When you try to upgrade Windows Vista to Windows 7, I got this error message "do not have permission to open the file. Contact the administrator. »

I bought Windows 7 two years to upgrade my Windows Vista laptop. The upgrade went well. In November, my hard drive reported a failure to come so I took it to a technician to replace my hard drive and reload everything. I didn't have the product key for W7 so they have recharged to factory install WVista. Last night, I bought another copy of W7 and installed. When the time came to 'Unpack the box' I got one "don't have permission to open the file. Contact the administrator. "message. I found a solution in a post since 2009 and followed the instructions to the command prompt: sfc/scannnow. The scan came back with no violation of integrity. I don't know what to do now.

original title: hang up administrator permissions.

Right-click on the configuration, the exe file and select "run as Administrator".

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