Application doesent meet


Lately I had a small question about the common wheel very often appearing when you use Safari and trying to open Finder - system Prefferences and access other Applications, I fixed a few things and my Macbook Pro runs visibly a bit smoother than the front.

Im having 264 GB free on my Hd Mc, it seems that when things run the first time that my machine is showing me the spinning wheel, by running the same process again, it works very well, it's very inconsistent behavior well, however the main problem I'm looking forward to solve is an Application that does only reluctantly trying to open it is a Digital Audio Workstation, and I already tried to solve the problem on the sons of support of the provider... with no success but, with an eye on the activity at the opening of the Application monitor it tells me that the app does not react and shows me,

(System error 4)! IM also wondering if this whole question of processing time might have something to do with me locked and working as an administrator instead as a normal user, looking into the rights of the accessibility of the App called, it says that I am only allowed to read and only the administrator is permitted to read and write who confuses me a little bit because I was the Admin!

Advice or assistance regarding this issue would be much appreciated.



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  • Not able to install the application, asking family SMEs of installation

    Original title: iam not able to install the app it ask family SMEs of installation

    IAM able to install apps it ask some family configuration


    Thanks for posting your query to the Microsoft forum. I will definitely help you with this.

    I would like to know;

    1. What you are trying to install applications?
    2. You are the administrator of your computer?

    You can set up a family safety account or you may be referred by the primary user. For the children of family security controlled, if game Restrictions are lit, depending on the setting you have (lower than 10, teen, mature etc), your child will be able to download applications that meet the coast.

    Here's what I suggest, if you wish to:

    1. Go to and login as parent
    2. Check the setting of the game.

    You can do two things

    • Put out of the game restrictions or
    • Change the restriction of adult game

    Once your child has downloaded the application, parent go back to the family site, turn on the Restriction of game or set the game side to one appropriate for your child.

    For more information:

    Use security for the family with the Windows store

    Also, in the list of game for your childs account, make sure that the app is in the whitelist if your username already has but gets blocked by parental control due to permissions issue.

    Let us know if you need more assistance. We will be happy to help you.


    Thank you best regards &,.

    Isha Soni

  • A link Thinapp dynamic application support?

    Hi, people.

    Link to the application is a very good device that provides flexibility to delpoy applications. But the link

    application package is defined in the file package.ini, which means it is hardcoded, you can't change it in run mode.

    I wonder if it is possible for possible box dynamic link, you can set the application at run time.

    Well, according to Manuel Thinapp, copy of the package you want to create a link to a predefined directory can perform

    a kind of dynamic deployment. But the problem is that some applications are not simple plungins, links between

    applications can be complicated.

    For example, Adobe Acrobat provides a (a toolbar button) plugin for Microsoft Word, which simplifies the conversion

    between doc and pdf files. Acrobat is a plugin, but it is not a plugin. Acrobat is a stand-alone application.

    In this senario, both Word and Acrobat are independent applications, but they have a certain relationship. Now, I have

    have no idea how to build applications to meet this specific requirement.

    But I think that dynamic link can be a good solution for this senario. You can link Word and Acrobat, say, this time, I have

    can run Word with Acrobat is installed, can I take advantage of Acrobat to Word modules. In the meantime, I can still run Acrobat

    starting from a single package.

    Is there anyone who has any ideas?

    Thank you.


    I understand your problem and I'm strugeling with him, as well as in certain situations. The problem is that the modules are loaded superimposed. The last one wins (file/key) charge "item.


    App 1: file "c:\test.txt": Hello App 1

    App 1: file "c:\test.txt": Hello App 1A Plugin

    App 1 b: file "c:\test.txt": Hello App 1B Plugin

    Now 1 App is the main application, and plugins are the apps applinked optional / required. The contents of the file will be the content of the last loaded module, so that the plugin has or B (depending on the denomination and so on). Imagine that this file is the file that specifies what plugins have to be loaded. I guess you can understand what will be the result.

    It is especially interesting if you have the situation that your plugins are also activated apps.

    Real life example:

    You encounter a word that supports plugins. First of all, you capture and make the ' application '. Then, you keep (do not discount to clean system) system and the plugin to capture on the same system. In this case, the plugin will be able to change the settings in the existing installation of the word, who are caught in the capture. If you add this screenshot to the option/requiredapplink-app on the word, you will notice that it works.

    The reverse would not work. For example: the plugin is not a plugin, but a main application (like your "plugin" adobe). example above again: you make the plugin (acrobat), the main application and the Word as applinked app. In this case, the plugins (maybe /) is available in the last module loaded (Word) the plugin is not known/configured to be loaded. (Of course there are many kinds of plugin-loaders, so it could work in any case for a specific application)

    What I did:

    I captured applications separately, but after eachother (so the dependent application can still ask integration.) I have created another "loader project' and applications are added as required applinks (to ensure that the sequence of loading). In the project of charger, I copied all the exe that are referenced in various applications, allowing me to create references of departure in the package.ini. It works all the time, but most of the time that it does.

    To solve this some "prioritize" would be necessary for files and registry keys, but it would still be a big problem, configure it so that it works all the time.

    Kind regards

    Michael Baars

  • iPhone 7: interactive Notifications


    I backed up my iPhone 6 and restored then the backup of my new iPhone 7. The only feature that seems to be 'missing' are the news interactive Notifications in iOS10.

    When I swipe to the left of any notice of my lock screen (whether they are always locked or unlocked by TouchID), the only option to appear is clear. It is reportable in the absence of notice. So, I have to enter the application to meet an iMessage or similar to other applications.

    I checked the following parameters:

    • Press ID and password > access when they are blocked > all permits
    • Notifications > Messages > all permits with banners

    I am not sure if I missed something or if it is a bug.

    As I said, it worked properly on my iPhone 6, and I can always contact notifications in this way by the banners, but not from the Notification Center or the lock screen.

    I also tried to compare my settings from my iPhone 6 to my iPhone 7 and everything seems to fit. I also tried to toggle the settings that I listed above.

    This was one of my favorite features of iOS 10, so you can imagine that I can't wait to make it work properly.

    If anyone has any other ideas, please let me know.

    Thank you!


    After talking with @AppleSupport on Twitter, I discovered that it is because the 7A 3D so that iPhone Touch iPhone 6 does not. Left of the slide and view option is now the same as the use of 3D touch on the notification.

    Tricky, but logic.

  • Blue screen during installation of Windows XP on HP touchsmart 7320

    I have a HP touchsmart 7320 with Windows 7 Professional 64-bit pre-installed.

    I have to install Windows XP (32 bit) next to Windows 7, so that I can run a costly professional application which meets the incompatibility issues with Windows 7.

    Compatibility mode makes no difference. Virtual PC and XP mode are broken during the installation of the application. So its a way for me to have a dual-boot with Windows 7 ande Windows XP machine.

    When I am installing Windows XP (all versions-family, professional, 32 or 64-bit with original CD always) gives a blue screen with strange characters and the following STOP message:

    | STOP 0X0000007E
    (0xc0000005, 0xf748e0bf, 0xf78da208, 0xf78d9f08)

    PCI.sys - address f748e0bf base at f7487000 datestamp 36d855c

    I did a new Windows XP installation CD using nLite, "slipstreaming" of Service Pack 2 and AHCI SATA drivers I found here and they are proposed by this guide.

    That seems to work for awhile, because the installation process went further. It passes the point where she was already giving the blue screen, but it gives blue screen in a later stage of the installation process and one other STOP message which is now:


    I have another solution for you.

    First, go to your Windows 7 installation and in Device Manager, click on IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers section.

    Please confirm that you have the Intel (r) Desktop/Workstation/Server Express Chipset SATA AHCI Controller.

    If it's not the ACHI SATA controller you have, thanks for posting what you have.

    Now, here is another method to install XP.

    Go into your BIOS. Go to the menu of storage options. Change your SATA of ACHI to IDE emulation mode. Save the configuration at this time by pressing the F10 key and save your settings again when you leave.

    Now XP must install.

    After XP is installed, please share back and I'll give you the instructions step by step to load the post SATA ACHI driver XP installation, so you can change your return to ACHI BIOS setting, so that you can dual boot your machine.

    Currently, only XP will start with the value IDE BIOS. With the ACHI BIOS value, only W7 will start. That's why we need to load the drivers for XP achi sata once you have it installed.

    I think that we can find all the XP drivers, you need to as well.


  • Marshmallow 6.0 Android: Set a home screen


    Apparently Android Marshmallow does nor allow users to set a specific screen like the home screen.

    On my old phone running Kitkat, I had the ability to set one of my screens as the go - to the screen by pressing the home button. Motorola is considering adding such a parameter in a future incremental update of the system?

    Thank you in advance for your attention and help.

    Kind regards


    Hadrian wrote:


    Apparently Android Marshmallow does nor allow users to set a specific screen like the home screen.

    On my old phone running Kitkat, I had the ability to set one of my screens as the go - to the screen by pressing the home button. Motorola is considering adding such a parameter in a future incremental update of the system?

    Thank you in advance for your attention and help.

    Kind regards


    Motorola has the approach to provide close to stock android and not to match a lot of customization if there are applications that meet the need - many users that wan't more customization of choose them to add other applications.

    In the case of the home screens - many use the Nova pitcher or one of many other android launchers.

    With Android M - push the home button always takes you to the left that most - one more to the left screen is the screen of google instant. So rather that you assign a specific screen like the home screen, you can move just everything you want on the left most screen - then pushing the home button would take you for that screen.

  • Slow outputs analog on the cDAQ-9178

    My control of the C language application calls the DAQmx API 200 times per second to update some AOs, using the following call:

    DAQmxWriteAnalogF64 (taskHandle,

    1, TRUE, 0.0, DAQmx_Val_GroupByScanNumber, data, NULL, NULL);

    On a system with a single chassis cDAQ-9178 and two modules OR 9264 AO, it works correctly with a task of up to 4 channels. If I add channels to the AO job, the flow slows down below 200 Hz (5 ms). Here are the times:

    Chans ms

    8 6.8

    16 13.4

    32 26.9

    How can I write 1 sample per channel, more than 32 channels, all 5 ms? It's a control application that meets the entries, so I can't write several samples per call.

    Thank you.

  • change background on youcam5 webcam

    I just started my own business and I would like to send email to brief business on my webcam - a Cyberlink YouCam5.  I thought it would be cool to change the background of my webcam and replace it with the name of my company: National employee benefits Services, Inc. - letters purple - white Uni... Although I have heard of "green screen", I have no idea how to proceed, and it doesn't seem that there's nothing in Windows Movie Maker to help.  Suggestions for a novice would be greatly appreciated.  -J' hope - would it be as easy as my Firmenlogo in Word or Publisher, and then somehow transferred to my webcam?

    Thank you very much,


    Hi John,.

    It seems that you are facing problems in Cyberlink webcam to change the background.

    -What operating system is installed on your computer?

    AS the Cyberlink Youcam 5 isn't a registerd Microsoft product, I suggest you to contact the manufacturer of the webcam to see if they have any software installation according to your needs or to use your favorite search engine to find the application that meets your requirements.

    I hope it helps. If you have any questions about Windows in the future, please let us know. We will be happy to help you.

  • MAX how to acquire data only on hardware triggers?


    I need to use the card pci-6224 daq material being triggered. Here's what I did: -.

    (1) I put these settings in the configuration affecting changed my acquisition mode 1 sample (timed HW) and set the rate at KHz

    (2) the digital edge trigger type, my pfi pin and the whole edge to edge down

    and here is what it does Max awaits the first impulse before data acquisition and after the first impulse, he always keeps the information even in the absence of triggers. I used an oscilloscope to see if I was generating pulses in my pfi of entry but there is no generated impulses.

    So I was wondering if someone could tell me a few reasons as to why MAX keeps getting data after the initial outbreak?

    Thank you


    To make an acquisition redeclenchables, we need to set a property that we do not have access to directly to MAX (redeclenchables true parameter). However, based on what you have explained, it's pretty simple applications you meet. The best way to proceed is to simply use your trigger as an external sample clock signal. Using this trigger as the sample clock signal, you will take only sampling points on the edges of this signal trigger regardless of the trigger parameters.  So, I simply specify this signal as your external sample clock and go from there.


  • Windows media player for Android phones


    I was wondering if you can help me. I have a Samsung Galaxy s2 phone and would like to see video being broadcast on our local TV station site, but it seems he needs a windows media player to do this. Can you recommend an android app that can do.

    Sincerely, Craig

    Hello CraigKendall

    I don't know the Android applications that meet this purpose.

    Your best bet would be to search for one.  You can also contact support for your phone and see if they have any opinions on the issue.

    Best regards


  • How to assign the WASD keys for arrows (the key mapping)?

    To increase the rate to make source code, it is useful to use WASD rather arrow keys. It is useful for users of right.

    Hello Jiri,

    I recommend you to use external applications for the mapping of the keys.

    An example:

    I'm sure you can find many web-based applications that meet your needs,


  • How to display on my PC .ithmb files?

    I tried the filesback on my iPhone sync and tried to use itunes to open/view.  Still no luck!

    . ITHMB is a format developed by Apple for use only by the iPods.There owner appear to be several applications that can open this file, I suggest you a Bing search to find the application that meets your needs.

    Thank you

  • Restore files deleted FRO trash

    Unfortunately I deleted a file important to the trash... is there a way to restore it?


    I suggest you use your favorite search engine to find an application that meets your requirements to recover files deleted from the Recycle Bin. »

    WARNING: Using third-party software, including hardware drivers can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the use of third-party software can be solved. Software using third party is at your own risk.

  • Help with cascading pop-up list on slot form of table

    I'm new to APEX (on APEX 5.0) Please bear with me!  Let's say I have a tabular form with 4 columns (A, B, C, D)

    Here's the logic:

    1 column A is just a static list of 2 values.

    2 column B is determined by what you choose in column a.

    3. column C is determined by what you choose in column A and column B

    4 D column is determined by what you choose in column A and column C

    I need a list of popup cascading for columns B, C and D but since its under table, with several lines it is difficult.  I followed this link:

    Jari APEX blog: 'cascading' list Article on slot form table

    I was able to get the above to work in my application to meet business #2 logic, but I can't figure out how to make it work for the logic #3 and #4 because there are several critical values.  Is there an easier way to do this?  Can someone help me understand what the javascript code does in the link above?

    More precisely:

    (function ($) {;})

    / * Cascading pop-up list * /.

    $.fn.htmldbCascadePopup = function (parent, tempItem, options) {}

    options = $.extend({)

    loadingTxt: 'Loading... '. »,

    loadingCss: {'width': '80px","float": 'left'}

    (}, options);

    return this.each (function (i) {}

    var $self = $(this);

    $anchor = $ ("a").

    $parent = $(parent) .eq (i).

    popupFn = new Function ($anchor.attr("href").substr (11));

    $parent.change (function () {$self.val("").effect("highlight",{},2000) .focus () ;});})

    {$ (function (e)}

    e.preventDefault ();

    var parentVal = $parent.val ();

    if(!parentVal) {parentVal =' ";};}

    Apex. Server.Process ("DUMMY", {}

    p_arg_names: tempItem,

    p_arg_values: parentVal


    data type: "text",

    beforeSend: function() {}


    . Hide()

    .after ($("< div/>", {"html":options.loadingTxt,"la classe css":options.loadingCss",": "ui-saisie semi-automatique-chargement"})

    . Width ($self.outerWidth ())

    . Height ($self.outerHeight ())



    complete: function() {}



    . Show()

    . Next ("div. UI-AutoComplete-Loading")

    . Remove();






    (}) (apex.jQuery);

    I have a Monday deadline for this so my time is up.  Here's what I did to help someone, even if it has a very quick and dirty solution.

    After the example of Jari blog work, I learned the following: Popup LOVs have a display value and a return value.  They correspond each to their own field in tabular form.  For example, the display for my column 'B' column is f10 and the back column is (hidden) f09.  Column C depends on A and b.  So, I did the return value of B for the concatenation of A & B.  Then I pass that value into a variable of the APEX with Jari javascript and try the parse to the LOV for column C.

    It gives me values in the table that I don't really want.  If column A is supposed to be "12345" and column B is supposed to be "XXXXX", then the value in column B is "12345". XXXXX. "  So I'll make a post process clean.

    All this could be increased if I know enough javascript to add multiple parameters to the code of Jari.

  • Replacement of windows 8 camera app

    is thre any alternative from the native camera for windows app in the app store 8


    Thanks for posting in the Microsoft Community.

    You can search the Windows store for any alternative to the camera application and select the application that meets your needs.

    A world of apps in the Store:

    Apps & Windows Store:

    Response with the State of the question and we will be happy to offer you our help.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Firefox automatically opens the addon page every time you start

    I knew the App market/flue virus on my computer, so I got rid of him--or so it seems. Now every time I turn on or restart your computer, Firefox opens automatically, about: newaddon? ID = {64d64833-9296-421b-a362-83cfbd6291b6}, and the name of the ad

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