WRT160NL router removes the connections on every 30-60 seconds

I've had this router for a few months and under the firmware.17. My pda when it is attached to this router in wifi abandons the connection every 30 seconds or so and sometimes it will not reconnect without having to restart the pda. I have this problem on this router. It did on my old router nor does when roaming. So I started looking and I think that it does on other devices connected in wifi as well. I found a few others who have the same problem, while reading the reviews on Amazon so I'm sure it's the router. any ideas? Linksys must also update the firmware and include a soft reset feature. This router just like most other crashes sometimes and I reset it if I can get to it remotely, which is usually the case. It's the first router I've owned that did not have this feature. so if someone is home I have to ask them to draw power and then plug it in again. BIG HASSLE! Come on Cisco, look at this product and clean as it is one of your real routers!

I suggest you to readjust the settings of the router wireless...

Connect to the Setup page of the linksys by typing in the address bar type the password "admin" in the lower case. Do not type anything in the username.

Click on the wireless tab... Change the width of the channel at 20 MHz Standard and Standard 11 - 2, 462 GHz channels and click on save settings... Click the settings advanced wireless... Change the interval of tag to 75 > change the Fragmentation threshold to 2304, change the RTS threshold to 2304 > click 'save settings '...

Now, power cycle the entire network and then check...

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    Open the router configuration page and reduce the MTU to 1400 and click on save settings... Cycle power to the router and check.

  • Wireless acting funny after having removed the PC on the home network - router WRT54G

    Lately I had a strange problem with my wireless. Internet works fine on my laptop and computer laptop of my fiance, but I have the following questions:

    1 Vonage phone works not properly. When the phone rings, it rings a very long cycle, and then when we pick up, the line is dead.

    2 X - Box Live connection interrupts the connection once every 2 or 3 minutes about, constantly.

    3. I can't connect to my linksys config site, and when I ping, I get 100% packet loss.

    Here is my situation and how it has changed recently Wireless:

    Set - original up: Desktop connected to the linksys router, laptop of fiance the wireless, no problem at this stage. The modem is Motorola if it matters. Office calculated was used initially to set up the wireless network.

    Computer for office died and I bought my current laptop (which I use to write this post). I connected to the wireless network without existing, although during the first week, there was some notable slowly down on me and my fiance wireless from time to time. I played around with some parameters in the linksys config page and reset the router and things are back to normal.

    However, I recently bought an xbox wireless adapter and was very disappointed by the loss of connection. When I test the connection it says I am connected but my "NAT" is moderate. My config is set so that uPNP is enabled, but I still have this problem. At the same time, we noticed that our Vonage has been screwed up and had the above mentioned problem.

    Today, I tried to connect to the site to access my linksys config page, but I can't access it and as I said, when I ping the IP, I got 100% packet loss.

    I'm at a total loss about what to do and I do not understand how internet our computer can act very well while having all these problems with XBL and Vonage.

    Any help is GREATLY appreciated. Please tell me if you need info to Add ' l and I'm going there as soon as POSSIBLE.

    To check the address IP connect a computer/laptop computer directly to the router on its ethernet port and click on Start > all programs > Accessories > guest... A black box will appear (command prompt)... In the command prompt window type ipconfig and press "Enter"... Look for Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection address IP, subnet mask, and default gateway...

    The address of a default gateway should be the IP address of your router...

    Open an Internet Explorer browser on your computer (desktop) wired page. In the address bar type - x.x.x.x (where x.x.x.x is the default gateway address), and then on enter. Let the empty user name & password use admin lowercase... It should open the configuration of your router... If it does not accept the default user name or the password then you need to reset your router to the factory settings...

    Press and hold the button of reset for 30 seconds... Release the reset button... Unplug the power cable from your router, wait 30 seconds and reconnect the power cable... Now re - configure your router...

    If your Internet Service is cable follow this link

    If your Internet Service is DSL follow this link

    To open the NAT-

    Click on the tab "Games and Applications" and then click the sub-tab "Port Range Forwarding"...

    (1) on the first line in the box, type Application in ABC, in the start box, type in 53 and the type of box in 53, leave the Protocol as and under type ip address and check the box to enable...

    (2) on the second line in the box, type Application in PQR, in the start box, type 88 and type of box in 88, leave the Protocol as and under type ip address and check the box to enable...

    (3) on the third line in the box, type Application in XYZ, in the start box, type in 3074 and end in 3074 box type, leave the Protocol as and under type ip address and check the enable box and click on save settings...

    (4) once you return to the game to the top page, click the Security tab and uncheck block anonymous Internet requests and click on save settings...

    5) click on Setup and change the size of the MTU to 1452 and click on save settings...

    (6) address IP, Goto settings XBox network settings and assign the following on your Xbox and select manual IP settings
    IP address:-, subnet mask:- default gateway:-

    (7) also assign addresses DNS on Xbox
    Primary DNS:- Secondary dns:-

    (8) turn off your modem, router and Xbox... Wait a minute...

    (9) plug the power to the modem first, wait a minute and plug the router power cable, wait another minute and turn on the Xbox and... test it connects...

    IP address: part 192.168.X. [last intellectual property in your device] for example if static ip given to the unit's 192.168.X.10 get the last part and put it in the empty box...

    For the without wire that -.

    Open an Internet Explorer browser on your computer (desktop) wired page. In the address bar type - and press ENTER...
    Let the empty user name & password use admin lowercase...
    For wireless settings, follow these steps: -.
    Click on the Wireless tab
    -Wireless network mode must be mixed...
    -Provide a unique name in the name box of the wireless network (SSID) in order to differentiate your network from your network of neighbors...

    -Set the channel 11-2 wireless, 462 GHz... Wireless SSID broadcast should be enabled and then click on save settings...
    Please take note of the name of the wireless network (SSID) because it's the network identifier...
    For wireless security: -.
    Click the sub-tab under wireless > Wireless Security...
    Change the mode of WEP wireless security, encryption must be 64-bit. Let the empty password, do not type in anything...
    Under type of WEP Key 1 in all 10 numbers please (numbers only and no mailbox for example: your 10-digit phone number) and click on save settings...
    Please note the 1 WEP key as it comes to the security key for the wireless network...

    Click the settings advanced wireless
    Change the interval of tag to 75 > change the Fragmentation threshold to 2304, change the RTS threshold to 2304 > click 'save settings '...
    Now let's see if you can locate your wireless network and try to connect...

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    It is a sequel to my last post.  I decided, after that no response was forthcoming to this message, follow the instructions that I have included in this post more soon to try to remove the connection to the local network unwanted from my computer.  FYI, this set of instructions worked perfectly and I have over this connection to the LAN on my system.  I hope that this information will be useful to others you want to remove a local network of their Windows XP Pro SP3 system connection.

    I. M. learning

  • WRT160Nv2 guard give up the connection

    I've been running this router for about 6 months now, and now the problem becomes unbearable. I installed LELA on all my computer last night finally and I see when my connections drop it now. I can surf, all right, and I start to get page not found or not connected to the internet error.  I'm currently running 1 Wired, wireless 3, XBOX360 1.  The XBox NEVER drops connection, NEVER drop the CPU compared to Yahoo Instant Messenger and surfing capabilities let computers and page timeouts. Before installing LELA I had to unplug and reconnect the router every time that he did. Now the duty rate is about 4 to 6 times an hour. Then someone please help me, I'm totally lost. I went through the technical support of comcast already and they say that, because I can get on the game and messenger service that it is most likely router problems.

    There are several work around this problem, and I hope others after their solutions. I had exactly the same problem with my router and here's how I solved it;

    First of all, I downloaded a new version of the firmware, but it doesn't stall now. Secondly, I did a reset / / 30/30 30 router, here is the complete procedure

    1. connect the computer via a cable to the router cat - make sure that you can 'see' the router via a browser @

    2. with the power to the router "on", press the button of reset for 30 seconds - do not stop pressing to go to step 3

    3. While pressing the reset button, unplug the power supply of routers, wait 30 seconds - you don't need to go to step 4

    4. While pressing the reset button, plug in the router to the power source, wait 30 seconds and release the reset button and wait for the router to return online

    5. access to the router through the web interface @ - admin is the password (you probably know )

    6. install the new firmware (administration tab > firmware update)-if successful, you will see the reviews, if not repeat steps above.

    7. Repeat steps 1-5

    8 access to the new router via web interface to reconfigure your settings for your network and your ISP and leave all the others in mode by default - except one, on the configuration tab, change the Keep Alive: reminder from 30 seconds to 20 seconds time.

    Before you implement this, my router dropped the connection for laptops wireless several times a day, because I did this procedure, not only once!

  • Keeps remote desktop abandon the connection


    I have just upgraded to Windows 7 Windows 8. The main question that I have now with Windows 8, it is the remote desktop client is somehow broken for me. Whenever I use it, it blocks (i.e. I can't interact with the remote computer) and then I get the box of Pseudo-dialogue indicating reconnection it will reconnect and I return the remote access. He does it all the time (about every few minutes). Note that when I can't interact with the computer to remove it, I can still ping it very well. Clearly, it is not a connection problem.
    It seems to be a problem with Microsoft Remote Desktop Client because I'm so tired, I tried 2 alternatives: terminals and mRemoteNG. Their use, never removes the connection.
    However, I would like to use the Microsoft client as it is more convenient to use. I tried to copy some binary files from Windows XP or Windows 7, but they do not work properly when I try to run them, I guess it's more than a simple 'mstsc.exe' to copy (I copied c:\windows\system32\mstscax.dll thus, but it kept loading of Windows 8).
    Anyone with a similar problem?
    Thank you

    A fix came out 11/13 which appears to solve the problem for me. The number is 2897602.


  • How can I remove the wireless network settings and the Working Group?

    I used the Setup Wizard to establish them, and now I want to remove them completely.  I use Windows XP SP3.

    Hi 13emily,

    Try the step below to remove the connection to the computer's wireless network.

    (a) click Start, click Control Panel, and then click network connections.

    (b) right click on wireless network connection and then click Remove.

    To remove a network component


    When you set up a network, Windows automatically creates a workgroup and gives it a name. As we cannot delete a task force but if you rename the working group which will remove access to other computers.

    To rename a computer


  • Problem connecting Dlink - the connection with this computer still only shows "Local".

    My Dlink wifi can connect to all of my other computers, with the exception of a laptop Fujitsu running Vista. Only the connection to this computer always shows "Local".

    Dlink and Fujitsu point to another, and Microsoft has no viable solution. Help!

    Hi AlLohUX,

    Thanks for posting your query in the Microsoft Community Forums.

    According to the description of the problem provided, I understand that you are unable to connect to the network on the Windows vista computer. Wifi connection Dlink says local only.

    You can follow the steps below and check if that helps you solve the problem.

    Method 1

    Try to power cycle the router and the computer and check if it helps.

    On the PC:

    Save your work and restart the machine.

    On the router or the modem:

    1. Unplug the router and the modem.
    2. Wait 30 seconds.
    3. Plug in the modem and wait for it to come to the ready state.
    4. Plug in the router.

    After you put cycle check the connection between the router and the computer.

    Method 2

    If the steps above do not help, you can reset the TCP/IP stack. To reset access the link below and either click on "Fix it for me" or follow the instructions to fix it yourself: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/299357

    (a) disable the IP helpdesk:

    (b) hold Windows key and type R, type "services.msc" (without the quotes) and press enter

    (c) scroll down to the IP assistance service, right-click on it and select Properties
    In the drop-down list box that says "Automatic" or "Manual", set it to disabled and then click 'apply'.

    (d) then click on 'Stop' to stop the service from running in the current session
    Click OK to exit the dialog box

    Also, check out the help articles and check.

    Wireless and wired network problems


    The problems of Internet connection


    It will be useful.

    Let us know if you encounter problems under windows in the future. We will be happy to help you.

  • How can I fix Vista freezing occurs regularly during the connection of 5 min post (even in safe mode)?

    http://I'm under Vista Home Premium (Service Pack Friday updated last 01:00) on a Sony Vaio VGN-AR830e and there are only two users. I am quite experienced with error correction, but this one left me speechless: Mark my system of completely right on five minutes after the connection freezes every time I start up, even in Safe Mode. System entirely unresponsive and must be restarted by pressing the power button - no other keys will work. This question has been occurring every time I login since 15:00 yesterday. I figured I could have picked up Malware, but I cannot run any programs I normally use to diagnose in the five minute window - they start and freeze. I can, however, run in Mode safe mode with command prompt without the freeze, but I am limited in my knowledge of CMD coding, so I need instructions. I was able to run sfc/scannow... Report = Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to solve some of them. Details ate included in the CBS.log windir\Logs\CBS\CBS.log newspaper. For example C:\Windows\Logs\CBS\CBS.log I'm on this forum via iPhone, so forgive me for not being able to write more in detail. Thank you, Eric

    Hello Eric,

    If the machine is running in safe with command prompt Mode, but no Mode without fail, my first thought would be that we conduct issues shell or a problem with Solution Explorer.

    On the other hand, if we had these problems, I expect not boot in any mode for 5 minutes.

    That being said, I'm going to recommend something that I hardly ever recommend.  Safe mode with command prompt, run a SFC/scannow.

    More information can be found in the following article:


    If that fails, we will run some hardware diagnostics on the machine.  These will be provided by your manufacturer.

    Best regards


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