Slow speeds on WNR2000v5

Is it possible to increase my Internet on my Netgear WNR2000v5 speed. I'm supposed to receive 5 Mbps, but I only get .6mbps. Can someone help me?


I'm just a new modem from my ISP, now I'm up to 5 MB/s. I guess it was just the modem.

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  • Airport express at slow speed of the modem Arris SB6190


    My so-called WIFi Comcast gives me 150Mbps. My test only show 70 or slower speed on a WiFi test. After the call to them they told me to talk to my modems customer service. But their customer service is terrible. Here is my setup and yes everything has been switched off voltage and reset. And Comcast has been created with the modem while the Comcast guy was here. From the start after a few hard reset the express worked. Here's the question and the installation program.

    I have a SB6190 (not wireless), Arris directly connected to my Airport express. The express (which deals with my wireless connection) is connected to a switch (for wired devices). But I think that my problem is the Express. ? Not sure, I guess my question is I do something wrong in public services from the airport with the Express settings? I do not see why I get more 75Mbps wireless. Or maybe Apple if your reading, you can give it a fix on your next update. Hope you can help and thanks!

    Here some thoughts:

    (1) the Airport Express uses 100 ports Ethernet of Mbit/s, so the theoretical maximum speed that could be achieved with an Ethernet or Wi - Fi through the Express would be 100 Mbit / s.

    (2) the Express is not known for his speed wireless. On a connection of 100 Mbps Internet here, I see usually 45 - 50 Mbps at best more wireless, no matter if the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz is used.  Ethernet checks better about 75-80 MB/s to the Express LAN port.

    (3) these are user to user support forums, so it is very unlikely that anyone from Apple will ever see your post. If you want to provide feedback to Apple, you can do so here: Apple Apple - AirPort Express - Feedback will acknowledge receipt of your message, but they will not respond after that.

    (4) the AirPort Express was introduced almost 4 years ago and it's been 2 years that Apple has provided an update firmware for the product, so additional updates are not probably... my opinion.

  • Slow speed of the internet in the normal mode and fast speed in SafeMode - Win 7 Home Premium


    I have a slow speed of ~ 5MB internet when I was on about 30 MB. I thought he was the provider, but my laptop under that Win Vista Home Premium Wireless is fine and I got 23 MB download speed. The office win 7 Home Premium - use Firefox browser version 31, avast antivirus and virginmedia super hub 2.

    Someone at - it ideas please? I'm frustrated by the slow - flying it in safe MODE.

    No problem, it is stated in the pilot with no yellow question mark.

    Any help would be welcome at this depressing time.

    Would it be the power supply PC or modem/router (but if it works in safe mode, it is unlikely?)

    Thank you



    I found it's an AMD program called Quickstream AMD that is supposed to do a slow connection for streaming video faster, but it had the opposite effect for me. I have since got rid of him and we're back to a speed of 30 MB + I had before. I have just the graphics drivers now :-)



  • Intel wifi link 1000 bgn on Hp laptop connection only to 65 Mbps or Mbps even 58, then 130 for 1 second then back to slow speed.

    I recently bought a computer hp laptop and enjoy wireless n to my house.  I have an another hp laptop which connects to 130 Mbps and never changes.  This laptop however changes constantly and never stays in 130.  It is generally about 58 or 65 and then change during 1 second to 117 or 130 then back to slow speed.  I noticed on the laptop properly configured, it says:
    IPv4 Internet connectivity
    local IPv6 connectivity
    active state media
    130 Mbps speed

    On slow computer, he States:

    IPv4 Internet connectivity
    IPv6 connectivity no internet no access
    active state media
    65 Mbps speed

    I don't know if this means anything, but I guess for this.  Is there something misconfigured on laptop #2 or what?  I can't understand this.  I would like to be sure that this adapter in this laptop is also able to maintain 130 Mbit/s, but there are no at that speed.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you

    I had the same problem with the same Intel adapter WiFi 1000 BGN.  Two things fixed.  My router by default, the band of 2.4 Ghz to a maximum of 130 Mbps for backward compatibility.  Change this 300 Mbps.  Second if your router allows you to set the parameters for QoS make you that WMM is enabled.  Thirdly, map properties network by default to the following on the old card NETWORK interface:

    Channel 802.11n for 2.4 band width = 20 Mhz only

    802.11n mode = disabled

    Ad Hoc QoS = WMM disabled

    The default values have the capacity "N" disabled, because when the card shipped first Wireless N routers were rare, and it has improved the flow of 'G '.  Change them to 'Auto', 'Enabled' and 'active WMM.  The last of them allows the priority to multimedia for the peer-to-peer network data local transfers (i.e. - video streaming, music between two computers in the same House).  Hope that helps.


  • Warp stabilize AND slow speed

    I want to warp stabilize AND slow speed which are incompatible, so what is the recommended route on this please?

    FOR EXAMPLE, I believe that we must export an and re-import to another, or what? In what order?  Is there a smarter way?

    Export of reimportation down Imaging?  These sorts of things.

    Thank you

    Steve Z

    Stabilize first.

    Choose an export format uncompressed to the DI.

  • Qosmio F20 - slow speed of WLAN

    The speed of the WLAN on the Qosmio F20 became very slow. With the help of a cable ethernet or other WLAN peripheral speed (i.e. the USB WLAN dongle) is well, but builds in the PRP/Wireless Intel 2200BG adapter it grinds just practically interrupted.
    I've already checked all the drivers are updated including BIOS and drivers for WIFI cards that are now on the latest versions, but this has not helped.

    The State of the WLAN card indicates the power of the full signal 'excellent '. I have a 3Com office connect all points access router wifi b/g, channel 11, WPA PSK TKIPand other wireless devices / computers connect ok at full speed to the AP.

    Any ideas to solve this problem are greatly appriciated.

    Thank you

    You use Intel Proset to manage the Wifi connection? Removing it and let Windows manage the Wifi.

    Try disabling your Antivirus/malware software, maybe its interfering with the connection.

    Also try to update the firmware on this router 3Com.

  • Slow speed by phone as a modem on the Satellite L650

    OK so I got this new Toshiba Satellite L650 and I was connecting to the internet via my phone as a modem (dial-up speed :()
    My phone says it is capable of download speeds up to @ 150 Kbps, but the connection is never active...
    It remains active for about 6 seconds, then drops off to start again and so on and so forth...

    So I bought a stick mobile broadband and the connection seems good... all full service bars and a so-called speed of 2mbps, but the same thing... it starts at about 200 Kbps and less than 10 seconds it drops to 400 bps and then stops...

    What the hell I am doing wrong? I downloaded the drivers from the Toshiba site and updated the bios? HELP Please?


    I doubt it has something to do with the laptop.
    I know that my mobile phone operator to slow down the speed to the GPRS standard after particular data traffic has been downloaded.

    This is perhaps the reason for this

  • Satellite C55D-C-15J wifi slow speed.

    My laptop has a speed slow wifi, about half, on the same condition of wifi. If I click on properties of links, it shows 54 Mbps instead of 72.
    I checked the power management, is the max performance, but no result.
    When was new, with no updates of widows, the speed was of 72 Mbps, about 50 M dowload, 40 M download the Speedtest site.
    Is the windows problem or an adapter?

    Posted by valmar1967
    My laptop has a speed slow wifi, about half, on the same condition of wifi. If I click on properties of links, it shows 54 Mbps instead of 72.
    I checked the power management, is the max performance, but no result.
    When was new, with no updates of widows, the speed was of 72 Mbps, about 50 M dowload, 40 M download the Speedtest site.
    Is the windows problem or an adapter?

    You can close this thread, because I will return this product to the seller.
    I thank the of for good management, TOSHIBA!

  • Satellite Pro A100 carpet * dvd uj - 841 s write at very slow speed


    The carpet * a dvd multi drive uj - 841 s that came with my satellite pro a100 written on very slow DVD. Firmware 1.50
    I use good philips and kodak media (both rated 16 X).

    now, I know that the drive is only rated at 8 X max. But I can't even reach 6 X.

    A firmware update would solve this?

    Thank you very much.


    To my knowledge, some burning applications control the burning speed to obtain the best possible results from burning
    As you probably n t know the speed of combustion higher risk of burn errors
    I burn my DVD only using a single 1 x speed.

    Then I can be sure that all DVD players would be able to play the burned DVD.


  • T400 problem with slow speed internet wireless. Help, please


    Just got my new T400 (276581U) and I am very happy with it. However, he has a problem. I searched extensively in this area and other forums, but have not found the solution. So any input or help would be greatly appreciated.

    upload and download speed is very slow when connected to wireless broadband. Measures download speed 1 Mbit/s on, while two other computers (XP and Vista) reach speeds 6 Mbit/s on the same network wireless download.

    I tested the computer via LAN and here it downloads at normal speed of 6 Mbps.

    OS: Windows 7
    Network cards:
    Intel 82567LF Gigabit network connection (driver version:
    Intel Wifi Link 5100 AGN (driver version:

    I have download all the latest drivers on the Lenovo support site. The pilot Gigabit Network Connection, I downloaded however Intel, as there is no driver windows 7 on Lenovo website. The Intel driver has improved my connection to the local network (before that I could not download the full site content) and it has not changed my connection Wireless for the better or worse.

    Wireless configuration:
    Wireless g connected to the modem access point high speed
    So, to access internet, I need to connect twice, first the access point, and then click the modem to broadband. This configuration works on two other computers in the House. The lenovo is however not seem to recognize that I am online, even when I am. The symbol "not connected" is always displayed in the toolbar, and diagnostic tests tell me that I'm not online. That might relate to the problem.

    Thanks for reading this. I hope that some kind soul can help.

    pass under the power manager find advanced settings and then look for the Manager of the electric network... its value usually on the default energy savings

  • Need help troubleshooting transformation slow speed on my new iMac

    New iMac, purchased in August 2015, worked well until this week. Now, everything happens very slowly. Color wheel, slow, typing speed, applications crashing, etc.

    It's an iMac with 1.4 GHZ Intel Core i5 and 8 GB of memory. From this moment, I have 433.16 free BG to 498.93.

    I just upgraded to 10.11.1, but the speed slowed down before the upgrade.

    I have a suspicion of naivety that recent web video game adventures of my son may have something to do with the slow down. He's young, and he may have clicked on somehing involuntarily. Is there a way to eliminate unintentional downloads? Other suggestions?

    Thank you!

    It is likely that you are right, but you can download Entrecheck to make sure.

    Post your results in this thread.

  • HP Pavilion 15-p253nu: HP Pavilion 15-p253nu WiFi slow speed


    I bought this laptop HP Pavilion p253nu 15 last month and after discussion here - finally found drivers for W7x64. everything is OK, but when I download something big, I see that the maximum download speed is around 30mbps with WiFi. I use the router TP-Link TL-WR941ND and my ISP gives me a speed of 100 Mbit/s via an optical connection. Before this laptop, I used an Intel 5100 WiFi chip and it has no problems - maximum download speed was about 90-95 Mbps (used and real download a torrent). My girlfriend is connected through a router to the same UTP cable and the speed is the same - 90 - 95 Mbps.

    The question is: why is the maximum speed of this chip BCM43142 so slow? And is it possible to change it? I think for the replacement with a 802.11ac Broadcom chip...

    Okay, I bought Linksys WRT1900AC + 7260AC from Intel, but the problem was not resolved. Finally I found antenna internal for laptop HP, just stuck on the bottom plastic (there are little space), connected to the wifi chip and everything was OK.

    So, I think that the manufacturer HP should check this problem, because it is very uncomfortable to have slow wifi speed due to the single internal wifi antenna...

  • Qualcomm Atheros QCA61x4 Wireless Network Adapter driver gives a slow speed.

    I bought aspire V3 - 574 G-54VY a month back. It runs on windpws 10 64-bit. There is a problem with the Qualcomm Atheros QCA61x4 Wireless Network Adapter. Whenever I update the driver to version I face extremely slow internet. But when I go back to the previous version of the driver i.e., the speed is correct. Can someone help me with this issue, because I'm not able to determine whether or not I have a defective laptop. The center of same service replaced the wifi card, but always the same question comes up. Thanks in advance.

    Hi guys Finally I found the problem with the help of a technician

    The problem was with power settings. When the laptop is plugged in, he took the full speed and slow battery mode. The solution is:

    Goto settings-> system-> power and sleep-> additional power settings-> settings of plan (plan selected)


    Search for Goto-> type Control Panel-> hardware and sound-> Power Options->-> change the parameters of the plan (plan selected)


    change power settings advance-> adapter settings-> power saving mode-> Set battery maximum performance wireless

    Check your speed now (if necessary reboot)

    I am now using the updated driver and internet high speed is correct.

  • Podcasts on slow speed?

    I have a 8 GB new Fuze and I noticed something weird.  The podcasts I downloaded are half, or a fraction, speed reading and for his idle.  Has anyone else encountered this problem?  Is there a fix or I would stay the * bleep * thing?

    See you soon

    by default, the playspeed for podcasts is set to slow. Simply click on the sub-menu (at the bottom of the scroll wheel) button and set the speed to normal.

  • Linksys E3000 cause Internet slow speed

    I came home yesterday and my Internet is very slow. Later, I discovered that it was because of my Linksys E3000 because if I don't have my E3000 and go directly to a cable modem, it works fine.

    I tried to reconfigure, firmware upgrade, factory reset and none of them worked. So, what happens? Any sugestion is much appreciated.

    Well, I finally highlight at the origin of this problem. It was RapidDrive from Rapidshare. As soon as I remove this piece of junk on my computer, everything works fine and fast again. I have this program that runs in the background on all my computers. Thus, makes it harder to solve. As soon as I remove, I tried running 8.5 Squeeze, he always gave me the error but my Internet speed is not slowing down.

Maybe you are looking for