charge indicator

My hp probook 450 g1 has two sample no1 charge is orange and white 2. What they indicate.


Orange: no full - white: full

Kind regards.

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  • HP Jet 7 with Battery Charge indicator 10 Win cannot be depended on

    My 7 renovated itself stream upgrade with Windows 10 success and (thanks to the assistance of others in this community), I updated some drivers and resolved a problem with a screen 'reversed '. There is a significant problem however sound persist and it is that the Windows 10 battery State of Charge indicator does not seem to be reliable.

    For example, I plugged the (from the box with the Tablet), charger and cable in when tablets charge has been showing that 80% and at first the icon has changed to show a plug is attached to the battery, but the expression to the right of the battery said it wasn't loading. Then I unplugged the charger and re plugged in there, that changed things to as they should be, but after a while, the prosecution has built up to 98% and 99% where it remained for some time saying there was 2 hours and 6 minutes until this that fully charged - really? It takes 2 hours and 6 minutes to charge this battery its final 1%?

    Anyone know what is happening here? I unplugged the charger at this stage, as I had finished it with the Tablet and I stopped it from within Windows. I was worried about possible damage to the battery of overload it.

    Yes, I have installed the NVA HP Support Assistant on my 7 stream but a couple of days, that it has not detected any drivers that are in need of an update. My data flow model is 5701ng and offers for this model may have differed from just the 5701 (especially in regards to Windows 10 where only the driver Support Assistant and Accellerometer has been offered at that time here). I see now that all the drivers are available for both models.

    Therefore, I took a bet a couple of days and installed all the other drivers Windows 8.1 with no difference to this problem. This morning I checked the version of BIOS on this tablet to find it as F06. The most recent version being F0E I've updated the BIOS and THIS seems to have fixed things--or the less made things much better in this regard. This time, when he got 99% of fees, 10 Windows said there was about 6 minutes of charge left go - much more accurate than more than 2 hours! I now view THIS issue to be closed thanks to the update of the BIOS. Thanks for the 'index' it would have been just a few hours after I made the upgrade.

  • HP dv2000: Hp dv2000 Stuck in Logo and charge indicator Ligh

    PROBLEM: Hp dv2000 stuck in the Logo and charge indicator and mouse touch lights are still flashing... and can't get into Bios and boot the other keys do not work (when im pressing the F10 key for configuration of the Bios but it only shows the ('The Please Wait' ') Word also Boot Device priority is not progressing it Stucks on Please wait word...)

    Action taken:
    Disassembly of the unit
    Clean the fan and other parts - do luck
    Warm up (ic VGA) video card no. chance
    Change the Ram (memory) - no luck
    Reformat the hard disk in the other Pc (disk HARD is good) - No. chance

    Hey @leijam063,

    I understand that you are having problems with the startup process on your HP dv2000. I'd be happy to help you.

    I would say after the steps described in this document: HP Notebook PC - computer starts not (Windows 7, Vista, XP)

    Please get back to me when completed.

    See you soon,.


  • RX100 battery charge indicator

    New battery for camera (RX100) charge indicator light does not illuminate. I don't think that the battery is charging.

    Does anyone else have this problem.

    Please, check the following:

    1. Check if the battery is properly inserted in the device.
    2. Verify that the AC adapter and USB cable is correctly plugged into their respective ports.
    3. Check to see if the charging light is illuminating. The charge indicator turns orange if it is supported; If the battery is fully charged, the charge indicator does not illuminate.
    4. Try to turn on the camera.
    5. If the camera does not light, try to reload the camera using a USB port on your computer. If so, there may be a problem with the power adapter supplied.
    6. Try again with another USB charge cable. A similar cable is used by other devices (e.g. smartphones) if the cost of the camera, there may be a problem with the supplied USB cable.
    7. If possible, try another battery. If the second battery charge, then it may be a problem with the supplied battery.

    If my post answered your question, please mark it as "accept as a Solution.

  • HP g6t - 1B 00 CTO: charger indicator led flashes and is white in color

    I replaced the battery with a new battery Duracell yesterday.  I need to load at least 4 hours first then it unloads.  When the charging light is usually yellow, but after about an hour on the charge, it starts flashing and the white color changes.  This is the second battery.  He did almost the same thing with the other, but also incorrectly read indicator.  What can I do to fix this?

    Thank you

    The replacement of the Duracell battery did not work.  I tried recalibrating several times and ended up with the same question.  I recently had a replacement for Duracell on another HP and it worked fine.  I will be chalked up the differences between the two laptops I have.  I have to replace HP and it works fine now.  The only real question there I can't order the most sustainable one because he is no longer offered by HP.  A small trade off the coast.  Thanks for the help.

  • 8500 a fail scan document feeder, even if the 'Original chargé' indicator is on

    My four-in-one is a HP Officejet Pro 8500 A910 Premium a

    My OS is Windows 7 64 bit.

    I use Adobe Acrobat to scan documents, and until recently, the process went well:

    1. Insert documents into the document feeder
    2. Printer sounds a chime, and touch screen says "charge Original."
    3. Click on 'Create document from the scanner' Acrobat software
    4. Pages are drawn from the feeder and scanned

    This is how it has ALWAYS worked, until recently.

    In the last few days, however, the process has changed. The first three steps above, are the same. However, step #4 is now:

    4. the pages in the document feeder are ignored

    (there is no sound indicating that the document feeder is enabled)

    and analysis follows the scanner flat glass

    Note that if I scan from an application that allows me to specify whether to use the flat glass OR the document feeder, the printer works properly. In other words, I can indicate that the documents are in the sandbox, and they are then drawn away and scanned.

    Note also that if I run a scan of the touch screen of the printer (rather than Adobe Acrobat), it works correctly.

    And finally, if in Acrobat, I said that the scanning process should show "native interface of the scanner" then I can specify "Document feeder" and the scan works properly.

    But until recently, I could get Acrobat "hide the native interface" and scans would work.

    It's like there is a "source of default document" in the scanner preferences somewhere, and the default value has been replaced by "flat." But if there is such a context, I was unable to find it.

    What help can offer you?

    Problem solved!

    HP support has determined that it was not a printer problem. They suspected a problem with Adobe Acrobat.

    With the help of Adobe Acrobat Tech support, I discovered a corrupted installation of Adobe Acrobat file inside on my computer. Removing and then reinstalling Adobe Acrobat has solved my problem.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones battery charge indicator - torch

    Hi, is there an indicator that shows when the torch is in charge and full charge.

    Thank you

    The only indicator is the small battery on the top icon on the left.  When loading, it will show a lightning bolt through it and the charge level will be Visual, that is to say very little, half, three quarters, etc.

    You can also download free apps in AppWorld that will show you exactly how the battery is either 42%, 98%, etc..

  • For the Passport blackBerry LED charge indicator

    I searched it on Google and other forums, but couldn't find an answer. Is there a way to light the lamp while the unit is being charged and stop it once it is charged to 100%, or change the color? The operating system version Thank you

    Hi @lahanos

    Customize the experience of the LED when the load is not possible using BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.3.

    So that this is taken into consideration for future versions of BlackBerry 10 I would recommend to submit your idea to our site your comments to I hope this helps! Thank you

  • Charge blackBerry Smartphone battery indicator

    For some reason, the battery charge indicator is not displayed when charging.  The phone doesn't seem to be loading.  I can connect to the computer and sync contacts, so I don't think it's a problem with the actual connection.

    Any ideas greatly appreciated.

    Well, color me embarrassed... apparently the indicator does not come on when it is charged to 100%

    Thank you!

  • iPad charging problem

    I have a slight problem because whenever I connect my iPad to my MacBook. The charge indicator will start to blink continuously between the load and do not load. My iPad is on iOS 10 beta also and my iPad charges with the normal load brick in the wall without problem. Any help appreciated.


    At best, the iPad will get only a charge of maintenance by the usb port and will take a long time to load. The off / / indicator means he needs more power than the usb port can provide. Use the wall charger.

    If this started after you installed the beta version operating system, we cannot discuss beta programs here. You must take this in the developer community.

    Good day.

  • Tecra R850, battery "plugged in, not charging".

    I'd appreciate some thoughts on the problem.

    The problem:
    The battery is not charged. The icon in the status bar indicates that the battery is "connected" but that it is 'not charging' and 'remember to change your battery.
    Something similar to:
    In addition, the battery charge indicator is off

    What happened:
    I was using the computer on battery power. During use, the message appeared that the battery is critical 3% and computer suddenly stop (or went to sleep/hibernate). It is possible that the battery was empty, since I was not charged for 2 days. Which was weird, is that I do not have the message that the battery is at 7%, which is normal warning that I get.
    The next day, I plugged the computer power cord started. At the start, computer called I want to boot into 'Safe Mode' or 'Normal '. I selected 'Normal '.
    Then I noticed the problem described above.

    Nothing in particular. Notebook is less than 2 years old. Battery was at six, now has dropped to about 4 hours, but had no previous problems. No power surge, does not drop the computer, etc...

    -L' computer works without battery, only on the power cable.
    -L' computer does not react if I put only the battery, without the cable, even if it is said that the battery has 9 percent. (he says there are 3% before the initial stop, however)
    -When I plug in the power cable, the battery charge indicator is on for 2-3 seconds (in orange) and then is off. This happens whenever I take the cable out, then in.
    -What is strange, is that every time when I disable networks wireless/mobile using "Flash Cards" and restart the computer, they are 'on '. Previously, this situation will only occur when the computer crashed, or I made him stop (holding the power button)
    -J' tried what was suggested on the forums of Toshiba:

    * 1
    §Remove cable power, battery, clean contacts, put everything back in place
    §Leave to load a few hours
    -> Indicator battery charge was not on a few hours after the

    * 2
    §Remove battery, start the computer
    §Go to the "Device Manager".
    §Uninstall method to control compatible ACPI Microsoft battery
    Computer §restart
    § ACPI Microsoft settle again
    Computer §shutdown
    §Put battery, start the computer
    -> No change, still do not charge, indicator is not lit

    * 3
    Also have interpreted 'Factory reset '.
    §Apres recovery and restart, there is no change
    §Cela time, when I turn off the networks wireless/mobile using 'Flash Cards', they remain "off" even when I reboot a computer, which was not the case prior to 'Factory reset '.
    §However, if I take the feeder and then place it in (while the computer is turned off) and then start the computer, wireless/mobile networks are once again 'on '.

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you

    On the picture, information is displayed: consider replacing your battery. This means that the battery is defective somehow.

    I guess you need the battery help, another tested good original.

    I don t Jules Destrooper that there is some sort of problem since you've already tried the factory reset recovery software and computer laptop. Problems of software, this procedure should resolve any software related issues. But it was not.

  • Second battery charge no more than 29% on Portege R200


    I borrowed today from a friend (who has a Portege R100) its extra battery pack, model PA3155U-1BRL. Unfortunately, when I put it on my R200, it started to load, but stopped at 29% and does not load above this percentage. I also have another identical extra battery pack which I bought with my laptop and it loads and works very well, so it's not a computer problem for sure.

    I also tried to remove the battery main the Portege and do work only with the pack extra battery (faulty), but without success. Yet once again, the same problem occurred. 2nd battery charge indicator LED turns on for a minute or two and then turns off and the battery stops in charge, as I can also see the power management in windows, where the battery is shown as "On Line" when the laptop is plugged into the charger a/c and "Évacuation" when the laptop runs on the battery alone. In all cases, the battery is over 29%.

    Given that Li - ion batteries don't suffer no "memory effect", you have an idea of what is happening and how can I deal with it?

    Thank you much in advance.


    Looks like a malfunction of the battery to the battery performance and life is limited
    After abut 500 times charge and discharge procedures the battery will discharge slowly performance.

    I think that you should simply replace the battery with a new and check if it helps to solve your problem!

    See you soon

  • Nex6 do not charge the battery

    I recently bought a Nex 6. After charging the battery, I went out to take pictures. I used it until the device displays stack "exhausted" and me has failed to take more pictures.

    Once back, I charged all night and the battery is still charged. the camera always shows 'battery exhausted', I noticed that every time it when I connect the charger micro USB to camera for this, seeing him load a few seconds then turns off. There is no flicker.

    Can I have a bad battery? I just bought two days back so I don't think that the battery is old.
    No idea how can I charge the battery?


    Hi Ashish,

    Make sure that you use the provided micro USB cable for camera NEX6 to load.
    Additionally, make sure that the battery is correctly inserted in the camera.

    Remove the battery and reinsert.
    If the charge indicator doesn't light up or flashes during charging, make sure that the metal contacts are free of any foreign body that can prevent the load. Use a dry cloth to wipe the dust or any other material on the battery terminals.

    Turn the switch to OFF while loading the battery. If the switch is on, the camera is unable to charge the battery.
    If you have tried to charge the battery by connecting to a computer, then try to connect the AC adapter provided to the micro USB cable and a power outlet.
    After charging for a few minutes, try to turn on the camera to check if the battery is properly charged.

    If the issue is still unresolved, the service may be required. Click the link status & repair for repair options available.

    If my post answered your question, please mark it as an "accepted Solution".

  • EliteBook 850 G2: Renovated elitebook 850g 2 will not charge

    I just got a G2 of 850 renovated Elitebook and hooked up to load, but do not see that the notebook is loading.  I believe that I have installed the battery correctly (follow the steps described in the user guide:  The charge indicator led (AC adapter/battery light) on the left below the keyboard front is not lit.  Since the user's guide, I've read it should be orange.  I have spent with an another HP Elitebook power cords but feels the same results.

    It was a new purchase on the site of HP output this morning of a G2 of 850 Elitebook refurbished.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you


    Seller was out HP.  Turns on it is in charge, but the LED does not work.  I can put up with this. Problem solved.

  • DV7-2185dx usually will not be market - indicator of no. - East power codes

    Hey everybody!

    I have a DV7-2815DX, p/n NV023UA #ABA, and it will not turn on 99% of the time. Here is a description of the problem:

    • Power cord is plugged and the illuminated by the plug.
    • Battery is in, but no charge indicator. SOMETIMES (about 10% of the time) the charging light blinks constantly.
    • I hit the power button and nothing happens. The fans start, no beep codes, no flashing of the LED.
    • Same results when the battery is removed.
    • Same results when the battery is installed and the power supply cord is unplugged.

    Once from time to time, the system tries to start. Fans of start and all lights light up (slider in the volume indicator wifi, etc), but then it turns off after about one second and continues the original problem.

    Here are the steps I've taken so far:

    • Tried the hard reset steps described here:
    • I swapped the RAM. Tried a stick into the two slots, tried the other stick in both slots, tried both sticks in different locations. I have tried different RAM sticks.
    • I tried another from an another HP Pavilion laptop AC adapter.
    • As already said, I have tried with and without the battery installed.
    • I completely disassembled the laptop down to the motherboard and clean the radiator. I also have the form of basic thermal paste to the processor and GPU. I also did all the connections have been fixed. One was suspicious:

      It is located inside the laptop power cable style: The wires in the connector 2 pins were loose, the connection itself was not a coward but the actual wires inside the connector. I tried to reinstall the best I could, but I am not convinced that I made a difference.

    • I also replaced the CMOS battery. I noticed that the box located below the battery inside the small box in which it is located, what apperaed to be rust stains.

    I could able to start completely twice, once before the dismantling and once after. Whenever he gave me an error 'checksum', on the CMOS, and it gives me the ability to load the default values (F1) or enter the settings (F10) system. I chose a different each time and was able to get to the windows startup and the laptop worked like a charm. After closing down, however, originally continued problem.

    So, what do you think? Is that what cable power (I already ordered a new one, just to be sure)? What is the connection of the CMOS battery? What is the CPU or GPU? Or do I need a new motherboard?

    I also had a supplementary question. Anyone know where I can get a new CPU, if I had to? If I buy a new motherboard, you know if it comes with the Integrated GPU already?

    Thanks for posting my lengthy post! I look forward to your responses!

    Hello @PromisedLand,

    I see that you have a problem with your laptop from consecutively. I will try to help you with this.

    Please provide all the details you have to what has already been tried. It helps a lot in the direction on how to proceed. Of what you have tried, I'm also leaning towards the issue being to the system board.

    * be aware that changing the motherboard yourself can be very difficult to change the id of service without the HP software to do. You can contact the technical support for this part.

    In Service and Maintenance Guide, you can find spare parts and the answers to your question on the system board. Page 79 has the cards of replacement system, page 93, processors. They are not part of the Council, but the graphics are.

    You can check/contact the store part HP to order these parts.

    I hope you're able to help.
    Thanks for posting on the HP Forums.

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