Tecra 8100: vertical stripes on the screen

I just bought a second hand Tecra 8100, who has been stripped of all its programs, OS. So I installed Windows98SE on this - now I get a screen with vertical stripes, which perch in the middle of the screen of the laptop with Windows just about visible in the background.

I went to the display driver Toshiba and downloaded Web pages relevant windows 98se. Once on my laptop, the exe file does nothing; is neither their "graphics card" option in my device manager - everyone has ideas as to what is happening?



Please connect external monitor to your laptop and check if the result is the same. If so, there is probably a problem with the graphics card. If this isn't the case, I presume your laptop LCD screen is defective.

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  • Tecra M2: vertical stripes on the screen!

    I have a laptop Tecra M2, which (to this day) starts with a display of colorful vertical stripes that gradually change color and width over time - trippy!
    The laptop is password protected, and I can always connect (although can't see what I'm doing).

    So it seems to be a screen rather than a computer problem or a software problem. Any ideas how I can get rid of the scratches?
    Or I am looking to buy a new screen to the laptop?
    See you soon.


    Have you tried to connect the external display of notebook o? Not?
    Do it and check if scratches appear on the external monitor.
    If the lines do not appear on the second monitor, the screen of the laptop or one piece is malfunctioning. But it must be a graphics card problem.

    But if scratches appear on the second monitor there must be a card problem.
    However, it seems that it s a hardware problem and you will need to ask a technician for assistance because I put t think you will be able to fix it yourself

  • Tecra S1 - vertical lines on the screen

    Hello people,

    IM new to this forum so first all the Hi everybody ;-).

    My girlfriend bought a Tecra S1 second hand and after a few vertical lines of the month displayed on the screen. When I asked around the power button pressure lines have disappeared. But after a few minutes, the lines are back. So I thought that it was probably a problem of video and e - bay, I bought a second hand motherboard. I installed it and now after a few months I get vertical lines again. (It also happens on an external monitor).
    I opened the laptop and with only the motherboard in front of me I plugged it to a monitor outside, put a little pressure on 1 side of the motherboard and the lines where go! Would that be the case?

    I know that on ebay and other sites where they offer second-hand computers laptops MANY people have the same problem.

    Did someone had an idea? I hope that I can fix it!

    Thanks for your time and sorry for my English.

    Greetz Mark

    Hey Mark,

    I doubt that people often have this problem. I put t read often about this problem, as far as I know it s thread the first on this subject.

    In any case, I think that it s not unusual. I mean you bought a motherboard of second hand on eBay, so who knows how old she had and often it was used in the book. Second hand spare parts that s another story in my opinion. You're more or less luck with these parts.

    I would recommend so buy a new mainboard with a provider of services authorized. It seems that you can change it yourself and so you can save a lot of money. On the Toshiba site, you can find a list of ASP.

    Good luck! :)

  • Blue and green vertical stripes on the screen


    My laptop (about 2.5 years lol) overheated and then stop. When I tried to reboot, I get blue and green vertical stripes running through the screen (instead of the part of connection appears) and then the screen turns black.

    It works fine in Safe Mode and when I tried running a Ubuntu Live CD, it starts and the colors were very good and there is no odd scratches. It seems that I only get scratches when I try to start in Windows, in normal mode.

    I hooked another monitor and got the same lines across the screen, so I guess that is not a problem of display... I tried to reinstall the nvidia driver which I redownloaded the Toshiba site, while I was in safe mode, but it still does not.

    Can someone help me, please?

    > I have hooked to another monitor and got the same order of ideas that cross the screen, so I guess that it is not a screen problem
    It is of course graphics card problem and it should be replaced. :(

  • Qosmio X 300 - 14 p: problems of graphics card and the vertical stripes on the screen


    2 days, after a long session laptop in many hours a lot, all of a sudden after the game for 2 hours
    Patrician 4 addon, it crushed in a strange and never seen before in a way:

    The screen would show the strange and weird color under all its forms rushing on ther display. You can't recognize anything, and after a few seconds of this screen and the x 300 - 14 p completely froze / crashed (hung - no reaction on anything except power plug pull or pressure on the button 5 seconds walk / stop ther).

    I was scared because it looked like to me a serious problem of graphics (nvidia chip) card or display.

    I was hoping it was because of the heat (even if I have a powerful block of cooling below the laptop and the heat shouldn't be a problem).

    Next day (yesterday), I launched the game immediately after the start, and after a few seconds the same crash appeared again with the same strange video glitches (never seen anything strange like this before).

    I immediately made the 5 second power button press reset. and then, when the first splash screen appears (the bios display indicator and the loading/splash screen), there was like 2-7 white stripes vertical (on black background) on the right side of the screen.
    They would not move or go away.

    I immediately turned off the laptop and it is off since then.

    For me this looks really serious, as if each chip nvidia (Geforce 9800 GTX) is broken or the display.

    Someone knows something about it?
    Everyone knows about this problem?
    Who knows more?

    I know, I can now connect an external monitor.
    If there is no problem, this should mean that it is a x 300 display problem

    If the problem also appears on the external monitor, the nvidia gpu chip. At least that would be my guess.

    Anyone have an idea about it, what it might be and what I could do?

    (I'm afraid to send him only the x 300 in to toshiba for fixing is not worth, because it's quite old)
    (it was purchased new in June 2009). fixing, it is probably too expensive.

    Any ideas on HCet problem?
    I've never had before.
    Who can help?

    Thank you

    I was thinlking to buy the new qosmio X 870, but I just saw that there is no express card slot, I need for different expansion modules (like the tv and video equipment, more etc.pp cards e-sata).

    Without an express card slot I would not buy any laptop computer, I need urgently this slot machine (it's like a pci-express slot card connection in a desktop pc).

    For me the express card slot is vital.
    Never saw so many bad books.

    If io may need my x 300 for quite awhile,
    But what I would do abpout this weird new chip/video display problem?


    I agree with you that it looks like a GPU problem.
    This means that it is the worst case, because in most cases the motherboard needs to be replaced
    Even if the GPU would be replaceable, this piece would be very expensive
    However, you can get in touch with a local ASP from Toshiba and can ask how it is

    Good luck

  • 4 vertical stripes on the screen of my Qosmio G-series!


    I got 4 vertical lines on my laptop screen. 2 pink and green 2. They appeared either when I turned on my computer or restarted. Got my first line last month. Can I do anything with this issue? The machine is 3 years old.
    Stian cordially.

    Picture of my screen.

    Published by: Admin on April 12, 2008 09:17

    Hi friend

    It's definitely a hardware failure. The question is:

    What is the screen, the display cable or the motherboard.

    You know that you will have to pay for it, but it s on you if you do not want to spend the money for it or just sell it on Ebay and get another machine.

    If I were you I contact some store or a repair service center and ask them a health check of equipment, so you can locate the defective part.

    Welcome them

    P.S.: If you need a link to the closest match. Authorized service center then click on [HERE: http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com/cgi-bin/ToshibaCSG/download_whitepaper.jsp?service=EU&WHITEPAPER_ID=0 000000871].

    Welcome and good luck

  • Satellite M60-162: vertical and transparent stripe on the screen


    Satellite M60-162 appeared a transparent white vertical stripe on the screen of my laptop. The band is present at startup in the BIOS and in normal operation of the computer. How can I fix?

    No doubt with the replacement of the screen.

    A few years ago I had old Satellite M70 and it had a horizontal white line on the top of the screen. The line was also visible all the time, in the BIOS, when the home Toshiba screen showed and using OS.
    I replaced the LCD screen and everything was OK again.

  • vertical stripes of white screen iMac

    I was using my iMac yesterday as usual. Surfing the internet, listening to music via iTunes when suddenly the screen 'glitched '. I got vertical stripes on the screen, the image was broken up and I couldn't communicate with anything. I restarted the iMac and he still had vertical stripes on the screen. I could see the Apple icon and loading bar which has been duplicated/broken upwards on the screen. Once the loading/progress bar has reached 100%, I just got a blank screen. I had to go out and when I came back 5 hours later the iMac has always had the same problem.

    Some of the things I've tried are;

    1 leaving it unplugged for a few hours, all reconnect and start the system again (pious).

    2. hold the CMD + SHIFT + R + P after turning the iMac on and then by running the disk on the iMac HD utility. I get a message "this disc needs to be repaired" but unfortunately after clicking on "Repair disk" the slopes of tools a bit before telling me "Disk utility can't repair this disk" (screenshot attached).

    I'll try to 'Reinstall Mac OS X' for Mac OS X utility (CMD + SHIFT + R + P), but he told me I couldn't because I was not connected to the internet? I was also worried that it might delete all my files?

    Most importantly, I want to do is retrieve the files on the hard drive. I hope that it is possible, although I can't on the desktop, that it looks like I can access the drive in the disc utilities. I heard that I might be able to connect a macbook to the damaged iMac and get the files on it like that? Is it feasible using a Firewire cable?

    Cheers, hope someone can share some tips.


    Photos of messed up display:

    You might be able to get on the desktop to recover files in Safe Mode boot, try safe mode if your Mac does not commissioning - Apple Support

    If that doesn't work, it may be possible to recover your files using Disk Mode target Firewire How to use and troubleshoot disk mode target FireWire - Apple Support

  • Vertical stripes on the side of yellow on Satellite M30

    Im a network administrator, over 30 laptop computers from Toshiba, recently among the satellite M30 appear vertical stripes on the side of yellow whith.

    Is this a problem whith the screen? The main Board? The video card?
    And what migth cause this?

    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Daniel

    You'll be lucky if anyone has an explanation for this. It is just a forum user. Contact the service partner in your country and ask them. They have more experience with hardware problems and I'm sure they can help you.


    If you have specific information on this topic please let us know what the problem is.

    Thank you

  • Using an IP191 monitor, have random horizontal stripes on the screen - have no problems with other browsers. also no problem with FF on the other PCs on the family

    Using an IP191 monitor, have random horizontal stripes on the screen - have no problems with other browsers. also no problem with FF on the other PCs on the family.

    These "streaks" seem to be the domain of the high frequency analysis; they can be eliminated by scrolling upwards or downwards.

    Hello, maybe it's a problem with hardware acceleration - try updating your graphic driver, or in case this does not solve the problem, or there is no new version available at the time, disable hardware acceleration in the firefox menu

    > options > advanced > General.

  • Satellite M70-339 vertical lines on the screen


    I have a Satellite M70-339, which will show only the vertical lines on the screen.
    I connected an external monitor and booted in safe mode.
    I uninstalled the display drivers.
    I started to monitor and reinstalled the display drivers.
    The computer will now boot up screen.

    I put the display to indicate to both monitor and screen.

    On the monitor, all right.
    On the screen, I get vertical lines color, similar to a wallpaper (wallpaper is not pretty).

    Did anyone has got any ideas what could be the problem, or how to diagnose the problem
    Any help would be appreciated.

    John C

    If everything is OK on the external monitor that is the best evidence that this problem is related to the internal LCD. Display must be exchanged.

  • Qosmio G10 has vertical lines on the screen

    I have a G10 which I use for the last 15 months since I bought it.
    However, there are now 4 vertical lines on the screen, 2 Purple (magenta?), 1 yellow and 1 cyan. Other than these lines there are no other problems, it never fell down or something like that.

    The lines are still there, they do not change in any way and are always in the same place. They appear on the screen at first power up, before the Qosmio logo lights up.

    They have not all appear at the same time, they all appeared individually in the past two months. I've seen the last of them disappear briefly, then stay on.

    I guess that my screen is dying slowly, I guess to be an expensive item.

    Any advice thrown my way would be greatly appreciated!

    I took a picture of the screen you will find at:


    Note: the photo was taken with Media Player full screen on a black image, just to clearly show the lines)


    I suggest you connect an external display to check if it's a graphics card or a display problem. If cela pipes appears also on the external screen then it could also be a problem with the graphics card.
    If these lines do not appear on the external display while the display of the laptop has a malfunction.
    However, this does not change your situation. I recommend you contact the Toshiba ASP to solve this problem.

  • Qosmio G15: Green vertical lines on the screen

    All started an ordinary day, when I was playing music on my iTunes.
    All of a sudden my screen went black and the music stopped, but my power button is always blue. Since then, whenever I try to start it, it goes on the Qosmio screen and Windows XP screen and plays the startup sound, but there all those green vertical lines on the screen. And then it goes black and tsays in this way.

    I was able to use Windows VGA (whatever that means) with lines all over the screen, but I am not able to start normally. Does anyone have any suggestions or have had the same problem? Please help me!
    I have a Toshiba G15 Windows XP Media Center, but am not able to use it normally.



    You can enter operating system in SafeMode using F8 t the beginning upward?

  • Qosmio G10 begins with vertical lines on the screen

    Hello, can anyone help?

    When I try to start my sign qosmio G10 comes on with vertical lines on the screen. And the screen goes black and I can only hear the fan.
    In VGA mode, it begins upward, but always with the lines on the screen.
    Is there something wrong with the video card? In my view, that there are more people with this problem.
    Toshiba offered little help?

    I'm 'out out of warranty '. I need to by a new complete motherboard or y at - it another option? Replace the video card?


    Its a shame about the warranty because you ask the service partner Toshiba for the verification of the laptop and this procedure would be free. You know, the warranty would cover the audit of the laptop.

    But I would say the external display connection and then you can check if the same vertical lines appear on the external display.
    If you see the lines on the second monitor, then I guess it could be something wrong with the graphics card or motherboard.

    I think that this procedure is the best way to find out what could be the problem, but anyway, I think you should ask a technician for assistance if you want to solve this problem.

    PS: Have you tried to reinstall or update the graphics driver? I think you should do it but I don't know if it will help you, but you know Mr. try is free ;)

    One of my friends had a similar problem with the vertical lines on other mobile manufacturing, and it was a WLan cable which was responsible for the strange lines on the screen.

  • Blue vertical line on the screen of the Qosmio G20

    A few minutes ago, I was surfing the web and from nowhere share an apperead to the blue vertical line on the screen.
    A blue vertical line near the middle of the screen and crosses the screen all the up toward the bottom.

    If I'm looking at a white background, the line is undetectable, but if it is colored, it comes right thru.

    Please don't tell me they are dead... hoooo pixels... I am now, life away from any toshiba repair shop and I get a guarantee...
    I think that I bought 3 years ago. Need urgent help

    Hey Susana

    I wouldn't say it s a lack of dead pixel, but to me, it looks like a more serious problem.
    It looks like a malfunction of the graphics card. But to be sure, you should try to connect the external monitor to the computer and check if the same vertical line will appear on the second screen.

    If you're going to see the same line on the external monitor, then I assume that the question of the vertical blue line might be linked to the GPU fault.
    This could be the case value because the chip graphic card cannot be replaced. You need to replace the whole motherboard :(

    So, as you see it s not easy to solve this problem and I really recommend to contact a technician who has more experience with these laptop problems.

    Good luck

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