Why isn't the Satellite Pro L100 124 on the Web from Toshiba site?

In Israel, we have this model:
Toshiba Satellite Pro L100-124 PSLA1E - 00500DG 3
I tried to look it up in the computers.
Toshiba - Europe.com, but found nothing?

Why? is it a fake?



Maybe you know it or not, but Toshiba offers many laptops of the same series but the laptop are not very different. Void models are perhaps different in the hardware configuration. You know it; different sizes of HARD drive, processor, etc.

I googeld a little to this numer and I found the laptop on a site of Poland from Toshiba. It s a Polish language:
http://CE.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com/cgi-bin/ToshibaCSG/JSP/productPage.do?LNG=20&service=CE&PRODUCT_ID=114411 & tab = 3

However, you can visit Toshiba Europe site and you will find the different specifications and also the series Satellite Pro L100:

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    I bought my laptop 3 weeks ago, models: Toshiba Satellite A500 PSAR9A - 02 s 001
    I bought it in Australia, but I can't find any driver on www.toshiba.com.au support.

    Any help?


    This seems to be an Australian series laptop
    I m not very well why it s are not on the Australian page but if you need the drivers, you can try using the driver from the page of European driver from Toshiba as well

    There are a series of Satellite A500 PSAR9E which is similar (or even?).
    In my opinion the Win 7 drivers should work too.

    Welcome them

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    Hello peps.

    I'm on Vista and want to downgrade to XP.
    I was told that it's anything could possibly live through the toshiba site and that he invalidate so not my laptop.

    Also later when Vista is getting better and my programes can be up dated. I can go back to the top.
    Is this true and any body can help.

    Thank you

    Thanks much for this information it s useful to everyone here in the forum
    With respect to this issue:
    > I would like to know if it is possible to format the hard drive to remove Vista and install my own copy of XP Pro. This would invalidate my warranty?
    The guarantee will be valid after installing XP so Don worry ;)


  • Qosmio G50 - can't find it on the Web from Toshiba site

    In the field of management of the Toshiba site under downloads, I select + computers laptops + in the dropdown menu, then + qosmio G50, 04j + then I get a white during the seizure of my series.

    I realize that this model was removed from the sale, although I had hoped that it would be always supported...

    Can anyone help?


    On what Toshiba Web site, looking for drivers/downloads and what exactly are you looking for your laptop?

    In addition, he is indifferent, if the laptop will be selling or not. Older models of laptops can be based in Archive.

  • Satellite L - PPV on the Web from Toshiba site is corrupted

    Toshiba arranged on archive site * vap - 20091027105222.zip *, which contains the * damaged * file!
    Here is the link.
    It is packed with the file * TC20043100A.exe* (if there is a decompression CRC Checksum error). Windows 7 also cannot run TC20043100A.exe then I can't install * value-added package *.

    Ask, please file a * fixed *!

    I followed the second link, you have published and downloaded vap - 20091013162311.zip that includes TC20018400A.exe. After double click Extractor of archive of Toshiba began and I extracted all the files in itself created the folder on the desktop. I named him unpack.

    All files have been extracted correctly and installation of VAP started correctly.
    So I can confirm that TC20018400A.exe is WORKING PROPERLY and there is NO error message.

    By the way: what is written in this error message?

  • The Web of Toshiba site does not recognize of my drive hard number and P/N


    There is a little less than two months, I bought my HDD Toshiba Canvio Basics 3.0 from Amazon. The hard drive has stopped working for some reason any (I drop or something, it simply stopped working).

    Of course, I was trying to use my warranty to repair or Exchange it, but the Web of Toshiba site does not recognize my serial number and product number. They are just there, black and white on the sticker on the back of my hard drive, but the site says they are not valid.

    Someone has an idea what is happening? I would rather not throw 50 euros by the window for less than two months of use.

    Product number is HDTB105XK3AA - and not to HDTB105 * E * K3AA like some sites say (including Amazon).

    Thanks for your help.

    Stand by. Have you contacted Amazon using Amazon options for repair under warranty or Exchange?

    Check please help Amazon option and collect detailed information on defective, damaged or significantly different returns.

    Two years ago I had problem with the mobile phone bought by Amazon and I send direct Amazon with bill Amazon.

    By the way: can you please post the link where you have tried to check the serial number of your HARD drive?

  • Try to use the capabilities of the Web from TOSHIBA camera with an external device via the USB port.

    Toshiba Web Camera software that came with my new Qosmio X 505 - Q880 is very useful, and I would use it to take pictures with an external camera connected by a USB cable (camera is a Kodak DC290, in case this is useful).  Is it possible to use the webcam with anything other than Toshiba built in webcam?  Now that I'm typing this, it seems a question more appropriate for the Toshiba site, but I guess I'll try here first.

    Toshiba Software is for Toshiba hardware.

    Go to the Kodak Web site and are looking for software for your Kodak camera.

    Or as you say, ask Toshiba.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

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    The mobile version of Bing lost the feature to watch the cards with the layer of the Ordnance Survey, which I really need on my iPhone.

    I tried through Google app and Safari. We do not have the possibility to use the Bing here application to the United Kingdom again.

    I can do it on my iPad!

    Thank you

    Top right of Safari, press the icon with the arrow upwards into it.  Slide the lower panel of selection more until you see the icon request site Office.  Tap that.

    Some sites will remember this application in a cookie, so you should always go to the website of the office.  However, other sites can not and you need to ask the site office whenever you open a web page.

  • Can not find the latest version of the BIOS for my Satellite Pro L100

    Hello everyone,

    I'm looking at the latest version of the bios for Satellite Pro L100 (PSLA1E).
    I can't find it on the Web from Toshiba site because it is a product at a reduced price.

    The BIOS download page is http://www.toshiba.eu/innovation/download_bios.jsp
    The older models, you can find if you use the option product type > Archive.

    Your Satellite Pro is in the list and latest version of BIOS is WIN 3.00.

    I don't know if there is a problem with your laptop but if everything is working properly and stabile don't change anything.

  • Re: Satellite Pro L100 - lines on screen


    I am looking at a Satellite Pro L100 and there are lines from top to bottom on the screen. These are very thin, but boring. IN some cases, the screen is totally blank.
    The lines come and go when I move the screen back. Can you advise?

    Thank you

    Hi csgwasteman,

    I think Al - eX is right. This sounds like a broken LCD cable and it must be exchanged. But for other diagnostics, you can connect an external monitor. You may notice the same problem there? If this is not the case, replace the LCD cable.

    You can order such a cable a certified maintainer:
    http://EU.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com-online decision-making supported downloads & => find an authorized service provider

    Good luck! :)

  • Problems of transfer of files on the laptop with USB - Satellite Pro L100

    I have a Topfield Freeview box that connects to my Toshiba Satellite Pro L100 via a very short USB cable. The box can read MP3s that I add via the USB connection.

    My previous laptop added to hundreds of songs without any problem at all. However, this new Toshiba there are very particular problems.

    I can send files of the TNT box to the laptop via USB with no problems, but if I try to send files (for example an MP3) Unlike - laptop box - it stutter and often fail. From time to time an entire song (only 4-5 MB) may be transferred without problems, but normally, it will not work. As I said, I can send 100 MB s, the other direction and everything works fine.

    I tried transfer MP3s from my laptop and on the TNT housing with non-Toshiba laptop from a friend today and worked well. This collaboration with knowing I could do the same with my old laptop, suggests that the problem is clearly with the laptop. There must be a reason this notebook can transfer information via USB in a much better than in the other direction.

    Is there anything I can do to upgrade drivers or software to allow my laptop works properly?

    [Edited by: admin]

    I put t know why this happens and I can only suggest.
    For example on my laptop when something be transferred from an external source laptop and another way the software Anti Virus check all files and so it takes much more time.

    I just disabled the anti scan antivirus and firewall and the transfer was going faster.

    Eventually he s has the same problem on your laptop

  • Satellite Pro L100 - Crash during the update of the Bios


    I am the owner of a Satellite Pro L100 (PSLA4E)

    On the Toshiba site I downloaded the BIOS update. While installing I read that it was necessary to supply cable is plugged. Before I could cancel for the cable, he had started and then frozen. The computer stopped working and so I turned it off! Since then, I've read that it was a very big mistake!

    When put on the fan starts and I can hear etc cd drive spinning. After 15 seconds, the screen is blank, the computer starts beeping!
    Is there a way to solve this?

    Thank you very much

    Hi Richard

    Seems not good buddy from your description, that something went wrong during the update procedure and now the ROM module has been flashed properly.

    Maybe you area lucky man and the motherboard isn't too bad, but only the Rom module must be flashed again.

    Unfortunately, this must be done by the technician of the ASP. You will need to contact the ASP in your country for assistance.

    Good luck and have a nice day

  • Laptop goes down when using the internet - Satellite Pro L100

    Hi, I had my laptop (satellite pro L100) 5 days and I connect through a router to the internet, but in the last days when im using the internet, a Help window automatically opens and approximately 90 internet Explorer windows open, it became really frustrating, im using norton which came with it, everyone has ideas ive ran a scan for virus and adaware but came up with nothing

    Thank you



    I understand you very well. For me it s a shock if 90 IE Windows would appear on my small laptop screen. SHOUT OUT! : O

    However, have you installed any 3rd party applications that can open the windows?

    I think that this is not a normal state of the system and if it appears the days of view therefore, you should try roll back BONE to the beginning.

    In addition, you can try to check in the MSCONFIG what background process runs on the operating system. If there are some very strange processes you must turn it off and you must remove the Autorun.

  • Satellite Pro L100 132: old RAM is not recognized by the system

    The original memory of our laptop (Satellite Pro L100-132) is 512 MB.

    I bought an extra memory to 1 GB (type has been verified in the product documentation).
    I installed the additional memory, the system starts and you can see the additional 1 GB memory.

    However, the system does not see the original memory of 512 MB, additional memory is installed on the laptop.

    The system should see memory original and extra, because according to the specification for the serial number of the cell phone (checked on the official website of Toshiba) the maximum memory (which can see the system) is 2 GB.

    I tried to transpose the place of original and additional memory between them, but the problem is the same.
    Updated the system BIOS does not solve the problem at all.


    As writes the user above, there seems to be problem of compatibility and updating the BIOS will not help you. A malfunction of the compatibility between the old and new module of RAM which s

    This new module of RAM you bought?

    I think you need two modules of RAM high quality they are compatible together. You can order these ASP RAM modules in your country. Quad has already posted part numbers.

    Check this box!

  • What is a current market value of the Satellite Pro L100-125


    I currently have a laptop Satellite Pro L100-125, that I've had for a few years now.
    It's getting on abit I know, but until recently, he did everything I needed it to do. Unfortunately, I had a small accident and the laptop has been damaged.

    Asking for a new home insurance since I'm not able to buy a new laptop for now (being student humble and everything!). The insurance company asked about the damage and the value of the computer.

    The damage, I know, this is the current value of the computer that I'm not sure of!
    Its probably not much, but if I get it wrong then a number of things can happen!
    If I declare that the value is higher than it actually is, they say it's fixable or say that it is a fraudulent application!

    If I declare the value too low, then we'll write him offshore but I get a very good replacement (I know it's the lesser of two evils and looks like I'm just try on, but this claim will push my premiums until next year regardless, so I might as well get the best that I can possibly get out of it!).

    Anyone happen to know the current market value of a laptop with the specifications below?

    The computer is a Satellite Pro L100-125
    Intel Centrino Duo T2400 1.83 GHz
    2 GB of RAM (512 MB originally)
    60 GB HARD drive

    Also, just so that I know what to expect, no one knows the approximate cost of replacing the screen and the housing on this particular laptop?

    Any help at all would be much appreciated.


    Satellite L100 series is already abandoned and it seems no more on the market
    The point is that you could buy a new a lot harder for laptop with the best hardware specifications for about 400-500 euros.
    I don't have no idea how the fix would cost, but if the screen or motherboard would have died then the repair process could be a costly affair because the display and motherboards are more expensive laptop parts

Maybe you are looking for