Advanced Port Replicator PA3474E-7-248 poor sound quality on Tecra A7-248


recently, I bought used Replicator Toshiba Advanced Port PA3474E-1PRP, working nice, but the only problem is audio - output when connecting the speakers to the port replicator - speakers of the laptop still works + there is a significant loss in sound quality.

Everyone had the same problem, or maybe there's a sollution for this?
THX in advance

PS my laptop is Tecra A7-248


To me that sounds like this, out on the port replicator doesn t port works properly if connect you directly to the computer laptop, everything works correctly, or can you notice any problems?

Have you tested other speakers?

In this case I would recommend updating the sound card drivers and BIOS. The two you can download on the Toshiba site. > support & downloads > download drivers

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    Hi all

    Had a brief search, but could not find a similar position.

    Is the Advanced Port Replicator III PA3314E-1PRP compatible with a laptop Tecra M5?

    Thanks in advance and amicably.


    Yes, it is compatible, I can confirm this info above
    If you wish, you can consult the Web of Toshiba Europe site Options & accessories.
    You will find this info useful

  • Tecra M9 longer works with the Advanced Port Replicator III


    I have the Advanced Port Replicator III Plus (PA3474E-1PRP), and it works very well with my M5 (M3 and M200). For example I connect my laptop through it to my monitor/mouse/keyboard/external DVD/hard drives, sound, webcam etc...

    Now, I'm to assess what should I buy as my next laptop and the M9 (PTM91E-03000MEN) seems good.

    Question: * the M9 will work with my plu III advanced port replicator? *

    Otherwise, * y at - it another docking station option that will allow me to connect a M5 and an M9 * please? (of course not at the same time).

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    See you soon

    Tecra M9 and Tecra M5 do not have the same docking connector.
    This means Tecra M5 is the APR III +, Tecra M9 has Express Port Replicator.
    You need the correct docker for each system.

    May it is a solution to be able to use the Toshiba Dynadock. It's USB based:

  • Portege M750 on plu III Advanced Port Replicator

    The Portege M750 works on Advanced Port Replicator III more (PA3474E-1PRP)?


    I discovered that the Express II port replicator is compatible with the Portege M750.

    I searched a bit on google and found this link to an Advanced Port Replicator III over the datasheet. But it s only in German.

    However, the M750 Poretge is not listed as a unit compatible and taken in charge.
    So I guess that more Advanced Port Replicator III cannot be used with protected M750 toghterer

    Welcome them

  • Advanced Port Replicator III more compatible with the Portege R200

    I just ordered a new Portege R200 and above-port replicator... However, I note that the R200 is not listed in the list of laptops supported for this Replicator! Can anyone confirm if I have made a mistake and need to change the order?

    Will be

    I visited the area Options & accessories on the European site of Toshiba, and like you said the Portégé R200 is not listed in the list of mobile phones compatible.
    So I assume that the Advanced Port Replicator III more (PA3474E-1PRP) does not support the protected R series.

  • Need Advanced Port Replicator III drivers for use with my Portege M300


    I have a Portege M300 with an Advanced Port Replicator III. I had to reinstall the operating system and now can not find the drivers for the port replicator.

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    Thank you


    I guess that you need drivers for the XP operating system. Am I wrong?
    You will find on the page of the Toshiba driver all drivers needed and utilities for Portege M300.
    You will also find the installation instructions document. This document shows the proper installation order.

    You simply download all the drivers and follow the order of installation. All that s

  • Advanced port replicator II PA3082E DVI out


    Portege M100, XP Pro, II advanced port replicator.
    I can get VGA out but not DVI signal.
    How can I switch to DVI output instead of analog VGA connector?
    I've looked everywhere, this option and even sought a separate driver, but always now light DVI.


    Hi John

    I also have information that some units don't supports this interface. To be sure if this info is just make a call to the Toshiba service partner in your country. They have this kind of information.

    Good bye

  • Protect S100: Advanced Port Replicator/Docking Station

    I need to know what docking station to use it please.
    Advanced Port Replicator III Docking Station
    This one will work?

    Hello Andrew

    I found some nice info on the unit that is compatible with your S100 Portege.
    Visit this link:

    Hope so, I could help

    Good bye

  • Tecra M3: Failed to connect to the double monitors w / Advanced Port Replicator III

    I use a Tecra M3 I put it in place for an III Advanced Port Replicator and I can't dual display to work properly. I have a monitor connected to the DVI port and then another connected to the VGA port. It seems that the laptop is the 1 view and can get only one monitor to work. How can I get the two external monitors to work?

    Thank you


    In my opinion, you can use a single external screen because you can choose between analog display, the TV and digital flat screen. As far as I know, you can use the FN + F5 keys to change between display devices and can only be set to an external TV or CRT and LCD monitor internal. But not to external displays.
    In addition, I propose to refer to External monitor in the manual which is preinstalled on this device.

    Good bye

  • Tecra M3 and Advanced Port Replicator III: not recognized as docking station


    Just install my new M3 and Advanced Port Replicator III. Everything works fine, but the Port Replicator is not recognized as a Docking Station (No disconnect in menu button start XP; pressing disconnect button on the Port Replicator itself has no effect either).

    Is TI WHEREAS behavior?
    Thank you in advance.


    You reinstall the unit with the recovery CD?
    As far as I know that the TOSHIBA Mobile Extension3 for Windows XP is responsible for the good condition of the market of the docking station.
    Well, I recommend to reinstall this driver and utility.
    Perhaps the installation of the new driver will solve this problem.

    Good bye

  • Tecra S3 Advanced Port Replicator III more: video output, analog & digital

    I have a Tecra S3 in association with Advanced Port Replicator III.
    I can't get the two graphics cards to work together.

    The analog and digital video output should work together.

    It works on a Tecra S2, but not on the S3?
    Does anyone have an answer?


    You want to use both outputs DVI and VGA on Advanced Port Replicator III graphics more simultaneously?

    Advanced Port Replicator III more supports the use only if the computer system unit laptop itself also supports the simultaneous use of RGB & DVI.

    So that would mean that the backs of Tecra S3 not supported this feature

  • III - issue of serial port Advanced Port Replicator.

    Hi, I have a few apps that do not work with usb to serial adapters. I need to know if the serial port on an advanced port replicator will not work unless the serial port was "integrated" to the computer, as they used to be in older laptops.

    Are the drivers required to make ports to work within windows?

    I have a Tecra M2.

    According to the specification for Tecra M2 Toshiba PA3314E - 1PRP Port Replicator III Advanced is certainly compatible and I guess it should work. Unfortunately, my printer has USB port and I can't test it.

  • III Plus driver/Frimware Advanced Port Replicator


    I'm having some trouble with my M300 Poretege on Advanced Port Replicator III Plus. Some Fn keys do not work, and I'm not able to get proper display on my external monitor.

    Question: are there drivers for the Port Replicator? I don't have a CD or other installation media.

    Thank you, Richard

    Hello Richard

    Give us details please! These FN keys work without portreplicator? Don t FN keys work correctly?

    Check if the graphics card supports display resolution you have to put on the external screen.

  • Where can I download a manual for Advanced Port Replicator III more

    Where can I download a manual for this?
    I have searched the manuals download section but could not find a reference to it.
    Thanks for any help

    Seems that this manual is not available in the Toshiba user manual page.
    But generally, you should receive a manual as well as the Advanced Port Replicator III more.

  • Satellite R15-829: keyboard & mouse will not work on advanced port replicator 3


    I have the following problem:
    I have a portable Satellite R15 829 Tablet. I went and bought a Toshiba Advanced port replicator (PA3474U-1PRP) 3 second hand. When I plug in a keyboard and a mouse for it, they won't work. However, when I have the laptop dock and power, of the function on the external keyboard blink.

    I had a load of a keyboard and a USB mouse, and they work, so it would be a kind of compatiability issue?

    So I know that there are be able to enter them. Could be a driver problem type? Or something else? If anyone has any suggestions, I would be very grateful.

    Thank you.

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    This device is not known to me but please check if Toshiba Mobile Extensions 3 installed on your laptop. See also the version
    Check if the latest version of the BIOS is also installed on your laptop.
    If this isn't the case, then try updating the BIOS.

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