Video drivers for HP Pavilion 6700 Geforce 8400 gs

I recently spent from Vista to XP on my laptop and now I have most of the drivers reloaded, I still can not find the drivers for my nVidia Gefore 8400 GS video card or my audio drivers.  I tried all the places I can think of as well as many hours trying all the drivers that are recommended for this problem.  Please help me.

Well, after many hours of work on this computer, I think I've found which can cause a lot of problems crossing your operating system from Vista to XP and try to find your video and sound drivers.  Thus, in order to allow your drivers install on a computer that is come from the factory with Vista installed on it, you must download the program flash bios HP offering their topic Download Driver for XP for the laptop there.  After you properly flashed your bios without burning your northbridge in the meantime, you can install your video drivers.  But, still does not allow video drivers, at least for my computer which is a Pavilion 6700 on the nvidia site.  I found the applicable driver download for my computer to RadarSync. com, which is a nVidia 8400 m GS.  In addition, the same problem happened with my audio driver for my audio controller realtek alc268 HD, and I had to download this driver from a different 3rd party source who was techpowerup. com  I hope this helps those of you who may be trying to downgrade from vista to xp.  Be careful and good luck.

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