Options to upgrade to internal hard drive on laptop computer dv2000t (installation problems)

I need to replace a failed hard drive in my laptop dv2000t of 2006.  The drive I'm replacing was already a replacement car from the original 80 GB drive came with the laptop.  The first replacement 3 years ago (2008) was a 200 GB drive, which worked

HDD HDX16T problem

I have a computer laptop hdx16t, it's worked well for 1.5 years. Now it has many serious problems. First of all, copy, move and delete are very slow! and always get dump. Secondly, when I open a folder that is contain large files so that it always tr

Driver CD Rom (TS-L632N) corrupted on Pavilion 7900 Windows Vista

The Windows Device Manager indicates error 39 Question: How can I update driver... I already tried all the obvious ways... nothing doesn't? Help, please... Thank you

installation of internet controller driver recently, I reformatted my computer, HP Mini 210-1199DX and opperating systems, under windows 7 to windows XP Media Center Edition 2002 service pack 2. (for some reason, service pack 3 is not installed, it just sits

1720 imminent hard drive failure (REPLACEMENT hard drive)

Two days ago, my computer hp laptop 1015ee dv2 give me this message to the start screen"1720 imminent Hard Disk Failure.And my windows 7 32 bit OS give me same message atfter my OS boot and suggest you back up my files immediately and I did it in an

Problem with the battery under warranty

It is the 4th month of my laptop (Pavilion dv6 3050tx) & the battery is not working as it should. Problem: * CASE 1: 1. when the power adapter is connected: no current charging 2. showing hp battery check: change the battery, failure ID: XXXX-XXXX-XX

HP Pavilion DV6 Graphics Upgrade

Hello ladies & gentlemen, I am the proud owner of a HP Pavilion DV6 laptop. The only flaw I found is that it doesn't have a good video performance (which is a shame for a have a 720 p HD display). The installed display device is a Mobile Intel 4 Seri

Dv5 - 100%, but still in charge of battery level

Hello! My laptop is a Dv5-1125em. It shows a 100% battery level if it is fully charged but always keep on the led "charging". Notification Windows 7 keeps saying 100% available (plugged in,load). I checked the battery with HP Support Assistant and th

Connection of 3 monitors at a HP 230W Advanced Docking Station (NZ223AA)

I am the proud owner of (3) HP 2711 x LCD screens.  Is it possible to connect all 3 of these screens simultaneously to one soon to buy, HP 230W Advanced Docking Station (NZ223AA), using a combination of DVI-digital (2)-24 pin digital DVI connections

HP G60 100em power failure during startup

My friend gave me his 'brick' HP G60 laptop 100em, had told him the motherboard was fried and it would cost a lot to fix, so he bought a new and gave it to me to see if I could fix it. Strangely, it starts on the first attempt and load of Vista, whic

DV7 - 1247cl battery

I very rarely use the WIFI and almost always connected with the AC adapter. Are there special instructions to remove the battery if I want to run Power supply. Thank you 1117BC-P2-HP x 64 G460HP dv7 - 1247cl X 64 AMD 72Windows 7 Home PremiumAVIRA & W

HP laptops to external, even when devices connection closed

HP dear community, Even if you're a laptop user, from time to time, when you work at the office, you'd like to hang on your laptop to a larger LCD screen, plug is a keyboard full-sized standard USB and mouse, or keyboard and wireless mouse. I do now,

Pavillion Dv4-1225dx do not fully recognize the capacity of the hard disk

Recently I replaced the OEM hitachi hard drive (SATA 250 GB at 5400 RPM) in my Dv4-1225dx. Replaced by a WD scorpio black 16mg buffer 320G 7200 RPM / min. system registers only one size of 298G drive despite the fact that the player goes out very wel

The upgrade of the motherboard on DV6000

I have a DV6000 with an Intel processor. I want to spend the motherboard, so I can install both a faster processor and a better graphics card. My question is... What is the best motherboard that I can install on this case? I don't mind to do a small

dv6547tx new RAM and HARD drive

My dv6547tx has its origin HARD drive and 2 GB of RAM installed.  I want to upgrade the RAM to 4 GB and HARD about 300 GB 7200 RPM drive. Can you please specify?

Pavilion dv2000 which external hard drive cases

Hi, in a few words: My dv2000 broken 3rd time (Yes, graphics card problem) so I got new laptop, however I have some data on dv2000 I want back. My first thought was to buy one of these cases of disk 2.5 "hard and just put the hard drive and copy all

Uj832 with Compaq nc 6220 DVD burner

I bought a used HP Compaq nc6220.  I put the CD - RW to a DVD - RW uj832 burner. could not work.  I used Nero, DVD decrypter, DVD shrink 32, InterVideo, burn 4 free, Win DVD Creator 2.  I tried even not protected DVD copy!  All of these programs stop

A question about bluetooth technology, apparently I have, but it doesn't show signs of availability

I contacted HP through the option of the complaint, this isn't really a complaint, just understand... The response to the complaint was "while they inspected here in my end, your order of HP TouchSmart tm2t customizable notebook PC has been configure

Is it possible to add the webcam integrated after purchase on G62X?

A friend ordered a G62X with my help.  Instisted his daughter was going to go out and get a HD webcam nic while he didn't need one, I asked more than once, "are you" sure  Now they wonder how to turn it on.  I told ther is none, he thought that the w

Cannot enter Sleep Mode after undating for win7 / new BIOS

Model: dv4 1435dx problem: cannot enter the mode 'sleep', when close the lids or click on 'sleep' without closing the lid, computer, enter the mode 'sleep' but immediately wake automatically. but it will not occur if the computer in mode sleep automa