The loss of data on migration of Tungsten T Centro

When you do the initial hotsync of my Centro, I seem to have lost all my 5 appointments and contact information. When I look at the Hotsync log I see no reference to one of these programs. I made my date and contact information work with Palm Desktop, list of contacts from the Agenda 5 and office. What I see in the paper is the reference for Outlook similar for these programs.

Not on my desktop, Palm Desktop is empty dates and contacts, my Centro is empty dates and contacts, but all the information survives on my Tungsten and only my Tunsten I can say. I don't see that there is a Palm backup directory that has a folder named Agenda 5, but I don't know how to see if it's my data of tungsten or centro.

How can I get all my data on my Centro tungsten so that I can continue to serve my appointments and Palm Desktop Organizer programs?

Thank you


This Palm knowledge base article discusses switch between Outlook and Palm Desktop.  I've never used Outlook to synchronize with, so I can't be of any more specific than that... except maybe help to uninstall and reinstall the software if you can not pass as discussed below:, k = PalmSupportKB, CASE = obj (25263), ts is Palm_External2001


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