T500: w7 is black lcd?

Hello community,

My first post here.

I have a T500 2055-5 with 32-bit w7.

The problem I have with this man, is that the screen becomes black after I connect to it.

The LCD works fine when the T500 is turned on, all the way into the log on screen for w7, but after that the journal in it blackens.

The LCD works fine in also integrated security mode.

When I connect to an external monitor (crt) for the t500 I have the same behavior, the external monitor goes black after that I connect to w7.

What can I do to fix this? In integrated security mode I tried to install the latest driver for the Intel chip, but that was not possible.

My best regards


I will try to reinstall the graphics drivers in safe mode. Something may have messed up the GPU drivers.

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    THX in advance


    It seems that your device uses only the external display. Did you change the graphics settings in the graphics properties or with the FN keys?
    As far as I know you can use the FN + F5 key combination to switch between display devices. In addition, you should check if the Display 2 in graph properties is not used a primary monitor.

    Good bye

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    If I start laptop anchored, can be seen on the external monitor and the built-in lcd screen.
    If I'm undocked stars, starts windows and lcd goes black. It is out for external monitor if I connect one expiration correct lcd.

    Swtiching function keys doesn´t works, as if undertand lcd is correct (but there is only a black lcd screen).
    Updated to the latest version of the video and to change versions (aug2012) we get the same result: black lcd.

    If uninstall video driver and set the driver standard vga works well, but there is no switching function key to use the external monitor.

    Did anyone here with same problem?

    If the video signal has been set to external monitor using Fn + F5, you will need to use this combination of keys again to return to the internal display.

  • T500-replace screen CCFL with LED screen?

    Is this able to do?

    The model is a T500 2082 (3HU).

    Indeed, it is. In fact, I did exactly the opposite and upgraded my T500 with a WUXGA LCD LG LED screen. The LCD cable is a connector 30 pins, and you don't need to change this. You just need to change your LCD and get a map of LED controller.

    The FRU for the LED controller card is 42W8080. It's going to be $23 on Ebay with a $15 for expedited shipping, or $30 per IBM with a $15 for overnight shipping.

    The FRU for the LCD LED screen is 42T 0587 or a LG Philips LP154WX7 (TL) (A2).

    The upgrade is a simple process, but you will lose your warranty if it has not yet expired. If you have decided to do the upgrade, so good luck.

  • Pavilion DV6915NR - issue of Board/LCD system

    I begin troubleshooting on a Pavilion dv6915nr, when you press the power button power LED, battery LED, the fan turns to the top, and light on the switch panel. the HARD disk LED flashes, no post beeps and a black LCD screen. I replace the motherboard and still have the same question. I tried to do a reset of the power (hard reset). still no change in the system. I pulled two DIMMS and received "no beeps memory" at the station. I get no video on internal LCD or external monitor. I swapped the LCD inverter with a well known ups and still no change in the system. I have not a spare known good LCD display for Exchange and test functionality. I wonder if the LCD panel itself is dead or if the new systemboard is degraded or DOA.

    Sean Doran
    A +, EASD

    It was a design and engineering question which was never resolved by HP, this is what a person was doing to solve it, add a heatsink in copper between the chip and factory HP sinks, re - solder the chip if necessary.



    Here's someone who does the same thing, only no video.


    Some sell copper heat sink



  • Satellite L10-117 and memory upgrade problem.

    I installed the module of ram kingston 512 MB dedicated for my laptop and my system does not start. Laptop does not see its partition with windows. I tried to salvage the dvd system and he does ' t help. Recovery is going ok but after restart problem is the same. I also tried to install this memory module 256 MB (factory installed), and then my black LCD screen and the computer won't shut down. Akku only delete help to extinguish.
    I tried all combinations of this module in the memory 1 and 2 location.
    I use 1.8 BIOS and there I see almost empty memory.


    If you start the unit with the original just module becomes so everything ok?

  • SP4600 - hardware failure message

    Hi, (sorry, but my English is not good:-D))

    I bought an old SP4600 (type SP460E-038LR-FR) with formatted HARD drive (so less potential drivers and software utilities). For the first 1/2 in. I m of HDD installed WinXP Home, on the second space 1/2 I m of HDD installed Linux Mandrake 10.1. I installed m maximum drivers and utilities available for this model and the Win XP operating system from internet downloads.

    I have a problem: laptop computer performance of AC power, the battery is normally charged (up to 2 1/2 hour to 100%), computer laptop, works normally, all ok, great job. If but laptop running on battery power (cord is unplugged) and I have choices on 'Start-offer' (LILO) entry "Windows XP", after the full boot WinXP system for a few seconds (sometimes 1-2 minutes) or the first move with the mouse, I get a black LCD screen with blue rectangle and white text:

    Hardware malfunction
    Call your provider of support material
    NMI: Channel check / IOCHK
    The system stopped *.

    Except a 'switch' computer laptop Don t answer other buttons.

    If but laptop running on battery power (cord is unplugged) and I have choice on 'Start-offer' entry (LILO) "Linux", the system boots normally and aditional run is all ok, next work is possible well until by battery (ca 1 hour 16 minutes). End of battery discharge of progress, system that Linux is normally completed and the laptop turning off circuivent.

    By running the laptop from AC power, System WinXP (Linux too) running without any absolute of problems - all ok, "nice."

    Unfortunately, sometimes I need work with laptop and Win XP in terms of battery, that momentally is not possible.

    Please, all know someone like my problem, answer me or send me an e-mail.

    Thak you very much, best regards, Radek Zacek, CZ

    Hi Radek

    First of all I must tell you that SP 4600 is super portable. It's the old but very good. And now, something about your problem. In my opinion some hardware component doesn't work properly and you must contact the Service partner. It is possible that you can it be long with power, but it may be worse use it long.

    It is also possible that power electronic load do some problems. Like I said before, Service partner. They check your machine.

    Good luck!

  • DV8T 1100 CTO graphic problems after replacing the motherboard

    Windows 7 Pro. Built 3 years ago this month. Motherboard is dead because of damage of water, but not before I could test the CPU and RAM, which has survived intact. Bought a NEW replacement MB of HP parts store. Put it in. It was obvious that the machine was to start the system, but no video. I put on an external monitor. Video about it. Looked at this forum and based on suggestions from the experts on what causes black LCD screens, has decided to buy a strainer as it could have been a cable on the whole of the sieve or video converter problem continuous alternative back light works fine, but I wanted the fixed machine and doing the problems of individual components on the screen. Assembly of the new screen does not work. Windows found the webcam and audio on the new screen (already present with the old screen), but all to change the resolution and rotation is grayed out with a screen.

    No light flashes at startup. The new motherboard BIOS is updated. I did not burn in tests.

    I do not have a second MB work through the ordeal, so I guess that's the new motherboard, as the cover of the keyboard does not work (not that it worked very well before - another thread). Can I have another motherboard spent the night, or return everything and just buy a new laptop, which would probably not be almost as beautiful as the one I have (230 GB SSD, second disk, screen 18.4 "HD) any thoughts? I had to walk away for a day because of the frustration. It is not like putting a motherboard in a desktop computer - even though I'm about half an hour to go back.

    I got a new MB by FedEx, installed today and fortunately use my laptop.

  • Satellite Pro A120 - LCD black screen - Fine on external monitor - fine

    Hi, I have a headache with a Toshiba Satellite Pro A120 mojor. The screen began to move to the blackout at random times and happens more and more. It is not serious if W
    Jayindows has loaded or if I enter the bios, boot from the CD or leave it sitting waiting for me to select a boot device. More often than otherwise, it becomes black, but you can still see what needs to be on the screen, it is simply not at all turned to see clearly. The laptop itself still works very well because it works on an external monitor and makes the system beeps, cd turns etc.
    Have you tried the following:
    Setting of various parameters in the graphics properties and in the bios but makes no difference.
    It also becomes active again if I press FN + F5 to swap monitors but turns off after a few seconds.
    It is not overheating as it's been all night and still sometimes happens when starting Cold Stone.
    I tried to start with / without battery - no difference.
    I tried to start without the disk HARD - no difference.
    I tried to remove the battery by pressing power for 60 seconds, then add the battery and new starter - no difference in power.
    I could have sworn it is the inverter, but it does the same thing with an inverter I know works! do not think that it may be graphic because it works on an external monitor and turn off.
    I'm out of ideas and looking for a genius to fix it for me please!
    See you soon

    Hey Buddy,

    > It turns on but not at all to see clear
    This would mean that the FL inverter is faulty the FL inverter of the internal LCD display controls the backlight of the screen and if the isn t working FL inverter you can see a picture, but very very dark.

    It would be a logical explanation for your problem, because there must be something wrong with the laptop LCD if an external monitor is working properly. Also if it happens in the BIOS the problem is not software.

    In your case I contact an authorized service provider and ask the guys for help. They can check your laptop and this should be done. Here, we can only speculate and discuss the different possibilities because it s just a user forum. EPA has professional diagnostic tools and can order all Toshiba spare parts.

    Good luck! :)

  • Satellite A100-788 - LCD turns black-shadow

    Hello to all specialists!

    I have a problem which became unbearable with the monitor of my Toshiba A100-788. When I turn on the laptop for a few seconds, works normally but would then become black and everything is in black shadow. I can see what is on the desktop if I put a strong light in front of my screen. until the monitor worked if I restarted abruptly the laptop but now no longer works. I already replaced the LCD inverter but I have the same problem (should I replace the inverter wires?). and I have already connected to an external monitor and working correctly. I'm a little desperate because I need the documents on my laptop.

    Help, please!

    Thank you!


    It looks like a FL. inverter problem

    The FL inverter is a piece of equipment behind the frame of the LCD and this material part controls the LCD backlight.

    In my opinion it s broken and it of necessary to replace this part in order to solve this problem.

    I would recommend contacting a local Toshiba ASP. Guys should help you to replace this part.

    Good luck

  • 50L4353DB LCD TV - black horizontal line and picture blurry

    50L4353DB LCD TV - a horizontal black line picture travel and causing blur.

    This problem started tonight on our Toshiba TV, which is two years old next month.

    A black horizontal line on the screen and the image moves and down makes it really hard to read subtitles and so on.

    Connected all the cables out, tv by using the reset menu, still no good.

    Help appreciated.


    just to update. The line is not really black. It is the a lighter shade that color is displayed on the screen. When I brought the menu upwards on the screen, he seems to appear at the edge but not otherwise visible. The online search could be the regulator of T.

  • On the Satellite A210-14 t LCD screen turns black randomly

    For several days, I have the problem, my lcd screen turns black all of a sudden, the 'photo' is just disappearing. but the backlight is still and the system is still running (which happens most of the time in battery mode)
    When I close the laptop, pc goes into stand-by mode and so I open the pc again and the screen works again
    But this isn't really a solution.
    What can I do? Fresh grafix drivers are installed.

    I use WinXP

    HM, how long do you want the machine. Maybe you should check the powersaver for battery operation parameters when the display is sharp because it can be a characteristic powersaver the screen turns off.

    If please check your powersaver settings and set the time when the screen turns off at maximum or turn it off, then check if the error appears again.

    Would appreciate the your part feedaback. :)

    Welcome them


    My A6504UK is 2 years old, has built-in integrated graphics Nvidia GeForce 6150 SE nForce 430 and I use the HP w1907v LCD wide screen monitor.

    Recently, the monitor was flashing to a black screen and then return to the Windows form, showing what I did previously.

    This flashing lasts for about 10 seconds and is intermittent, there is absolutely no reason or warning to what happens.

    There seems to be no breakdown in the quality of the screen, but I struggled to install the Nvidia drivers for 1440 x 900 native resolution. When the driver is installed, it does not always show the native resolution from the list of choices.

    By pressing the button Auto / Select on the monitor makes no difference either.

    I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate and it's a complete installation after the PC has been returned to factory Vista settings.

    Can someone give me a hint as to if it is the monitor or the integrated graphics card (more likely)?

    I can install a separate graphics card and disable the onboard easily graph?

    Any help or advice would be much appreciated!

    Question of likely monitor, less likely a video card problem. Can be confirmed with another monitor if you have an or try this monitor on another system. Installing a video card will automatically disable the onboard video.

  • Satellite L300 - 17L connected to LCD TV - screen is always black


    I have a problem with my laptop.
    When I try to connect my laptop to the TV via the VGA doesn't work anymore. It worked great until a few days before, when I try to connect via VGA and my LCD TV screen remains black.
    So I thought that a problem with my video card driver, so I reinstalled Windows :)),: P, but the problem still persist.

    So I downloaded the latest driver for the video card, nothing new. I checked the cable, I tried with another VGA cable and same problem. When I connect the LCD TV to another laptop it works, if the VGA cable and TV work.
    And I have observed that when my laptop is connected to the TV, sometimes at an interval of 15 minutes it get signal, but this for less than a second, and then the screen turn black. (Each time when I connect the TV I give FN + F5 to set the main screen)

    Any suggestion, I have no more ideas.
    Excuse my English. : P

    I also think that the VGA connector can be responsible for this.
    This must be tested properly, so I recommend you contact nearest Toshiba authorized maintainer and ask for help.

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