WSN-9791troubleshoot erratic readings

We have a WSN-9791 with four WSN - 3212 s. All 3212 s have power supplies OR (don't not running off battery).

Three of the four 3212 s give erratic readings. For example, the following was recorded today to a piece that should be around 70F:

17/10/2012-15:38:20 187,8
17/10/2012-15:39:20 148.9
17/10/2012-15:40:20 139,0
17/10/2012 15:41:20 - 1548.9
17/10/2012-15:42:20 37.2
17/10/2012-15:43:20 158.8
17/10/2012-15:44:20 39.5
17/10/2012-15:45:20 111.5
17/10/2012-15:46:20 206,4
17/10/2012-15:47:20 - 6.6
17/10/2012-15:48:20 188,6
17/10/2012-15:49:20 262.5
17/10/2012-15:50:20 74.1
17/10/2012-15:51:20 102.0

Location appears to play a role - so far two 3212 s different that give erratic readings have been very stable (with reasonable readings, too) when they sit on my desk, but become erratic when moved elsewhere in the building. In addition, one of the erratic nodes goes stable days, then several erratic days, then back to stable. When a node is erratic, all four thermocouples of this node are erratic.

Thinking that this might be a problem with the electrical noise, I put one of the 3212 s on a UPS - no difference. I also changed the channel without wire used for a couple of different parameters, without modification. I moved the 9791 at different locations in the building, again no difference. Thermocouple type parameters have been triple checked.

Any ideas on how to solve this?


Hi James,

WSN-3212 is sensitive to analog loops mass and power supply noise and maybe it's what you see. To determine if this is the problem, try the following.

1. electrically isolate environmental thermocpule probes

2. connect the ground terminal GND D of the WSN-3212 (PIN 10, 12, 14 or 16)

See you soon,.

Brian has

R & D Product Support Engineer | WSN/network DAQ/University

National Instruments

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    Finally, I asked the technicians support of OR who have come to find a solution.

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    Why can I not set a time for my NOR-WSN-9791 gateway server?

    It is a known problem in NI MAX 5.5 and 5.6 MAX OR. The time server option was not be displayed due to a change in the backend of the system settings page. Workaround to view the setting of the time server was created. The following steps will allow the option of time server OR 5.5 or 5.6 MAX MAX OR

    1. on your development computer, go to C:\Program NIUninstaller Instruments\MAX\UI Providers\DefaultRemoteUixml\ to C:\Program Files (x 86) and 64-bit windows \National Instruments\MAX\UI Providers\DefaultRemoteUixml\ for 32-bit windows.
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    < branched and re-titled by host >

    Here is the article from Apple support for trackpad issues:

    What about a battery in full expansion, the ONLY way you can check who is opening the MBP and Visual inspection of the battery.  The State says 'normal' is irrelevant.  Should it be expanded, it must be released immediately and replaced before more expansion damages the MBP.


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    Anyone else having this problem? Are there any current patches?


    Apple says that, even in ideal conditions, Apple Watch may not be able to save a reliable heart rate monitor each time reading for everyone.

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    If your workouts involve flexing your wrists (for example what weight lifting, for example), it can help to keep your watch a little higher on your arm, the joint in flexion.

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    Dust and fingerprints may cause erratic behavior on a trackpad > cleaning your Apple - Apple Support products

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    I've had the problem for over a year now, but I never received tour to report. From time to time, my cursor moves erratic around the screen, jumping from position every few seconds. I have a MBP, but often use it plugged on a screen and mouse etc with the lid closed. The problem persists if Setup like that, even when the external mouse is disconnected, or when simply use it as a laptop. I recently wiped the hard drive and reinstalled a clean copy of Mac OS x from zero (no backup), but the problem still persists.

    Any ideas?

    Looks like a hardware problem. How old is this MBP? Sometimes, when they get older, the battery may start to inflate and put pressure on the trackpad.

  • A1296 erratic mouse

    Help solve the erratic mouse behavior. Mouse randomly zooms and switches pages touch it without penalty.

    Probably interference.   Check through this document.  Potential of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth - Apple Support interference sources

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    Change the tracking speed in System Preferences > mouse > Point & Click

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