Broke wide tie that holds circuit ribbons...

OK, so I took my function switch cover on my dv7 1020 U.S. and took the tie (brown, small) off the coast of each coast off stalling but apparently I pushed too hard and broke one side of the clip that make using the useless corner fastener. I know th

Help of the motherboard for HP PRO BOOK 4710 s DV

Hello I don't know what I'm doing, I tried I need to get a new motherboard for my dv probook 4710 s.  However, I'm confused with wlan or not. Then I can before the details. Can q. I take the MB? Q: should I have a HP motherboard? Q. you get processor

Coolant for laptop

Is coolant for laptop is needed if you leave it on longer than 8 hours? a guy at a store said... = /. ______________________________________________________________If my answer was helpful please click the star of "Bravo."If your problem is resolved

DV7-3010so BIOS support for 2nd HDD

I plan to install a second hdd in my PC for entertainment of W7 (1 320 GB SATA HARD drive) and I found a shopping cart, the drive I have is 9.5 mm thick and there is a unit of 750Go with the same thickness. My question is: the BIOS will recognize a 7

a question about hard drive internal

How long can last a hard drive inside without using it? also is it possible to connect the internal hard drive externally? ______________________________________________________________If my answer was helpful please click the star of "Bravo."If your

Dv7-4000 series eSATA Question

Hello friends, I have a HP DV7 - 4287cl (Plug here) and you have a question about the eSATA/USB port.  I was unable to find the answers to these questions on my own so I hope that someone here could enlighten us on this issue. (a) what is the speed o

HP Pavilion dv7-4180ea second hard drive

I recently bought a HP Pavilion dv7-4180ea (XE274EA #ABU). One of the reasons why I chose this laptop was because it was announced as being able to have two hard drives. When I open the HDD I discovered that it there is no way to install a second har

Thanks for the huge paper weight!

Well my more $3000 laptop HP - HDX18-1200CTO model is now a paper weaight. The number of questions in the last two years, you don't honnering the free warenty of 90 days I got to pay for a problem that you guys did not set after my warenty orgnail en

HPDV7 - max HDD capacity

I have a DV7 1040et, need to know what is the maximum GB hard drive that I can add in each Bay. It's 320 x 2 or I can put 500 x 2? any help thanks.

G72-b67us Blu - Ray

Hey everybody. I just bought this laptop and I wonder if there is an internal Blu - Ray drive, I can buy. Combustion capacity would be great, but not quite necessary. Thank you! -J

HP pavilion Dv6 no working usb port?

My HP pavilion dv6 has recently encountered a problem where no usb ports on the computer work, they work if the legacy has a sorce of external power?I think it may have been vaused by a bad legacy, what should I do and will be HP attach it as its onl

interchangeable HD-replacement laptop?

I have a HP G60 who has been abandoned and needs repaired. I would like to know if anyone knows if the 134-020 Seagate EV 9 HD that came with this machine is interchangeable with any other HP laptop? For my current laptop repairs seem to be expensive

dv3, incompatibility hd after bios update

Hello (I'll try to give you all the information and hope that you can help me) I have a laptop entertainment pavilion DV3-2020el, about 1 year ago, I upgraded the hd from the original 320 GB SATA Fujitsu for a 500 GB STATA Western Digital scorpio blu

HP Pavilion DV6000 recognizing only 512 MB of Ram 1 GB

Hi, Ive had my laptop DV6000 for about 4 or 5 years now. I thought about buying a 2 x 1 GB ram sticks to increase the ram. In the system information, he tells me I have 512 MB of ram, but when I unscrew the laptop I see that I have 2 sticks of 512 MB

HP Slate software pre-installed

Just installed a clean x 86 on my new HP slate Win7.  All the drivers are in the support section or on the sites of the manufacturer of the device, however, any OS is selected, none of the following pre-installed software is available there, and the

PgUp and PgDn, home, end

Love my new HP Mini 110 - but frustrated by the lack of keys PgUp and PgDn, end House. I think they exist somewhere, but I have tried the obvious things (Ctrl + up, Alt + down, whatever) and I can't understand it. OK, maybe I'm stupid... or maybe the

Questions o/e battery and RAM upgrade for dv6700

Hello everyone. I have 2 questions regarding my HP laptop (model number: dv6000 on the right corner of the eyelid, dv6920ea at the back of the laptop and HP System Info por displays as dv6700 notebook PC): 1 recently, I saw the battery life drops SIG

My dv7-2180us ceased to start with the new SSD (work)

Hi people, Just got THE Vertex 100 GB SSD last night, installed on my Pavilion DV7 laptop and went to the city. Installed Windows 7, flashed the bios to 0.41, installed the chipset, storage and display of HP drivers, installed office, installation of

HP HDX16 noise

When bios starts I a scratching noise, like fan scratching (on the left side of the laptop), but this isn't cpu fan, because his is between the cpu fan and card reader. Once the BIOS has been loaded, the noise disappears at all! So I have a question
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