Setup cannot continue because the downloaded file has not been digitally signed by Microsoft. Please try again later.

I have windows xp 32-bit.  I have a LifeCam VX-1000.  I do not have the CD, but when I plugged it the first time, Microsoft Wizard found the driver and installed it without a problem.

Ran fine for 2 months, then I plugged it in today, I got the "new hardware found".  First OFF... what happened to the driver?  I have not installed anything new.  And then, it will not re-intsaller driver.  He invites me for a CD when I try to update the driver through the Device Manager, and when I try to run LifeCam 3.22, I've downloadedMicrosoft , he says "Setup cannot continue because the downloaded file was not signed digitally by Microsoft. "Please try again later."  WTF?  I downloaded from microsoft. How could he not be digitally signed by microsoft?

How to get back the 'life' in my LifeCam?


The LifeCam 3.22 file could have been damaged during the download process.  Download a new copy. Boulder computer Maven
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