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Installation new netbook HP F2210 HP all-in-one

Operating system - Windows 7 64 bit HP all-in-one deskjet F2210 When I got the netbook, I plugged the deskjet printer into the USB port and had a pilot.  The printer worked fine until recently. Recently it was not printing.  I tried the HP program an

He can not get my j5740 to analyze.

I have vista on my computer.i have no solution center that I tried to install the drivers provided by the h/p Web site and he never lets the download at the end {(Times_out).very frustrating.i has recently had to replace my hard drive, so I tried to

Printer installation / saves old printer information

I now use a Photosmart 3210 all-in-One. I need to put in place a Photosmart C8180 All-in-one during a short period of time. I sent and received the CD Player for my Windows 7. My question is, can I set up the new printer and select printer as default

HP psc 1315 all in question a pilot

Hello We have recently acquired this COPS with a purchase of real estate.  I'm trying to connect it to my current computer, a dell latitude d510.  When I tried to install the driver, I got almost by the process and windows gave me a warning to stop t

Compatibility with computer

The installer said I need a later version of the software on my Mac - is there a download that makes it possible to use the printer on the current operating system? Thank you.

Journal of faxes OfficeJet G series

I have an OfficeJet G85 which reaches the end of its useful life, before to dispose of it that I want to erase all personal information only there. I have reset to factory settings and remove my fax header, but cannot see any way to clear log fax (hi

I want to upgrade to Windows 7 64 bit

Hello I have a PSC 2175 HP all in one printer and when I switch to Windows 7, it seems that these buttons, scan and my ycopy does not work.  You are really tellimng me I won't be able to copy, scan etc on my printer?

install usb without wire/envy 100410a and confiuration

wireless set in place a success. not sure continue setting up usb (only) for mac. OSX 10.6.6 snow

Change language on a Photosmart c7280

I recently brought a c7280 all in one of the uses and the language is in Chinese and I need to be English-thank you

LJ P2055n print several copies

My new LJ P2055n printer will not work correctly.  Although duplex printing works well, simply could not print more than 1 copy no matter how I config setting!  Can anyone help? Thank you! I use Win7 (32 bit) OS + pilot universal PL6 In fact after I

can not find D110 via USB or network

Need help to reinstall a printer. I have a x D110. It's worked great for months. Now it stopped connecting to the network. I can't even install or be recognized via USB. I tried on several computers and several USB ports on those same computers. I kn

Photosmart 7960 print really really slowly

Win XP Pro 1 page takes about 15-30 minutes to print.  I reinstalled all the HP software and installed XP SP3 without result.  I'm about to wipe the HARD drive and reinstall Windows, but I thought that I would try here first.  Any suggestions? THX.

OfficeJet 8500 function ADF simplex vs. duplex

The 8500 I just bought will not print two copies of the ADF face.  The manual says this only available on some models.  So, I came across the site of HP to find what models have printing duplex, ADF, so you can feed a two originals face through the A

Printing right of a certain point

When printing on my 7210, the print head stuck to the left. I moved it to the right by hand, but when I try to print it would move to the left and jam. I pushed all the way to the left after it stopped, and it worked again, except that now it prints

PSC1315v: test page prints every printer start

After installing new cartridges in PSC1315v, test page printed as usual; scanned such as recommended. Since then, whenever I turn on the printer to use, a test page prints.  How can I stop this from happening?

Problem setting Deskjet 460WBT Bluetooth using Windows 7

I used a small travel-friendly in recent years Deskjet 460WBT printer now, together with my Dell laptop, connected via Bluetooth.  No problems.  Now, I have replaced the Dell XP OS with Windows 7 and downloaded the new Windows 7 drivers for the Deskj

Photosmart c4795 FAIL wireless

Try to install the Photosmart c4795 on my wireless network. The problem seems to be with the software that came with the printer. The computer I use a Vista Home Basic. It uses avast! and windows firewall. I disabled them both, and that didn't make a

Error printing 0xd0840001

My wife has an all-in-One HP Office Jet 5610. It is connected via a USB to a computer Dell 32 bit running Vista Ultimate. On a regular basis, she gets the message "Error 0xd0840001" when you print a document. Often, the majority fo the first page has

Used to scan on Mac with the installation of ad hoc

I created my C7250 in an ad hoc network on my MacBook Pro with the latest Mac OS X.  Printing seems to work very well, but HP ScanPro does not recognize the scanner when I try to scan.  He used to work properly when the C7250 was connected directly t

How to change the language for the printer C4385

Hello My printer is currently set up with Spanish so someone can show me how to change it to English? Thank you very much Kevin
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