Satellite request password HARD drive

Last night, I restart my laptop. When I turned on it again and ask the screen to enter the HDD password. I don't really know what to do. I've searched the Internet to remove the HARD drive password. I tried to tab ESC / F2 repeatly but it did not work. I can't go into the bios.


Toshiba screen-> HARD drive password:


I put t know why it happened, but you cannot delete a HARD drive password.

The password is stored on the HARD disk, but you cannot delete it. All data is lost if you n t know this password.
You have no more access to the HARD drive.

Good bye

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  • Satellite M200 - password HARD drive in the BIOS

    My M200 HARD drive doesn't have to (if Windows does not start) and I am replaced with a new HARD drive.
    I do not have the recovery discs so I will try to install windows from CD,.

    When installing it it does not find new HARD drive.
    When I go into the BIOS, I see the HARD drive, but it has a password disk HARD message is frozen.

    Has anyone encountered this before?
    I have to do something after I installed the new HARD drive?


    It seems that the HARD drive password has been set on this HARD drive.
    Generally, you cannot remove this password HARD drive if it s not known to you.
    So, if you n t know this password HARD drive, then you will not be able to use this HARD drive ;(

  • L50 satellite will not start up - request password HARD drive


    I hope someone can help me

    I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite L50 and when I start it, it says
    + no boot device please don't restart System.

    It is still under warranty because it was purchased only 6 months ago.
    I took it back where I bought it and they told me to contact Toshiba.

    I'm waiting on a reminder.
    I hope that someone can help you. He also asked that the HARD drive password.

    Where can I find this information?

    Hi Kym

    I guess the L50 Satellite cannot find the boot device (HARD drive), because the HARD drive was obtained with a drive password HARD and without this HARD isn't accessible disk password and the system does not start properly.

    Did you set this password for HARD drive in the past?
    I m request because this isn t password on new laptops. This HARD drive password can only be set by the owner of the laptop

    Of my knowledge if you know n t this HARD drive password, you will not be able to access the HARD disk in such a case, the HARD drive would be useless, and the data would be lost

    That's why I recommend you check if someone put the HARD drive on your laptop password where you n t know the password, you will need to replace the HARD drive and reinstall the system once more.

  • On Satellite Pro 6100 HARD drive password


    I have an almost dead Satellite Pro 6100, I was almost back on its feet, but we wonder a HHD password on start up. Apparently, one of the portable computers security features is "Password HARD drive on request".

    There were ideas! Cannot ask the laptop I can't!

    When the HARD drive password is set, and you start the laptop you must enter this password. Otherwise the drive will not spin.
    The functionality of the HARD drive password is to secure the data on the disc. If you do not have the password: no chance to use the HARD drive.
    So if you can't enter or ask for the password you must swap the HARD drive.

    Buy the way it is always strange if someone "owns" a laptop and one does not know the passwords! If you bought the computer laptop may it is stolen...

  • Password HARD drive - is it really that safe?

    Hello, I wonder just how secure is built in the password disk HARD, comments welcome. Thank you.

    As far as I know the HARD drive password completely blocks the HARD drive.
    It must be stored somewhere on the sector of the HARD disk. I'm not quite sure what sector it is, but the fact is that you cannot remove this password HARD drive if it s not known to you.
    If you need to be very careful in using this HARD drive password.
    If you have forgotten the password for HARD drive you can use the HARD drive no more!

  • Satellite P750 new HARD drive installed - what do we do now?

    Satellite P750 new hard drive installed as directed assistance of toshiba video suite of crush hard drive.
    What should we do now please help?

    Now you must install the Windows System.
    You have a Toshiba Recovery disk?
    Have you created one in the past?

    If you have this disc, insert the disc recovery and boot disk (press F12 and choose ODD as boot device)

    Then follow the instructions on the screen

  • Satellite Pro 6100 - error "password HARD drive built-in" at startup

    Hi, my laptop (Satellite Pro 6100 P4 - M 1.7 GHz/15TFT/256 MB / 40 GB/DVD-CDRW/LAN/WiFi/BT/W2K or XP) started rather recently invited me with a "Built-in HARD drive password" message at startup upward. I never put no password on the hard drive in the past, though only in desperation to try to get the laptop running, have tried all the possible passwords I have ever had. Nothing works and I'm failed with a laptop dead on my hands. I would appreciate any help/advice anyone can make.

    Thank you.

    Hi Khurram

    Unfortunately I think that you will need to replace your hard drive. If your laptop is definitely ask a HDD password then there is no way around it and the only way I know to recover from this situation is to send the hard drive to a specialised company that specialize in this kind of recovery (usually for forensic purposes, Police, armed forces, etc.). This can be very costly.

    The easier (and cheaper) option would be for you to replace the hard drive and restore your system and your data (either from a backup if you have one, or from the Toshiba recovery disks).

    Kind regards

  • Request of password HARD drive at startup

    I start the pc n told me to enter the HDD password

    original title: hard drive password

    Contact the manufacturer and they can probably tell you how to unlock the hard drive.  I don't know why he suddenly activated.

    We cannot help you more because we are prohibited by Microsoft Policy assistance when lost or forgotten passwords;

    I'm sorry, but I did everything that I am accepted by referring to the manufacturer.

    I hope they can help you.

    Good luck!

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  • Satellite M70 - after HARD drive partitioned, the OS does not start


    Good then this is a real doozy, and I hope that someone will help.

    I started to fix my satellite m70 girlfriends using the disc of recovery etc, everything went fantastic, the HARD disk has been erased and Windows + all software has been reinstalled.

    Then I thought it would be a good idea to use partition magic to partition the hard drive, so I chose the main hard drive and cut 10GB of it to put in place a new partition.

    I rebooted, and then after Windows restarted again completed.

    NOW, it does not charge, it says no operating system, so I tried to start with the recovery disk and all over again...

    If I click on continue (to start the recovery process), however it is said now that the "Error #1828", free space is too small.

    I'm really angry that this has happened and I just want to start over again.

    Can someone help me with this?
    I can't access the Bios either (not sure if that might help), because I don't know the password (must be a fault im not aware of).

    Help, please.

    Thank you

    I think that this is the reason why you used a tool to change the size of the partition. At best, this should be done before you install Windows and 10 GB is a little too small for Windows. You must use at least 15-20 GB for the first partition where the BONE is placed.

    To resolve this problem, you must delete all existing partitions before using the recovery disk. Therefore, you can use a Windows XP disk or something else. Just boot from it and delete all partitions. Then the recovery disk should work.
    Check it!

  • Satellite l350-262 HARD drive failed on the first reboot

    Hi guys,.

    I just bought new satellite L350-262 of
    It was delivered today so I started to put in place. It started fine, let me regional selection and networking options, and then it restarted and...
    I saw console message saying "a disk read error occurred...". "that indicates a failure of the HARD drive.

    I restarted and went into the BIOS settings and it appears on the first page of the BIOS that he does not see the drive (can recognize the DVD), but on the priority start screen TOSHIBA (and some) against the HARD drive.

    This problem occurred after the first reboot Windows 7 installation is forcing you to do, I didn't have the chance to create backups, and I can't see windows being installed at all, cause I can't do F8-> recovery which I thought to try as well.

    I think return the laptop it does not work, but before that... you have other ideas?

    Is it worth to make diagnosis of disk? Even if it says disk is ok, how I reinstall/install the system preloaded with no disk backup etc.?

    Thank you

    > I think return the laptop it does not work, but before that... you have other ideas?
    I'm afraid, if the disk HARD is not recognized in the BIOS, that means HARD drive failure and you will not be able to recover it with the help and recovery disk or using recovery disc HARD m.
    It s really strange that a HARD drive is dead at first, but what looks like a bad luck, this can happen, because it s a machine

    Usually the HARD drive is under warranty as the entire notebook then you can request a hotfix and warranty would cover everything

    Welcome them

  • How to install Win 8 on Satellite C850 after HARD drive failure?

    I have a PC repair business and a customer gave me a portable Satellite C850-1 kN which took a catastrophic hard disk failure (just clicking from the road).

    I replaced the hard drive and tried to boot from a DVD 8 Windows, changing the order of startup in the bios, however, it still gives an error message "no boot device."

    I see no way to turn off boot UEFI, it appears grayed out in the configuration of the bios.

    How can I reinstall Windows on this laptop?

    First, you must know that the (CSM/UEFI mode) parameter must be changed if you want to install the system supported UEFI not (Win 7 and higher).
    Win 8 and 8.1 Win are UEFI capable systems and you should be able to use the option to UEFI mode.

    What about the secure boot option?
    Have you found and have you tried to disable this option?

  • Re: Satellite A300 - second hard drive


    Perhaps some may say where I can buy hard disk for the motherboard conector?
    I have place for HDD and connections on the motherboard, but don't not have hard drive connector.
    Camputer are 1gn A300.

    Help, please!

    Hi Lotus

    Toshiba offers Satellite A300 with one or two hard drives with two different mothers. Plastic cover is the same for both models of laptops and that's why there are two disk HARD covered and placed two HARD drive. Laptops without SATA connectors are not ready for the upgrade.

    No one here in this forum has reported that these updates possible if laptop doesn t have original SATA connector to the second HARD drive, so I think that you cannot upgrade your laptop with the second HARD drive.

    By the way: it's not easy to find these parts.

  • Satellite Pro A200 - hard drive has lost half it's memory

    I have a toshiba Satellite Pro A200 on Vista. Vista came preloaded and I not all disks for it. I got it from the new (Sept 2007). The hard disk is divided into units. Recently my C drive has filled competely and I now no space left (went 55gigs) I store some data in this drive. All my multimedia elements (music, photos, and other files) is in my E drive. I have to run C Cleaner whenever I start in order to have enough space for the operation of the computer. I also remove all but the last restore point in order to function.

    I am at my wits end and think I must have a virus or something. Is there a way to restore the computer to the 'new '? I have all my files backed up on an external hard drive, so I don't mind from scratch. Not keeping in mind I have no install discs as Vista came preloaded.

    Can anyone help? Please, I beg you!


    If you don't have a recovery disk, you can order from Toshiba for the money. Otherwise, you can get copy of Windows and installed with the drivers of Toshiba (
    Then, you mentioned that hard drive has lost half it's memory, tell you if it was ok before but not available? Please check disk management, utility of the Panel. What is shown here?

  • Install XP on Satellite X 200 - HARD drive controller driver required - "couldn't find any HD.


    I just bought a Satellite X 200 with Vista preinstalled. For reasons of game, I want to make it dual bootable with XP.
    When I try to install XP, it tells me that without hard disks are present. It seems to me that the XP (SP 1, 2, and 3) installation CD does not include the appropriate drivers for the HD/controller.

    Toshiba driver/download pages do not provide all drivers for XP HARD drive... do you know where to get them otherwise?
    Maybe download them from the original supplier (e.g. intel) but what version is on board fo the x 200?

    Thank you in advance (next lan party is in 2 weeks, so I'm hoping to solve this problem quickly :-))


    > Toshiba driver download page do not provide all drivers for XP HARD drive... do you know where to get them otherwise?

    Of course, it provides the correct SATA driver. You need the Intel Storage Manager!
    To include the SATA driver you will need an external floppy drive. If you don t have this disk, you can use the freeware software called nLite to include the SATA driver in the XP operating system.

    Google for nLite!

  • Upgrade satellite 1900-102, hard drive

    Hello... My laptop is a toshiba satellite 1900-102 with a 20 GB hard drive. I would like to ask if I can upgrade the hard drive with another model and not the classic toshiba MK * 18GAP. Is it OK to use a hard drive from another provider? I want to use a Hitachi drive, which is less expensive, but it will be compatible?
    Thanks in advance!

    Don't know anything about Hitachi, but what speaks against an exchange of hard drive?
    The most important is the measures of the hard drive.
    As for the ability I can just tell you that we have a Satellite of 1900 with 30 concerts running

    Good bye

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