An expression of EI is always assessed once the project is implemented in a .mov format?

Hi all

I am very new to AE and I m checking to see if it is possible to have an expression of AE assessed once the project is implemented in a .mov format?

For example, I want the motion to be built to display the name of a computer of the person who plays the motion.

Thanks for your help

The video is video and video is not interactive. You can have interactive video players, but this isn't happening with AE. Think HTML5, javascript, or flash. You will need a custom video player and the external code.

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    Been charged research, have not found an answer. I know how to specify a location for the automatic backup files when you create a new project. How can I change them once the project is turned on?

    To change the setting for automatic backup project:

    1. open the project.

    2. Choose file > project... settings > disks work > automatic backup of the project.

  • Videos no longer work once the project is hosted (Captivate 9)

    Hi all

    I built, published a hosted online which seems to me to be a fairly simple non - LMS.

    It is pretty much a straight overhaul of an older project was in need of a new look and feel, design and update of content. But the videos I use in Version 2.0 are the same exact files used in version 1.0.

    I appointed carefully and videos (mp4s) organized and placed throughout the presentation using media > video > video event > Browse (progressive download video).

    Preview mode and published project worked fine, however I noticed that at the time of publication, the videos are automatically re-named when tone was collected in the folder "vr" to simple names like "Vi2.mp4".

    Once I downloaded the project on our server any of the videos worked more. You can see what is happening here (hit launch unit, there is a video on slide 1):

    Strengthening of the highlights: learning that supports all students

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    Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 2.44.30 AM.png

    Now, I thought: hey I can just go back to my project folder and type in absolute links for these vids because they are implemented on the server that is to say: ... bon ?

    I can't use the video format progressive download.

    I tried to use 'Adobe media streaming service' as it was the only one who allowed me to specify a http:// link but it wasn't a go.

    'Streaming vidéo' was a no-go.

    So I related to the renowned video in the published folder, and alas, once I re - download the project it still does not work. Hmmm, ideas?

    Thank you!

    Did you check if your server is actually put in place to allow video files of this type?  Sometimes, the problem is that your server administrator must specifically allow the file MIME type.  He could have a few changes in the server environment that have disabled now which previously worked for you.

    First crazy should check if the MP4 videos are directly accessible on the server to prove whether or not the problem is with the server settings.  If the MP4 videos can normally be served, but they are just not work for you, try to download the same zip on SCORM cloud LMS SCORM output to see if they work from there.  If they do, go back to your LMS provider and tell them that the issue seems to be with the LMS. If SCORM cloud has no problem with the content, why their LMS?

  • iMovie 10.1.2 today (June 4, 2016), all of a sudden will not let me create a new project/film.  1. I have used the program extensively in recent weeks, many small travel films. 2. once in the projects, if create a new movie and the sign is checked, the op

    1. I have used the program extensively in recent weeks, many small travel films.

    2. when in the projects, if you click on create a new movie and sign, the new movie and trailer options opens successfully.

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    7 mac is 27 "OS X El Capitan, Version free 10.11.5, with 327 GB to 999 GB

    iMovie is 10.1.2

    8. the computer itself did not fall down and as FAS as I know, all other programs work correctly.

    9. I rebooted several times, but that has not solved the problem.

    10A does anyone else have this problem? If so, how do fix you it?

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    Have you ever tried to delete the iMovie preferences?  If the elements of the user interface do not, deleting preferences frequently you contribute.

    To delete the iMovie preferences leaving iMovie, runs, and then press and hold options and command key at the same time, at the launch of iMovie. Keep now pressed the buttons firmly until you see a command prompt to remove the preference. Confirm.

    Before you do, take note of all the settings that you made in iMovie preferences panel, so you can put back them later. iMovie will then begin with the Welcome screen.

    When I had a similar problem, the only thing that helped was to create an iMovie library.  Probably a corrupted in the iMovie project current library prevented the creation.   The problem persists, if you test different library in iMovie? You can create a library for testing.

  • Text elements not centered more once the project goes live

    Hi guys,.

    I discovered edge animate a few days ago and I really love that it looks and feels a lot like After Effects - you must exchange and implement some functions of evaluating environmental to AE (i.e. acceleration curves options) and vice versa if

    I've been through, to knowledge

    First of all, I am a user of Worpdress using a sensitive topic and the edge connector on.

    I created an animation of typo using a font personalized web license and it took me awhile to operate properly - is not the web kit generated by the generator kit' work with EA, so I had to leave fontsquirrel to create one instead. Now font file SVG gets exported to export, but files EOT, WOFF and TTF t - not sure if it is a bug, but it's an easy thing to copy files via FTP to the "... file/uploads/edge_suite/project /...» "in order to solve this problem.

    My problem

    After the download of the animation to my server via the edge Suite plug, about 50% of the text elements are not in the right place more. The elements concerned are all offset by a set amount of pixels vertically, whereas they should in fact be centered. When I run the HTML of the web animation file, exported locally is fine however.

    The problem occurs in Chrome, Safari, Firefox and the iPhone.

    Someone has a similar problem?

    Will be

    Thanks to the plugin's Director, the problem is resolved. The shift was caused by a CSS code, defining line for body heights:

    Body {... line-height: 1;.. :}}

    This caused a vertical offset through all my animations on two different sites. Remove this string of code CSS solved the problem.

  • Update KB2272691 always available to the installation even if it installs correctly whenever I try (2008 R2)


    Windows Update on the Windows 2008 R2 server always indicates the KB2272691 update is available at the facility.

    The update has been installed the first time on 26 August and reported a State of installed successfully. The next day, I checked WSUS and he pointed out that this machine still has this update. I logged on the computer and the real, Windows Update showed that this update is ready to install, I checked the history of update and the update has been successfully installed the previous day. I installed it manually restarted (although she did not) and I checked once again updates. Yet once the update has been demonstrated as being available, I installed and checked the updates immediately, it is still indicated as required and ready to install.

    I went to and downloaded the update by hand and installed, same result. I checked directly updates from Microsoft Update on this machine, the update shows still necessary, that I have installed, same result. For this reason, the update is now installed everyday by the windows update scheduler with the same result. So far, the history of Windows Update indicates that this update has been installed successfully 6 times and is pending installation for hours tonight.

    No idea what's going on here or how can I fix?

    Thank you.

    Hi there, try:

    Forum specific support by WSUS:

    TaurArian [MVP] 2005-2011 - Update Services

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    To connect to a virtual serial port offered by a USB device.
    -Physically disconnect the device (disappears from the entry in Device Manager)
    -Reconnect the device. (It reappears in the Manager of input devices)
    -Close the file handle
    -Reopen the virtual serial port. --> the CreateFile() call always fails with "ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND".
    -After dis - / reconnect the USB device once, the serial port can be reopened

    Even the true return of GetDefaultCommConfig there yet in CreateFile().

    It is clearly bad habits, because in our case the disconnection/reconnection occurs due to a restart of the device; and it's quite embarrassing to explain buyer for the disconnect/reconnect the device.

    Is there another workaround solution to clean the window's internal data structures or show me how to open the port?


    The question you posted would be better suited in the MSDN Forums. I would recommend posting your query in the MSDN Forums.

  • Impossible to assess all the songs.

    After that I brought my music from my computer to my Clip + by copying the music files and sticking them in the Clip + of the 'Music' folder, I could play without any problem. However, when trying to assess my songs, it brings up the interface to increase and or reduce the stars but any button I press once the stars never recorded.

    everyone knows about this problem?

    I'm not positive, because I do not write my songs, but I think you need to be in MTP mode for the sides to work.

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    Hi, I can not buy Lightroom 6. I'm at the Luxembourg, once the product is in the basket, and I ask to check I got a message telling me my Adobe ID is registered in another country, and we cannot treat. I tried with a different ID, I created and always the same question even if I did everything since the Luxembourg. Really sad

    To the link below, click on the still need help? the option in the blue box below and choose the option to chat...
    Make sure that you are logged on the Adobe site, having cookies enabled, clearing your cookie cache.  If it fails to connect, try to use another browser.

    Get help from cat with orders, refunds and exchanges (non - CC) ( )

  • Area 51 ALX video goes black once the machine is warming up

    My second question concerns the reason why this computer was good for me.

    When I first start the computer, it seems to work, but once video cards warm up (and they get really hot) video signal to cancel completely.  There is nothing to come to one of the DVI (there are 4 of them on the back of this machine, 3 active).  It will start working again after a hard reboot, but the signal is not always go to the port that I had been attached to.  In other words, I had to run after the video signal around the ports.  I also changed the power settings to prevent it from "sleep" for a long time, but this does not seem to have made all the difference.

    I updated the bios to A10 and run several diagnostics show that the system works perfectly.  The system does not respond to the keyboard, but I don't know if it is really "locked" because I networked hard drive of ALX and was able to access a computer on my network even though the screen was black.  I copied things from him and him very well and if he is really blocked, he would not have answered at all, no?

    If this sounds like something you treated, please let me know.  I have a few ideas to try this holiday weekend, but I'm open to other suggestions.  Thank you!

    I suggest that you clean and check all fans (including those on video cards) and the radiator. Yes, video cards running more hot than the CPU, but they shouldn't be hot right on the Windows desktop.

    Reposition the graphics cards, ram DIMM, all connectors power supply.

    Test until do you fail, then troubleshoot

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    After the update of Sierra once the photos has been repaired all of my albums have been removed from my album of videos from photo library and all, only defalt albums that are there are people, last imported and my photo stream.

    If the videos, Burst, Slow Mo, time, selfies are all gone?

    Please help someone

    Videos are, Burst, Slow Mo, time, selfies albums in the missing sidebar or the content of these missing albums?

    You have a copy backup of the library made just before your Sierra improvement?

  • A "synch" iTunes always means that the device (iPhone) will be synchronized to the iMac?

    A "synch" iTunes always means that the files will be copied to or removed from the device (iPhone) to match what is currently on the computer to iTunes (iMac)?    And not the other way around?     In other words, if my iPhone has a photo that does not exist on the iMac, the photo will be deleted from the iPhone when the two are in sync?  Thank you!!

    A "synch" iTunes always means that the files will be copied to or removed from the device (iPhone) to match what is currently on the computer to iTunes (iMac)?

    Yes. See recover your iTunes from your iPod or an iOS device if necessary.


  • Firefox always opens to the last used web page

    Firefox always opens to the last used web page. I tried the suggested solution (delete user. js the file of the profile folder) but cannot find such a file in the profile folder. Can you please help?

    What is your computer system and Firefox?

    Type of topic: preferences #general< enter > in the address bar.

    There are two settings;

    • At the start of Firefox

    When the browser is started, what you want
    view. Many of us choose view my homepage.

    • Homepage

    When a new page opens up, what do you want displayed.

    1. Use current Page. Use the pages that are never open at this time.
    2. Use the bookmark
    3. Restore by default. topic: Home shows a home page of Mozilla with tools.

    You can use one of these as you want;

    topic: Home (Default Firefox homepage),
    on: newtab (displays the more visited sites),
    Subject: vacuum (a blank page),

    or you can enter any web page or Subject: page you want.

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    Click the heading labeled DATE sort by date. Click on DATE again to reverse the sort.

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    I use Win 7 Home Premium OS. Thunderbird 31.7.0.
    After "detach" an attachment and save it, the size of e-mail reflects the detachment. However, the size of attachments reflects the size of the original attachment and I can always access inside the TB. After I detach and then right click on the attachment, the 'Detach' and 'Delete' options are grayed out. Why is this? Is the accessory yet in TB?

    Detach the attachments of the emails means replace the attachment with a link to it in the file system.

Maybe you are looking for

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