unlock the drive without password for bitlocker in windows 7

unlock the drive without password for bitlocker in windows 7

FORGET password & key recovery

Help, please


In your Microsoft account. To get your recovery key, go to BitLocker recovery keys.

  • Or ask for help:
  • Ask someone with administrative privileges on the same PC to unlock with their key.
  • If your PC is connected to a domain (usually a computer from work or school), ask a system administrator for your recovery key.
  • If you still can't, you will have to reset your PC. Learn how.
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«Have forgotten the password and not be in immediate possession of the recovery key, your only chance to unlock the drive is if you supported the key until your space storage Microsoft Account or cloud (e.g.: Dropbox, OneDrive).» The key to your Microsoft Account backup can be done during installation for Windows 8 and later, but is not supported by Windows 7 built-in mechanisms. As you use the latter, you would have had first to save the key to an offline storage device (for example: USB key) and transfer it to OneDrive or another cloud storage provider. »


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