XW6600 box MOD not video

I'll try to make this short.

I bought a new motherboard XW6600 with:

Two Xeon 5160

4 GB of RAM (and four others I bought later)

A XW8600 PSU I have with a modified Extender I've done (plan I did below).

Two Seidon Cooler Master 120 v with an adapter by hand.

A 650 GTX

It lights up (fans and all work apparently ), RAM and processors heat up, but I get nothing on the screen. In addition, I don't know if the MB will beep or not because I do not know the speaker is going.

Technical manual troubleshooting pages does not help us either.

Any ideas? The only thing 'wrong' that remains is the pins on the fans, who do not have the second tachomether, as were fans of the original, but I don't think it's really important.

Help, please.

Thank you in advance.

Do a search in this forum for "pinout" and you will find details on the special pins that are used in the harness to the connector before the xw6400.  Those who are very similar to the pinout for the xw6600 and xw8600 details.

That should help with the issue of speaker wire...

The wiring for the fans matter.  Processor for the xw6400 coolers have a jumper wire to pin (ground) to pin 5, but those for the xw6600s have no such rider.  Those who have a set of 4 wire, then one empty 5th pin site.  You can see if you look on eBay at the xw6400 versus xw6600 cooler ends of connector.  Cut the wire to the fan of xw6400 makes the equivalent of a xw6600 fan.  Fans of HP workstation I work with are controlled PWM and the following sequence of 1-4, + 12vDC, sense rpm of the engine to the motherboard, and control signals the motherboard PWM motor circuit.  One of these PWM fans will see rise in RPM if you bring the butterfly wire PWM and just give 12v.  Most of us run fans always at the lowest global setting in the BIOS... for large hot projects, some of us will be ramp their place in the BIOS for the duration of that, then back down the lowest.  I use some bottom of Noctua 4 son and cards ultra low resistance noise my xw6600 dropout fan (ULNA) chipset and memory of the fan RPM (LNA) because the planned values are too high, in my experience.

With 80 watt processors, you don't hit demand for the motherboard for a 'double height' heatsink / fan that can be integrated with the xw6600s despite the existence only in room for those in the xw8600 (which has a thicker casing).  No xw6600 listed processors have a TDP max beyond 80 watts, but some for the xw8600 do, and motherboard of the xw8600 wants to see the wiring that comes from a processor double height double fan cooler if a processor with TDP max 120W or is in place.  Things get a little complicated.

I have several xw6400s running of two E5160s (dual core) and I use both of them, if the motherboard cannot run the fastest quadcores for this workstation (E5345s; SLAEJ sSpec code is the latest version).  But you have a motherboard xw6600 , not a xw6400 one.

These E5160s will not work on the xw6600.  My recommendation for this most recent motherboard is two processors image E5450, sSpec SLBBM (the newest, once again).  If you are running programs that are eager to base that you can run two hearts faster clock speed.  Who all are listed in the latest QuickSpecs, attached.  Two SLBBMs will cost you around $85,00 off eBay these days.

Always run the latest processor walk because they are of a more recent design of Intel and cost more off eBay in general.  I've never had a xw6600 not to execute what I wanted as long as the processor was in the latest QuickSpecs and I was using the latest BIOS.  This is in contrast with the xw6400 (that question is posted on the forum here, where some cards mothers xw6400 does not have the E5345s and some).

Be sure to always run the latest version of the BIOS, because there the latest HP patches and the latest "firmware" list that determines which processors can operate in a HP workstation.  Your E5160s are not in the list of firmware xw6600s and does not work.  I tried to get around this rule, a good number of times where both directions and always failed.  Everything simply because of the chipsets on a motherboard HP 'should' accept a processor does not mean that the motherboard will be.  Microcode rule above has not yet been proven wrong.  From my experience if you put a processor unlisted in then BIOS will stop beyond that you currently hold.

You can go down slower processors for the double xw6600 list eBay market very good heart, and I put out extras.  Start with one of those, then later for two SLBBMs when you get up things and race walk, with BIOS updated.  You end up with a near equivalent Z620 middle level, and this is my preferred approach budget currently.  I add an Intel SATA Gnraton II (3Gbps) 160 or 300 GB series 320 SSD as my boot drive, W7Pro64 and a '2 x 2' USB3.0-oriented HP TI card in the slot PCIe x 16 lower, and I kept 2 k with virtually the same user experience.  I have access to the Z620s to work for comparison and they are great workstations when running the latest BIOS and drivers, but I am very happy with the xw6600 inflated upwards.  In addition, it is a good project.

Keep us... These coolers look nice.  Maybe you can harvest the fans off the original HP heat sinks and use them.  Have at least one of these fans tuned for your first start for each correct processor.  The motherboard gives the installed memory/processors and the fans present and makes decisions based on this info he sees.  You can usurp the motherboard by some tricks, however, as giving it a CPU fan, he wants to see.

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    Always a good idea to be in the current version of the firmware.


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    Reboot the switch, the switch is reset, look for the line to appear that says Autoboot in 2 seconds - press RETURN or Esc to abort and enter prom. and when that happens, press or or to access the start menu.

    In the start menu, choose [2] file Flash Erase by pressing on <2>and then confirm by pressing

    Hope this helps,

    Thank you.

  • How can I get rid of the black box around my video exported?

    How can I get rid of the black box around my video exported?

    Specify the name of the program that you use, so a moderator can move this message to the correct forum

    This Cloud forum is not for help with problems of program... program would be Photoshop Lighroom or Muse or?

  • Import dialog box does not open

    I just upgraded to 5 Lightroom in Lightroom 3, and the import dialog box will not open. I can select file-> Import Photos and videos... and the menu option flashes as he was selected, but nothing else happens. Any ideas? I'm on OS X Mavericks.

    I figured this out. Based on the below stack trace it seems that Lightroom has tried and failed to create the directory ~ / Movies, and that failure has stopped in the logon dialog box. In my case, ~/Movies is a symbolic link to a directory that lives on an external drive, which was set up in time. I can work around the problem is the disc with my films of editing on it or removing the symbolic link. It is not ideal (I can't quite fit on a disc, and I have other software that really wants movies ~/Movies and not anywhere else) but it works.

    2015-01-14 20:53:22.941 Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5[1016:507] An uncaught exception was raised
    2015-01-14 20:53:22.942 Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5[1016:507] AgPathUtils.getStandardFilePath: can't create directory at: /Users/steve/Movies
    2015-01-14 20:53:22.944 Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5[1016:507] (
         0   CoreFoundation                      0x00007fff91f0025c __exceptionPreprocess + 172
         1   libobjc.A.dylib                     0x00007fff96430e75 objc_exception_throw + 43
         2   CoreFoundation                      0x00007fff91effe09 -[NSException raise] + 9
         3   AgKernel                            0x0000000102236722 AgTransitQueue_enqueueToQueue + 3966
         4   AgKernel                            0x000000010223a2bc AgExceptions_setThrowHook + 226
         5   AgKernel                            0x000000010221e4df lua_gethalts + 523
         6   AgKernel                            0x0000000102217229 lua_error + 9
         7   AgKernel                            0x000000010221ec07 lua_gethalts + 2355
         8   AgKernel                            0x000000010222d123 luaopen_table + 7327
         9   AgKernel                            0x000000010221eeda lua_gethalts + 3078
         10  AgKernel                            0x0000000102216f31 lua_call + 36
         11  AgUI                                0x0000000102286ea4 AgCommand_performCommandID + 85
         12  AppKit                              0x00007fff909f3260 -[NSApplication sendAction:to:from:] + 327
         13  AppKit                              0x00007fff90a0e1c8 -[NSMenuItem _corePerformAction] + 394
         14  AppKit                              0x00007fff90a0df04 -[NSCarbonMenuImpl performActionWithHighlightingForItemAtIndex:] + 117
         15  AppKit                              0x00007fff90a5d40d -[NSMenu _internalPerformActionForItemAtIndex:] + 35
         16  AppKit                              0x00007fff90a5d289 -[NSCarbonMenuImpl _carbonCommandProcessEvent:handlerCallRef:] + 104
         17  AppKit                              0x00007fff90a03ff6 NSSLMMenuEventHandler + 716
         18  HIToolbox                           0x00007fff967721d4 _ZL23DispatchEventToHandlersP14EventTargetRecP14OpaqueEventRefP14HandlerCallRec + 892
         19  HIToolbox                           0x00007fff96771787 _ZL30SendEventToEventTargetInternalP14OpaqueEventRefP20OpaqueEventTargetRefP14HandlerCallRec + 385
         20  HIToolbox                           0x00007fff96785880 SendEventToEventTarget + 40
         21  HIToolbox                           0x00007fff967bb640 _ZL18SendHICommandEventjPK9HICommandjjhPKvP20OpaqueEventTargetRefS5_PP14OpaqueEventRef + 420
         22  HIToolbox                           0x00007fff967ee228 SendMenuCommandWithContextAndModifiers + 59
         23  HIToolbox                           0x00007fff967ee1d0 SendMenuItemSelectedEvent + 178
         24  HIToolbox                           0x00007fff967ee0af _ZL19FinishMenuSelectionP13SelectionDataP10MenuResultS2_ + 94
         25  HIToolbox                           0x00007fff967f6085 _ZL14MenuSelectCoreP8MenuData5PointdjPP13OpaqueMenuRefPt + 718
         26  HIToolbox                           0x00007fff967f5cb1 _HandleMenuSelection2 + 446
         27  AppKit                              0x00007fff9097662c _NSHandleCarbonMenuEvent + 284
         28  AppKit                              0x00007fff907d552e _DPSNextEvent + 2170
         29  AppKit                              0x00007fff907d489b -[NSApplication nextEventMatchingMask:untilDate:inMode:dequeue:] + 122
         30  AppKit                              0x00007fff907c899c -[NSApplication run] + 553
         31  AppKit                              0x00007fff907b3783 NSApplicationMain + 940
         32  Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5         0x00000001021fa4c3 main + 1107
         33  Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5         0x00000001021fa068 start + 52
  • Audio, attached to the text box does not restart when you click the Replay button


    I'm currently having problems with audio / reading slides. The characteristics of sliding replay I tried (listed below) read the images and text boxes, but the audio attached to text boxes do not restart, continue as if nothing has happened during the synchronization of text boxes and images have been reset. This happens also with videos and flash files - the slide reads but the videos and flash files continue to play.

    The two replay options slide, I tried:

    With the help of a widget: http://www.cpguru.com/replay-slide-widget-for-adobe-captivate/

    Advanced use of stocks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vhT7B5I3fw8

    Is there a setting I can change to make audio/video restarts along with other objects on the slide?

    Thank you!

    I thought about it--(yay!)

    Here is a screenshot of the code that worked... need to replace a 'framework' with a 'landslide' command command

  • Open Directory dialog box does not work in FM 10 if client API is not built with 10 FDK


    We have a FrameMaker API client that we have maintained for more than 10 years, since before the FM 6.

    We just brought the code of FDK 7 to 9 FDK so that we can finally move 7 FM support and focus on FM 9 and 10 features. Almost all the code works fine, but we have problems in a function that uses F_ApiChooseFile in FV_ChooseOpenDir mode.

    We do nothing special in the code (I am aware that by passing a value into directory argument can cause the function returns without displaying the dialog box) and you use F_ApiChooseFile in its simplest form:

    IntT err;

    StringT stemp;

    ERR = F_ApiChooseFile (& stemp, (StringT) "Select the folder containing the files to be processed.", (StringT) "", (StringT) "", FV_ChooseOpenDir, (StringT) "");

    When we create our DLL using FDK 9 client and run it in FM 9, the directory chooser dialog box appears correctly and the user can select a directory.

    When the same DLL is running in FM 10, the dialog box does not appear and the function returns immediately with err =-1 and FA_errno no error reported (as if the user has clicked Cancel).

    If I recompile the DLL using FDK 10 dialog work in FM 10, so the problem seems to certainly be related to backward compatibility with a DLL built with an earlier version of FDK.

    Unfortunately, you cannot run a DLL of FDK in FM 9 10 and we do not want to distribute and maintain two different versions of our DLL to support 9 FM and FM 10 users.

    Is there a solution to this?

    This bug was introduced in FM10. Until FM9, FV_ChooseOpenDir was #defined as "3", while in FM10, it was changed to '4' (as part of the evolution of these sets to focus on the value of flag-based). What customers can do to overcome this, is to get the FM using 'FP_VersionMajor' version, and for versions before FM10, they can pass 3 'in FM10, as an argument, the argument will be 4'.

    We will ensure that we will honor the 3 and 4 as "FV_ChooseOpenDir" in the future, but until then, workaround above should work.

    Kind regards

    Rene beauclair

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