The question of the timer

Just to let you know, I started in 1969 and got a job at a TV station and first camera was a Leica, needless to say that I would never buy one but I have a few Nikon.

So, I got a Canon 60 d, which in my personal opinion, too many things. But I use only what I need.

But... I had the hardest time with the timer, the directions are not quite right, who I see a lot of instructions that sounds like a robot. It is said to press disc button, select and update while keeping a finger loose on the shutter button. Press down harder and the timer starts. But it is rarely done for me.

So finally, I realize it takes to focus with your finger loosely on the button until you press the Open button. And run quickly to the postion and click!

But what happens if I want to put on the picture? It seems that I can only slowly, press then focus, then press the button until the update is ready. . And in the position I want to be in. So, it seems the update is necessary to get the timer on time.

Is there a simpler way?

Thanks, I guess I'm just whining for the 'old days '.  I have great visual acuity, but try to see this tiny icon takes awhile.

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    I imagine something like (not tested)

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       values: cars[index].translateX => 800 tween Interpolator.LINEAR

    To get help sooner, after a NBS.

    Note that I'm not JavaFX and the suggestion is the API reading.


    Edit you get coffee and complete your registrations pending. Answering questions on a forum should be identified as such, for those who come across them in a search.

    Published by: Darryl Burke

    Published by: Darryl Burke - added the necessary: between the lifetime and the

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    Thank you!


    I can point you to one of my blog posts?

    Quiz, indicating the elapsed time

    This could be a starting point, I don't know if that's what you're looking for? It stores the time in a user variable, you probably want it to be exported to?


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    When you go into the Date/time options, can you click on the menu button and choose update time? This should change both of the network.

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    Manually change the time zone (on the virtual office) and change it back before you start notes solves the problem, as does the update of the registry entry.  Because the key is changed at the connection point, a script or a startup group strategy won't help.

    I can find some links discussing this problem, no solution... Any ideas?

    The patch has solved the problem.  I specifically asked the VMware Support if I could give the patch for you or someone else.  For obvious reasons, they said no.  However, they say that you (and everyone) can open an SR to obtain the fix.

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    I am looking for an external backup for 2 computers drive.  I have a desktop iMac and MacBook Air.  I like the idea of being able to back up my MacBook Air wireless, but I need to make sure that it will work the way I need to.

    I already have a wireless router that works well for me, I don't need the time Capsule to act as a router. I'm just needing a wireless backup drive.  So, the question is, can I use the only time Capsule as a storage device for backup of wifi or do I also have to use it as a wifi router?  My fear is that the router service is not as good as the router, I currently have.  I live in a big House of 2 floors, making it very difficult to receive a strong signal throughout the House.

    can I use time Capsule only as a backup wireless storage device or do I also have to use it as a wifi router?

    Time Capsule need to connect to your router/modem existing using wired Ethernet wired, permanent.

    If you plan to use the time Capsule to back up your Mac with the help of the application Time Machine on every Mac, the Mac will have to save on the wireless signal Time Capsule for the process to be officially supported by Apple.

    While it is possible to turn off wireless on the Time Capsule and try to save it to your existing wireless network... and it pourrait work... but there will be no Apple support backup problems... so it would be a good idea to plan to use Time Capsule wireless backup purposes.

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    Running Sierra on a late 2009 iMac. Time Machine works well and updated regularly. However the Time Machine buddy Widget shows all the information. Study using the Console indicates that the TM log entries are to be absent in Syslog. Nothing shows using the "backupd" as a filter on the system log. Under Diagnostics and usage data, I see information for the type of backup and "NOERROR" for completion.

    Does anyone know what has changed in the Sierra? Or is it my unit?

    Boyfriend of Time Machine does not work with Sierra

    Console is 'redesigned', extraction of newspapers can be difficult...


    You can copy the lines of command in Terminal to see the logs of Time Machine ("TM on the fly" and "History of TM")

    Since this discussion started I see how activity time Machine Console with macOS Sierra;

    By copying this command (from John Galt) line in the Terminal I can view TM-history-logs for a few days back;

    Newspaper show - predicate "subsystem ==""'-info | grep ' upd: (' | cut-c - 1-19 140-999)

    This command line also gives information of a TM running 'on the fly', but after the TM copy I have to put in the line of command again TM start-up for a new copy (I can live with that...)

    By copying this command (from chockosmund) line in the Terminal I see what TM is ding on the fly, but did not get the newspaper story.

    the log stream - style syslog - predicate 'contains a [cd] 'Time Machine' senderImagePath' - info

    This command line is that Terminal shows constantly new TM-logs.

    Thank you John Galt and chuckosmund!

    I have a separate Terminal office-space computer were I can watch how TM is progressing.

    Hope that answers your question.

    Jur Kuipers, Netherlands

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    My iPhone display am/pm, the time zone is correct, but now after the update I can not control the display of the time on my watch.

    I need support


    On your iPhone, in the application of the watch, go to: Watch My > clock > disable it on 24 hours.

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    I'm an old Geezer Mac, but a Newbie iCloud. I just put on my two Macbook Pro iCloud email addresses and access e-mail through Apple Mail on both computers. Here are my two questions:

    (1) iCloud emails disappear at the time of my Macbook Pro when I delete a message from iCloud of one of them?

    (2) if I move an e-mail message to iCloud Inbox Mail at Mail Archive on a Macbook, can I delete the message from the second Macbook without losing the archived message?

    Yes, that is what is supposed to happen with an IMAP e-mail account.

    If you move it to a folder on the Mac, not in the iCloud account, you can remove safely icloud.

  • iPad Air crashes all the time

    I have been using my iPad Air since the day wherever she launched and I have had no problem, however, in my overall experience. But about a week ago my iPad started to be slower and slower and it crashed all the time to reach a State where it is now more usable. Other problems include not being able to type my password a few times and when and if I get to the home screen, if I want to launch an application, there is usually a delay of about 1-5 minutes until it starts and when it does rarely it works correctly and it crashes after a while. I tried several times and with different ways to solve this problem and I was also advised by the answers to similar questions to mine with a few solutions, but none of them worked. More precisely what I tried was: 1. I've updated to the latest iOS 9.3.1 just to be sure that wasn't the problem because the update included bug fixes (here, it is worth noting that I could not install the update from my iPad as it has already had a serious problem and so I had to install from iTunes by connecting to a computer) , but wasn't it 2. After that, I was advised to erase history and Web site data just to be sure and I did but that does not solve the problem of equal to 3. What I read in an answer to a similar question to mine, it was to zero all the setting so that's what I was doing and I was really hoping it would work, but once again unfortunately, it didn't. I repeat that I had no problem with my iPad Air in general and that the RAM was just enough for my needs, also generally clean apps from multitasking when I see that it becomes any more slowly. To try to resolve the problem, I had to force reboot my iPad a couple of times just to get this small window of time where he has not overwritten which lasted about a minute just enough to do what I had to do before returning to its state constantly crashing. What concerns me is that as I read in a q & a this problem could be caused by a specific application, and that means I have to uninstall one by one to see if it is one of them and who would take centuries. Moreover, now that a week has passed I can not even open the home screen like iPad refuses turn on properly and it needs constant restarting... If anyone has any advice or had to face the same problem, or his personal experience, please share it with me, also if you know all the possible solutions I have tried I would be happy to hear them!

    I wouldn't wipe my content that I have a lot of things that is indispensable for my work in the iPad and I can could use backup but the last one I was since last year that I have no more storage iCloud for storing another. Yet once please share only advise and solutions with me, I appreciate your help.

    Model: iPad Air

    iOS: 9.3.1

    Two suggestions:

    (1) your iPad could be faulty in which case, you can do is take it to an Apple Store for testing.

    (2) if the problem is with all the software, that you can do at this point is a system restore. You can't do that, but there is nothing else to try. Many you will lose some data, but unfortunately you have not backed up on a regular basis. I wish I had better news.

    The system restore. First backup your device via iTunes if you still can. Then import your photos on your computer. Try to restore from the backup first and test it. If this does not help, you may need to restore as a new and reconfigure from scratch. Here are the steps for a restoration:

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    For more information:

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    "The question is often asked:" should I disconnect my laptop from the mains when not in service? Under normal circumstances it should not be necessary because as soon as the lithium-ion battery is full, a properly functioning charger will stop the load and load the pad will only engage when the battery voltage drops to a low level. Most of the users do not remove AC power, and this practice is safe. »

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