Try to install Windows Vista KB2904266 and it keeps fault - error code 800F0818

I tried to install the update of Windows Vista KB2904266 for a few weeks now and it keeps failing. Really, it isn't as if it were still able to install anything - 0% installed.  Then I have a 800F0818 code error update failed.  Other updates were installed successfully, but it will not be installed.  I had others fail too in the past.  I do not understand why some updates install successfully while others do not.

Q: is- KB2904266 theonly update that fails to install or...?
Re: [Yes]

Q: do you reside in Morocco, Libya, Fiji Islands or in the mid-Atlantic area (i.e., UTC - 2)?
Re: [No.]

Do not hesitate to leave hidden KB2904266.

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