write 2D data formatted in a file


Here is the emulation of an extract of my test bench (where data should be saved to a file for post-processing).

Here are a few points:

  • during the race, data are accumulated in a 2D array, where column_0 - the number of the iteration (integer value), colonne_1 ... column_3 - measured data (the float values)
  • the STOP button click on this picture is saved in a file

The problem I have encountered in this example - the data of all the columns are saved in the format of floating point (please, see the screenshot below)

How to save the column_0 to the integer format, other columns - floating-point?

Thank you

I think that this way of array and better string form.

When you use "insert into array" each iteration, you lose the memory and time

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    Thank you

    Hi Allan,

    Just had a look at this takeover bid 10.1 on my machine.

    I noticed that for an attribute date as on a screen, when you use Input type = Year, Month and Day edits (in the file screens), it seems to display the three drop-down lists in the same order (day, month, year), regardless of what's been defined in the configuration line "input-date-formats" in messages. file .properties (locale).

    However, I was not sure of your email if the DD-MON-YYYY format was necessary for the entriesto date, or just for the display of date output. If the latter, then using the following in your messages. (place) .properties file...

    output-date-format = yyyy-MMM-dd

    ... will translate dates displayed like this: 1980-Jan-27

    To force the OWD to accept only dates of entry of user in the format '1980-Jan-27' then you can edit the line input-date-formats of configuration:

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    See you soon,.

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    The file must be imported in another system that can only read ansi txt files.

    I would really appreciate an example of work, or even if it is not possible that someone explain why this is not possible,

    Ok. Then you just need to

    -Open the file in binary mode (for example utl_file.fopen ( >, >, 'wb'))
    -When you write a line

        UTL_RAW.CAST_TO_RAW( <> ),

    Note: code stolen shamelessly from S. Wolicki in this thread

    CONVERT function to convert the data in EBCDIC & view on SQLPLUS


  • How to merge and write analog inputs, and export data to a tdms file?

    I have a vi who writes analog inputs in tdms files. I also want to write the analog output signals, which are 2d table entries in the same PDM file with additional columns representing the analog output signals. How can I get this feature?

    Ashaironix wrote:

    Hey Crossrulz,

    So you're saying that writing two files tdms with entries as HAVE and AO, will write everything in a file single tdms AOs and Ais?

    N ° you write in the same file, just different GROUPS.  TDMS is a hierarchical data format.  You have the file, group, channel.  Waveform data will actually in the channel data.  But you can have metadata on any level.  So, I do a group I and a group of the AO.

  • How to view the data in the text file to the format column


    I am acquiring data from an oscilloscope.

    Wen I save the data in a text file to aid wite spreadsheet string, all the displayed voltage values r first, then values of time... in addition to its delimited by tabs

    How can I view it like the r of time values in a single column and the voltyage of the r-values in the other column



    I don't know what is exactly the format that you found. I think you should try to use the function Array transpose (from the palette of function table) before you pass the array to write to string of spread sheet function or directly loyal to Terminal son transposes on writing worksheet function and see if you get the desired results.

    PS. : Share your code would be appreciated.

    Kind regards


    (Kudos are always welcome, mark it as a solution if it is the only)

  • Faced with the conversion of an U8 2D array data in a Matlab file format?

    I'm trying to convert a simple 2D array of U8 (3 channels) data in a matlab file format.  I was manipulate the examples in the labview2matlabni record - but I can't read in Matlab - the matrix is not readable - said inconsistent number of columns.

    I have included my vi with a sample data as input.  I'm sure this shouldn't be so hard!

    Thanks in advance - all help is appreciated!

    If you have not already, doen

    You can check this site, http://matio-labview.sourceforge.net/. In my view, there are screws to back up or to import files dull.

    See you soon,.


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    I need to write the data read from the INI file to a control of the RING. Doing this operation using variants I get the error.

    I will be happy if someone help me. I have attached the file special INI and VI.

  • Date format changes when you put an Excel file in Indesign

    I have an Excel sheet with the date format DD-MM-YYYY.

    I need to put this Excel file in Indesign - and the link, so I can update the Excel sheet and put it auto updated in Indesign.

    So I put my file management preferences to "create links when placing text years Spreadsheeet Files", go to file > Place and choose my Excel sheet. In the import option, I don't see any option to keep the date format. But when I look at the table in Indesign changed the date format DD/MM/YYYY.

    The same thing happens if I chose 'To format table' or 'Unofrmatted'. That if I copy and paste the table actually the show dates above right. But it's not a solution for me, since I need the linked Excel file!

    So, do I did wrong? Is there some settings in Indesign to preserve the format of Excel date instead of change?

    I use the Mac version and I get different results with the 2011 and older versions. I tested the top down and the values are different. On windows, MS Office is better, so I often work on Mac, but change to Windows, then save again with a new file name, and use it. But not everyone has this opportunity.

    With Excel on Mac is a huge problem that. and exchanged everwhere in its German version. It's ok in numbers, as German and English exchanged. and,

    But with the files exported as CSV, it becomes a huge problem, because Excel separates files CSV Comma, but pointed, and no other application (and neither itsself Excel) will read these files correctly. Excel on Mac is so good for the calculation, but if you go information in another application it is a mess.

  • Why the JPG file size decreases when Lightroom writes meta data?

    Lightroom uses the files sidecar XMP for meta data history for RAW files. When writing the metadata (e.g. tags) to JPG files, they are written directly in the header of the file. This should leave the image information in the file intact. However, the file size decreases (about 0.02 MB) when Lightroom writes metadata for the original JPG file. As far as I could see, the image information remain unchanged and no other information in the header is deleated, but why decreases the size of the file then (I expect to increase slightly or stay the same)? I work with RAW files for most but sometimes I just versions of the files to work with JPG and I don't want to lose any information.

    Thanks in advance for your answers.

    Kind regards


    The number 13 in FAQ on the web site of ExifTool treats this effect:


  • Date format for the SQL LDR file control

    Hi all

    I need to insert the date with time using sqlldr.

    In my data file get date value as 20110103 10:27:44.

    Control the file do it like this

    CREATION_DATE ' decode (: creation_date, "null", null, 0, null, to_date (: creation_date, ' YYYYMMDD HH24:MI:SS')))).

    It is inserting only Ex date: 03/01/2011 but I need to insert the date with time ex: 1/3/2011 10:27:44

    Please advice

    Thank you

    Published by: user632682 on February 15, 2011 10:37


    Makes no sense to have the date as 0, then, either you must use null or sysdate. You can write a function and use it in your sqlldr control file. This is just an example and you can write it anyway

    # sqlldr control file
    Creation_date DATE 'YYYYMMDD HH24.MI.SS'  "format_date(:creation_date)"
    CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION format_date(i_date in DATE)
    if (i_date is NULL or i_date = 0 ) then
     i_date := sysdate;
    end if;
    return i_date;
    END format_date;


  • write a CLOB data type to a file.

    Hi all

    I use Oracle 10 g

    I want to write a CLOB in an external file on the DB server. I used the below:

    TXT_LINE: = TAB_DDL; - TAB_DDL I get it from get_DLL (table, 'table_name') select of the double;
    UTL_FILE. NEW_LINE (F, 1);

    The prob that the foregoing is a failure when TAB_DDL return a big DOF.

    Any suggestions?

    Kind regards


  • Writing data in the text file or excel spreadsheet


    I have a silly question to ask questions about the writing of data in a text file or a spreadsheet. I have an example that simulates a sine-swept DAQmx. The output it provides is the (amplitude and phase) frequency response function that is plotted on a graph (see VI) attached. I like to use these data for further analysis by transmitting the data to a text file or a spreadsheet. I've tried a few things, but the thread is broken. I guess I use the sink badly - so I was wondering, can you please advise me on what sink should I use?

    Your help would be very appreciated,

    Thank you very much


    The wire is broken, because you cannot connect this type of data to one of these two functions. The data source type is a table 1 d of the clusters, where each cluster contains two tables. The text file write accepts strings, not clusters. Writing on a file action accepts dynamic data, and while you can convert dynamic data tables, there is no built-in mechanism to convert a table 1 d of the clusters of two matrices.

    What you need to do is to convert the data in a format which can be accepted by these functions. Since you want to have a "spreadsheet" file then you should use writing to the spreadsheet file that creates a delimited text file. Since the frequency data would be the same for the plot of the magnitude and phase diagrams, you can have 3 columns: frequency, amplitude, and phase. You can take off the items using Unbundle by name, and then create a table 2D of each element of the cluster. The real question is to know if you want to save the data at each iteration and if you simply add on the file. The attached figure shows write an initial header and then adding just streaming the data.

  • How to format the RAW file system in my pen-drive?

    Dear friends,

    I have a 2 GB key USB "GENX". I used it for about six months without any problem. But now I have a serious problem that has changed its system of RAW files accidentally. I didn't really know what the reason for that! He didn't connect with any dangerous computer.

    Its file system is FAT 32. It contains a few songs, some software, photos, videos etc, but they are not important. So I don't want to put data files.

    My question is: at y - it software or sort {command type us in the command e.t.c. prompt} to format my USB? I don't want to give anything, I just empty it transform the FAT32 or NTFS file system.

    I use Windows X P-SP3. For 2 months, I searched the entire internet to solve my problem, but no use. I tried many software! They are not useful for me, because they help just to recover the files that it contains.

    When I connect my pen-drive, an error message appears "the disk in drive G is not formatted. You want to format it now? "When I click on YES an other error message is displayed-"Windows failed in the full format.

    If someone help me which can give pleasure to thousands of people. Because when I looked / was asked about this issue, I realized that many suffer from it.

    Dear friends please help...

    BY Abin cherish.

    Dear friends...

    Its with great pride and joy to inform you that I formatted my pen-drive successfully. After almost one and work hard for semesters. I tried several software but they all failed.

    I ask you all to try transcend recovery tool online to achieve this. (link:- http://www.transcendusa.com/Products/ORTCount.asp?URL=Software/OnLineRecovery.exe&action=Download ).

    Its a small tool. He RAW file system format, even if our pen-diving is not made by Transcend. Even if the format successfully completed, we are not able to use the device because it shows that it is write protected. So can you please do the following:

    1) click Start-> Run.

    (2) type regedit and press to enter.

    4) click the plus sign next to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE

    5) click the plus sign next to SYSTEM

    6) click the plus sign next to CurrentControlSet

    7) click the plus sign next to control

    8) click the plus sign next to StorageDevicePolicies

    (9) write click on WriteProtect and click on modify.

    (10) if the value is 1 change 0, and then click ok.

    (11) the registry editor close and restart the computer.

    Now, you're done. Your pen-drive is now ready.

    But one of the problems is that we do not have the same space as before. In my case my previous device of ability was 1.87 GB. But after I fixed, reduced ability to 1.67 GB. I'm not worried about it because I think I'm the only one to format this type file system.

    Thank you friends...

  • Is there a way to use data formats i.e. Go Mo Ko in numbers?

    Is there a way to use data formats i.e. Go Mo Ko in numbers?

    I am trying to add the size of the library files to estimate the needs of the HD. If I had the files on my system I could just put them in a folder and the operating system would be to calculate them for me, but I don't have them yet. I have a list of files and their size in GB.

    Someone has it worked?

    I suggest the following:

    Create a second table called "convert".

    In this table, enter the first column as show (pasted here so you can copy)


    Divide by

















    Appropriate now in the table 1 use the conversion table to change the size of the files in the format:

    "C2 = ROUND (B2÷VLOOKUP (B2, Convert::A:C, 2, 1), 2) &" "& VLOOKUP(B2,Convert::A:C,3,1)".

    It's shorthand dethrone select cell C2, then type (or copy and paste it here) the formula:

    "= ROUND (B2÷VLOOKUP (B2, Convert::A:C, 2, 1), 2) &" "& VLOOKUP(B2,Convert::A:C,3,1)".

    Select cell C2, copy

    Select cells C2 at the end of the C column, paste

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    I want to add data to a previously created text file. When I used writing text file.vi. It replaces previous data.

    Try to use the function "set position in the file" (file e/s palette, advanced functions) before writing the data.

    either open the file, position set to finish, write the data, close the file.


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