T2300 scans leaving a vertical white line

When scanning, a white vertical line on a width of 5 pixels is on the exit on the left side of the page.

I was about to order the CIS component to the far left or the Narcotics Control Board. Everything has been cleaned.

Should I try the CIS elements is on the left with one directly to the right of switching?

Sorry for the not to return to the instance in a case in a timely.

I swapped the bad CIS 'A' element with the element 'E '.

Problem solved.

The bad LED now overlaps with the CIS below and to the right element.

Very easy to work.

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  • Satellite C70 - A - 16 L - 3 vertical white lines in display

    Laptop Toshiba Satelite =
    Model: C70 - A - 16 L

    Yesterday I noticed a vertical white line on the right side of the screen, running from the top to the bottom, this morning there are 3 lines about 1 cm apart.

    This may be the cause?

    The lines are all located above the powerbutton on the screen that they do no when go further I move the screen.
    Laptop was purchased in April

    These lines are visible on the 2nd external monitor?
    If not, then the graphics card is OK and your internal monitor seems to be affected.

    I think that in this case that the display needs to be replaced.

  • vertical white line on the printed document

    A vertical white line appears on all printouts.  The text print normally on the white line on color documents. on black and white documents, white interrupted the printed text, how this can be fixed?

    I use a portable printer Officejet 8500 a Premium with Windows 7 Ultimate.  However, the problem has resolved spontaneously.  I cleaned and aligned several times and my assistant copy a number of documents on the printer and then printing my document there was no evidence of the vertical white line.  Thank you very much for your help.

  • Satellite M30-853 - vertical white lines or black spots on the screen


    I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite M30 - 853 during nearly four years. A few days already, I'm having a problem that they come from the white lines vertical or black spots or screen is smear when I am trying to move a window from time to time. My wireless adapter is in use.

    The vicinity of processor, video card and wireless network card are very hot. My cooling fan is starting and stopping, but I'm not sure of its effectiveness.

    I disassembled the laptop to clean it if there is little to dust, but I found it in very good condition. Anyway, the problem persists and I am looking for decision. Someone told me that probably that's because of the defective video card memory. It's strange to me because the problem is not permanent it is often and if I try to cool the surface it disappears.

    I'd appreciate any suggestions.

    In my opinion, these issues must be verified correctly. This can be done using different diagnostic tools. It is important to know what the problem cases.
    Of course, it has something to do with the temperature of material and graphics card. Sorry but I'm really skeptical, you can do something alone. Maybe you should seek professional help.

  • Satellite M65-S9063 - vertical white lines appearing at the bottom of the screen!

    Hi all - ideas...

    Model M65-S9063 about 3 weeks ago a white vertical line appeared to the bottom of the screen, it's around a mil thick.

    Then yesterday a second is appeared, a little thinner this time. They are still there even after a reboot! It does not appear that any video is displayed as they are always white. I was wondering maybe graphics card? Or maybe the LCD itself?

    Has anyone seen this before?

    Thank you very much


    You simply determine the reason for this question. Connect an external monitor to the laptop and see what happens.
    If you see the same error on the external display, it s a map or graphic display driver problem. If you don t have this problem on the external screen, you must go to an authorized service provider to swap the internal display.

    If you use a driver display Toshiba not you must remove it and test it with Toshiba drivers.

    I hope I could help a bit.

    Good bye

  • HP Officejet Pro 8000 printer range makes the vertical white lines

    My HP Officejet Pro 8000 printer makes white vertical lines around text and photos.  What can I do?  I use Windows 7.  As far as I can see, the print heads don't need to be changed. Cleaning them would help? If so, how can I clean them? Thank you.


    You can try the steps listed in this document:

    Troubleshooting print quality problems

    Let me know if it helps

  • my screen has vertical white line about 1.5 inches what casuses it and what I can do

    the computer works fine, but the vertical line on the screen about 1.5 inch on the left side does not go away making it and can it be fixed

    Hi Mina,

    1. which version of the Windows operating system is installed on the computer?

    2. Since when are you facing this problem?

    3. is it a laptop or a desktop computer?

    If the line is there since the first part of start-up (before Windows started in fact), the problem is with the screen itself.

    This is most likely a hardware problem. You can connect another monitor if it is a desktop computer or connect an external monitor, if it's a laptop to check the issue.

  • Broke the screen on Satellite Pro P100 - 1 1/2 "vertical white line

    I have a Satellite Pro P100 which is only 21 months old and have recently acquired a white strip to the bottom of my screen which is located near Center. I looked into the possible solutions for this and followed the instructions carefully to see if it was a software problem which he seems not to be. The only possible solution seems to be to get the screen replaced. I would like to know if there are many of you who have had this same problem because I'm disgusted that I need to get this replaced so early in his life.

    I don't even use my phone as a laptop (IE it transport etc.) it is simply sitting on my desk at home. I just checked my warranty and apparently it was submitted only for 12 months! Just my luck!

    If anyone has any suggestions on how to best to argue my case with Toshiba in get this replaced for free then the answers are welcome.

    See you soon,.

    > Only possible solution seems to be to get the screen replaced

    Either it's a display or the fault of the graphics card!
    You can try to connect the external monitor to test if the same would appear on the second monitor.
    If the question seems not on the external monitor then it s not a graphics card issue but possible display of the laptop problem.
    In this case, the authorized service provider should be able to provide more details and how to fix it.

    Good luck

  • White line to help align the clips?

    There used to be a vertical white line with arrows that would leap upward when I was dragging a clip at the beginning/end of another clip on my calendar... but now it is no longer present. Anyone know how I can go back this feature?

    He was very helpful in cutting accidentally seconds when I drag a clip to the end of another...

    I think you're looking for the snap.

    Make sure that the icon with the magnet is pressed.

  • HP Officejet 8040: White line, do not print, vertically when printing from HP Officejet 8040 all in one.

    The white line appears when I print. This has nothing to do with the scan or copy.

    It's about everything that I print and sound always vertical and in the same place.  The Interior of the 8040 seems pretty locked. Not much to go and see what it could be at this place in the printer. I ran the vacuum cleaner at least 5 times and the alignment of 3 times. Help, please.

    The problem you see may be caused by a spot on the MICR band.  You can clean the Strip as shown in the here document coding.  Be aware that the coding Strip is fragile and there are fine lines, printed on the Strip that are essential to the proper functioning of the printer.  Be very gently when cleaning of the band, if you're too vigirous band (and printer) will be damaged.

  • White lines now appear on photos scanned after many analyses of the quality. Problem?

    Scanner large Format - Windows Vista - HP Officejet 7500 did good job with a lot of pictures but now 3 or 4 white lines appear in each of them.  Ideas?

    It may be a small amount of residue on the glass and needs to be cleaned. Check the steps in the document found here to solve the problems of quality of scan.

    Let me know how it goes.

  • OfficeJet L7680 - thick horizontal white lines when printing faxes and fed through copies

    Fine prints from the computer.

    Print fine, but now when you print a fax or copy a fed, I'm thick horizontal white lines making it impossible to read some of the impression.

    It was suggested to me to uninstall and then reinstall as a power surge may have corrupted a file create this problem. Cannot figure out how unintall it. It does not appear in my program announcements. to remedy this, I downloaded an updated driver. Did not help.

    Hello sz6,.

    Looks like you may need to clean the lid of the scanner printer and it's other components.

    See this troubleshooting article for step by step instructions.

    Vertical stripes, lines or streaks on Copies, faxes or scan

    This article can also help to solve your problem.

    Received faxes are empty or have vertical lines

    Articles specifically mention the vertical lines, but given that printing works very well and it has only the faxes or scans I think that information is still valid.

  • Vertical blue lines on Qosmio G10

    My G10 never left the House he's even sitting on a desk to purchase since last Christmas. I had finished work one night and come home. The laptop turned on and I tried a game for the first time that I used it to send invoices and word primarily. My brother gave me (Doom) and have installed the game I played it because I guess an hour, before leaving the game. I put music on it while eating the usual thing of tea. I noticed that the music had stopped and inspecting why? the screen was black with the fans on and the blue light? What had happened that I didn't have to suspend modes to operate?

    I couldn't do anything using CTRL ALT DELETE. I had to turn it off. I managed to do start up to the Qosmio logo but there was blue vertical double lines from left to right through the logo then the screen went black. I knew that this was no viruses because we have two PC an older one that is used with the e-mail, etc.. I was able to reinstall the CD drive / Qosmio recovery as advised, but the problem was the same. But most of the time, it just lights up and remains black screen, not even a beep? After a while, it shuts it

    When I turn on the unit it has black screen and logo will come with these lines. The unit can not even start in safe mode. Why after all just a year to happen something like this?

    I noticed that some users have similar problems. I also noticed that this model has been interrupted in many places. Why? Is there a known hardware problem?

    Tomorrow I will call Toshiba, or perhaps to write e-mail and ask if there are known hardware malfunction.

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    Hello Christian

    I found a few topics on this forum with a similar content. I assume that there are some known problems with the graphics card. Please contact your dealer or service partner Toshiba and they will give you more information about it.

    I have also read that some models Qosmio will become most recent and the best map graphic when it should be replaced. I put t know if it will happen with your unit too but you can read under http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=10944&messageID=42211

    Like I said before contact please Toshiba authorized partner in your country.

  • Satellite L450D-113 - white line appeared

    Hi guys, hope someone can help with.

    Earlier this evening a white line appeared on my laptop. Down on the right side from top to bottom, is located at the top of any open window and task/tool downstairs bar. Also, the mouse pointer disappears behind it. I made a stop and restart, the line back to the Welcome screen, I also rolled back the driver display and re-installed the last updated and all this has done is to remover my desktop image and leaves me with a black background. The only thing I have not tried is to connect to an external monitor.

    System Spec
    Windows 7 64 bit
    AMD Sempron if-42 2.10 GHz
    3 GB Ram
    ATI Radeon HD 3200 graphics card

    Someone at - he hints or tips?

    Cheers in advance


    Hi Chris,

    > The only thing I have not tried is to connect to an external monitor.
    But in my opinion, you should try this. So you can identify it of a malfunctioning of the internal display or mother/graphics card.
    Check this box!

    In my opinion, it seems to be a spurious material and so contact the nearest authorized service provider to get rid of this.

    The latest Toshiba display driver is installed?

  • Scan and copy quality - unwanted line

    I have a C7280 into one bought in late 2007, connected to a Mac running OSX 10.5.8. When I scan or copy using the document feeder, recently, I started to have a single, perfectly straight black line (not a streak or finger) on the left side of each page. This happens not when I use the scan or copy window, or when I print a document the computer off. I followed the solutions 1 and 2 in self-help customer service, but the problem remains. Please notify.

    Hello DB99

    Function of the printer, there is usually a bunch of small glass or a box in the ADF, sometimes it can be missed. If you can locate I would say clean it according to the instructions. Like the article I believe that you read indicated if Solution 1 and 2 does not work Solution 3 is that it should be repaired.

    Vertical stripes, lines or streaks on Copies, faxes or scan

Maybe you are looking for