2250ed dv7 - what a memory can be used to upgrade RAM 8 GB?

It currently contains two sticks of memory 2 GB PC3 - 8500, but two sticks of corsair 4 GB each gave rise to all kinds of flashing lights (and did not work, of course). Any advice on what memory to use? HP or spare parts, I don't really like. Bottom


Hi, I use RAM 800 mhz with my v6420et? Thank you

My dm3-1030ed supports the 1333 mhz RAM?

Hello I have a HP dm3-1030ed. Who has Right now I have 1 066 mhz, if I'm wrong? Which is equal to 533 MHz? But it says it supports 609,5 MHz. Which is identical to 1333 MHz? Sorry for the noob questions. But I would like to upgrade my memory. I don't

Memory locations of the latest edition of dv6t quad?

I just submitted my order on a dv6tqe to measure. I chose the processor i7-2720qm and there is a free upgrade to 6 GB of memory. Because I heard that the Sandy Bridge supports the 3 channels, could someone tell me if this is a combination of 4 + 2 GB

Live dv6500 keyboard withdrawal?

I am trying to replace the USB/connector card on my dv6500. By ( maintenance manual procedures, the keyboard must be removed before replacing the card power connector. Page 66 of the manual States th

HP HDX 16-1005EA 601 battery error.

Hello, recently when passing on my laptop I got error 601 battery at startup. I have a laptop computer HDX16-1005EA and the operation of windows 7. Since the error my laptop turns off instantaniously after disconnecting power supply. I also used the

Looking for parts for HP Pavilion dv4-1155se

I have a HP Pavilion dv4-1155se laptop which works very well! No problem at all... except for one thing. One of the children fell on the right rear corner and broke the monitor casing and bent the hinge. The LCD still works fine, but it is only half

3 USB ports suddenly not working...

I have a laptop G60-235WM with 3 USB ports and none of them work all of a sudden today.  I tried to plug in my MP3 player and external hard drive into them and nothing happens. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :~) Thank you

do not charge the battery dv2-1010el

Hello I got a dv2-1010el since October 2009, running windows vista and this week suddenly stopped battery charge: not later than 2 weeks ago, the battery used to last 3 hours. Even if there is a residual charge of 17%, the laptop also does not start

DM4 Adjust memory used by the Intel HD graphics card?

I have a Pavilion dm4-1173cl that I updated to 8 GB of RAM.  I use the laptop almost exclusively for software development (MS SQL Server 2008, Visual Studio 2010, Wireshark, etc...).   I also run virtual machines for customer environments, often incl

HP G62-115SA (a15sa) - chipset?

Hello Could someone please tell me what chipset the G62 115SA (a15sa) uses. I'm not and it does not detect intel. I need drivers for it. It must be right intel? Please answer as soon as possible Thank you

Old Compaq Armada 1520 D questions-front-of-upgrade

First of all, I would like to introduce myself to the community, I am new here, but with the best of intentions to contribute. So, I recently an old Compaq Armada 1520 D of a loved one and I intend to improve with more RAM, windows 98 and a bigger ha

Smell of smoke

Hello world I have a huge problem with my Compaq Presario CQ61. Just as I bought it when I start it, it gives a strange fan left smoke smell. The smell causes me headaches, and I don't even know if it's really smoke, but it seems. Everything works fi


I have a HP Pavilion dv6000 (prod. # RV214UA #ABA) with Vista Home Premium (32 bit).  It has a wireless mouse Logitec with a chip of the USB transmitter.  The touchpad everything is normal except the vertical scrolling.  When I slide the finger to th

HP dv1310us hard?

I get some confilicting information. I just want to know what a bit of hard drive I can use on my, dv1310us - ec137uar

tx2550ee starts but the screen is black after some time

Hello I have pavilion tx2550ee and for a month only, it displays strange problem the problem: some time after reboot that he didn't watch anything, but windows is loaded and I hear the sound and everything is ok, but since the boot until windows is l

Replacement screen series and dv8 HDX

If one went to e - bay there are all sorts of 18.4-inch screens that fit on these models. These screen are screens of brand such as Samsung, Toshiba etc. The downside is that the screens are held in place with acrylic adhesive tape double-sided, whic

Hard drive clicking on a program with slow loading

I have a HP Pavilion ze2000 running Windows XP. When I first put it, I hear a clicking of the area of the hard drive noise. When this happens, the machine boots very slowly. Once it is completely initialized, it works fine until I open a new program.

HP g60-440us think needs new power supply

I am a computer SCIENCE student, have a laptop HP g60-440us, needs new power supply. Do you think that the replacement of the it's an ideal first project?  Please inform honestly. Thank you

dv2700 'missing' CD-ROM in Device Manager

Hello I recently discovered that my CD has stopped working. I saw my Information System and there is no CD-ROM only whatever it is not listed under the components. Similarly, when I go to Device Manager, I don't have the option to select a DVD-ROM/CD