cannot use it.
    The chipset is Mobile Intel GM45 Express Chipset and AFAIK that support DDR2 800 MHz 8 GB max memory chipset.

  • Re: Satellite R630-13U and support for Win 7 32-bit professional

    Hi guys,.

    I just bought a Satellite R630-13U pre-loaded with OEM Windows 7 Home 64 bit, but I had problems to launch our database application causes it does support 32 bit operating system. So, I intend to change the operating system to Windows 7 Professional 32 bit. However, I was really doubtful if this laptop supports the 32 bit OS.
    So is - this compatible model for 32 bit OS? and also, if I changed and format of the preloaded operating system does it void the warranty?

    Your advice before I change anything is appreciated.

    Thank you.

    Satellite R630-13U
    Reference No.. PT31LE-00V012AR

    At first, I must say that you can install anything you want on your laptop. It has nothing to do with security. Before you install any other OS create recovery DVDs using the preinstalled Toshiba Recovery Disk Creator. One day, when you want to reuse original OS, you can use this disk to install Win7 64 bit OS.

    You can install OS 32-bit without problem ay but always is he that Toshiba doesn't offer drivers for Win7 32 bit, but I think that it is possible to find most of the drivers.

    Create recovery DVDs and install the 32-bit version. Let Win7 search all the important factors. If some of them are missing please let us know. We can try to help you find more important drivers.

  • Satellite R630 - HDMI does not work

    I tried to connect my Satellite R630 X HDMI with my Sharp LC-32XL8E of Full HD 1080 p TV.

    The tv will recognize the connection but indicates an 'incompatible signal' and remains black.
    The Satellite rotates the screen in black and will only be if I disconnect the HDMI cable.

    If I connect via RGB too, the Satellite will operate in RGB and (!) HDMI mode, but with the native resolution of 1366 x 768.
    Try to use the RGB Mode and changing the resolution 1920 x 1080, any resolution above 1400 will not appear.

    I think that the Sharp and the Satellite will not be correct on the possible resolutions.
    Two other laptops (old!), I tried with the same tv works well: I connect the tv and the tv will show the desktop in the right way.

    What can I do? I can't access all the options while the laptop is connected by HDMI, because both screens will only show black screens. When I disconnect, the satellite will give not any possibility to set a monitor, which is not actually connected.

    Hi Verwaiser,

    How do you spend the TV? You can test the FN + F5 key for this combination. Then, you can switch between all monitors (internal and external).

    In addition I would test another cable in your case.

    Also try to update the display driver. You can download the latest version of Toshiba's official website: > support & downloads > download drivers

    Check this box!

  • Satellite L30-134 does support dual channel DDR2 memory

    Does anyone know Satellite L30 does support two mode because I've got 2x256MB and a 512 MB all Micron MT modules?

    Wojtek cordially


    Of course, the Satellite L30-134 supports DDR2 memory modules.
    I found a few listed on the Option & Accessories site of Toshiba Europe site:

    What are supported:
    DDR2 400/533 256 MB (PA3389U - 1 M 25)
    512 MB DDR2-400/533 (PA3412U - 1 M 51)
    1 GB OF DDR2 400/533 (PA3411U-1M1G)

  • Satellite M60-135 does support C - salt?


    TEAC DVD player no longer works.
    So I would like to replace it.
    Think I fell on the drive Pioneer DVR-K16L of alternatives.

    But it is obviously set to "cable select".
    My M60-135 does support this, or do I have to choose another drive?

    Any suggestions welcome!



    These information are not known to me, and especially if you want to buy a car for you laptop, you must first call the Toshiba authorized service provider for more information on compatible players.

    There is also another possibility to find out what the laptop supports parameters.
    I use Nero burning rom and this application supports a diagnosis function. He entered the information about the installed CD/DVD drive.
    After this diagnostic procedure, you need to know more details about the installed drive and you must buy the player that supports the same specifications

  • Re: Satellite A300-15B does support Windows XP?

    By Satellite A300-15 b support ' windows xp?

    Thank you

    Why shouldn't t Satellite A300-15 b supports Windows XP?
    Of course the A300 supports Win XP. You can install it on the A300.

    All Toshiba XP drivers are available on the European driver Toshiba page.
    Just choose your model laptop and the XP drivers should appear.

    See you soon

  • Satellite A105-S4284 does support Windows Vista?

    A105-S4284 does support windows vista? or the drivers are not yet ready? Is vista capable PC, I know, but several times I tried to install vista RC1 and it hangs up in the middle of the installation:(s'il vous plaît aidez_moi.)

    Thank you

    If it s a laptop capable of vista then I see no reason why the laptop doesn't have to support Windows Vista.
    It of a fact that, this time no Vista drivers are available on the Toshiba page. (I put t found any)
    I guess we will be able to download the drivers in the next few weeks.

    PS: I installed the RC2 release of my camera and it works without any additional driver. Only the wifi card does not work, but I can live with them

  • Satellite P100-208 does support 64-bit processing?

    Nice day.
    I wonder if my Toshiba Satellite P100-208 can support a 64-bit (Windows Vista) operating system? I currently have XP 32 bit.
    [Here are the specs of the computer laptop. | & ACTION = PRINT_WITH_BACK & com decided .do w .broadvision = Yes & PRODUCT_ID = 122152]

    Also, if I change XP to Vista, where can I find the Vista drivers for my laptop? It is set up with XP when I bought it, but it has a sticker that says "Windows Vista capable".


    As said by Akuma, the installed T5500 CPU supports 64-bit processing and so you can install a 64 bit OS.

    But for Vista 64-bit, you must find other sites of pilots as on the Toshiba Web site are only 32-bit Vista drivers available.
    It takes a little time to find all the drivers work.

    Good bye

  • Satellite M70-340 does support SATA 300 MB/s?

    I want to replace the original with MK1237GSX MK6034GSX hard drive. The difference is 150 and 300 MB/s transfer rate. will be mk1237gsx works with my M70?


    The Satellite M70-340 was delivered with the 60 GB SATA 5400 RPM HARD drive.
    I don't think that the speed of the HARD drive could have a bad influence on the compatibility of the HARD drive.

    You must only make sure that the size of the HARD drive and the interface are supported!

    Best regards

  • Satellite A100 - 237 (PSAA9): I want to install the disk HARD SATA 3 Gbit/s

    Hi guys,.

    I have a laptop satellite A100 - 237 (PSAA9). I plan to replace the hard drive of 160 GB Momentus 7200.2 (SATA 3 Gb/s). My problem is that I can't find any information if my system will take in charge of SATA 3 Gb/s interface.

    Any help/information is much appreciated.
    Thank you...


    I found the info on your laptop HARD drive interface is Serial ATA Rev. 1. 0a.

    Hope this info helps.

  • Cannot install Win 8 - Satellite Pro C660 does not detect HARD drive


    My HARD drive died, so I decided to upgrade my Satellite Pro C660 - 1 9 to an SSD.
    I made a USB bootable with Win8 and starts very well.

    The problem is that it does not detect my SSD, so I can proceed with the installation.
    SSD appears in BIOS but not in Windows Installer.
    He said that there is a missing driver.

    I downloaded the AHCI drivers (XP, only ones available) and even in this case, after you have selected the only rider that appears, it says no new device found.

    I tried to change the SATA from AHCI mode to compatibility mode and it's the same thing...

    What can I do?

    Thanks for the help.
    Best regards
    Bruno Moreira

    More old Windows XP need a driver AHCI Intel's but I think this isn't a problem with SATA driver missing because as far as I know Windows 8 as well as Win 8.1 already contains the drivers to recognize the SSD or HARD disk drive.
    In addition, the installation of the OS should be possible even if the driver would be added for this procedure, you must use the "compatibility" mode
    As you say, the compatibility mode is not working too, so I think there is another problem.

    However, page driver Toshiba also provides a driver Intel RST (Intel Rapid Storage Technology) (Windows 8 - updated) you can try to add during the installation of the OS.

    But I m wondering if you would be able to install this Win 8 on common SATA HDD.
    Have you tried to format the SSD using a different computer, then install Win 8?
    Give it a try.

  • Satellite Pro M70 does not see HARD drive sometimes

    Help me!

    My computer does not see my hard drive but see Installer and another computer.
    My hard drive is working and I put the new drive hard but computer does not see.
    And when I install XP on the computer I can see HDD format during the installation.
    And when prawns my computer I do not see the HARD disk again.

    Help me please


    I think that it s a HDD issue naturally it s really strange that the HARD drive is different sometimes and sometimes it s is not visible, but I doubt that it could be software related issue. That's why I think that it s a drive HARD and in my opinion, you should check if other HDD SATA runs correctly.

    Good bye

  • HP MIni 110 - Bios has no option of disk hard sata/IDE


    My HP Mini (Win xp home ELCPC HP) can not load in windows because there missing files during startup. So I decided to repair the windows.

    However, I have some problems to load WIn XP Home CD SP2 (not ELCPC HP) at the start. I used closure of IDE - USB hard disk by replacing with CD-ROM instead of hard disk because HP Mini has no optical drive

    The CD has been loaded, but when halfway incoming to the windows installation, I got the BSOD after F6, pilots and BSOD loading to the 'Setup starts windows..".

    The error message was something like this:

    "Search for viruses on your computer. Remove any newly installed hard disk or hard disk controllers. Check hard drive are correctly installed and configured. Use CHKDSK /F to check for hard drive corruption, and then restart your computer.

    Technical information:
    "Stop: 0x0000007B (0xF7A22524, 0 x 0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)"

    I browsed the site and found this recommendation to change from SATA HDD to IDE in BIOS. Strange thing is that I don't see this option in the BIOS. There is nothing a lot of option in the bios. I could only change the boot sequence, tool running, put in place under tension the password. That's all.

    No idea how to change the SATA to IDE hard drive in HP Mini 110? I would really appreciate your suggestion.

    I tried to restore but F11 / F10 takes me nowhere. Nothing happen after pressing these buttons. I wonder why the factory never create a copy for me restore my system if windows problem. I bought Win XP Home and Office, but no backup copy of the preload is created for the user when he is out of the factory. However, I am a little disappointed.

    In any case, would like to hear from any of you on the issues.

    See you soon!

    Have you tried the F6 key to go to Roxio BackOn Track to retrieve?


  • VMWare Player more does support disk VHDX image files?

    I use VMware Player to run a virtual machine on my desk and have successfully created a leave of a virtual hard disk file that contains an image of the drive system.

    I would like to now add a data disc image which is a file VHDX - it's too big for a virtual hard disk image - but VMware Player does not recognize this.

    Does anyone know if VMware Player Plus will accept such an image? Or even VMware Workstation?

    Thank you


    Thanks for all this input that - after more experimentation - enabled me to solve my problem. I have two files created by disk2vhd utility Microsoft containing my system disk and my data disc. the first is a VHD file and a VHDX file because the data disk is greater than 2 TB. I wanted to create a virtual machine from these two files - on my Windows 7 host or my host of Windows 8. It is not possible on Windows 7 because the operating system does not support files VHDX editing as readers, but the following works on Windows 8:

    (a) Winimage use to convert the File System.VHD in System.VMDK (time consuming)

    (b) create a VM on the host WIndows 8, install the operating system later by removing the empty VMDK file and add System.VMDK as an IDE drive

    (c) editing the Data.VHDX file as a disk on the host Windows 8 attaching.

    (d) create a new. A VMDK file in the virtual machine that is large enough to hold all Data.VHDX (Yes, VMPlayer can create. More than 2 to - even on Windows 7, in this case the VMDK files)

    (e) sharing the drive created from file Data.VHDX as a shared folder in the virtual machine

    (f) copy its contents to the new. VMDK file

    Undoubtedly Ghost would be a better way to copy the file, but it seems to work for me.

    Thanks for your help - I think that closes this discussion.

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