Battery usage screen

Noticed the banner at the top of the screen that shows 'Time on battery' deform after a time. The top right of the banner begins to descend and the blue accent line becomes broken. Seems to have started after the last update. Everyone has noticed this? It seems to become progressively

worse throughout the day.


That is how it is designed. The part superior is a line graph showing the level of remaining battery and the slope of the drain if you want. The blue line which is broken is the use during this period. Blue is used phone, a pause in the telephone line is not. Tap on the graph for a better view enlarged.

This isn't for the X, but he explains.

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  • "Battery use data not available" on the battery usage screen

    Just went to check out how was the battery and I got the above message.

    Someone knows how to fix this? I tried to restart and also clear the cache of general application.

    Thank you

    I got the same message several times when I tried to check a few minutes after plugging in the phone from the charger of the battery. Try W8 10 minutes or more after plugging in and check again.

  • F6D13PA #ABG: reduced screen brightness on battery usage. FN and f10 no help

    Model 14-d001AU laptop

    Light usable on taking power, but when the power cable is removed, the screen goes dark, you can hardly see.

    Indicator shows fully charged battery. No difference when fn and f10 or f9 used.

    Thank you very much


    Try this procedure to solve the problem with low brightness screen on battery.

    Left click on the battery icon in the system tray (on the lower right screen) make a left click on the brightness of the screen date and the bottom of the page increase the battery you want screen on battery Power.



    I am an employee of HP.

  • Eve and battery usage


    I have 6 s 128 gig iPhone

    a week before, I replaced my phone with a new one and this is the second time I replace my phone, the first has a problem with

    on / off button and the second has a problem in the supply system and the battery did not work well

    in apple store, they gave me a phone, and I asked the employer on this issue. He told me that the new iPhone has parts belongs to another old or new phone for example (iPhone has a problem with the camera or battery or volume button and the installation of the parts well to make him a new phone, and it gave me the new apple iPhone store)

    My question on battery

    with heavy use, how does stay (my battery rest 5 h 40 min) is this normal? because I'm afraid that the new iPhone has a problem like the previous I don't know how to stay

    Thank you

    With 'intensive use' six hours of battery life can be normal, especially if the screen is very bright outside. The display brightness is generally the biggest consumer of battery. You can go to settings > farm and see what's using your battery most.

  • From a Portege M200 battery mode screen

    Hello, first sorry for my English, I am not totally bilingual.
    So I got a Portege M200, with the model number: PPM21E-02QFZ-FR, serial number: 55893043G

    This work of the computer laptop but fine * when I unplug the AC adapter black screen come *, when I reconnect light screen again (he continues to work, but without screen because it serves not next).

    I have try the Fn + F5 combination, not worked, try to change performance settings in windows, without change.

    When I go into the BIOS I can make it happen this problem even if the AC is plugged by changing the value of the field 'battery saving mode' to 'full power' to the other (when I change the screen turns off the coast).

    do you know how to fix this?
    Thanks in advance

    > This laptop work well, but when I unplug the power of the screen in black, when I reconnect light screen again (he continues to work, but without screen because it does not fuel nearby).

    Sorry I mate m afraid I did not understand it correctly.
    If you unplug the AC adapter, the screen turns off.
    But what happens if the power adapter is connected again? You say that screen lights up again, but then said you that you can work but no screen.

    So I'm confused now

    In my opinion, you should check the Windows power options.
    Usually, if the AC adapter should be disconnected, the laptop will switch to another power plant (battery mode).
    In my opinion, you should check the settings of the power station, which is used if the AC adapter is disconnected.

  • Lock icon located near the battery usage indicator

    What does the lock icon located next to the battery icon?

    Which locks the screen to not change when you rotate the wide position.

    You can set that in the "Control Center" (slide up next to the Home button): the line from the top right.

  • Laptop battery and screen Dim

    Laptop is Vista Dell Inspiron 1420. My adapter/load came out. I always plugged in b/c my screen was so hard to see dim. When it is plugged in, the light was bright. Got new adapter/charger and in a clogged filter still dim and the battery icon does not load. It says "42%" and your current plan may reduce the battery life. What does that mean? What should I do on the issue of the brightness?

    For the issue of the brightness, there should be two key that looks like a Sun. Press FN + brighten or dim your screen. For your power options, go to control panel and select Power Options and see what choices are available to you.

    I hope this helps.

  • Question Z10 blackBerry on battery usage patterns

    This isn't really a problem, just some preventive maintenance I guess. I follow the use of the battery on my Z10 occasionally through the Blackberry Virtual Expert (BBVE). I noticed that often times the battery more big pork is the PIM Services. Sometimes, it's two times the use of the battery of the screen or the processes of the system. Now, why would the PIM Services occupied? It seems a bit excessive for electronic control, even if it's more than a single e-mail account.

    You can delete the contacts from the account section, and then add it separately using Mac OS x Server. It will be re - partner with the GMAIL email account, if you type the same account name and e-mail address when you set up.

  • get the screen on battery/no screen below

    Is there a way to get a screen other than screenBelow battery?

    I want to find the way the more eligant to get a screen two or three down in the stack?

    Any ideas?

    Thank you!


    I guess that u don't know the name of the screen class?


  • BlackBerry Smartphones 8130 dead battery / flashing screen?

    Hey all the... I have an 8130, used for a few weeks with happiness, opportunity and then I let my battery choke yesterday. Since that date, when plug it into USB-> PC or the wall charger BB all that I get is the white screen with blue streak through the empty battery. The backlight flashes also - from top to bottom (not extinguished/turned on) on a very regular basis. I had plugged a few hours at work, no change. If I remove the charger, it dies. I tried to hook up w / Office Manager, now that I'm at home, it dosent sees the device. JL_Cmder arrive deviceinfo either. It was not fallen or done it get wet. I just hung my Orb login for the first time and finished streaming videos (very cool btw).

    so... is this just a dead battery?

    I went to Verizon today store to get a new battery, and the guy he said that I have TO buy from them, and they store them. That made me angry so I left without buying a... but is it true? It seems to me that there are a lot of places sell them.

    Thanks in advance!

    You can buy your battery anywhere where they are sold, even an ATT or TMo dealer, you have the same battery, you, who should be the yellow battery C - M2? Even BestBuy has sometimes.

    LET your connected USB and charge for a few hours and then with the USB plugged, remove the battery and reinsert. See if boots and LEAVE longer, load to 100%.

    Tip, don't ever let your dough in less than 15% charge.

    Read this for tips battery:

  • Updated to iOS 10 high battery usage

    Is it me? Or the battery has affected by iOS 10?

    In 2 hours, my iPhone 6 went from 100% charged to 75% in "standby".

    Maybe just an anomaly; everyone sees a radical change in the life of the battery?

    Have you ever force reboot the phone by holding down the button sleep and home for 10 seconds, until the call logo comes back again? You won't lose data by doing this, but it can cure some problems after installing new software.

    Also, it can still be a background activity going on as a result of the update of the firmware.

  • Satellite R830: Question about power for battery usage options

    Hello world

    I recently bought a R830-182 (detailed configuration below).
    I had to update Windows 7 Home Premium Ultimate because I need to use it on my university network.

    My University gives us an upgrade to windows 7 ultimate edition, but I had to do a clean install (from inside Windows 7 Home Edition, copy the upgrade you can do).
    The key, with what they gave me would not work with the Windows anytime upgrade utility.

    I think that I have installed everything that I need to get the laptop to work, but I'm not sure of the configuration of the battery. The cooling fan seems to be always on, and when the battery reaches 100% charge that he also said that he is in charge.

    My questions are:
    1. is there another program I have to install to allow the computer manage settings of the battery?
    2. do I need to change some settings in the power options?
    3 should. what settings I change in power options?

    Any help would be welcome
    Kind regards

    Toshiba Satellite R830-182
    Install Windows 7 Ultimate, clean (because my University product key does not work with the windows anytime upgrade)

    Toshiba programs installed
    * EcoUtility
    * HDD Protection
    * Resolution + Plugin
    * Sleep utility
    Value of additional package

    Programs running in the taskbar
    * Dropbox
    * TwoFingerScroll
    * Avast antivirus Home edition
    * Intel HD Graphics
    * Synaptics pointing device
    * The Bluetooth Manager
    * Drive optical autolock
    * EcoUtility
    * HDD Protection
    * Programs standard windows 7, Center of Action, battery, speakers, wifi.

    Hi mate

    I think this Toshiba document should help you get the best power settings

    + How to manage Windows 7 power management features.

    Usually if the battery is fully charged, the battery indicator should move from orange to blue (or green).
    If it does not then it means that the battery still in charge.

  • Satellite Pro m30: battery saver screen

    I have a satellite pro m30. with a Geforce x Go5200

    When I turn my laptop on its obscurity. I aways use power outlet. never just battery. I have to go in the setting every time I turn on. is the way to save all the settings

    Hi Dennis,

    Using the Toshiba power management or standard options of Microsoft?

    I would recommend the Toshiba utility, as this will allow you to set various options, including the brightness of the display.

    You should be able to set options for power supply and power of the battery of your choice, then save them so that they will be called automatically when you start your laptop.

    Power options are available from the control panel.


  • Portege M750 - duration of low battery usage

    Okay, so today when I started my M750 as usual.
    I noticed that the battery says 4 mins left 84% remaining?
    I got the smaller settings with saving energy of toshiba, but 3 minutes?
    It's just sad.

    Can someone tell me how to solve this problem? Or should I just get a new battery?
    Usually, I loaded my laptop everywhere I went, but now I MUST.


    Try again to calibrate the battery. This means that you must complete battery evacuation until the laptop close itself. Charge the battery full, then try again.

    If you have the same problem, once again, I would go to an ASP.

    Good bye

  • Portege Z930 - process 'System': high CPU when on battery usage

    I have a Portege Z930.
    A process called 'System' will appear in the Task Manager when I unplug the PC from the AC.

    I would like to know why is - this high utilization of the processor (from 9% to 18%) and keep my time above 70 ° c.
    It is very annoying, not only because of the temperature that hits the PC itself, but also because of the battery, which can not go over 1 hour and 30 minutes because of this process.

    It is not a virus, already CHECKED, don't ask.
    In addition, I don't know when it started, or why, so please don't ask.

    Thanks in advance,

    Until we start the discussion can you please tell us if you use the original pre-installed OS that you got with your laptop and use Toshiba eco mode when the laptop is running on battery power?

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