T42 - made component video via VGA card supported?

I want to connect my T42 to my home theater receiver. I started to buy a (receiver) component cable VGA (from T42) but please make sure that T42 video card compatible with it. Anyone know?

you have an as left and right analog audio input on the receiver? You must use the headphone port out of the T42.

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    You helped me very much iam thank ful you.

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    Thanks for the help.  I had fixed to date through the tool and the info of the performance.  Find where it says new hardware installed, click on repair, I did and it worked.  I don't know what caused the problem, but my game index had fallen to 1 and came back up to 3.3.  Thanks for the help. P. W. O'Malley

  • cards video & vga cards

    Hi all, I need help, im trying to set up my laptop through television, I got an s-video cable, but it does not work, I did some research and found out that I need a video card, so I looked in get a cable vga and discovered I need a vga card, how can I tell if my computer is an of these I would appreciate your help on this.

    to answer this question you need to find your model computer to computer mfgr website and take a look at the specifications of most computers have a vga vga built as to connect to an external monitor
    to watch tv, you'll also need a tuner like you card will be bypassing the tv tuner, they are cheap enough and connect it to the usb port... If this post can help solve your problem, please click the mark as answer check on this page it helps people who need quick access to answers THANKS AND GOOD LUCK

  • Import video camera via sd card

    I have a Canon HD HF 100 camcorder equipped with a SanDisk Ultra SDHC 8 GB card. When I try to import via SD card on my Acer Aspire 5920 it will not read the card. I don't have my camera to the laptop cable connections. (Left at home I thought that SD card port would be enough). I'm doing something wrong. is there a driver I need to install or something?

    Help please?

    I have a Canon HD HF 100 camcorder equipped with a SanDisk Ultra SDHC 8 GB card. When I try to import via SD card on my Acer Aspire 5920 it will not read the card. I don't have my camera to the laptop cable connections. (Left at home I thought that SD card port would be enough). I'm doing something wrong. is there a driver I need to install or something?

    Help please?

    I think that you will need to connect the camera to the way
    USB cable.

    SDHC is not in your card reader specifications:

    There is a driver card reader for your computer to the
    After the site, but it is dated 2008-12-03 so I suspect it
    may be the same as that currently installed.

    Acer support - drivers

    Maybe worth a try at Acer by email to get advice:

    Acer Support by Emailhttp://support.acer.com/us/en/email.aspx John Inzer - MS - MVP - Digital Media Experience - Notice_This is not tech support_I'm volunteer - Solutions that work for me may not work for you - * proceed at your own risk *.

  • Sims 3 (win7) and "device 0 cannot run this title, no video graphics card supported not detected."


    I just got the Sims 3 for Christmas, and I can't get it started.

    I just bought a new p7-1126 of hp computer that meets all the reqs as documented on the site of AMD System. (win7 64 bit, 1 TB hd, 6 GB ram, amd quad core 2.4 GHz processor)

    This computer has an amd radeon hd 6550d graph with / 3 gb (I think) (which is more than 128 MB recommended)

    and the drivers are up to date.

    I get the error message "device 0 cannot run this title, no video graphics card supported not detected" and I can't seem to do anything to solve this problem.

    I've uninstalled and reinstalled the Sims3 deluxe/ambitions three times now, with the expansion of ambitions installed so the third time.

    I did a lot of other things as suggested in line when I did research but nothing works.

    Help is appreciated and I hope we can get this fixed a problem. Thank you!!


    Please provide information of the log of the event viewer.

    Information on the Event Viewer log shows that there is a problem with your memory (0xc0000005 error code).

    I suggest you run a diagnosis of memory on your computer and check if all goes well.

    Click on the links below and follow the instructions on the article to test memory on your computer.



    Provide us additional information. So that we can help solve you the problem on your computer.

    Hope this information helps you.

  • Satellite A80 - video controller (VGA Compatible) driver missing


    Recently, I reformatted my laptop Satellite A80 recently and after you have reinstalled Windows XP, the video controller (VGA Compatible) driver is missing under my devices. I tried to search the Internet and the Toshiba site, but found nothing suitable.

    My graphics card is ATI Radeon X 300.

    Can someone give me some advice?

    Thank you!



    Driver can be downloaded from Toshiba support page - http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com > support & downloads but under product type, you must choose the option ARCHIVE.

    The strange thing is that you wrote that your laptop has ATI graphics inside card.
    Are you sure about that?
    What Satellite A80 did you exactly (A80 - xxx)?

  • VGA card uprade

    I know it sounds strange, but I found on the internet that there are some laptops that can be upgraded (VGA card).

    My product is HP Pavilion g6-2288sx Notebook PC. I have 4 GB of ram, 320 GB drive and processor 2.4 GHz Intel Core i3 - 3110M. For more details about this product, you can visit this website: -.


    The question is if my system is scalable or not so just.

    Thank you MNUH.


    Some of them can, and many of them cannot. My old Dell XPS 17 has 2 video cards and I can update both (must be the same in order to work properly). Unfortunately, you can not upgrade video card on your machine, it is only equipped with a video chip that is soldered to the motherboard.

    Kind regards.

  • VGA card Proplem after installing Win 7

    my HP Pavilion dv6-6c60se

    When I install Win 7 its market not recognize intel Amd card or in Device Manager the task intel and Amd card are named a standard VGA card, please help


    Please reread my post above...

    DO not install the driver from Intel. It is the graphics card Intel for laptops with only models.

    The AMD driver installed two video drivers as he says on the information page of the driver AMD, which I copied and pasted below...


    This package provides the AMD graphics driver high definition (HD) and Catalyst Control Center for models of laptop computers that are running an operating system supported. For laptops equipped with switchable graphics modes, this package includes drivers for two graphics (GPU). Switchable graphics allow users to switch between a graphical power mode (normally used under the power of the battery) and a mode of graphics performance. If the video output high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) is supported, this package also installs the HDMI Audio Driver.
  • Graphics cards supported for LRTP-(Puffer2-UL8E)?


    Does anyone know how I can be what graphics cards that i made up s supported by my moderboard in a Pavilion d1291.se

    The Council is LRTP - LA or PTGD1-(Puffer2-UL8E), I think the difference is that my Board of Directors has a port PCIe x 16 and that's as much info about graphic video support can I obtain frpm HPs specifications. The acctual BIOS is 3.28 dated 2006-05-10 and the last version awailable. Will be my kind of al Council PCIe card support or is it limited to the pci-e version 1.0?

    Since HP probably wont uppdate BIOS ASUS did this card specially for HP I guess that a new won´t card be supported? Saw the comments od need to uppgrade bios in other forums, but as far as concerns the other plates. What can I get that will be handle h264 decoding and allowing me to play full HD 1080 p material / I? With no other Exchange components. Details of the configuration of the spring.

    I m happy for the al and help entry.

    Pentium 4 560 (P) HT 3.6 GHz:
    800 MHz front side bus
    Socket 775
    will replace since 1080 p / i is trolling (GeForce 6800 256 memory DDR PCI-E x 16)

    Map of its SoundBlaster Audigy 2 ZS, Dolby 5.1
    500 GB (2 X 250) SATA, 7200 RPM

    2 x 512, 240-pin, DDR2 SDRAM


    400W PSU.

    A very good card which is a single slot card is the NVIDIA GT 240 1 GB DDR5.  This map showed will good old PC compatibility.  However, check with the manufacturer of the card to ensure that it will be compatible with your PC.

    Find out what the return policy is before you buy.

  • Satellite P200D - 11L - VGA card is dead


    My VGA on my Satellite P200D card just died. It has been overheating for a while with several abrupt closing of the bottom, but I have finals. This model has a very poor cooling, the design is very underrated. I thought that there was dirt on the inside, but when I took it out it was not. It was clean. The cooling block disappeared, but clean.

    Someone know what video card is compatible with my laptop and where can I get a cheap replacement?

    The serial number of my laptop: Satellite P200D - 11L, S/n: 97397677K
    My VGA card details: VGA BOARD M76 256 S/N: K000056620

    Thanks for any help.

    To be honest I don't think that you can choose between several different graphics cards. I have the same model of laptop, use it for 3 years now and it works perfectly so I don't agree with your opinion on bad cooling. Who knows how to use it?

    On the design of the portable equipment, it's that it is really difficult to find spare parts, except the RAM or HARD drive. You can find the whole motherboard, but I don't think you can order somewhere new graphics as part separately. In this case the whole motherboard will be exchanged.

    Try eBay. Maybe you will be lucky and find something.



    I'm currently using a GeForce FX5200 PCI 128 MB VGA card on my pc and it worked very well for many years, today I bought the GeForce FX5500 PCI VGA 256 MB card and I had six beeps with red light flushing flushing (video error) on start-up after installing it.

    When I drove to the store to return the card, they tested it for me and it worked perfectly on other machines, but this still does not work on mine. Is there something that I should change or configure it to work?

    If this card is not compatible with my model, please advise on a good upgrade for Compaq dc7100 slimline Desktop VGA card which is 256 MB or higher.

    Thank you

    SneedoGP, if you are certain that the card is installed properly, it may be that the power supply unit (PSU) has not enough power to power the card correctly.  The PSU is 200W.  I don't know all the cards that will be an upgrade that will work correctly with this power.

    Here is the "Technical reference Guide"to the computer.

  • Update video controller (VGA Compatible) on Tecra 9000

    Recently, I bought a used Toshiba Tecra 9000.
    The computer has WIN XP SP2, and I would like to know how I can update (video controller/VGA Compatible).

    Thanks for your help

    Hello Isabelita

    Sorry, but I didn't understand your good ad. You wrote on a problem, but from your description, you just want to update the display driver. I'm wrong, or maybe I misunderstood something? I put t see any problem here.

    Good driver, you can find on the download page of Toshiba Tecra 9000 has® S3 SuperSavage/IXC video card. Install it and graphics card runs correctly.

    If you think that I misunderstood your ad please explain exactly what is the State of the graphics card in Device Manager, and you want to do exactly.

    Good bye

  • STR-DH520 component video

    I just moved into a house where they have a line consisting of the closet to the tv area. I have a Sony Bravia HD TV which has been great to work for a few years. I don't want to pull a HDMI cable in the tube where the sons of component are so I went and bought a Sony STF-DH520 a / audiovisual receiver. I hang a DVD and a Comcast HDMI in HDMI input on the receiver ports and plug a HDMI to the TV output. Works very well.

    I then try to use the Monitor Out on the receiver and connect a component video (red, blue, green) and I get no video on the TV. Then I try just the (composite) video cable to the video output on the back of the av receiver and no luck there.

    Did I miss something until I take this thing back to the store? Page 21 of the manual shows that I can have a HDMI or Component out to my TV output. It should work.
    http://store.Sony.com/wcsstore/SonyStyl... 248878.PDF

    Thanks for any help,

    from page 22 in your manual
    "Entry of video signals to HDMI IN may
    only be transmitted via the HDMI TV OUTPUT
    Jack. Video input signals cannot be
    exit through the VIDEO OUT jacks or
    MONITOR OUT taken. »
    I think it is the way that most all receivers work. I would run the HDMI.

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