Selection of the printer when printing

When I try to print my printer coupons goes to my photo printer not my regular printer.  How can I resolve that I'm not great to change things by myself.


The same thing happens with other files as well?

Have you had this problem before?

What changes were made before this problem?

Since it is a problem with the coupons, you can also try to change the default printer in the coupon software. The application must have this option where you can change the default printer.

Have you tried to change the default printer in Vista?

1. open Printers by clicking on the button start the picture of the Start button, clicking Control Panel configuration, hardware and audio, and then click Printers.
2 right-click the printer that you want to use and then click on set as default printer. A check mark appears on the printer icon to mark it as default printer.

Change your default printer


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    Your printer is connected to a network?
    I would like you to follow the steps mentioned below.
    Step 1:
    Restart the print spooler service, set the default printer.
    a. Click Start, type "Services.msc" in the search box
    b. in Services, right-click on print spooler and then click Properties.
    c. click the Dependencies tab. The first box list all system services that must work for the print spooler start.
    d. take note of each service, click OK, and then restart each print spooler service based.
    Step 2:
    Update your HP driver 7300 series printer and check if it helps.
    Aziz Nadeem - Microsoft Support

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  • The selection of the printer failed. Restore previous selection

    Hi all

    I'm working on a 36-page pamphlets and after I printed out the document with the help of engine AdobePdf and play with the options, all of a sudden I cannot print on paper. Whenever I get sent to PostScript option and I get the above error message. In my view, is something in connection with the PPD, but I'm relatively new to design and I'm afraid that I broke something.

    Any suggestions are welcome.

    Thank you!

    And the printer works with other applications? Have you tried a reboot?

    And the most obvious question, you choose the correct printer?

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    How to add as a choice of the adobe pdf printer

    The CreatePDF desktop printer is removed. Please visit for more information.

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    I'm looking for a printer - not all-in-one, no color, capable of printing paper 110 constantly.  Any recommendations?

    And Officejet 6000 or an Officejet Pro 8000 should meet your needs.

  • Paper size error: paper selected in the printer driver does not match the study

    HPofficejet 7500 E910

    don't know what you mean

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    In CS6, the path is deselected, but still actively targeted. Vector was significantly redesigned after that, and it seems that the default is now to leave entirely selected. I personally prefer, but I understand wanting to option. I don't know any preference to change the behavior, though. Press A (for the selection/direct selection tool) immediately after the drawing by clicking away from it désélectionnera it.

    The link below is to the feedback of an Adobe forum. You might put a request for more options tools, explaining how have completely selected path after you have closed the way disrupts your workflow.

    Community customer Photoshop family

  • print walks onto the page when printing business cards

    When I print multiple sheets of business cards printing the page begins to wander to the top of the sheet.  If I only print one page at a time, this isn't a problem.  How can I fix?   I have an Officejet Pro e8100 printer works wirelessly on a Win 7 64 bit OS Home premium.


    Welcome to the HP Forum.

    If the first page prints OK and then subsequent pages tend to stick or the text wanders a bit, then perhaps adjust the media type would help.


    Setting the media type tells the rolls expected in what kind of paper - this could help pull the paper but at the right speed and tension to allow the text to apply to the location appropriate during each pass.

    Paper size and media Type are selected in the printing preferences:

    Control Panel > display icon > devices and printers > right click on your printer >

    Printing preferences > tab paper / quality >

    Select the paper Source > have desired / needed by printer model

    Select the paper size > have desired / necessary for the print job

    Select Support > have desired / necessary for the print job - for example: paper matte brochure for labels


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  • Printing error: the printer selection failed. Restore previous selection.


    Sometimes when I print in InDesign CS3, the default printer is PostScript and trying to change the error "the printer selection failed. Restore previous selection. "is displayed.

    It s the same mistake in this old thread unresolved:

    Printing error: failure of the selection of the printer. Restore previous selection.

    Does anyone have a solution to this?

    What is the operating system? CS3 has not been tested on recent versions of OS and may not be fully operational. You can export as PDF and print from Acrobat or Reader.

  • My HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 will not be printed in color. I use the cartridges supplied with the printer.

    I use a Mac OS X 10.6.8

    I had hoped to connect wireless, but it wasn't the priority.  What I need is a reliable printer.  I tried several times so that it can print in color, and it only seems to work when I run a test page for the printer itself.  The diagnosis page is 100% correct.

    Do not know what to do...


    Grayscale is selected in the printer driver?

  • Installing the printer on Win 7 64 bit and D-Link DPR-1260 print server

    I have been using a print server D-Link DPR-1260 to my home network for more than 1 year. The computers were all run XP XP3 32bits. When I upgraded to WIn 7 64 bit, I have problem printer installation. Both printers are Samsung scx-4521 laser MFPS and laser color CLP-315. The drivers are already installed on my computer and I was able to print if they were directly connected via USB. I also could see DPR-1260 and the printer. But installation stopped, because it was not able to find the proper drivers. It's strange because I was able to print via USB. Help please. I have not upgraded other computers even though I only install the 32-bit version instead of 64-bit for others.

    I tried this fix as well, however it allows me to select the folder in which I think that the pilot is located inside.  Basically, it can not find the 64-bit driver... alternatives?

    to connect to the d-link printserver 1260, you have to treat it as a network with a device server. Here's what you will need the name of the print qeue and ip address. and a COMPATIBLE printer, who is in the list of d-link1260 that they have a better list on their Web site...
    ' 1. goto devices and printers "in the start menu
    2. at the top click on "Add a printer" If you can't find it in the list of devices below.
    3. then choose "add a network printer".
    4. next hen click on 'stop' click 'the printer that I want isn't listed.
    5. Select 'Add a printer using a tcp/ip address or hostname' click 'next '.
    6. Select the type of device and enter the ip address be, a window will open and ask more
    port information, click on "custom" at the bottom.
    7 when the sub menu opens choose "LPR" and then enter the name of the print queue of the printer I also checked "bytes active cash LPR" click 'next' you should not do this. that is my name of the queue was ml-2010. You can get this in the dlink1260 configuration page.
    8. the next page will ask you to printer driver. If the list is not current, then 'windows update' first try the updated list for the models more that it will take a few minutes will be patient.  or you can try the driver for the model that you ever I recommend download the latest drivers from your manufacturer... Select make the printer on the left and the right MODEL. then click Next
    you're done if you can print a test page.

    his best guys to assign a static IP for dpr print server 1260 and lock it in the configuration. also book this IP in your router configuration. for 64-bit systems a lot of pilots was not yet available from this list you can get them now. I suggest using BASIC pilot not those in a package with all demonstration... are HP most likely to be used in the configuration of this installation as I said in the beginning make sure you have a printer supported by the list of compatible printers found here veryfying...

    Goto the 'FAQ' section and see the list of printers. and more details on the installation manually this configuration and settings for most editions of windows.

  • the print shop program does not appear in the "open with".

    When I use a USB to import images or graphics from the menu drop-down 'open with' does not include printing in option. The only programs that are on the list are microsoft progams

    Just to be clear, are you saying that you selected after the print shop to open a file in the "open with > Select default program", it still does not appear?

    Assuming that is correct, as even after opening a file with The Print Shop, try to create a new user account and perform the same steps and see if it appears correctly or not. Assuming that it does, you can follow the steps in the link below corrupt profile to transfer your files to the new account.

  • HP Envy 5540: Cannot print after canceling the print job

    I cancelled a print job and now my printer does not print, and it has "!" next to the selection in the print dialog box. I turned the printer on and rebooted my Mac, but it still does not print.

    Hi @katiam

    I recommend trying to erase your queue and have attached instructions below on how to do it (step 3)


    Thank you


  • PCL Code for the selection of the status bar

    We have a Unix-based program that relies on EZ for the selection of the printer spooler. Printing was allowed until we replaced the old printer with a HP 3005dn. We must make letterhead in tray 3. EZ print spooler requires to print PCL codes. I ran the code numbers range to print from the 3rd drawer.

    My problem is when it receives the print job, you have to hit the OK button twice so he can shoot from the 3rd drawer.

    By changing the PCL code, I can get him out tray 2 automatically, or stops for tray 3.

    I have modifed the installation of manual feeding system and or use requested tray do not help both.

    Here's the line of code in order

    PCLx_lowreceipt_ac_begin_ ^ [& l0o66f4H ^ [& s1C ^ [(s4099t0p12H_]]

    4 H is supposed to designate the selection of the status bar. I spent several hours from 1: 00 until 8: 00 successfully and to have the work automatically pull from tray 3.

    any ideas?


    You need to access from the UI and not the control panel

    -IP in the laserprinter

    -Tab settings select

    -Set the camera (left side)

    -Develop "Configure Device" in the center of the page

    -Develop "Impression".

    -Develop 'PCL '.

    -at the bottom, "Mapping of media sources"... assign the Standard classic.


  • When I select print the printer responds but does not print on the first attempt.

    I have a printer HP psc 2170 and when I select print the printer responds but will print on the first attempt. It will start and then it is as if she is not detecting or responding and take up to 3 pages before it will print completely. I went back and set the parameters by default, unplugged the printer for a while and reconnected with no luck. Does anyone have ideas to help me solve it?


    1. what version of Windows is installed on the computer?

    I suggest you to follow these steps and check if that helps:

    Method 1:
    Try to run the printer Troubleshooter and check that if it helps, here is the link:

    Method 2:
    Try to run the below fixit and check if this may help:

    It will be useful.

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