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change in value of the variable periodically

Hi all I want to change the value of the variable periodically such as on the front panel, initial, final and incremental value must be defined by the user and the variable value changes automatically after every 5 seconds. and I want also the time i

PlotXY does not not for tables including NaNs

Hello work on this issue (as usual), I was using the PlotXY command for debugging, as follows: plot_handle = PlotXY (panel_handle, PANEL_GRAPH, x, y_l, 1001, VAL_DOUBLE, VAL_DOUBLE, VAL_THIN_LINE, VAL_NO_POINT, VAL_SOLID, 1, VAL_RED); Nothing spectac

Get the .exe with LaunchExecutable() return value

Hello I try to get the return value from an .exe file started with LaunchExecutable(). Do you think it is possible or am I wrong? Thank you! Adrien T.

How to check an Application/process running using Labwindows

Hello How can I check if a process or Application is running or not with CVI? I used to try this in Labview, and to check the application, it is a VI in the Web site of NOR. But I have no idea on the use of CVI for this. And also, how can I check if

License expired

I have a user who has installed LabWindows/CVI 8.1 as an eval edition and never put to the top of the License Manager to point to our license server. When the eval license expires, we tried to connect to the server, but we can't run. In the License M

GetBitmapFromFile memory

Attachment is a program to test GetBitmapFromFile that usually (sometimes still) fails with "out of memory" error code - 12. The failure depends on the size of the. JPG file which is being converted.  Usually small files work (less than 300K), but la

convert c to Lab Windows CVI code

Hello! I am new to coding and LabWindow CVI environment. I have an old C code with the missions and functions that are in compile error. If someone point that out mistakes I do would be very useful. Head of int = 3D 1;queue int = 3D 1; interrupt R_CO


is a body knows how to copy a folder. for example copy a:\a\*.* b:\ I search in MSDN and he looks at the file copy function available only js or VB, how can we make c.? B.R Gerry

Writing data to a file of several functions of reminders.

Hello I'm new to LabWindows and I try to save test data in a file where my project directory. I was able to save the data to test the function main cvicallback in result.txt but not the test data of another cvicallback function that were called by th

Display the values in a list in a certain way

Hello I'm looking for a way to display the values in a list by the first value by a slash and the rest with an indentation. In other words in this way: /value Value1 value2 value3 etc... Please see the attachment for a better reference where data are

To break out of the while loop (1)

Hi all I have a simple question that if a callback to a command button function, I use a (bLoop) Whileloop, where bLoop is a boolean variable has the value TRUE, then how can I break up or out of this while loop by using a control on the façade, whic

Configuration RS-422

Hello I have a general question, LabWindows CVI 2009 I library RS-232... If I want to work with RS-422 devices, is this the same duties and the same configuration? Or there is another library file or service...? Thank you

ComWrt on rs232

Hi people, I am facing problem in writing the data on port COM using ComWrt () .i do not know exactly where the issues is. My scenario is like whenever the com port is connected to my device, device keeping will send a message. If I ask anything betw

Access the value of an another file callback function

I have a callback function, where to get the current value of a control in a main.c. GetCtrlVal (panelHandle, PANEL_RINGSLIDE_1, &p); I have another file (test.c) in the same folder. I need to use the value of & p in the file test.c. How is that poss

How to correctly initialize the CDotNetHandle

Hello everyone, I created a .NET controller from an assembly written in c#, I got. I called the Initialize_... () and the Close_... () routine, which seem to work well. Now I'm calling between this two functions of another function that must initiali

Structures containing the array of unspecified size...

Never seen it in any C compiler, I had the following code: #define NAICHAN 7 #define NAOCHAN 4 #define NPID NAOCHAN typedef struct _AppData AppData; typedef struct _PidData PidData; typedef struct _AiChData AiChData; typedef struct _AoChData AoChData

Getting control string

I have a control of the chain in the IUR. It is entered by the user. (something like a path). How can I get the path of the user has entered and use it as a path to save a file?  I did something like that... is this correct? The control named constan

Get the current value of a control of the ring

I have a control of the ring that has the following values. See attacment. I need to get the current value of this one and use it as input for another function, but First I would like to get the current value and save ina text file. I tried this if (

Dell 2000FP monitor

Hello Our laboratory has recently bought a Dell Precision 650 workstation witha LCD from Dell 2000FP monitor. We have installed our cards DAQ, a PCI-6733and a PCI-6120 and everything seemed happy. Is the PCI-6733connected to our support by the CA-100
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