WLAN disconnect on my Satellite L750 guard

Hello people!

I bought this Toshiba Satellite L750-1MK (with Atheros AR9002WB-1NG wireless network adapter) with pre-installed Windows 7 Home Premium from the beginning, my wireless connection keeps going down for no reason apparent all the a few minutes to a few seconds and I'm like 5-20% of the time offline.
What happens at home, my parents and work (different routers and router settings). My laptop older running at the same time has absolutely no problem.

My wireless network card driver is up to date ( and I turned off (Mode power saving, on max performance, "turn off for energy saving" is off) of the energy saving features

I also installed Linux Ubuntu 11.10, and I'm not having any problem there but I have to use Windows for my work.

Any advice?
Thank you very much!

> I also installed Linux Ubuntu 11.10, and I'm not having any problem there but I have to use Windows for my work.
This means that it is a problem of simple adjustments.

I guess you have this problem only with the laptop on the right of the battery?

People have said that this can be resolved by disabling energy saving.
I think you have tested this in Windows 7 power management but additional you must do this
+ Device Manager-> WLan card-> properties-> (last tab) power management.

Here, you need to delete mark the option Allow Disable this device to power without danger

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    I have a strange sound disconection randomly on my laptop Satellite L750-1KU.

    I read on the forum, but it seems that there is no solution for this.

    My question is if there is a solution to our problem.

    PD: my laptop serial number is YB233977W

    In my opinion it's the wrong way to solve this problem. I mean I don't think that if it's a good idea to change parts of the motherboard, chips or anything else on your own.
    You are 100% sure that there is problem with sound chip?

    The same happens when you use headphones or external speakers?

  • WLAN disconnect on my Satellite L300

    Very expensive!

    I got Toshiba Satellite L300 1 to 3 for two years now with original Windows Vista Home Premium (32 bit).

    My wireless has never worked.

    I updated my driver for my Realtek (RTL8187B wireless 802 11 b / g 54 Mbps USB 2.0 network adapter) so many times so please do not recommend anything like this again. I searched so many times in forums like this one and other and tried everything but nothing worked.

    PROBLEM IS: I managed to connect to my modem, but the connection disconnects immediately I get out of my internet browser. Wireless CAN find networks, but cannot stay in touch! So I guess that the equipment works properly. Is it?

    After that, I have to restart my computer to find these wireless networks.

    I tried to update the BIOS, but my computer crashed so I gave up on that.
    It seems that all the FN F8 and F9 buttons are working.

    Is it Vista? What should I do?
    Any help is appreciated!

    Hi assert,

    > I tried to update the BIOS, but my computer crashed so I gave up on that.
    BIOS update crashed the fact your computer boot properly or what happened exactly while the BIOS update?

    The BIOS update would be worth a try but make sure that you have downloaded the correct file for her.

    No doubt, it can be useful if you reinstall Windows Toshiba recovery disc. Maybe something has confused the WLAN driver or something else. With recovery disk, you can restore the original settings. :)

  • Satellite L750 system hangs after disconnecting the WLan

    I bought Satellite L750 series laptop I have connected Wifi. If I disconnect the Wifi system get hooked. I can't do anything to that. I've updated the driver software and I checked all the possibilities that my knowledge.

    > if I disconnect Wifi system and then get hooked.

    I assume you are using Fn + F8 to toggle the wifi.
    Have you tried to restore the system to verify if there is a system problem?
    I think you should do and need to retrieve the laptop using the HDD recovery procedure
    Turn on the device, press F8, choose repair my computer, choose HARD drive recovery and follow the instructions on the screen, then you will get the system with the factory settings.
    Then test the WLan.

  • Satellite L750 - Wireless LAN is disabled, no my home WLAN connection

    Hello, I have some problem with my Satellite L750. It has a called Atheros AR9002WB-1NG wireless adapter which seems to be in place.

    When I turned on my laptop I noticed it was not connected to any network, so I searched and found that it could not find. I checked on my phone (on which I am writing this) and there is my network and many others who are available to connect and mine works great on my phone. I tried to reset the router and nothing happened, I could always connect on my phone and tablet.

    I tapped into the wireless software and found the so-called "ConfigFree". In this, I found "Connectivity Doctor". He said that there was a problem with the adapter, and then, after having discussed below, I found he said that 'Wireless LAN Off' next to a red picture of a switch.

    Does anyone know how to reactivate it?

    You can activate WLAN card by using the FN + F8 key combination?

  • Satellite L750 - WLAN Driver seems installed BUT does not actually

    I formatted my laptop 'Satellite L750"which, like"Realtek RTL8188CE' wireless network. After the download and installation of the network adapter driver for Windows 7 x 64 Toshiba site wireless, everything looks fine on the screen of the installation and after installation. Driver status says 'this device is working properly' and appers wireless icon in the status bar as expected.

    BUT wireless serach finds no access point. When I look at ' ipconfig/all' into the command screen this adapter is not seen in the list?

    I turned on and off the map of the software several times. I disabled and enabled driver several times. I tried to download the driver of this same card 'Realtek' Web site but nothing has changed?

    What is the problem that I can't understand. Before the format it worked well in the same operating system windows7?

    You can enable or disable WLAN using FN + F8 key combination?

  • On Satellite L750/0 wireless connectivity issues s 5

    I own a laptop L750/0 s 5.

    I seem to have a problem with my wireless connection, where anywhere not at 10 m from the router the connection cuts in and out with the yellow sign 'limited connectivity' always appears. disconnect and reconnect solves the problem for a few minutes. Ive resorted to the close session of the router.

    the computer is 2 months old, the Wlan driver is up-to-date. power options have been configured to be on maximum performance for Wlan etc etc.

    The main thing that annoys me, it's all the others (much older laptops) in our House very much work where mine doesn't. I actually lost performance from where I can get my old toshiba portege m300 to this new wireless signals.

    In terms of information, the computer is running windows 7. Wireless network card is Atheros AR9002WB-1NG.

    If theres any other information that you need, as im sure there will be, I would like to know and ill try my best.

    The router is really new.

    Thanks for your help

    > the computer is 2 months old, the Wlan driver is up-to-date. power options have been configured to be on maximum performance for Wlan etc etc.

    The latest Wlan drivers can be found here:

    Please keep in mind that you use the latest driver v9.2.0.419.0

    To be honest, I had the same idea to disable the power save for Wlan and it more often it should work are you sure that you have changed this in the same power station that is used when the laptop is running on battery power?

    However, it would be interesting to know if the Satellite L750 uses the same Wlan 802.11 standard, as do other portable
    In the Device Manager-> properties-> Advanced tab Wlan card, you can choose the standard Wlan 802.11
    Recommend to check this

  • Canoe use Wi - Fi on my Satellite L750

    I have some problems with a Wi - Fi connection :( I have the Toshiba Satellite L750.

    I had installed the new Windows 7. Everything is working exepct Wi - Fi. I had downloaded the drivers of the al. I am turing on Wi - Fi and... nothing.
    Is to show that Wi - Fi is on but it doesn't work. Looks like I had installed the drivers but Wi - Fi is not installed... what to do?


    Please be so kind and display the name of the full model. I just want to check what WLAN card is inside.
    If the WLAN card is not installed correctly and do not appear in Device Manager, try to download driver http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/wlan/ WLAN

    If you do not know who is inside to check it please http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/HTD0302U00000R01.htm

  • Satellite L750-1LR - can not turn on my wireless module

    I have a satellite L750-1LR and I can't turn on the wireless module.
    When I try to turn it on, buy the function button, nothing happens. and when I open the connectivity wizard, it said that I could turn on the wireless.

    I get the devices and everithing seems to working properly, it does seem to need all the drivers.

    Please check this thread:

    I recommend that you install the latest Wlan driver for the wireless network adapter.
    Also reinstall the VAP (value added package) that controls the Wlan/turn off the feature.

  • Difference between Satellite L750 and Satellite L755

    Hi all

    What exactly is the difference L750 and L755. It is not the same thing?


    There are models of different laptops that are part of the Satellite L750 series and there are models of different laptops that are part of the Satellite L755 series.
    Each model of laptop (L750-xxx or L755-xxx) is equipped with different material parts.
    In many cases, the hardware specifications are very similar, but there are always small differences like another CPU, LAN or WLan card

  • Satellite L750 charging and the question of the random stop

    Hi all

    Recently I had problems with my laptop Satellite load.

    The laptop is running Win7 64 bit and is a Satellite L750 PSK2YA - 0LN028

    Now the problem is not that his load not but that he chooses to charge and no fees when he wants to. With the laptop plugged into current alternative to a real charger Toshiba (3.96 tested A 19.48V) the laptop charge for a minute or so normally with the animated icon (moving) in the set by saying "plugged in, load. Then all of a sudden the animation stops in the status bar, but it still says "plugged in, charging" 2 lights on the front of the laptop flashes orange simultaniusly (power and battery NOT AC led) and the computer will decide to drain itself of the battery, then stop without warning (with connected AC).

    This will happen under simple highload AND webbrowsing. My dough said Toshiba PC health integrated program is 'good' and that CPU Temp is not more 70% and the fan works as it should. When I remove and reconnect the AC adapter it will stop blinking and start to load for a minute and then start all over again.

    I tried to remove and reinstall the battery Module controller via Device Manager and Reset BIOS by disconnecting all power and hold for 30 seconds, these two methods do not fix my problem.

    The computer still works on AC if the battery is removed and the only devices I plugged in a USB mouse that is NOT plugged into the slot of the USB3.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated or if someone knows what that flashing lights twin mean on a table of errors, or something (because I can't find the online error codes). It's my first laptop and I bought this one thinking that I could do most of my stuff a desk would be, but it's just been a nightmare...

    Thanks in advance, if you need more info let me know.

    * @ EminemTMN *.
    You already opened a thread on this topic, but did not provide final feedback on the last post.

    Please do so in order to clarify the issue.

    I recommend you test another, a good pile of work.
    Not quite sure if he s really make a battery but in all cases of problems of load, the battery should be checked as well as another adapter.

  • Satellite L750 - X 5315 - battery time remaining


    I had Satellite l750 - x 5310 yesterday and I tested it through and through. When running tests on the battery, the backup was not as promised. Here's how I did the battery test

    (1) I closed the laptop
    (2) charged three hours 100%
    (3) adapter disconnected
    (4) on the laptop (cheked battery status, it has shown 100%) and started using it to send JUST internet and USB data transfers no videos no games, etc. on 'eco power saver plan. HERE IS WHERE THE PROBLEM COMES FROM:

    The batery sometimes shows 95% (4 HOURS) after 5 minutes 89% after 10 minutes 76% (2 HOURS) and sometimes climbs to 80% and after 1 h 30 to turn on the laptop stops ann watch low indicator (orange) battery on the façade refusing to power on without adapter connected. I took the test three times

    I need to know what the actual backup battery from the phone. Is this normal and is battery duration 1 h 30 ecological without adapter to full charge or 4 hours, as promised by TOSHIBA?

    Please help, thanks in advance


    Before you start with some battery tests I would recommend charging the battery 5 - 10 times it reached full capacity and performance. Otherwise you can t make realistic and cooldown tests 3 times isn't enough.

    Regarding your tests a few Tip: the duration of battery on the Web from Toshiba site is verified with the lowest screen brightness, without any attached devices, power for the eco mode profile and if you do * nothing * on the computer. Internet and e-mail needs of battery power and no less. So you can make a test if the battery life if you do nothing, but not to do work on the laptop.

    Everything you do not on computer needs battery power ;)

  • Satellite L750 - droping internet connection Wi - Fi

    I bought a laptop toshiba Satellite L750 yesterday, I've updated all the drivers, but nothing change still a hub connection fall super media Virgin (netgear router).

    Its right in the same room but the other room drop-down from 5 to 1 and sometimes I internet.maybe to lose someone had the same problem and give me some advice on how to fix it.

    Thank you

    > Whole in the same room but in other room to drop down from 5 to 1 and sometimes I lose internet.

    It looks like WiFi signal isn't strong enough and this is the reason why interrupt the WiFi connection.

    As Feliks mentioned; It might be possible that wireless network card does not receive enough power while running on battery then change the WLan settings in Win 7 power option for maximum performance of energy saving

  • Satellite L750 - cannot connect to the wireless network found

    I am the owner of the Satellite L750-1ñ3 and I installed atheros wlan drivers for my toshiba. But when I try to connect to my network which is protected by wep key and I enter my key I get an error from the key or password is incorrect.

    I correct wep key entry because it works on my Tablet PC.
    In addition to the wirless led light is constantly orange on laptop, even now.

    I put t really help now. Fact is that WLAN on your laptop works well if you can detect your home WLAN.

    To check the protection to disable the feature for a few minutes and try to connect to your laptop without protection key. It work?

  • Where can I find drivers for my Satellite L750-21F?

    Hi all

    I have a Toshiba laptop without OS and I want to install my Windows 7 (64 bit) but I can't seem to find the drivers: s
    Any help or links please?

    Here his name and code:
    Satellite L750 - 21F
    Product code: PSK30E - 05H00EG4
    I do not particularly see to install WiFi drivers: s
    Any help would be really helpful thx

    You can download the drivers on Toshiba http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com/innovation/download_drivers_bios.jsp page
    WLAN driver can be downloaded from the Toshiba WLAN portal - http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/wlan/

    Do you know what WLAN card inside?

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