Why Google Chrome is not supported in the Apex?

I saw it listed in the V3.2 release notes.

Anyone know if there are issues with Chrome, or it's just a matter of not wanting to try to support too? Not that I think a lot of people really use it yet (or never?).

My limited experience in my Apex via Chrome applications has been flawless, but we are about to release to production with outside users, so I can't check what are the browsers they accompany in. Or should I put a conditional test on the first page to check something their browser other than FireFox and IE?

Does anyone know of issues specific to Chrome, including in running an application (as opposed to develop)?

Thank you


p.s. I'm not trying to bash Chrome. It is a good idea and a decent app for what it does. If it was compatible with RoboForm, I would use it regularly.


Maybe the following can help - Re: chrome with apex? .

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    Hi Dale,

    I suggest you to uninstall and reinstall Google Chrome. Then pin Google chrome for the splash screen.

    Follow these steps to uninstall the game.

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    Thank you for reaching out to the Microsoft Community.

    According to the description, it seems that you get an error message while trying to open Google chrome on the computer.

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  • XMLFile parameter is not supported by Oracle APEX, please use the setXMLFile() method

    "XMLFile parameter is not supported by Oracle APEX, please use the setXMLFile() method.

    I created a test web app in apex.oracle.com to try a few things. I created a Flash 2D pie chart in a Web page, and it seems to make very well. But before rendering, I get the error message above, on the region of graph for 1-2 seconds.

    Can anynone tell me what means the error message above and why I'm getting this. I do not use a custom XML part. Has not changed the default settings of the chart area.

    I could see above the error appearing clearly since the apex.oralce.com is so slow... and graphics region takes awhile to load. Otherwise I could not have noticed. It happens in the IE8 and Google chrome.

    Oralce Apex (https://apex.oracle.com)

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    I used HTML5 graphics in apex in my office in my real application workspace. Most of my users still use IE8. HTML5 graphics all appeared well in their IE8 browser. One fine day, some parameters must be changed by my network administrator or soemthing else could have happened. I have no idea. My webapplication HTML5 graphics disappear IE8 users. IE9 users had no problem. I contacted our IT support staff of any changes to security settings that day, or earlier. Absolutely no help from my frustration. I have to change maps of my application (only about 6 of them) to the Flash graphics to overcome this obstacle. This is the story behind why I use Flash cards. If anyone has experienced a similar problem in IE8 HTML5 graphics please shed any light for me... This problem may be nothing to do with the "XMLFile parameter error message', but I'm not sure.

    You strike again BUG introduced with Oracle Application Express 4.2.5


    18601802 - ANYCHART XMLFILE WARNING DISPLAYED BEFORE FLASH GRAPHICS RENDERING when Flash graphics that take a long time to make, the user can see the following warning message appears briefly "XMLFile parameter only is not supported by Oracle APEX, please use setXMLFile() method.» The table will be always delivered. Solution: Please advise end-users to ignore the message.

  • I read that Chrome fell npapi support - in the article, he says that firefox has been in December. Is this true? I can't find a source.

    I read that Chrome fell npapi support - in the article, he says that firefox has been in December. Is this true? I can't find a source.

    Google announcement is here: Blog chrome: say goodbye to our old friend NPAPI

    I'm not aware of any time line of em "NPAPI" plugins in Firefox for desktop systems. However, the "click-to-play" function, which has been amended in several press releases, could get some additional revisions...

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    Hi @quentinc

    Welcome to the HP support community! I saw your post about the problem with Google Chrome works not once you've done an update. You have problems if you use a different browser? I would recommend that you uninstall Chrome and reinstall.

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    1 did you do changes on the computer before the show?

    2. what browser do you use?

    I suggest you to reinstall the software and see if the problem is resolved.

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    Now, I would like to change it to Firefox if it could be possible.

    Is it possible to translate a page in the same tab were open, as the Google Chrome browser?
    I tried the translator-ImTranslator addons, or QGTranslate or Google Translator for FIrefox and all translate the page to open in a new tab, and it does not at all help me.

    I really need because I connect to some Web sites, and if the change tab translator, I are not more registered in the new translated tab open.

    Thank you.

    Try this bookmarklet:

    Note that this requires Flash and a (temporarily) for mixed content in the current versions.

  • SIM card is not supported in the activation

    I have a question about activating my iPhone with a different SIM card. I have an unlocked iPhone and I tried to use another (of another carrier) SIM card with it. However, the phone will not turn on and I got an error message indicating that the SIM card is not supported by the initial activation and it isn't a hardware problem. He advised me to call my carrier. So I called my operator and the customer support agent has confirmed that my iPhone is indeed open. Now I'm really confused as to why the other carrier's SIM card is not supported. All SIM cards I've tried with my current provider works with my iPhone. All other SIM cards from other telecommunications companies does not work (I tried 3 others).

    Then the phone is not unlocked. Have you asked an unlock of your carrier and they gave him? If Yes, do restore you the phone to factory with iTunes and receive a "congratulations, your phone is now unlocked" message? If this isn't the case, then the unlock code is not complete. You must restore the device with iTunes at the factory, not a backup. When you get the message "Congratulations", you can restore your backup.

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    I have installed Google Earth on my old desktop computer running Windows XP Professional. After finishing, I open it, displays the first message, Google earth is not supported graphics card in my computer when I check do not show this message again and the second message appears, "DirectX" mode not supported.
    It gives 4 suggestions for correction:
    (1) set to "True color" (32 bit) color depth in display properties
    (2) start Google Earth after waiting a minute
    (3) close the other applications (especially if they use 3D)
    (4) download and install DirectX 9.0 c or higher by following the link

    Here is what happened:
    (1) I already had the "True Color" (32 bit) value
    (2) tried starting after a minute - same as before
    (3) no other application was open
    (4) downloaded DirectX according to the instructions

    I always get the same error message. I found Googling it might be a problem with the graphics card drivers. I think the graphics card is a 8586 Intel graphics (I hope I got this right!).

    It also makes no difference to the opening of Google Earth, however.
    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    In any case, I try to use the latest version of Google earth, but cannot use it and when I try to installed later in my desktop computer, run windows 7, it works fine.
    I tried to download the previous version of google earth, version 6.2, I can install and use it very well.
    It's that I would ask that this problem seems to be caused by windows, hardwars or Google earth?

    Hi Vidal.

    You can re - install DirectX and then check.

    End-user Runtime Web install DirectX



    For more information, see the links.


    Switching between DirectX and open GL

    Solve the breakdowns and graphics issues on Windows computers.

    Frequently asked questions in Google Earth.

    You can get in touch with the community of Google Earth and check.


    Please update us with the results and we will be happy to help you.

  • Google Chrome will not update on Vista

    Get this message from Google Chrome which signals that Google Chrome will not update with Windows Vista more.

    Should I do something?

    I searched through the updates of Windows to see if we have missed something, but nothing helped. I saw a post about the pre installed "youcam"... we should be arrived at?

    Do not uninstall Google Chrome still... You can install Firefox, front - and then import your Google Chrome Favorites, before you uninstall.

    Updates to Google Chrome does not come through Windows Update, but when you click on the "Hamburgermenu" in Google Chrome. (3 lines under the Red close button)

    See help

    Click on Google Chrome

    This will start the update...

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