T450 not DETECT 2nd screen after upgrade Win10

I upgraded today to win 8.1 to Win10. My T450 has a second screen (Dell, about 5-6 years) connected via a docking station Thinkpad USB. Second screen worked well under 8.1, but now it is not detected. I've improved the display drivers (graphics are Intel 5500) and Bios but no joy so far.

Any help much appreciated!


Sorted! Solution has been updated to the drivers for the USB docking station, can be found here:


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  • Dynadock U3.0 has not detected 2nd screen to help to win 8

    I don't want to return this product, but if I can't solve this problem I don't have many choices.

    I have Windows 8 Preview of consumer and Dynadock U3.0

    The mouse and keyboard work fine. The second screen was working fine for a few days, but suddenly stopped working after having to reboot my system.

    I have install the driver of Windows 8 Beta. I tried to uninstall and reinstall it, but this does not resolve the issue. My computer does not recognize the USB cable is connected to the computer is the dynadock. The Dynadock screen icon does not appear automatically.

    In view > resolution of the screen, my computer does not detect that a second screen is plugged.

    If I plug the screen directly into my computer, it works fine.

    When I try to install the driver while he is already installed, a message appears saying 'DisplayLink DisplayLink Graphics Software is already up-to-date.

    I tried to restart and re - plug in the USB. Nothing has worked yet.

    > I have Windows 8 Preview of consumer and Dynadock U3.0

    I think the problem is you are using Win 8
    I imagine that there are some compatibility issues as Win 8 is not official on the market

    You have the same problem with Win 7?

  • Yoga 3 11 no. Rotation of the screen after upgrade WIN10

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    Thank you!

    Mod edit: editing the model name.

    Dear comrades!

    Problem solved! Just uninstall Transition... And my Yoga works perfectly!

    Thank you!

  • Black screen after upgrading to Windows 10

    I upgraded from win 8 to win 8.1 and charge upward to my connection. Once I connect the stage is empty with no office or whatever it is. My only access was with the Task Manager and from there I was able to get to the control panel but I can't restore to previous Winows. I was able to get online and I tried to switch to the window 10 and it loaded but unfortunately do not have a product code to win 8. And I don't have a product code to win 10 or win 8.1.

    can help me, thanks



    I realize the inconvenience that you are having with your PC, as the screen goes black after you log in. I will certainly help you to question.

    I suggest you refer to the suggestion of Sharath Srinivasa on August 7th, 2015:


    Hope this information helps.

    Please get back to us with an update on the issue, we will be happy to help you.

  • HP Pavilion 17 Laptop: Unable to get the second screen after upgrade to Windows 10


    I upgraded Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 yesterday.

    Up to now the double screen/second screen was working fine after upgrade my projector not able to identify my laptop.

    When I select the Windows key + P I get the message error "your PC can't project to another screen. Try to reinstall the driver or by selecting the different video card"

    On my device-> graphics cards Manager, I see only Microsoft Basic graphics card.

    Can someone help what driver should I install? Also ask you to provide the link for the driver to download the same.

    Thank you best regards &,.


    Here are the technical details:


    It is HD4400 Intel graphics

    Try the Intel driver update utility:


    Download drivers HP pages not available right now.

  • C855 satellite can not boot from battery after upgrading W8-W10 Home >

    Hi all

    I have a problem really strang after upgrade my C855 Satellite of Windows 8 to 10 of windows. After the upgrade, I can't boot my system of battery only. With the adapter, I had no poblem.

    I bought a new battery, but it still had the same problem. Cannot start system battery only.

    The following steps, I was

    • Got the latest Bios Update
    • Used a new battery
    • Do the powerless laptop (detach battery and adapter) and hold the power button for 15-20 seonds. After that return battery and adapter
    • Do seals in my power, parameters of balanced energy vice versa

    Is there anyone who has had the same problem or can advise me?

    Thanks in advance for the help

    Hi Repairlab

    You are not alone. I currently have a C50 Sat with exactly the same problem, with the exception of the upgrade. My problem started before I upgraded to 10. Like you, I can start with the battery and using taking current, but which is rubbish for a laptop.
    I didn't upgrade the bios but the laptop does not recognize when the battery is connected and the bios update tool continues to ask for it (VERY annoying ToshIba if you already read your forums).
    I was trawl through these forums looking for a solution, but there are 0 replies on the vast majority of positions. Not even ToshIba engineers seem to have a presence.

    In any case, did you ever solved the problem, and if so can you please share?

    Thank you.

  • Wireless button not work (orange rest) after upgradation from windows 8

    the orange wifi light does not change to white light after upgrade to windows 8 windows edition OS Home premium. I don't use the pavilion dv6-7011tx laptop, my product. is. B0P39PA #ACJ this is very frustrating as theres no wifi as well as bluetooth connectivity, the solution button wireless key doesn't help. HP guys please give a solution that we expect more than a month.

    If you open Device Manager (key Windows + X and select Device Manager) and see an unknown device with the following details as in the picture.  I had the same bad experience when I upgraded my Hp Envy17-3002ea loan last weekend.

    then download and install sp59720 should do the trick.

    Best regards


  • Drive external DRIVE not detected (2 PCs), after turning off the PC during the error checking

    I ran properties/tools/error-check on a (regularly used to back up this PC XP) external HARD drive. After 2 days, error checking was still running and not even 1/3 way 4th Phase but I need PC. It was not possible to stop "Error Check" from the dialog box then I tried Task Manager/Applications, which said that nothing worked, so I turned off the PC.

    When I restarted the PC, external HARD disk was not in my computer. Control Panel of configuration/addition does not see it no more. However, when I plug / unplug the station. HDD USB cable, the computer makes a noise and is also recognized in "Device safely Shut Down" as a USB storage device mass (but no drive letter). I tried to start/run/Cmd/Diskpart/List Disk and it is not listed.

    NB. I checked the post. HARD drive on a Linux PC, which also does not detect not, then it is certainly the post. Drive HARD, not the XP PC.

    Can offer you any advice?


    · What is the number and the model of the hard drive?

    As you mentioned that the issue isn't with the operating system but with the drive hard, for better support I suggest you to contact the manufacturer of the hard drive.

    You can also get in touch with any local technician who can help you with the same.

  • I have a white screen after upgrade windows 8.1 on HP Pavilion 15-e092se

    I have the blank screen, mouse pointer only works after upgrade windows windows on HP Pavilion 15-e092se 8.1.

    Any help please.

    Yes you are right

    I had installed version of bad for graphics drivers intel so I opend laptop in safe mode and then deleted bad drivers after that I restarted the laptop, then it opened again, once disappeared from the blank screen I installed the latest version of the graphics drivers intel BIOS driver from following link:


    or you can download graphics drivers intel Web site to intel.

    Thank you

  • PSC 2510i AIO: NOT more than scan after upgrade to Snow Leopard


    After upgrading to Snow Leopard, I can't find my scan feature.

    I tried to different paths:

    1. install such as proposed through the Apple software update: no scanner not found, printing is working A-OK

    2. install HP_Installer_PSC2500_v9.7.dmg: does not work, gives errors.

    Removed all and re-installed the Apple / drivers HP through software update

    I've tested the HW, works fine, can sweep on the machine itself, but it is not a solution.

    I am enough fan of this machine, 100% over the years in the home network.

    Does anyone have a suggestion?

    Appreciate your help :-)

    Thank you!

    Hey the HP team.

    Just got an update of the printer HP by Apple and yes I can see the PSC2510i
    And Scan.

    It crashed a few times, but I guess that the reports will reach the development team.

    I am happy!
    I can disconnect and stop the Windows laptop...

    AND!  not even an additional feature!

    Multiples of scanning.
    It distinguises different objects, makes life much easier.

    Thanks again


  • Buttons development missing the bottom screen after upgrade to apex 4.2.2



    After upgrading my apex-environment 4.1 to 4.2, everything seems to work properly.
    But once the connection as a developer, I don't see my development at the bottom of the screen buttons.

    Indicates the State of the Application Properties "available with edit links" and the status of the build is "run and build the application.

    What I'm missing here?


    Published by: 1004327 on 6-mei-2013 07:39

    Hi Chris,

    you might have run into the bug #16769040. I already asked David Peake to update the 4.2.2 known issues with an explanation. In short, install the patch group may lead to an inconsistency with an instance parameter (INSTANCE_ID) and cookies from generator, which translates into a missing Developer toolbar. If this is the problem on your instance, it can be corrected by running (as a SYS):


    Kind regards

  • Sattelite L50 - B - 1 P 1 after upgrade win10

    Hello I have a P L50-B-1 1 computer laptop and I have a few problems after upgrading windows 10
    1 video R7 driver missing so no present catalyst so I weak and box spring and frezess in games
    2 voice garbeld microphone when recording

    I know that the series is interrupted, but there should be some sort of fix for the problems I have atm experience.

    I don't want to go down to wind 8.1/7

    What are your exact specifications, processor, RAM and OS type 32-bit/64-bit

    According to what it is, you may be able to use the new Crimson AMD drivers instead. I have a L50D-C - 13 G and I abandoned the catalyst for Crimson drivers drivers and my machine is running great. I have a R6 of Carrizo A10 - 8700P with windows 8.1 and it works very well for me. The driver lists the compatible hardware, read it and see if your machine is supported.


  • Installation does not detect 2nd HDD in NMH305 THAT do not

    Hi all, tried searching but without success.

    Just took my Media Hub that comes with a 500 GB HARD drive.

    Tried to install a 1 to HARD drive I had cannibalize my Seagate FreeAgent desk but it does not detect my NAS.

    I missed a step of configuration somewhere?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

    TIA! =)

    Try to erase/delete all existing partitions on the hard drive 1 TB before putting it inside the mediahub, if it has been used before inside the FreeAgent Desk then there is another system of files that understand not the mediahub.

    See you soon.

  • Want to 700-021eo. : 15-one smart card reader will not work or show after upgrade to Win10

    15-one smart card reader worked fine under WIN 8.1 but after that upgrade to Win10 it does not appear in the list of devices. I have tried to find drivers but don't know if it's a unit of HP or Realtek or whatever. Any suggestions?

    Kind regards


    Hello @Eyka,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support! It's a good place to find the help you need, so many other users, the HP experts and other members of the support staff.

    I understand that you have a problem with the smart card reader and wanted to help you!  I see that this problem started after the upgrade of OS Windows 10.

    It seems that there are no Windows 10 drivers available for your product on the HP site.  It seems that Windows 10 drivers can be pushed through Windows Update.  Alternatively, you can try to check this site as well:

    HP products - where to find Windows 10 drivers and software for my model?

    If you have problems to install the drivers, you can use the tool on the following site:

    Open the Windows Update troubleshooting tool

    It is possible that the drivers are not available for your product.  If this is the case, or the drivers you found do not work, try to use the solutions on this site to work around the problem and let me know how it goes: how: install and update drivers in Windows 10

    Please let me know if this information helps you solve the problem by marking this message as 'accept as Solution', this will help others easily find the information they seek.  In addition, by clicking on the Thumbs up below is a great way to say thank you!

    Have a great weekend!

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