Visual Studio 2008 Pro takes a long time to start after the installation of measurement Studio 2009

After installing Measurement Studio 2009, I noticed that it takes a long time (30-60 seconds) to open a Visual Studio project.

I do not have an internet connection on my development computer and suspect he might be waiting on some kind of operation of the network to time out.  I had problems with Visual Studio in the past as well and had to work around them by adding entries to my hosts file (to redirect some addresses of Microsoft to the local IP address - this causes network operations to expire immediately).

Just curious if anyone has encountered this kind of slow startup time and found a solution.

Thank you!

I found an article referring to a question similar to MS 8.1.  I don't know if the problem has simply not been corrected or why I am still having this problem.  Workaround "per computer" listed in the article solved my problem. I have

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  • Z10 Z10 Blackberry BlackBerry takes a long time to start when the parameters "SIM card PIN lock" is activated

    Device: BlackBerry Z10
    Model: STL100-1
    Software version:
    OS version:
    Carrier: Beeline (KZ)

    Z10 takes a long time to start when the parameters 'SIM card PIN lock' is running

    Tried to activate or disable this setting, the result:

    On - 5 min 13 sec (on-screen progress bar has reached 100% for ~ 1 minute, then waited for another 4 minutes in this State)

    Off - 1 min 17 sec

    What is the problem of the time difference?

    Good, thanks

  • T400 takes a long time to start after windows updates


    I have a T400 I had to reset to factory settings (2008). After the reset, I started to download and install all windows updates. For a set of updates, after restarting the computer my T400 started taking some 10 minutes to start. She continues to do more another week later after you have installed all updates. The screen goes black for 10 min and then I get the screen of Thinkpad and wihtout a problem starting windows.

    Can someone tell me what could be the problem? How can I tell that update is the cause and uninstall it?

    Thank you! Lore


    No I do not recommend a BIOS update.

    I think you DID an update of the BIOS via the update system and now the BIOS needs to be initialized.

    Only go in the BIOS, press F9 to load defaults F10 - Yes

    If this does not help, remove the battery of the BIOS for a few minutes.

  • Satellite M300 PSMDCA takes a long time to start

    I have a Toshiba Satellite M300 PSMDCA - 01800C and there are some problems with it.

    First of all, when you start the computer, it takes a long time to start and activate Outlook.
    I am running Windows 7Home Premium.
    Computers arrow where I bought the computer told me that it can take up to three hours to go back through each process at startup?

    Is it normal that all I wanted was a simple portable easy fast, but it seems that I am stuck again.

    Also, when I go back to the computer, even after some time the mouse it does not provide new and pushing the Start button just a blank screen. Alt + Ctrl + delete, then he activates Windows again and then after having put my password and I have to wait for that be again loaded everything that takes so long. Any ideas?

    Also I often get the message when the computer starts "error has occurred in Toshiba PC Health Monitor. He will leave the application. "Main.frm.cpp (184). Any ideas?

    Quite often when I am scrolling with the mouse, the screen will turn black and flash and a message «the NVIDIA display driver... couldn't Reg...» "and he will correct itself after awhile. Frustrating!
    Quite often when scrolling on the websites of the page I'm going to freeze?

    I use MS Office 2010 and there is a problem trying to save Word documents and a message comes up with "a file permission error.

    Any thoughts? Thanks, Shirl51

    > First of all, when you start the computer, it takes a long time to start and activate Outlook. I am running Windows 7Home Premium. Computers arrow where I bought the computer told me that it can take up to three hours to go back through each process at startup?

    This nonsense!
    The system should boot up quickly my laptop needs 30 seconds to start.
    In my opinion, the system is screwed

    In your case, I recommend to reinstall the system.
    Did you create the recovery disk?
    If this isn't the case, I think that detailed instructions should be placed in the user's manual.

    After the recovery of disk has been created, restore the system, BUT save the data before doing so because the recovery disk would be to format the HARD drive and you lose data!

  • With 32-bit and a clean install also takes a long time to start and a very long time to stop.

    I use 32-bit and a clean install also, it takes a very long time to start (and sometimes it will not) and a verlong tike to close

    Hello Duane,

    For more clarity and response, I divided it in its own thread.

    After your post, it seems that Vista 32 bit takes a long time to start and a very long time to stop.

    What are the specifications of material of this machine?

    We might want to try a clean boot and see how that affects the issue.

    More details about this is located at the following link:

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

    Let us know if this helps solve this problem.

    Best regards


  • Reading takes a long time to start

    Even though I have good requirements, I have always problems in execution of Adobe first Pro CS5. Rendered in the preview window (reading) takes long to start and hick-ups in video and audio is displayed. Jump to a point in the script takes awhile, sometimes 10 seconds.


    My project contains four media (broadcasting sport event) MXF files, each long about a hour and 20 GB in size. I also imported certain components of an After Effect project. Videos audio files have already peak files, located in the same directory as the original files.


    Since I thought that the current 4 GB of RAM was the bottleneck, yesterday I bought some extra RAM and have now 9 GB works fine. Here is my configuration of my Dell XPS 435MT:

    • Processor: Intel Core i7 920 (2.66 GHz, 8 MB cache, 4.8GT / sec)
    • RAM: 9216 MB (3072 MB (3 x 1024) memory DDR3 1067 MHz + 6144 MB (3 x 2048) 1333 MHz DDR3)
    • HDD: 750 GB Serial ATA (7200 RPM)
    • Screen: 21.5 inches S2209W Widescreen Trans European Black Value (1920 x 1080) - DVI - D
    • Graphics card: 512 MB ATI Radeon 4850 card graphics card
    • Audio: Audio Integrated HDA 7.1 Dolby Digital capability
    • OS: Windows 7 64-bit

    First, preference Setup > memory is 6 for Adobe and 3 GB for other applications. First, the record was good, but after a few minutes, the beginning of a preview takes more time, once again. Sometimes after you quit and restart first, it's going well for a while.

    When previews took a long time to start, I started to see performance data. I do not have any other big process, my CPU keeps exhausted and my RAM is fairly constant at 4 GB. So, which seems to be OK.

    My hard drive might be a problem? I have a hard drive that is partitioned into two disks, where all programs are on C: and D: contains the project and all the video and audio files (a 60 GB of free space).

    Another small thing I spotted is that stuff in After Effects are deposited Summit whenever I open the project. For a specific component on AE, I already count 48 files peak. Other video files don't are not in peak filed again. Is first a new file of the art for all the imported components, even if some components are intact? I don't think this is the cause, but it seems strange.

    Are there other things to watch? Any help would be appreciated kindly.

    Requirements minimum ages being a DEDICATED for the video player. Adobe is very hard to be quite vague on this subject and many complaints have been posted here, but Adobe foolhardedly continues by saying only what is needed to install the program, do not to use it. Common wisdom is at least two better but three different physical disks.

  • desktop computer takes a long time to load after uninstall of netware

    Dear Pascal, recently, by chance, I installed the client service for Netware on my PC. He asked to restart the computer, and after reboot, logon screens became classic. I uninstalled netware by accessing the properties of LAN. I managed to restore logon screens using Microsoft resources available on the net. However, my PC now takes * for long time for the desktop icons and toolbar are displayed. I use Microsoft Windows XP Version 2002 SP3, Intel Core2Duo processor P8600 @2.40 Ghz with 2 GB of RAM on Lenovo Thinkpad R400. I understand that it is after uninstalling the netware client that my office is very very slow. Help me for a faster loading of the desktop computer. Best regards, Reba Shankar

    Hey Reba,

    Thanks for choosing Microsoft Community!

    You have reached the right forum. Try to solve this problem.

    If I understand correctly, you have some performance issues on windows XP computer.


    Let us try the following steps:


    Method 1: Any installed program must be uninstalled from Add and remove programs. You can just remove shortcuts from other places like LAN properties.

    Run the following fix - it to uninstall client services for Netware.

    Solve problems with programs that cannot be installed or uninstalled:


    Method 2: See the following article:


    How to make a computer faster: 6 ways to speed up your PC:


    Important notes:

    ·         Running chkdsk on the drive if bad sectors are found on the disk hard when chkdsk attempts to repair this area if all available on which data can be lost.

    ·         The data files that are infected must be cleaned only by removing the file completely, which means that there is a risk of data loss.

    Hope the helps of information. Don't answer if you need assistance, we will be happy to help you.

  • Still burned DVD takes a long time to load into the reader

    I created a DVD in Encore CS3.  The final DVD is approximately 60 minutes and has 4 menus created in Photoshop CS3.  I purchased the Dolby converted in first and used this file as PCM format indicated by a friend vs.   The DVD works fine but takes a long time to load in one of my DVD players.

    A Sony player, it takes between 40 minutes and up to 70 seconds to load and play the first menu.  Each time is different.

    (This same drive load purchased in-store Hollywood style DVD in about 15 seconds on average)

    In another Sony player my DVD on average about 25 seconds

    A Panasonic player, it takes about 15 seconds

    In a portable player from JVC, it takes about 8 seconds.

    That is what it is?  This DVD is created for replication in a large number, but I'm afraid the long loading time is a problem and you want to solve this problem before sending it to the wide for replication.

    Help, please

    Thank you



    One consideration is that there is no DVD drive certified to play any burned DVD, only those press/replicated. Most do and do as well, with provisions, but some don't.

    Now for these provisions. High quality blank media will get a closer all the success, just like using a slower speed of the burn, as the max. These two considerations will get a close, as it is possible.

    What brand of blank media are you using? Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden are about as good as it gets.

    How fast you burn to? I would look into a speed in the middle of the range permitted by the combo of speed by the media and the burning speed. Slower is better than more fast.

    As Stanley, there may be differences with r and + R media and players. There has been much more a problem, but some players still might prefer a vs the other.

    Finally, when you say "replicated", do you mean that you send in a DLT to make a House of replication a glassmaster, where the DVD is going to be in a hurry? If Yes, these replicated discs will be like the Hollywood DVD and will be NOT burnt, as was your test drive. The question will be moot with these, as they will be DVD-videos, where your burned DVD is really a DVD - ROM.

    Good luck


  • Computer HP laptop 14-d004tx - takes a long time to start whenever I turned it on

    It really bothers me that my new laptop, (just a week) when takes a lot of time before it starts. After the HP logo, it displays a blank page where my cursor can be moved, so he'll stay a very long time so I find myself stopping and then turn on again and again until it finally starts.

    Is this normal? It really takes a lot of my time specially I use my laptop for work. What should do?

    Thank you! I really need help here...


    Since it is a week it would be better to contact HP in your area & report it.

    Meanwhile, a test of full hard disk & memory test by pressing F2 or F10 as soon as you turn on the system and on entering the BIOS, pass-> component test system Diagnostics.

  • Router now takes a long time to connect to the internet

    Lately my internet was very slow for example that if I opened a browser for watching youtube videos of my favorite commentators, it takes so long to load, but Monday about 2 days ago, everything has been loading web pages and videos, now it takes forever to load anything on the internet im confused on what the problem is:(s'il vous plaît aider)


    ·         Did you do changes on the computer before the show?

    ·         You use Internet Explorer? If so, what version are you using?

    ·         You get the error message?

    ·         You are able to access other websites other than Google/YouTube Web site successfully?

    Follow these methods.

    Method 1: Temporarily disable the security software .

    Note: Antivirus software can help protect your computer against viruses and other security threats. In most cases, you should not disable your antivirus software. If you do not disable temporarily to install other software, you must reactivate as soon as you are finished. If you are connected to the Internet or a network during the time that your antivirus software is disabled, your computer is vulnerable to attacks.

    Method 2: Follow these steps:

    Step 1: Start the computer in safe mode with network and check if the problem persists.

    Step 2: If the problem does not persist in safe mode with networking, perform a clean boot to see if there is a software conflict as the clean boot helps eliminate software conflicts.

    Note: After completing the steps in the clean boot troubleshooting, follow step 7 the link to start the computer to a Normal startupmode.

    Method 3: Follow the steps in the article.

    Why is my Internet connection so slow?

    Windows wireless and wired network connection problems

  • Captivate 7 - Quiz questions take a long time to advance to the next

    So I have completed my course. All along (each slides or so) I quiz questions that are classified but undeclared. They are simply there to prepare the student for the final exam. They have the opportunity to submit the response followed legends correct and incorrect. At the end of the course, the trainee meeting these same issues (55 in total), but now they are back to back and they are both classified and reported. Here, they have only the option to submit.

    When they take undeclared quiz questions, click on submit and it quickly goes to the next slide, because it is set up to do. BUT on issues that are noticed and reported, when they click on submit, it really takes a lot of time to move to the next slide (and a lot of time, I mean 10 more seconds). At the end of the review, when they answered the final question, and click to go on, the two final slides take more time (sometimes up to a minute) to move forward.

    I understand it is going to be some delay while the system reports the score for each slide, but this seems abnormally long. This shift occurs in preview mode, scormcloud and during a test on a LMS (Gyrus) client.

    Any idea on why this is and how to prevent it. It's really hard to ask my customers to be patient and stay there for 10 seconds every single issue. I need them to take the final exam at their own pace - fast or slow.

    Thanks in advance,


    I know, it is barely visible, because the line between the inactive and the Active part is black on a blue background (already invited for 6 or 5.5 to change that color...) You will need to go over it all in the middle of the timeline until you see the line double cursor appearing and you can put:

    Go to the next slide makes them faster. I had no problem with our LMS, but read on this forum (you know that I am often here) that some have done so. No rule of the world, by dragging the break more towards the end has almost the same effect, but you can leave a little bit more time (less than the 1.5secs).

    As I know there is no way to change the sleep time by default for Question slides, as the timing is never available on Quiz Master slides.

  • Help urgently needed! -User profile takes a long time to load and the rest of the screen with the message "Please wait loading profile service user.


    Every time that connect us to servers of TS farm, the profile of the user load for a long time and she stays with a message "Please wait for the user profile service" for longer than 5-6 minutes. We work in two areas which is configured as "an endorsement of forest transitive way." The domain (domain A) with TS farms hence connect us a cross forest profile disabled so we cannot load the roaming profile in this area, whereas another domain (domain B) roaming profile user's roaming profile.

    Also in the directory the Active directory of the domain B, TS/RDS settings is enabled for the problematic profile.

    TS / RDS--> roaming profile path and TS home folder is configured. TS/RDS settings is configured because we use other farms of machines/TS citrix other than the one in which there is problem.

    When disable us TS/RDS of the directory settings active directory domain B, then it is extracted to improvement in time. But we're in a situation were we cannot disable TS/RDS settings as we use other Citrix machines also. So we tried configuration GPO in A TS domain as

    Which allows to "allow only the local user profile".

    Allowing 'profiles itinerant Prevent password propagation to the server.

    This allows to "Allow asynchronous user group policy processing when you connect via Terminal Server Services"

    But still, there is no improvement in the time taken by the server to connect. What is the adjustment to make in the field of A TS, such that he will not try to charge the roaming of the B domain user profile, even if TS/RDS settings for the user profile are configured?

    Forums of evil: you want to Technet forums.  It's more domestic consumption...

  • Why dose my laptop take a long time to start?

    My lap top takes 3mins to start why?


    Three minutes is not long however you can probably cut that with these methods.

    You can use these to control which startup programs. Many others who settle start-up are not
    really need to be there. As Acrobat Reader (Adobe), Agent of WinAmp and many others who
    load chunks of themselves to start more quickly (not a problem on the machines of today ' hui) and to make sure that they
    can control the files they support (to be sure that you continue to use only). Those who are not common
    examples and not meant as a slam on these programs very well.

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista
    How to check and change Vista startup programs

    Autoruns - free - see what programs are configured so that it starts automatically when
    your system boots and you connect. Autoruns also shows you the complete list of the registry
    and where applications can configure Auto-start for the files settings.


    Performance and maintenance tips

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle=""><- mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • After reformatting Windows 7 laptop takes a long time to start and load office

    hiiii! I use the computer hp 620 laptop. who has windows 7 Home Edition premium installed with 4 GB of ram. c drive partition size is 250 GB. When I start my laptop it takes * a long-term on windows startup. then once this process is completed it must also load the desktop. I recently formmated my pc. 2nd question:-when I right click on my computer and click Properties. It shows the memory of 4 GB installed and usable 2.90 GB usable. I use windows 7 64-bit edition Home premium. Wait a rply

    First of all, I would like to launch the troubleshooter of Performance to see if there are problems.
    Then, use the steps listed in optimize Windows 7. This will usually help the most to get the best performance from your system.

    (1) open the resolution of performance issues by clicking on the button start , and then clicking Control Panel. In the search box, type troubleshooting, and then click Troubleshooting. Under system and security, click on search performance issues.

    (2) use the following link as a way to improve and optimize your configuration of Windows 7.

    (3) you can review how to speed up your computer.
    How to make a computer faster: 6 ways to speed up your PC

    (4) If you have not already, delete the temporary Internet files of Internet Explorer. Loading these files can sometimes slow down the startup of your.
    Article number: 260897 - How to remove the content of the Internet temporary files folder

    (5) run the Microsoft Safety Scanner to check that you don't have malware or viruses on your computer. They can slow a computer at startup too. This is a free download.
    You can download from the following link:

    Hope this will help you with your computer start faster.



  • iTunes takes a long time to start because I have upgraded to Windows 10

    I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 a few months back.  Since iTunes then takes like 10 minutes to start.  I tried the setting in compatibility mode for Windows 7 and the other versions.  I tried to run as an administrator.  Nothing seems to work.  Is there a kind of diary where I might be able to see where it hangs at startup?

    Thank you


    You should try to completely remove iTunes. Follow this link:

    Remove and reinstall iTunes and software for Windows 7 and later versions - Apple Support components

    Download and install the latest version of iTunes from 12.4.1

Maybe you are looking for

  • What is this icon in the top left corner?

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  • OEM Windows XP or the key issues

    Hello Recently, I dug up a lenovo thinkpad t61. He was missing a hard drive, but I ordered a new one. The COA is still intact. I was wondering if I could reuse this COST to install XP and then upgrade to a newer version, such as 7 or 8. All other par

  • How to block pop-up ads from Hotmail?

    Original title: A pop-up (* address email is removed from the privacy *) keeps appearing at the bottom right whenever I open my messages how he block? A pop up keeps appearing in the lower right, everytime I open my messages, it seems also along the

  • VLAN support on WAN for LRT224 port

    Hello I have a setup of FTTx in my place.  Endpoint GPON puts the IP data on a VLAN.  So I need to support VLAN on the WAN port that the LRT224 does not currently support. In the specifications of the router, I saw that it supports VLANS and (wrongly