BIG BUG: Pre stuck on mode headphones! Help

I was listening to music on my pre and had plugged my earplugs I call then I unplugged them and now I can only make calls using the speakerphone or bluetooth headset and the internal speaker stopped working. During a call, if I look at the icons at the bottom of the screen of dial pad, left down to switch to speaker mode icon is now an icon of headphones, and if I press it, it goes into speakerphone mode. I can't go back to the normal mode. I restarted my phone several times, tried everything I could, it has been 2 days and still can not make a normal call.

Please help, and no, I don't want to reformat my phone

Sometimes the switch inside the headphone jack can get stuck

Try to take your helmet and inserting and removing the decision-making of several times and see if the audio returns.

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  • iPhone stuck in mode headphones, no sound except the ringtone, but work helmets.

    Hi, my iPhone has recently stuck in headphone mode, there is no sound except for my ringtone.

    I checked my alert tones, of course the ringtone works, but no other alerts does sounds.

    I put the earphones, they still work. After these tests, it shows my speaker is not damaged, nor is it my output port headphones

    Things I've tried:

      • reset it
      • sucked on each port, while covering others (read in the forums)
      • Blow-dried ports
      • He telephoned and kept switching between the speakerphone and the phone
      • clean the helmet and speaker holes
      • After cleaning I sucked again

    He is now sitting in rice, to see if there is moisture in there.

    I know there are plenty of these kinds of questions here, but I have tried literally everything suggests now and nothing has changed.

    Wanted to see if anyone had any new advice before considering to Vodafone or Apple.

    Thanks in advance!

    ! FIXED!

    He was sitting in rice for about 20 minutes, had not fixed so I turned it rebooted and now its fine. Summer has little moisture there somewhere.

  • Windows vista stuck in mode hibernation, then received error/BOOT/BCD file.

    Windows vista stuck in mode hibernation, then received file error/BOOT/BCD, Oxc000014c of the State. I inserted the Windows Vista disc to plant but it goes back to the previous message.


    Turn off the computer if it has not been extinguished because it started and wait 5 minutes so there
    is a complete reset of the material.

    See if this applies:

    Error message when you resume a Windows Vista Service Pack 1 or Windows Server-based
    2008-based computer after hibernation: "Windows failed to Start.


    More troubleshooting:

    / Settings (BIOS/CMOS) often F2 so watch the screen as it starts - set boot order for
    1 CD/DVD so it can boot the disk - you don't want to not install Windows - you want to repair.
    Don't forget to put it on hard drive first of all when you do not want to start on the DVD.

    Try the Startup Repair tool

    This tells you how to access the System Recovery Options and/or with a Vista disk

    Try Options recovery or a disk of Vista startup repair.

    How to do a startup repair


    If the above didn't help:

    At the prompt of the startup disk:

    Bootrec /fixmbr


    Bootrec /fixboot

    See if you can boot from the hard disk

    If this isn't the case, restart on Windows drive:

    At the prompt of the startup disk:

    CHKDSK C: /f /r


    If necessary this 'peut' help: (not the same error however it may be useful)

    Error message when you start Windows Vista: "the Windows Boot Configuration data file is missing.
    required information.


    If no help, the assistance of a computer store real (not the leeks and glances at a Best Buy or another Big
    Box stores) or system manufacturer support.

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - MS MVP - Windows Desktop Experience: Bike - Mark Twain said it right.

  • iPhone 4S stuck in mode of update in the update iOS 9.3.4

    Hi all

    My iPhone 4S is stuck in mode of update by updating to iOS 9.3.3 9.3.4 iOS. Tried to hard reset the phone with alarm and keys "home" button, but without success. Attempts to restore the phone via the latest version of iTunes also failed with the error code update 29 each time indicating hardware problems. Do not understand how this can be hardware problem, if the phone worked fine before the update to iOS. Currently, the phone fails to start. Has anyone also faced problems similar with their devices during the upgrade to iOS 9.3.4 and is all their way out of this problem?


    Follow the instructions here for the error code 29:

    Get help with iOS update or restore errors - Apple Support

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    Hello, my request of makerbot is stuck in mode full screen on el capitan. Im not sure if I have the application correctly all in full screen. The app was windowed with yellow red and green buttons at the top left as a normal window. Every since I went full screen I can't get it back. I tried to go through the application options to deselect full screen mode, but no options are available. I also tried to uninstall and reinstall using three different methods, the uninstall application provided with the software, manually and through "Appcleaner. Whenever the redownloads application and opens full screen again. This seems very strange because demand seems to be recognized as a window in OSx but also makes the dock and disappear from the top menu bar. El Capitan also doesn't let me choose this application to the separation of the screen. I have attached the Images. Is there a way I can uninstall it COMPLETELY? Or another way to prevent this?

    What happens if you are on your application and instead of the Green buuton using ESC top left?

    If it does not have you looked at the MakerBot options > Preferences

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    Hi, Patty Young. Need you to restore your computer settings or the recovery disk or your computer must have a recovery partition. To start in safe mode, you simply press the F8 key when you see the initial screen and then choose Startup mode in the Advanced menu options. I honestly recommend however, that can you tell me what your question is so that we can try to resolve without the need of recovery.

    How to start in safe mode

  • Put the pre in usb mode

    When I connect my Pre to your computer, it will appear as a removable drive. When I try to add a file, I get the message "Insert a disc into drive N."

    How can I put the Pre in USB mode?

    When you connect your phone to usb, the phone should be three choices 'Media Sync' "Usb Mode" "Dependants" choose usb to manually add files.

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    Hi samanthac39242619

    You must register to organize PDF service & use PDF tool organizing to turn the pages at all times.

    Kind regards

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    Hi Tom,

    I recommend to use the direct download link: download Acrobat products | Standard, Pro | XI, X

    Please let me know if you still face challenges.

    Kind regards


  • Acer Iconia one 7 stuck in recovery mode. Help!


    I managed to do my tablet in recovery mode to do a hard reset. But now its stuck in recovery mode. It allows me to choose and it will not do the hard reset. I let myself even to disable the HELP tab! What should I do?

    Please try to do a long press on the power button / stop + Volume down (10-20 seconds)

    If nothing happens... There is no reset hole?

    If this is not the case, the only solution is to wait a full discharge of the battery and then recharge.

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    Try to rename (or delete) the file xulstore.json in the Firefox profile folder.

    You can use this button to go to the Firefox profile folder currently in use:

  • My laptop is stuck in safe mode, please help me get out of safe mode. Thank you

    Original title: using safe mode

    My toshiba laptop running Windows 7 is in safe mode and I do not know how to exit safe mode. can you help me? Thank you, Mary

    Original title: using safe mode

    My toshiba laptop running Windows 7 is in safe mode and I do not know how to exit safe mode. can you help me? Thank you, Mary

    If you restart the computer, also restarts in Mode safe?

    If so, try this...

    Start button > Search box, type msconfig > press the Enter key > at the top, click on Startup tab > make sure that there is no check mark in the security box boot > if so, uncheck it > make sure there is NO checkmark anywhere in this window > click Ok when finished.

    Restart the computer.

  • [Bug] Pre mode screen 'night' when the Touchstone during the day in 1.3.1

    After the 1.3.1 update when I put my Pre on the touchstone to charge, it seems to behave as it does in the night (or dimly lit room): after 30 seconds, the screen fades, and then the lock screen comes on.  1.3.1 when I put my Pre on the touchstone in the light of the day, the screen would stay on and active (without lock).  I really liked this feature of the touchstone - I have it next to my computer on my desk, and it's a bit like an additional screen.

    Is this a bug or what?

    Called Palm support today and the response has been as part of the upgrade and no way to go back to the way it has been.   Wrong, this is a good feature don't know why they spend it.

  • PRE down and now stuck at splash screen - HELP!

    I was working on a small project (5 min) a couple of soundtracks and was going from one to the other location and crashed BEFORE - now when I open the program to the top of the start screen is blurry and I can't choose anything except the 8.01 update and stuff - HELP - project in 4 hours!


    Based on a test drive, it's what I think got into the mix. I'm not sure of all the twists and turns, but maybe you can help me fit things together better once you read what follows:

    1. your first Elements 8.0.1 project.prel crashed.

    2. you reopened the first Elements 8.0.1 since the desktop icon which targeted the Adobe Premiere Elements 8.0.exe which opens the Premiere Elements welcome screen (aka Splash Screen). The program is stuck on the Welcome screen. You say that you have completed the process using the task/process manager.

    3. you then went to Program Files/Adobe/Premiere Elements 8.0 and clicked on the file Adobe Premiere Elements.exe to open Premiere Elements. Using this .exe to open the first Elements allows to bypass the Welcome screen (less process involved in loading or opening). Until I tried this I thought not possible: you can open Premiere Elements 8.0.1 via Adobe Premiere Elements 8.0.exe and bring it to the Welcome screen and then click Adobe Premiere Elements.exe in the Program Files folder and the program to open completely. If you find yourself with two instances of open Premiere Elements.

    4. If you tell me that you still have the original Premiere Elements stuck on the Welcome screen, so I let myself believe that you did not really close it with Task Manager/processes.

    5. return to the Task Manager/processes and search for more than one instance of «Adobe Premiere él...» "in the process list. Complete the process for both.

    6. then create a shortcut on the desktop of Adobe first Elements.exe and use instead of the original desktop icon which targets Adobe Premiere Elements 8.0.exe which includes the opening Welcome screen.


  • Presario stuck in Mode without failure.

    I have a Presario SR5262NX new in November 2007, stuck in safe mode: Intel Pentium Dual Core E2160, 1.80 GHz; Cache L2 1 MB; 2 GB OF RAM; 320 GB DD; Vista Home Premium (32 bit); updated for FSP 550W PSU and GeForce 9600GT video card.

    The PC is not usually online but I packed it and he brought with me on a trip to visit his family, where I have the opportunity to be online for a while and download Windows, drivers, and updates of games.  First thing I did when I'm online was to download and subscribe to Norton 360 Ver.3.  He ran a full scan and did his thing in the background very well for a few weeks.  I left the computer on and online during the night two or three times for big downloads.  Last night, I downloaded and installed an update of Realtek HD audio driver from the HP site.  As I did I noticed that the Norton logo at the top of the sidebar gadget was red and said Fix.  Thought I would look into that as soon as I completed the update of the driver.  As the update is complete, it restarted the PC.  When the start-up has passed BIOS, then the bar travel brands MS and entered the momentary blackout before MS ball logo and the password of the user window, he remained darkened without progressing further.  However, the number lock indicator lit up as he usually does automatically as a convenience to type the password.  That's all.  No response to Ctrl-Esc or Ctrl-Alt-Delete.  Can only stop by pressing the power button.

    Since then I could not initialize in everything except in safe mode.  I think I might have a virus, but Norton doesn't scan in safe mode.  I went to the last recovery point and good recovery nothing is done before that, also without any change in the startup problem.  In PC-Doctor (the hardware bootable diagnostic diskette), the PC passes all tests diagnostic equipment (except the failed on start).  There is no available startup repair.  The OS installation disc is in a hard disk partition.  I tried the command 'bootrec /fixboot' in the command line, but 'bootrec' is not recognized.

    I really want to fix this without doing a system recovery to factory settings.  I've done it before and it's a hassle.  And I'm not sure he would get rid of the virus, if it is the problem.  I'm middle-aged, and what I know about computers, it's just that I learned by bumbling along.  I hope that it is a simpler solution than to start.  Any help will be appreciated.  Thank you.


    Yee Haa!  It works, it works!  Reinstall the RAM sticks did the trick.  Thank you, dmhoo29.  Not sure why it works well.  I guess remove the memory sticks empty the RAM, but isn't he purged whenever the PC is turned off?  In any case, thank you very much.  And thanks for the rest of you for your help.  This site is now in my favorites.  I downloaded the updates of virus definitions and Norton did a full scan as we speak.  Everything is cool.

    I you thank everyone once again for taking the time.


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