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M1536dnf - the installation program could not connect to your device. Check the IP address

I recently bought a LserJet Pro M1536dnf for my business, then we would have network printing and scanning. We have both Mac and Linux PC with a single machine Windows solitaire which is kept away from the network for his own protection, and I expect

HP Officejet 6500 E709a series works only on some machines not shared.

In my house, I have a "central" computer that I have attached the printer HP Officejet 6500 E709a Series.  It is Windows Vista.  I have 5 other computers in the House running different versions of Windows 7 (Home Premium or Ultimate) and they connect

Black print is not on AIO 7280

My wife and I are that both connected to 7280 which we have had for about 2 years and working well until yesterday when black stopped printing. I tried to install a new print cartridge, tried to clean the heads and tried printing alignment with the r

A646 photo printer

Hello, people!  This product will print 4 X 6 format sheets?  No mention is made in accompanying documents/leaflet, only 5 X 7 are designated.  Thank you very much!

Confusion with xl cartridges

Hello I hope someone can clear the air with the confusion with xl cartridges, I just bought a HP Photosmart Premium Fax e-All-in-One Printer (C410a); I need to buy replacement cartridges. The specs. in 564, will the 564XL to adapt. They work for all

Error "cannot send print data.

Hi gentlemen, As I put to update my sistem for snowleopard mac 10.6.3 I can't print and scanning, the work starts and then gets a break with the "Cannot send print data" message.Troubleshooting: already uninstalled all HP applications (now the key ct

Disable the color?

I have Mac, OSX 10.5.8, C5280 HP all-in-one. Do you want to use black only - reduce/disable color cartridge

Photosmart 6380 scanning wireless

I have a HP Photosmart 6380 ink jet printer.  It is connected to a Netgear wireless print server and works perfectly for our Windows 7 machine printing.  It is, when you open the solution center to start a scan, it indicates that the printer is disco

Office Jet 7310 all in printing problems

I have the OJ7310 All In One.  For the past two weeks, the print quality is bad.  Do not print the straights, pages begin at the top left and when printing is complete, it is tilted on the page to the right with the lines walk slowly to the right.  T

HP CS4280 scan to Mac

My CS4280 will print and copy but not scan or scan button under Preview. Updated the installation with 9.7.1 driver. Help

Powersave C4780 wireless?

I have a new c4780 and Mac and PC on the same wireless network. When I try and print, or OS can find the printer - as if the wireless to the printer has timed out or something? Maybe a powersave? It is used about once a day. This is easily solved by

Changine on Business InkJet 2800n IP address

I'm moving the printer to another network. How can I change the IP address on this unit? The menu of the unit does not seem to have this function. In addition, there are the clients Windows 7 drivers for this printer?

Photosmart C309g-m requires Mac restart after sleep

Hello I use a new 24 "iMac running Snow Leopard (10.6.3 version) and an all new HP Photosmart Premium C309g-m and each time the Mac wakes up from sleep, or I change username, then the only way I can get the printer to work to restart the Mac. Both ar

Failure C6380 wireless printing

I have a Macbook w / OSX 10.5.  When I first set up the printer, I was able to print wireless. Now, I'm not.  He says that the printer is offline. Since then, I uninstalled a re-installed the software & drivers several times. The printer shows the wi

Jams of cartridge and unreadable photos

Hello I have a Photosmart psc 2410v all-in-one. We have owned for a while and not had any problems with it (I liked it so much that we bought a second that I take at the College). Lately, however, it was prayer photos... I noticed a noise of "clak" b

8500 wireless fails to print

USB and ethernet work ok. Wireless configuration everything is ok, printer found and connected to the network. Diagnostic run said everything is and test page prints. Can also print the printer 'web' page But nothing prints. Printer says its printing

C309g-m - unable to connect to the wireless network, touchpad hangs

Hello. As PrintDoc has suggested, it's a new thread in the suite here, where I jumped in with a diversion to the station 23.  I'm sorry. Here are the details: (1) system: Router is Thomson TG585n provided by ISP O2/Telefonica.  Download high speed AD

Wireless printer clashes with broadband wireless connection

I recently bought a C4580 printer that seems to work very well - but every time I turn it on, I lose my internet connection!  The only way to recover is to put off the printer and the power of the cycle on the wireless router.  My router is a D-link

Drops of printer offline; cannot fix.

The laptops wireless printer / HP PhotoSmart C6180 of Acer. For the second time printer deleted offline.  The last time, it has been fixed by reinstalling the software after you remove the software first. Unfortunately, I didn't keep notes and don't

564XL cartridges Cyan, Magenta and yellow for Photosmart Plus B209

Before my shift or I turned off and spends a lot of money for the ink cartridges for our Photosmart Plus B209 printer, can anyone tell me for sure ifXL 564 (cyan, yellow and magenta) color cartridges will be really appropriate in this printer?  I loo